Chapter 15

Over the past week Amy had been getting more and more worried. At first she'd just brushed her thoughts aside there was no way this could happen to her it couldn't. It wasn't as though she'd been with lots of people there was just Bolton and they were always really careful. However over the last few days she'd been sick nearly every morning and she'd skipped her last 4 periods. Could it be possible then that she was pregnant? The thought horrified her, for a start how the hell was she supposed to explain that to Rachel. She and her Mum had discussed sex several occasions and her Mum had always made it clear that it was always better to wait until she was in a stable relationship with someone she felt she wanted to be with for a very long time. As much as Amy liked being with Bolton she realised that their relationship was quite casual and that neither of them were old enough to be properly in love. Amy suddenly felt the need to rush off to the toilet to be sick for what was to be the 4th time that morning.

Hearing someone being sick Rachel rushed up the stairs and went into the bathroom, where she saw Amy like the time when Amy was drunk Rachel went over to her and rub her back.

"Amy are you okay. Was it you in the bathroom earlier" Rachel asked she was worried about Amy over the past few days she really hadn't been herself. Amy was always the one in trouble and the loudest one of the whole family, however lately she'd spent her time cooped up in her bedroom and she hadn't even been out with Bolton or any of her friends Rachel began to wonder what was wrong with her eldest daughter.

"Yeah it was, I'll be okay in a sec though" Amy said she didn't want any fuss. What if her Mum took her to the doctors and he told Rachel she was pregnant the thought of this m made Amy feel even sicker. Amy realised though that something was definitely wrong with her and if she was pregnant obviously she'd need to know about it so she could decide what to do about it.

"Are you sure because you don't look it" Rachel said taking in Amy's pale, sweaty face

"Yeah I just need some ibuprofen or something" Amy said trying to reassure her Mum. However Rachel remained unconvinced. Amy was so rarely ill so if she was Rachel knew it must be quite serious.

"Maybe I should book a doctor's appointment you haven't been feeling yourself for days, and there's no way I'm letting you go to school knowing you you'll pass it on to everyone and I'll have to close the school and I seriously can't be doing with the hassle." Amy smiled, she was glad Rachel had suggested staying off school though she needed time to think and it would give her the chance to go out and buy the pregnancy testing kit without having to skive off school, if her Mum caught her doing that she would demand an explanation and she had no way of giving her one.

"Mum how come even when I'm ill with my head bent over a toilet throwing up you still find a way to have a go at me" Amy joked "Oh and I don't need to go the doctor's I feel better now I've been sick" Amy said hoping her Mum would leave her in peace

"Okay love, well Holly's back at school today after her suspension so you'll be by yourself is that okay huh? There's some soup or something in the fridge and if you need anything just give me a call if I don't pick up it means someone's in my office but I'll get back to you as soon as possible okay" Rachel said as she stood getting ready to wake up Sophie and Holly

"Mum stop worrying, I'm 15 I'm capable of staying here on my own" Amy said getting up from the floor looking forward to going back to her warm, cost bed for a few hours before she had to get up walk to the shop and face the truth.

"Sophie wake up darling it's time to get ready for school" Rachel said as she gently shook the little girl so she woke up.

"Good morning Rachel "Sophie said as she stepped out of bed. Sophie was odd in the fact she never liked staying in bed for long and preferred to be on the move-rather unlucky for Rachel if she wanted to have a lie in on a Saturday morning which was something she very rarely had the chance to do

"Morning Sophie" Rachel said as she quickly helped to get Sophie into her school uniform and started to brush her hair.

"I didn't have a nightmare last night you know" Sophie said rather proudly it was the first time since the incident with her Mummy that she hadn't waked up shouting for Rachel.

"I know I'm very proud of you Sophie well done sweetie" Rachel praised

"You said you're always proud of me even if I do have nightmares" Sophie said getting confused

"Yeah and that's the truth I'm just really pleased because I know hard it's been a really hard couple of weeks for you and it's good that you had a night staying in your own bed isn't it" Rachel said

"Yes Rachel"

Soon Rachel was busy hastily making break feast for Sophie and Holly she had asked Amy if she'd wanted some but she'd refused.

"Girls come and get your break feast you need to be quick about it. I've got an early morning meeting with the LEA so you need to hurry up" Rachel explained as the girls began to eat their break feast

"Who's the LEA" Sophie asked curiously

"oh no one very exciting Sophie" Rachel didn't have the time to be explaining them to Sophie who would undoubtedly have loads more questions about them. Rachel decided to check on Amy before she went to see if she'd been sick again. If she had Rachel would need to book her in to see the doctor. When Rachel went into Amy's room she found her daughter awake looking very tired and rather worried. Rachel sat down on her bed as she wanted to see if there was anything her daughter was worrying about that she didn't know about.

"Amy you look shattered why you don't try and get some rest"

"Yeah I will do" Amy said sounding rather flat. Rachel picked up on this

"Amy are you okay, in yourself I mean, nothings worrying you is it" Rachel asked putting her hand on her daughters knee supportively

"No I'm fine just not feeling too good" Amy replied sounding small

"Well if ever you want to talk I'm always here you know and I know you think that you're too grown up and everything to need any help but everyone needs someone to talk to and you never know I might be able to help" Rachel said smiling at her daughter

"Yeah I know. I'll be fine by tonight I just need to rest

"Okay well remember any problems you ring me"

"Bye Mum have a nice day"

"You to Amy hope you're feeling better soon" Rachel said before leaving for school with Holly and Sophie. When Sophie had been dropped off at her primary school Rachel decided to have a talk to Holly as she wanted to make sure she was on her best behaviour when she went back.

"Holly I don't want to hear any bad reports from any of your teachers when we get to school or you'll be in big trouble do you understand? And remember you have detention this break and lunch and I'm on cooler duty this week so I expect to see you there" Rachel said firmly

"Yes Mum, or should I call you Miss" Holly asked slightly stroppily she was in a really bad mood and couldn't be bothered with detention and didn't want to listen to her Mum going on at her for something that happened days ago

"You better loose that attitude Holly don't you think you're in enough trouble as it is" Rachel asked she couldn't understand why Holly was being so moody maybe it was the prospect of going back to school however somehow this seemed this seemed unlikely. If anything Rachel would have thought that Holly would be looking forward to going back. Rachel had made sure her suspension was as tough as possible by getting her masses of work to do while she was out and if it wasn't all done she'd make her finish it when she came back. It certainly hadn't been easy for her.

"Yeah whatever can you drop me off here please I don't want to walk in with you it's embarrassing" Holy said still sounding sulky. Rachel was surprised it was pouring down and freezing cold why Holly would want to walk in that she had no idea

"Well you've been coming here for the past year so I think people have got over the shock of seeing us walk in together don't you. But if you want to get soaking wet and go out in the freezing cold then that's fine by me" Rachel said getting annoyed by Holly's moods. She pulled up about 1 minute away from school and let Holly out. Holly got out slamming the door hard behind her.

It was lunchtime when Holly remembered she had to go into the cooler she'd completely forgotten at break time and realised her Mum was going to kill her but to be honest she couldn't care less. Loudly she shut the door of the cooler and dumped her bags down on the floor before starting a conversation with the girl sat next to her. Rachel was appalled surely Holly knew she couldn't behave like that in here. "Holly get out and enter properly please" Rachel said hoping her daughter would start acting like her old self again and not the moody teenager that she seemed to be replaced with

"No I'm okay here thanks" Holly said cheekily before trying to continue her conversation with the girl next to her who seemed less determined to misbehave and wanted to get on with her work so she could get out as quick as possible. Rachel was about to ask Holly to go outside again however suddenly a shy year 7 girl raised her hand and that diverted Rachel's attention away from Holly for a short space of time.

"Yes Chloe what is it?" Rachel asked the girl speaking kindly to her as she knew Chloe and she was a nice girl and Rachel couldn't understand why she was in here in the first place as she wasn't the type to do anything wrong. Rachel was planning to talk to her one on one later to find out what was going on.

"Please can I get a drink Miss Mason? I'm really thirsty" Chloe asked sounding terrified

"Sorry Chloe I'm not supposed to let you out for drinks. I can see you're nearly finished your work though so you can go as soon as you've finished that but would I be able to have a quick word outside after you've finished please" Rachel said smiling reassuringly at the girl who looked really scared wondering why her head teacher wanted to speak to her outside had she done something really bad. Sensing the girl was worrying Rachel went over to the desk were the girl was working and knelt down beside her "Don't worry Chloe you're not in trouble I just want to have a little chat okay? Noting to be scared of" Rachel said gently to Chloe who nodded in response

"For god's sake Mum just let her get her drink, you make the bloody rules so you can break them."

"Holly I've already told you get outside now" Rachel shouted at Holly

"No, go on Chloe just get up and go she can't do anything can she" Holly said to Chloe who now looked like she was on the verge of tears. Rachel had, had just about enough of Holly's behaviour now and felt dory for Chloe as she felt her daughter was bullying her into stuff.

"Go on Chloe get up and go why are you being so pathetic" Holly shouted cruelly. Small tears began to fall down Chloe's face she didn't want to seem pathetic but she would hate to get into trouble with Miss Mason who she had a lot of respect for and liked very much. Everyone else had stopped working and were looking at the drama unfolding before them. "Everyone get back to work now" Rachel said before going over to Chloe. In many ways Chloe reminded Rachel of herself as a child shy and unwilling to get into trouble but wanting to fit in as well this made Rachel feel very protective over her. "Chloe why don't you go and wait up in my office get Bridget to get you a drink I'll be up to see you in a minute okay" Chloe dashed out the cooler and up to her head mistresses office. "God she's so pathetic why don't you all just get up and go, it's not like you can take an ex prostitute seriously is it?" Rachel had never felt so mortified in all of her life. How could her own daughter say something like that? By now everyone was laughing. "Holly get out now or you'll be in even more trouble than you're already in and believe me that's plenty." After seeing the look on her Mum's face Holly didn't dare argue and stepped outside before Rachel took her by the arm and pulled her into an empty classroom. "How dare you humiliate me in front of the people that have respect for me" Holly shuffled from foot to foot "I don't know what the hell's gotten into you or where all this attitude is coming from but you better stop it with me right now okay" Rachel said at Holly pleased to see she was looking slightly ashamed.

"So are you going to tell me about this complete personality transplant you've had, because it better stop right now if you want to live in my house, because your my daughter and I will not tolerate this sort of behaviour, I can't believe after everything we've talked about you go and pull a stunt last night. I'm disgusted Holly I honestly never thought you were they type of girl to bully vulnerable people…

"What I wasn't bullying anyone…"Holly said outraged that her Mum would accuse her of bullying anyone.

"Don't you dare interrupt me when I'm speaking to you. Now because of what you've done I have a very upset girl in my office and I want you to come with me say you're sorry then I'm getting a taxi to drive you back home are we clear" Rachel asked

"Yes mum"

"Yes Miss" Rachel said sounding really angry now

"Fine yes Miss or madam whatever you are" Holly said unable to control herself

"Right get out of my sight" Rachel said unable to stand this any longer

"But you said …."

"I don't care what I said go now, I'm calling a taxi to take you home and that's where you'll be staying for quite some time"

"Fine see if I care" Holly yelled back as she flounced off

Rachel wished she could crawl back home and go to bed and stay there however instead she made her way up to her office where she found a very shaken up and nervous Chloe.

"Chloe I'm really sorry about all that I'll make sure Holly makes it up to you okay" Rachel said to the girl in front of her she wanted to make her feel more relaxed and make her feel like she was able to talk to her.

"Right you go and sit down on that sofa there" Rachel said pointing to the comfy sofa where she would sit when any student came to her with a problem or when she was talking to Holly or Amy.

"So what were you doing in the cooler Chloe" Rachel asked trying hard to make her voice sound as calm and understanding as possible despite how het up she was after the incident with Holly. "Come on it's okay you can tell me I won't get angry, I'm just here to help"

"I kicked Sam Kelly" Chloe whispered feeling really ashamed of herself and more than a little embarrassed

"Okay that's not like you, what did Sam do to you" Rachel asked

"Nothing Miss" Chloe replied

"Well she must have done something, it's alright you can tell me"

"She was going on about my Dad saying horrible things about him because he killed himself I hate people saying stuff about him because I still love him loads because he's my Dad" Chloe said as tears began to fall down her face again. Rachel reached for the box of tissues she kept in her drawer-they were very handy when you were working with emotional teenagers and especially if you had 3 daughters all with problems of their own, Rachel put her arm around Chloe just as she would if any of her own girls were upset and allowed Chloe to have a little cry as she could tell she needed it, it didn't take long for Chloe to compose herself though.

"Well she shouldn't have said that and I'll definitely be talking to her about that later she of all people should know it's wrong to insult people's families and how hurtful it can be. However violence doesn't solve anything does it hmm" Rachel said with her arm still around Chloe

"No miss, sorry Miss"

"Okay Chloe why don't you go along to your next class now. And Chloe next time someone says something you don't like I want you to remove yourself from the situation and come to see me or Miss Campbell or any other member of staff for that matter"

"Thanks for everything Miss" Chloe said gratefully

"That's alright Chloe" Rachel said as Chloe got up to leave Rachel's office

Hands shaking Amy grabbed the pregnancy test she saw that it was …

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