'Here we go again' Jess scowled as she dragged herself out of bed. She felt a familiar tightening feeling in her tummy, followed by a wave of discomfort. She was early this time. It seemed like it had just been days since she'd had unleashed an array of emotions onto her roommates, who were none too impressed to be silenced and forced to deal with her terrifying outbursts .She remembered the look on their faces as she imposed threats to castrate them in her own unique way. Men always seemed like vunerable targets to menstruating women. Like a stress-ball. They could practically tear the entire male population in two by just glaring at them during their time of the month, or so Jess thought. And by the 'entire male population' she meant Schmidt and Winston. Her other roommate, with the scruffy hair and the excessive use of flannel shirts seemed not too phased by the whole situation of menstruation and PMS. He also didn't agree with the concept of women being allowed to be 'irrationally angry' just because they're hormonal.

Jess scoffed, grabbing her bag of 'feminine essentials' from her drawer and made her way to the bathroom.

'Well, at least you're not pregnant, Jessica Day. There's one good thing to come out of this,' she sighed, staring at her reflection in the mirror. She looked nothing like herself. Her pale, creamy skin was flushed and hot and he raven hair was a tangled mess, with strands falling around her face. Her big blue eyes were tainted with smudged mascara she had obviously forgotten to take off before she went to bed.

Reaching for her make-up wipes from her bag, she gently dabbed away at her eyelids, wincing as another wave of pain crashed over her. It was going to be a long week.