I'm back baby! Kiss the writers block goodbye... for now atleast. Well i took a while off due to horrible writers block, but I'm back and determine to meet my standards, starting with this story. So without further due, changing pavements. ") Enjoy

Fuck, this is not my day. I don't even want to say can my night get any worse because I don't want to jinx it and get myself into a bigger shit hole. I stare blankly at her and conjure up a plan deep within my mind, tonight maybe not so good to tell Ana about the whole BDSM part of me.

"Ummm sorry, who are you talking to?" I say as confused as I can.

She looks at me even more confused and cocks her head to the side opening her mouth to reply.

"Oh are you one of my employees, sorry I have so many I can't keep track of them?"

Silently I beg and plea to the lords to let this woman take a hint a walk off, fuck is she that oblivious?

Again she cocks her head, brow furrowed; mouth opened for a reply, which I'm sure won't be to my help.

"Oh you must be talking to Elliot, you're that girl, the one that…." I look around and can see Ana's body as a steadier for Elliot, but her attention is focused on me, probably just as confused as my sub, or me for that matter.

"The girl he told me, his manger, ployee, worker, friend?" I fade off hoping for the subject to drop, and for the heavens to take me out of this.

As if I had Janet my sub not cooperating enough, Elliot decided to take this time to regain conscience's and pitch in to the conversation, again only hindering the situation.

"Huh? What Christian….." Before he could finish the sentence and make matters worse I pat his back hard, and push him a little too violently into the car.

"Oww Christian what the…." Again I avoid him trying to make him shut up.

"There, there Elliot I know you need to go to the hospital I will take you there." I smile putting uo the caring façade.

"What are you….."

"What am I good? Yea bro fine, but you my big brother need some care, and I will let them attend to you first." I smile, trying to play sincere.

I'm most positive Ana and Janet are looking at me like I'm fucked up, oh well.

Desperate time call's for desperate measures.

"What…. I'm not…."

"Not worried about yourself, you'd rather they help me first? Sweet brother, always caring… He's to caring right?" I turn to look at Ana and Janet who look unsure, and more confused than Elliot.

I'm sure those were not what Elliot was going to say but I had to cover before he said he didn't know Janet, and then blew the situation up back in my face.

Quickly I slam the door, leaving a very stunned Elliot I'm sure. But I did forget about the current sub, and best thing in my life problem occurring behind me.

Slowly I turned my back facing them.

And then there were three.


"Sooo….. Ms. I will make sure my brother contacts you when he's better, okay, until then we need to go to a hospital. Kay so yea bye." I smile and put my hand on Ana's lower back guiding her as quickly as I can to the car.

But of course, Ana ever the so stubborn girl must go against my order every turn she gets.

Of course.

"No, wait. Umm are you really close with Elliot, are you dating him?" Ana questions, oh god please.

Janet head tilts.

Ana's brow furrows.

Janet hugs herself.

Ana tugs on her lips.

Meanwhile my erection is slowly healing with the scared shitless feeling seeping through me calming my ever so erect friend.

I mouth the word "YES" to Janet and nod my head furiously.

Ana turns her head to me.

Shit I got caught.

But she just turns her attention back to Janet.

Thank fucks, saved.

Janet's brow quirks, a faint smirk appears on her face.

She gets it. Thank fucks.

"Yea, we've actually been seeing each other for some time now. He's actually a dick, controlling little bastard, but hey he's good in bed."

That little bitch, that definitely deserves a severe punishment, I can't wait.

"He's so rough, so so rough. I mean he spanks, he ties me up. I think there's a word for that type of sex, what was it BD, BDF, BDS, BDXM….."

Before she can go any further I stop it right there.

"OKAY….. So Ana how about that hospital, again I'll be sure to tell Elliot when he feels better to give you a call. Get home safely, I'm sure he wouldn't want you to get hurt, by anyone else." I say venomously, a dangerous glint in my eye.

Oh game on bitch.

She smiles slyly, and waves her fingers before walking off.

"What was that?" Ana asks, god as if she could look more lost.

"I'm sure it was nothing, I mean whatever Elliot does on his own time is his business, now how about we get checked up?"

An hour later.

I'm in the waiting room, blowing my hair out of my face.

The clock is ticking, my erection has faded, and Elliot is getting is stomach pumped.

Great night. Truly.

Plus, to makes things worse my phone died. Yup, died. Which means people can't get in touch with me, as in business people, regarding business. Which makes my company money, which keeps my company running. The company that I worked so very hard to build up which is probably crashing… right about now.

Fucking night.

"I'm going to get us some tea, you want me to get you coffee or something?" She says getting up, picking her hair up into a high bun.

"Sure, Coffee would be great."

"Yup, black, no sugar and a bit of spit." She whispers the last part but I catch it.

"Excuse me? Still mad I see?"

"Just a hint." She smile squinting her eyes and showing a small gap between her two fingers. I smile and shake my head while she sticks up her middle finger.

"You deserve it Grey." She calls off as she walks away.

"Yep, I got the hint." I call after her.

The doctor comes out nest taking my gaze off of Ana as he stares after her. I furrow my brow and look at him as he watches her.

"Fine piece of ass I tell ya." He mutters. Is the fucker talking to me?

He shakes his head and looks at me while I stare in shock at him.

"What?" He asks, oblivious. God I have fucking had it with the oblivious people I am surrounded with, fuck people now a days are they born with common sense?

"Do you want your job?" I ask accusingly?

"Yes of course." He says shocked by my question.

"Good then never mutter a single word about her again. Do we have an understandment?" I ask him getting up, overpowering him.

"Ye-yes Mr. Grey." He mutters scared.

"Good, because you see that," I ask," That's my piece of ass. Mine." I state before walking off into the room to see my ever so dear brother, Elliot.

"Sup brother." I say sitting on the nearby chair.

"Sup brother? Might want to tell me what was with all that man handling and cutting me off back there?" He asks.

"Well you see Janet my sub was there, mixed with Ana, not a good combination." He sits shocked looking at me.

"So you still haven't told Ana about your little sex life, wait wait, you still have a sub? Wow Christian." He shakes his head laughing.

"What, I'm waiting for the right time Elliot I don't want to scare her off."

"Well how about you engage in normal sex activities that don't involve axes and knives and whips? I think maybe then you won't be afraid to tell her." He says sarcastically sitting up.

"Funny Elliot, really hilarious. Look I just need the time I don't want to lose her."

"Dam bro, your whipped. Ironic isn't it. Well hey if things don't work out with you and her maybe I'll take her off your hands, either way she'll still be in your family. I saw her the other day all perky in her poom, poom shorts… MMMM… Simmer down I wouldn't dream of touching her… Well dream yea but not in reality at least." He smiles laughing while shrugging on his jacket.

"And to think you didn't have enough tonight." I say he looks at me lost before I punch him in the stomach twice hard.

Paybacks a bitch, Lelliot.

He huddles over clutching his stomach.

I lean over him and pat his back.

"Say that again and next time you'll come to the hospital with your balls in one hand and your dick in the other. Kay." I smile and fix my jacket, while leaving.

"Good seeing you brother." I say walking out.

"Dick." I hear him mutter behind me.

And what did you guys think? God, bad, Eh? Any suggestions. For those of you who are saying this friendship thing is "boring," or "getting old", as you put it i'm sorry but i dont know how to respond to that. A story takes time i dont want to rush into it, the whole concept of my storie is the fact that they are friends, if i get straight into them being in a relationship than my story is basically like all the others, get it? You have to enjoy the ride there in order to make the destination all the more worth it. And boy do i promise you it will be worth it. Please give it time, they are not full blow dating yet, but i can still let them have some fun, or lot's of fun maybe. :)