I've noticed i've lost readers. That sucks so i hope this chapter will gain some of you guys back. This is a feel of how Ana and her aunt Olivia's relationship is. Also Elliot's and Christian. My inspiration is from the Ugly truth so i hope you like it.

Anastasia Steele Potrayed by: Miranda Kerr

Christian Grey Portrayed by: Ian Somerhalder

Elliot Grey Potrayed by: Kellan Lutz

Olivia Steele Potrayed by: Eva Longoria

Katherine Kavanagh Potrayed by: Candice Accola

Today feels like a new day. I feel like my eyes are finally open, I feel alive. For once I have a motive, I have strength I have hope, because I know I will see him again.

It's so hard to forget the pain, but it is even harder to remember sweetness. We have no scars from happiness, which makes it even harder to hold on to sometime. But I won't let darkness takeover my life anymore.

I will never love if I keep searching for what happiness consists of, nor will I ever live if I keep searching for the meaning of life. We are blind when it comes to finding out our futures.

There is no way to know what will become of our life's, or how it will end, because as far as we know our life's are just blank pages that we create with every action we make.

It took long enough for me to figure it out, but now I see.

I open my closet feeling like a new person. With every new person comes a new style and I intend on creating a whole new look.

No more will I be the regular jeans and plain t kind of girl. If I want my life to be full of adventure and fun than I need to dress like it.

I grab a hold of my leather biker jacket. Okay so I wear that every day but a leather jacket fit's every categories.

I rummage through the back of my closet to find something that catches my eye. I find a grey and black waist high skirt that stops higher above my knees. I look in the mirror and it hugs my body perfectly.

I rummage some more and find a blue denim button down shirt. I throw that on with my leather jacket on top and smile. Now to complete the look… Hmmm.

Jewelry will be too much. I find my black suede ankle boots and throw them on. I look at my hair that is curled with a line split in the middle.

It doesn't look good with the look at all. I flip my hair up and down, and move most of my hair to one side. There you go, I look sexy.

I grab my black bag and head down stairs.

"You grumpy, ugly, disgusting, ass face licker."

I frown and head down stairs. What the hell. I seem my aunt throwing a pillow at the TV and I watch her.

I watch her amused as she hits the couch and grabs her hair. I cough to let my presence be known. She turns and blows her hair out of her face as she tries to act casual.

"Hey kiddo."

I smirk at her and shake my head.

"Those were quite the adjectives Olivia. And here I thought your name meant peace."

I shake my head and lean next to the wall.

"Yea well that would explain why I always hated my name," She points to her face and shakes her head," I am not peaceful."

"I don't know you usually act sane a peaceful to me. Who's the person that provoked the potty mouth?"

"That would be my ass face of a ex-boyfriend. That extra spot that I've been begging you to take has been filled. Yep and guess who got the spot?"

" face?"

"Correct. Just when I start to forget him the ass pops back up."

"What happened between you two?"

"Let's just say he did some unboyfriend things, which spiked my anger and we ended up with a visit from the cops."

"What?" I start to laugh with my aunt. After we start laughing she stares at me with a smile playing upon her lips.

"You seem… Different. It's a good different I like it. I haven't seen you smile in a while."

"Yea…. I woke up feeling different. And I thought you know what this is rare so I might as well stick with it while it lasts."

"That's good. So who is he, and how should I thank him for making my niece smile?"

I shake my head and smile. If there is one thing she is good at is reading me. Never can I get anything past her. Just like Kate. Speaking of the infamous Kate I wonder why she has not called me yet.

"What makes you assume it is a boy?"

"Yea. You suck at being oblivious. Spit it out."

"There isn't a guy Olivia."

"Wow we're lying now too. I thought we were closer than that."

God I hate when I make her feel bad. I love her more than anything on the earth and I don't want to hurt her feelings.

"It's just I practically just met him. We are basically nothing more than acquaintances. I don't want to read in it too much, until I actually know what he is myself."

I might find out sooner than later actually. I know I'm holding back on telling her the truth of the whole situation, but I can't even figure it out myself.

"Yea now you're holding out the truth on me."

It really is crazy how she reads my mind. Ever since I was ten she always had that ability.

"Fine. I guess… Okay it's like my life has been like this maze, I've been lost. I don't know, but like ever since I met him I can't help but feel like I'm getting closer to finding the exit. And it's insane since I barley know him, not to mention we've only had two encounters, both which were in a bar if I haven't mention, one of those encounters he just read me like a book perfectly, and I just I like him a lot. And…"

I stop talking and look at my aunt who is smiling at me.

"Oh yea he tends to make me babble a lot. I just I'm confused, and I don't want to get my hopes up just to get hurt. Especially since he is really really good looking, it's almost unreal. And me I'm just... well I'm average."

My aunt walks over to me and places her hands on my shoulder, to stop me from talking.

"You seem I'm babbling again. I'm just confused." I take a breath and stare at my aunt.

"Ana it just sounds to me like you like him a lot. It really doesn't matter if you just met him it's natural. And don't you ever think that you are just average. I don't know how many times me and other people will have to tell you that you are beautiful. You need to start to believe that if you ever want to be in a relationship that will last."

She caresses my cheek, and I smile. Just when I start to breathe normally my phone rings. I look at the caller I.D and almost faint.

"Oh my god, oh my god it's him. What do I do, what do I say do I pick it up, will it make me look desperate."

My aunt takes the phone and hangs it up. I look from her to the phone confused.

"Wh, why would you do that?"

"Because you want to know if this guy really likes you well we are about to test it out."

I frown and I can tell I have a confused look on my face.

"Ana just listen. Watch him call back in the next minute."

In less than a minute the phone rings and my eyes widen, as my aunt smirks at me.

"You see what'd I say? Now listen let it ring a couple of times when you pick up say a random name."





"No Olivia I won't do it."

I shake my head and keep a serious look on my face.

"Do you want this to work?"

"Yes but…"

"But nothing," she cuts me off.

"No I can't do this, he's going to..." Before I can argue any more she open the phone and hands it to me.

"Hello Adam." I scowl at her and she just smiles and leans on the wall while she continues to sip her coffee.

"This isn't Adam." Christian says.

"Oh my mistake. This is Jake… Wait not that can't be it.. Is it Jesse? How are you?" I say trying to play it cool.

"No it's Christian Anastasia." I almost melt hearing him say my name.

"No don't let him get to you." My aunt whispers.

"Oh Christian. Ummmmm…. From school?"

My aunt nods and mouths, "Good one," To me. I smirk and listen to his response.

"No Anastasia Christian from the bar."

"Oh I'm sorry. How are you Christian?"

"I'm good I just called to tell you to be ready by eight." I frown and smirk. How demanding of him.

"Well that sounds to me like a demand."

"Your correct Anastasia, that's an order."

I can't help but let the blush creep up on my face. He is so hot.

My aunt doesn't look to happy.

"No keep it going." I nod and think of what to say next.

"Well I'm sorry to tell you I was never too good at taking orders. So let me check my schedule first. Hold on a second."

I put him on hold and stare at my aunt.

"That was good." I smile in satisfaction and can't help but feel all giddy.

"Okay now what?" She takes my phone and hangs it up.

"Now you get your ass too school, before you're late."

"But?" She takes my keys and hands it to me while pushing me out of the house.

"We just leave him waiting."

"Yes we do. Drive safely. Have a good day." She yells as she squishes me out of the door and closes it.

Christian POV

"So that girl you told me about from the bar, just call her and ask her on a date man."

As I sit in my desk I look at my brother. Why did I ever tell Elliot anything? He is so fucking nosy; he is just going to keep on pestering me.

But I do want to see Anastasia again. She is so fucking beautiful. And for me to ever think I'll get a face like that out of my mind I was fucking wrong. I can't concentrate.

"Elliot do you really need to bother me with this shit as work?" I stare at him.

I watch as he lays back and puts his hands behind his head.

"Well I'm not leaving until you call her." I roll my eyes and place my hands on my head.

"You know what screw it. I put the phone on speaker and dial her number. We both wait in anticipation only to hear the ring cut short.

"She hung up on you." Elliot laughs.

I scowl. What the fuck. I try it again and after five fucking agonizing rings she picks up. I give Elliot a "I told you so" look and he puts his hands up in defeat.

"Hello Adam?" What the fuck. Elliot's eyes widen and I can see the big smile on his face as he sits up and moves closer to the phone.

"This isn't Adam." I say as coolly as I can manage. Elliot looks like he is about to burst out laughing. Who the fuck is Adam?

"Oh my mistake. This is Jake… Wait not that can't be it.. Is it Jesse? How are you?"

Okay now I'm just pissed. Jake, Jesse, Adam? Who the hell are all these men? I swear I will rip them to fucking shreds if she is seeing them.

Elliot is now covering his mouth at this point trying to suppress his laughter.

What fucking game is she playing at?

"No it's Christian Anastasia." I hear her breathe hitch from the way I say her name. Gotcha.

"Oh Christian. Ummmmm…. From school?" I smirk. Nice try Anastasia you know who it is. Playing hard to get are we now?

"No Anastasia Christian from the bar." There it is again, her breath hitched. Oh yea baby I know what I do to you. Don't worry the feeling is mutual.

I lean back in my chair relaxed, now that I know she is just messing around. Grey is back.

"Oh I'm sorry Christian. How are you?" How long is she going to keep this little charade up?

"I just called to tell you to be ready by eight."

"Well that sounds to me like a demand." Your right it is a fucking demand.

"Your correct Anastasia that's an order." I can hear a smirk playing at her lips. If your with me you better get used to it.

"Well I'm sorry to tell you I was never too good at taking orders. So let me check my schedule first. Hold on a second."

Just like that I get put on hold. Elliot let's his laugh out, and starts to laugh. Really? I do not get put on hold, I put people on hold. She definitely is different.

After 40 seconds the line goes dead and me and Elliot both stare at the phone.

This of course only makes Elliot laugh louder. At this point he is clutching his stomach and rolling on the floor.

"Dam Bro. I like her."

"Elliot, I'm happy I made your day. Now get your ass off the floor and out of the office, I have work to do."

He gets up and adjusts his jacket.

"Hey I'm just saying. She's feisty; she put Mr. Grey in his place. See you later bro."

I frown as he leaves and run my hands through my hair. Anastasia, Anastasia. What am I going to do about you?