Hello Fellow Psych lovers. This is set during the Indiana Jones episode of season 6. Mentions of Juliet x Declan, mostly Shawn x Lassiter. I do not own Psych. Both Timothy O. and James R. are equally adorable. And the disgusting fact that there are almost no people in this world that put peanut butter on their bananas. Anyway, here is my story. I think it's a one-shot, but not yet sure. I'm also writing a Teen Wolf fanfiction for Scott x Stiles since there are almost none out there. R&R my beloved fans.

Shawn Spencer, psychic detective for the SBPD, was busy in the kitchen making a pineapple upside down cake, when suddenly he heard footsteps in his living room.

Shawn looked around for something to hold as a weapon, and soon found a fly-swatter.

Holding it like a baseball bat, he prepared for the worst enemy he could conjure up.

Which was the monster from Jeeper's Creepers, which he and Gus hid and cried from fear during most of it. That was about 2 years ago.

Anyway, he waited patiently before striking the intruder with the bug-killing-machine. "Spencer, will you quit hitting me with a fly-swatter?!" Carlton Lassiter growled at the psychic.

Shawn crossed his arms, much looking like a pouting child from Lassiter's point of view. "Well, maybe you shouldn't have just waltzed into my apartment like you own the place."

Lassiter glared at him. "Anyway Shawn, I just came to check up on you."

Shawn smiled "That's sweet Lassie, but I'm fine."

Lassiter sighed "Look I know it was hard on you. You proposed and she ran away with a guy she dated a couple years ago."

"Declan." Shawn growled in a murderous tone.

"Also… I wanted to know how you were doing after Desperaux's death." Shawn sighed, glancing upward toward the tall Irish detective.

"I'm fine." He reassured "How about you? I figured after Marlowe left you for some lesbian she met in prison, you would be a little sadder."

Lassiter winced at the name of his ex-girlfriend. "No, not really." The detective checked his watch "It's getting late, I better go Spencer." He headed out the doorway and down the hallway of the apartment building, when suddenly…

"Hey Lassie!"

He heard a certain detective yell behind him. "What is it Spence-hmm!?" His eyes widened when he felt Shawn's lips against his.

He just stood there, hand mid-air, eyes wide, slightly blushing. Shawn pulled away, hands behind his back, leaning down in a bent-over form.

He winked, before turning around and straighting up, and walking down the hallway. He waved his hand in the air and said loudly "See you tomorrow Lassie!" Before walking back in his apartment and shutting the door. Slowly, Lassiter touched his finger tips to his lips. And the whole time, Lassiter never stopped smiling.

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