The crossing of all borders

All right, people, this is my first attempt at published fanfiction and my first serious try to do a crossover. A crossover between Stargate SG-1 and Babylon 5 might seem unusual, but I figured it could be done with the right tweaking. After all, both series mentioned parallel realities at some point – SG-1 countless of times and Babylon 5 in a manner of speaking with the Thirdspace movie. My main motivation was to send SG1 in a universe so unlike their own that there were no stargates and space travel looked entirely different.

Neither Stargate SG1 nor Babylon 5 belong to me. The credit to both shows goes to people with far greater talent and imagination than I could ever dream of possessing.

Set somewhere in early Season 4 for Stargate and Season 3 for Babylon 5 (some time after Passing Through Gethsemane but before the whole breaking away from Earth debacle).

Chapter 1 The start of a different kind of voyage

Stargate Command, the Gate-room

Inside the Gate-room, the claxons were blaring as the gate was beginning to spin. The sight had become all too familiar for those stationed there. After four years, most were taking the activation of the gate for granted. It was just an aspect of their job – another day at work and whether that day was going to be good or bad, well, that depended a lot on what lay beyond the gate. Or what would lie beyond it, once it was activated.

The team that would be embarking on the current exploration was SG1. A few of the newer SFs in the gate-room were already making bets, all of them centring on something happening during the mission. The old hands, however, had long given up that game. They already knew that, contrary to popular beliefs, SG1 was not the trouble magnet everyone considered it. There were risks for every team that stepped through the gate. SG1 was only the team that attracted the greatest attention due to the fact that the people on it, despite having once been considered to make up a combination that was most certainly unfit for a military unit and therefore doomed to failure – had managed to prove in less than a year that their different personalities, far from being a recipe for disaster, were actually the reason for the most successful team in the Stargate program.

"So," O'Neill was saying as the four of them stepped into the gate-room, "We're going to the boring deserted planet of P2X whatever…"

"P2X394," Daniel supplied helpfully.

O'Neill made a dismissive gesture with his hand and then went on as if Daniel had never spoken:

"We're going to this lovely spot, because…"

"Because of the ruins found there, Sir," Sam Carter explained patiently. "Daniel has already established from the video transmission that they're neither Goa'uld, nor Ancient, nor do they belong, as far as we know to any race that we have encountered."

"See," O'Neill commented, "I understand why they would want Daniel there, for one…"

"Were you not listening during the briefing, O'Neill?" Teal'c asked slyly. "The MALP discovered a most impressive space-ship there. General Hammond wants us to go and inspect it."

"Oh," O'Neill said suddenly interested. "Take her for a spin, perhaps?"

Carter grinned, shaking her head amused.

"Not yet, Sir," she said. "First I must take a look at its technology and see what it can do."

"Who knows, we might actually find something that we can use against Apophis without having to worry that someone else might claim it."

"You keep those thoughts coming, Daniel," O'Neill said as the gate activated.

They all stepped towards the glowing pool and vanished on the other side.

The four SG-1 members now stood in a large field with grass that was almost as tall as them. It was not, however, tall enough to cover the giant steel-like construction that looked like something out of Jules Verne's dreams. It was an impressive sight, a testimony of some unknown civilization vanished none knew where and none knew how.

"Wow!" Jack exclaimed, at a loss for words.

It was in moments such as this when the four travellers could realise that they might have been travelling the length of the galaxy for four years, but there would always be something of wonder out there to surprise them.

"Whoever they were, their technology was way beyond that of the Goa'uld," Daniel said. "Maybe even way beyond that of the Asgards too."

"Ever heard of anything like this, Teal'c?" Jack asked.

"I have not, O'Neill," Teal'c replied, staring at the ship dumbfounded.

"Sir," Carter began. "I'd really like to have a look inside and see what it's made of."

It might not have been safe, but Carter had that look in her eyes, the one when all her features lit up and you could almost hear that great engine of a brain of hers in motion and Jack could never say no to her when she was like that.

"After you," Jack motioned, secretly more glad than he showed himself. Whatever was there, he wanted to see it as much as Carter. Well, almost as much.

The interior of the ship was just as impressive as its exterior, if not more. It seemed to be made of some dark material that shimmered without any light being cast on it. Its corridors were long and wide, so wide indeed that all four of them could easily walk abreast and leave room to spare. Wordlessly, they walked along the biggest of them, already guessing where it would take them.

"I assume we are heading for the bridge of the ship," Teal'c said. "If we take into consideration the aspect of these corridors, then I believe we will find this ship equipped with magnificent features."

"I'm thinking weapons," O'Neill said.

"You always are," Daniel deadpanned.

"Big, honking weapons that could blast a mothership out of the sky," O'Neill went on completely oblivious of any interruption.

The corridor opened into a large room full of strange computer-like devices some of which seemed to be humming almost on the edge of hearing.

"Sir!" Carter exclaimed. "I think this ship is still working! Can you hear that sound?"

"What do you think it means?" Daniel inquired. "It can't have been here for long, right? But if so, where are its crew? Why are there no traces of them?"

Sam shrugged her shoulders.

"I don't know," she admitted. "Maybe they abandoned it for some reason."

O'Neill shook his head, as if he found the notion of anyone abandoning such a beauty absurd. He walked to what he assumed was the main console which was linked to a strange looking chair that seemed to be made of some black metallic-like material. O'Neill peered at it. There was something strange about the chair. It seemed to be humming like the rest of the devices. He bent over to have a better look at it.

Without warning, the entire bridge seemed to come to life. The ground started to shudder and all consoles lit up. The four looked at each other in alarm.

"I swear I did not touch anything," O'Neill said defensively. "Everything just went on when I got to the chair."

"The ship must be going on sensors," Carter said. "And they must have been programmed to activate when we entered the bridge."

"So, what, it can't take off with us, can it?" Daniel inquired nervously.

Jack exchanged a look with Teal'c. They both seemed to be thinking along the same lines. They could not risk remaining inside the ship any longer.

"All right," Jack gestured to the others. "Let's get out of here while we still can."

They made for the corridor while the ground shuddered worse and worse. They were nearly there when the great metallic doors closed, effectively imprisoning them on the bridge. Sam and Daniel searched for another way out while Jack and Teal'c strove to get the door open. After a few minutes they were all forced to admit defeat.

"Carter, try and stop this thing," Jack ordered.

Sam was already at the consoles, shaking her head helplessly.

"Sir, there is no way I can figure this out on short notice," she pointed out. "I mean, I don't even know in what language these things work."

Daniel was now bending over her, staring at the string of characters that had appeared on the screen, his eyes searching for at least one familiar symbol with which he could work with. But nothing there was known to him.

"Jack," he called over his shoulders. "We can't even tell if these are letters or numbers."

Jack was ready to reply when the ground beneath them gave an almighty lurch, throwing all of them forward. Only Teal'c managed to remain standing, and that barely. For a while the four had no idea what was happening as everything around them seemed to shake and judder. At one point they were able to figure out that they were now in the air, climbing further and further into the depths of space. Just as they thought the ship was finally slowing down there was a bright flash and afterwards, if anything, it even started to pick up speed.

"What the hell is happening now?" O'Neill shouted above the roaring of the machines.

"I think we're entering hyper-space, Sir," Carter replied.

But she was very much aware that there had to be more to it than that. It was unlike any other flight through hyper-space she had experienced.

Then there was another flash and suddenly, the ship seemed to slow almost to a halt. Wherever the ship had been programmed to take them, it seemed to have got there. Daniel, who was closest to the window, went to have a look outside. What he saw there made his jaw drop.

"Jack!" he called. "You really have to see this."

All the others went to join him at the window, wondering what exactly could have gotten Daniel so excited this time. They did not have to look long to find out.

"Oh my!" Jack exclaimed.

"That's incredible!" Sam said.

"I have never seen such a structure before in my life," Teal'c confessed.

And all the while their eyes were fixed outside, at one of the most astonishing sights they had encountered in over four years of roaming the galaxy. Outside they could see a giant steel construction, almost like a space station yet if it was that, then it was the biggest space station any of them had ever heard of before.