Chapter 1: Falling Into the Black

It was all a blur... Oh wait a second, it was just a dream. I woke up and brushed my hair out of my face. Another day of school. It's just boring.. Nothing ever changes! Wake up, go to school, come home, do homework, And Roleplay! Roleplaying... All my friends and I love to do it. Lets see.. there's Daniel... Kerlam... Miwa... and Akito. We add people from time to time, but those are mainly it. Oh, I forgot to mention. I'm the only girl in our group. From time to time, Miwa plays as girls, but I'm the only real girl. Anyway... First period... That's right. Japanese. The bell rings again, seeming like only seconds have passed before the day had started. Now, we all have a study together. Yeah, we all go to the same school amazingly. We all sit at a table, and, since we usually don't have work to do, we all make a chat among ourselves and roleplay. 43 minutes of pure fantasy fun in our boring old school.

It's really not that bad. I mean... my classes rock. We're midway through our sophomore year. Daniel caught up with me after 1st period, considering we had that together.

"Hey, Chinmoku!" He called at me. Yeah.. my name's Chinmoku. It means "Silence" in Japanese. I adore my name 100%! I'm really quiet, first of all. They also tend to call me Moko as a nickname.

"Hey, Daniel. We have a study now. You know what that means!"

"A Roleplay as usual?" Miwa chimed in. God, sometimes I hated my friends. Why? Let me tell you... You see... There's me... I am about 5 feet, 3 inches. There's Daniel, he's 5'10. Miwa and Akito are the same as Daniel. And then Kerlam's about 5'11. And me... Still 5'3! I HATE IT! Whatever.

We do our normal schedule and finish our day. You know, today was only a half a day. Woo hoo! We all walk home as usual. Kerlam has his arm around me, as always. Miwa walks on one side, and Daniel and Akito on the other. We're laughing and smiling, having fun. I love my friends...

"AHHHHHHH!" I heard a scream. A girl... she looked so vaguely familiar, was cowering on the ground, as a guy, also looking familiar, lunged at her with a sword. I screamed and hid behind Kerlam. He just pats my head. Akito stares, along with Daniel. Miwa dramatically hides behind the two and they shove him away.

"Hurtful!" Miwa yells. Akito and Daniel laugh.


The guy smiles. "Nah. I love playing with you, beautiful."

His name's...Asher? Her name?... No way in Hell can she be an Angel. No way in Hell can she be named Eva. No way can that be Dark Asher! NO NO NO NO NO! OUR ROLEPLAYS AREN'T REAL!

"WHO ARE YOU?" I yelled at them. The two mysterious people look at me, along with my whole group.

"I'm Eva. That's Dark Asher... Wait, you guys are Chinmoku and Daniel?! You CREATED US!"

That's when it all faded to black.