Anniversary Gone Wrong

This is my first story, so RR...Poor Gilligan has done it again, this time causing a huge argument between the Howells, the day before their anniversary!

Thurston Howell the 3rd, sat sipping his mixed drink and basking in the sun. He was comforted by familiar sounds of the stock report coming from the radio. In a flurry, the first mate ran by him, almost knocking everything over

" Oh Gilligan my boy, do be more careful." he raised his voice. Gilligan nodded.

" Mr. Howell, MaryAnn sent me to see what you would like for your anniversary dinner tomorrow night?" he asks.

Thurston spat his drink. " Uh, just something nice." Gilligan nodded and ran back.

He had forgotten it was tomorrow! He went to go find the men, to see if they could put together a little something for him, after all, he wasn't going to do any of the work! He explained his situation. " I don't want Lovey to think in anyway I forgot, so if you could set up a little something by the lagoon, I would be happy." Thurston smiled. The men nodded hoping the millionaire would be happy with what they were planing.

Meanwhile, the girls were busy preparing the food. " Mrs. Howell, are you excited for tomorrow night?" Ginger asks.

She nodded. She was glowing with happiness and excitement. She loved Thurston dearly, even if they did have their moments. " Oh Yes, to be married is one of the most wonderful things." she adds. In her mind she was going to bring out one of her older dresses to surprise him.

After a while they all came back and joined at the communal table for dinner. The men didn't bother to mention Mr. Howells' situation to the girls, but their biggest mistake was telling Gilligan.

" Lovey my dear isn't their something special happening tomorrow?" Thurston asked. She shook her head." Not that I recall, do you?" she asks. Gilligan butted in." First Mr. Howell forgot his anniversary, now Mrs. Howell." he observes. It earned him glares from the men, a death stare from Mr. Howell, and a shocked look from the girls. The skipper nudges him in the ribs. The 5 excuse themselves not wanting to be in the middle of a Howell argument.

" Oh, so you forgot?" Lovey asks giving her husband a look.

" It sort of slipped my mind, I didn't forget." he stammered.

" Slipped your mind?!" she raised her voice. The others looked scared for Mr. Howell.

Gilligan hid his face with his hat.

" Well, I wouldn't expect you to forgot your number on your seat at the Stock Exchange, or how much money you brought, but apparently I'm not good enough to remember the day we were married on." Lovey was heated.

Thurston was quite appalled at his wife's behavior. " Oh I mean really Lovey, those are things you never forget." he says. Money was very important and he was shocked.

" Well, then I never want to speak with you again!" she angrily storms off to her hut. Everyone was quite, and Mr. Howell was in a dilemma. He grabbed his Teddy for support.