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Second this is an alternate retelling of the Sailor Moon anime. This whole story was born from the idea of 'What if the Outer Senshi awoke before the Inners (w/ the exception of Usagi of course)?'. And from there grew from a simple fun idea to the complex story it is now.

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Chapter 1: A Different Moon

Dear Shingo,

It's been almost two years now. And most things haven't really changed much. That was until today. I had the most unusual event occur on the way home after school…

Usagi sighed taking one last look at the test before shoving it into the deepest parts of her shoulder bag. She would rather like to shove the entire year off the deep end, the way it was going. But there was no way she could do that. At least it was almost over, two more months and then she would be done and hopefully would never have to deal with Haruna-sensei again.

But then again, judging by the way the powers seemed to be treating her she would most likely not only have to repeat the year but be also stuck with Haruna-sensei. Haruna-sensei was't necessarily a bad teacher, it was just that her teaching method was one Usagi just couldn't get on board with no matter how hard she tried. And the mess she had lived through, having missed school for a few months when her home was destroyed, just made the whole year even worse than it otherwise would have been.

She was just about to walk trough the school gates, when she heard a voice call her name behind her, "Usagi-chan wait up!" Usagi turned her head to see her long time childhood friend Naru approaching from behind.

Once Naru caught up with her she continued, "I don't know how you still manage to change your clothes and get out before me. So how did the test go?"

Usagi winced at the brought up test that was laying shoved down towards the bottom of her shoulder bag. Naru gave her a sympathetic look before answering her own question with, "Not so great then?"

"No. In fact it went worse than our last English test, can you believe that?" Usagi said as a way of explanation.

Naru winced sympathetically at that before replying, "Ouch. The administrators still won't accommodate you then?"

"No, they keep saying that the other survivors haven't needed the accommodations we're requesting. We could maybe get a doctor to write us a note to help get me the excuse, but considering how that's been going that isn't going to change anytime soon. Not that I think it matters anymore. If things continue the way they are, I'm going to be forced to repeat a year," Usagi said with a sigh.

"That is really stupid. I don't think most people missed almost half a year while recovering from the accident. Can't you hire a lawyer or someone to force them into seeing reason?" Naru asked.

"We can't afford the fees right now. Most of the spare money is going into saving for a better housing and I can live with the way things are really." Usagi replied, giving Naru a small smile that didn't really reach her eyes.

"But-" Naru started.

"But nothing. It was hard enough to get the money for the legs. I want to see Mom smile again and our best chance on accomplishing that is to find a new house. It will give some closure to the whole thing I think." Usagi said attempting a reassuring smile.

"If you say so," Naru said after a second, before changing the subject, "So there's a cute new hire over at the arcade I've been telling you about. How about coming along today? It would be a nice way to get your mind off the test."

Usagi hesitated for a second before replying, "I guess it wouldn't hurt just for this once to go to the arcade."

"That's the spirit!" Naru said, dragging her off in the direction of which she assumed the arcade was in.


It was a couple of hours later when the girls finally left the arcade intending to head home. Usagi had to admit despite her initial reluctance, the arcade had been a great way to blow off the steam that had been building up around school and her grades.

"Now don't you feel much better!" Naru said with a chirp.

"I guess," Usagi admitted with a small smile.

"How about you try to toss that old bad test into that wastebasket over there? Maybe "shooting some hoops" will relieve some of that tension caused by that stupid test." Naru suggested brightly.

"I guess it wouldn't hurt though I am going to have to get it back somehow. Horribly bad score or not, my parents are going to want to see it," Usagi said with a sigh.

"Well then we'll just shoot it a few times quickly before anyone else can drop stuff off in the basket and the head home." Naru explained.

"Well I guess one hoop wouldn't hurt me or anyone." Usagi said, pulling out the test from the bottom of her bag after a moment of thought on the subject.

"That's the spirit!" Naru said enthusiastically with a smile.

Usagi crumpled the test up into a rather haphazardly shaped ball, aimed it at the basket, and threw. Only to accidentally hit a black haired boy on the back of the head who was maybe a couple of years older than her and Naru. He turned around and tossed the ball back to them, making a face.

"Sorry." Usagi said, scratching her head nervously. She hadn't meant to hit anyone with the ball, but then again, she didn't exactly have good aim or anything, so maybe she should have expected something like this to happen.

"Just make sure you don't do it again, Odango Otama." was the boy's response.

"Excuse me? My name is Usagi. U-sa-gi, remember it." Usagi said bristly outwardly but hurting inwardly. There was only one person who had ever been allowed to call her Odango Otama.

Just that one person, and this guy was not that person.

"Whatever Odango." the boy said waving them off and heading off in a different direction

While Usagi continued to bristle for a few minutes, "You know he doesn't know what the heck that nickname means to you. He probably just thought he was being cute."

Usagi sighed after a second before responding: "I know, but it still hurts to hear anyone call me that. Only he was allowed to call me that and that's how it will always be."

"Well I should probably walk you home, considering this is the first time you've been to the arcade." Naru said after a minute, choosing to change the subject.

"I could probably get there if you wrote the directions down on something." Usagi muttered in response.

"Right…and I'm Sailor V. Usagi you have one of the worst sense of directions I know and that's when you know how to get somewhere. I don't want to know what would happen if I let you walk back home alone." Naru said

"I'm not that bad." Usagi attempted to protest, despite the knowledge of the contrary.

Naru gave a good old natured eye roll in response but didn't say anything. The two girls fell quiet for a brief bit as they both turned to head towards the apartment that Usagi and her family lived in.

Neither girl noticed a small black cat with an unusual crescent shaped bald spot on her forehead trailing them. Or the other more menacing shadow trailing closely behind the cat. Not close enough to be detected by the cat or by the girls but close enough to be able to keep an eye on them


They made it a few blocks from the arcade before both girls were surprised by something faster than Usagi could blink knocked Naru down to the ground. Usagi was only saved since she had dropped a few paces back, feeling a bit uneasy about the area.

It was one of the strangest creatures Usagi had ever seen in her life. While it was human-esque in nature, the resemblance to any humans that she knew of ended at the stature. Rope like hair whipped around its head, some of it seeming to help hold Naru down along with the creature's arms.

"Naru!" Usagi shouted out with concern after the shock had worn off enough for her brain to register that this was very real.

A small black cat darted out from one of the nearby alleys. The cat paused seeming to glance back and forth between the monster, Naru, and Usagi. Usagi paid no attention to the cat, trying to think on whether or not it would be better to flee and seek help or to try to get Naru out of the creature's grip.

The cat let out a sigh before turning her and doing a back flip? Well that's something you don't see everyday, Usagi thought. But then again, you didn't see a ugly creature attacking you and your best friend every day.

"No time to explain. If you want to save your friend take the locket and shout Moon Prism Power Make Up!" the cat told her.

Usagi hesitated for the briefest of a second before picking up the locket with her right hand. She thrust the hand in the air with a bit of reluctance saying, "Moon Prism Power Make Up."

Usagi felt a strange wave of power flood trough her. It was warm and friendly and also had a strangely familiar feel to it, though she couldn't remember ever having encountered this type of power before. The feeling lasted maybe a second or two before it faded just as quickly as it had come.

When the feeling faded she found her shirt and pants that she normally wore outside of school had been replaced by an outfit not much different than the one she wore every day at school. Except for the skirt being significantly shorter than the one that normally accompanied the Juuban Middle School uniform. She tugged the hem of it a bit, self consciously not liking having her legs so exposed.

After a second she turned her attention back to the strange black cat who hadn't moved from her position and said "Now what?"

"Remove the tiara on your head and throw it at the youma. Yell 'Moon Tiara Action!'" the cat explained.

Usagi, still feeling slightly foolish about the whole situation, reluctantly removed the afore mentioned tiara and followed the cat's instructions. Throwing it in the direction of the youma. she was more than surprised when the glowing disc cut through the thick ropes holding Naru and startling the creature enough to get it to let go. Once free Naru rolled out from beneath the creature and made her way over to Usagi and the cat as quickly as her shaking legs would take her. The tiara returned to her hand and Usagi stared at it for a second before placing it back on her forehead.

"Again Sailor Moon!" the cat said.

"Sailor what?" Usagi said a tad bit confused. Who the heck was the cat referring to?

"I think she means you Usagi," Naru quietly piped up.

"Oh," Usagi said pausing for a second before saying, "Why didn't she just say so..?"

Naru just give a shrug of her shoulders as Usagi removed the tiara again.

The monster seemed to have recovered from it's initial shock. As it was starting to whip it's rope back in their direction, just as Usagi unleashed the tiara again. Except her aim was off and it only cut a few ropes off and hit the side of its head before returning back to her head.

"Sailor Moon…." the cat seemed to have taken an exasperated tone.

"Well excuse me for not being used to throwing small, strangely magical objects at strange abnormal looking creatures." Usagi snapped back as she aimed the tiara again, hoping she could actually do some more damage this time. Though she didn't have a clue what would happen if it actually made full contact with the youma. She was already nervous and worried about Naru she honestly didn't need the cat getting snarky with her.

"Moon Tiara Action!" Usagi yelled throwing it back in the direction of the youma hoping it did whatever it was supposed to. This time it made contact, and when it did it turned the strange creature into a pile of dust. This afternoon is just getting weirder and weirder, Usagi thought.

"What just happened..?" Naru said, coming over to her side wearily eyeing the pile of dust.

"Your friend here just defeated one of the many minions of the Dark Kingdom." the cat said as a way of explanation.

"Dark Kingdom?" Usagi said in a questioning tone, shooting Naru a confused look. Naru just shrugged her shoulders, obviously just as lost to as what this mysterious Dark Kingdom was.

"A group of…creatures devoted to the destruction and submission of the human race." the cat responded.

"Sounds like bad news." Naru said.

"Very much so, which is why it is the duty of the sailor senshi to fight these creatures." the cat replied to Naru's comment.

"Wait, duty? You mean I have to fight more of those creatures?" Usagi asked wearily. Sure, she had fought this youma without any problem. But that was because Naru was in danger. Not that she wanted anyone else to be in danger, she just didn't like the idea of fighting these strange monsters. She had already stared death in the eyes once and she was in no hurry to repeat the experience.

"Yes. You made the decision to become a sailor senshi and accepted the duties that come with it when you took the locket and transformed into Sailor Moon," the cat explained to her.

Decision? What decision? All you said is to take that darn locket and yell 'Moon Prism Power Make Up!' if I wanted to save Naru, and considering I had no clue what was going on or what could happen that's exactly what I did!" Usagi snapped back at the cat. She wasn't really mad, more of aggravated at having yet another thing decided without her having much input.

The cat cleared her throat before replying, "Um well there is no going back. Once you have accepted the powers by transforming into Sailor Moon there is no way to renounce your powers. Until the Dark Kingdom falls you will continue to fight these monsters."

"Great, one more thing I have to worry about." Usagi said with an exasperated sigh throwing her hands in the air

"Usagi, we should probably get going home. Your parents are probably starting to worry," Naru said, breaking in after a second of silence.

"True," Usagi said, she nodded as she turned towards the cat and said, "So uh-"

"My name's Luna," the cat said, interrupting her, seeming to guess what her question was.

"Luna then, okay I have question. "How do I uh get out of this outfit?" Usagi asked tugging at the skirt's hem. She really wanted to get back into her normal clothes and not have her legs exposed for the world to see.

"Oh just concentrate on what you were wearing prior to transforming. The transformation should revert you back to your normal self." Luna explained.

Usagi did as she was instructed and let out a sigh of relief when she found herself back in her normal everyday clothes. A quick glance over told her nothing appeared to have happened to the clothes during her brief time wearing the other outfit.

"Okay so now that that is settled we should probably get going home finally." Usagi said happily. She felt much better now that she wasn't wearing the skirt anymore.

"That reminds me, you'll have to convince your parents-" Luna started

"Oh no, you aren't coming home with me." Usagi said, cutting the cat off when she caught onto what the cat was going to say. No way was Luna going to live with her.

"What?" the cat bristled with annoyance.

"My family's apartment complex doesn't allow any pets. Naru do you think she can stay with you for now?" Usagi explained turning to her friend. Naru lived in a house that was also part of a shop and thus didn't have to oblige the same rules as she did, since they didn't have a landlord or anything of that kind to set the rules of the house.

"I don't see why not," Naru said after thinking for a second.

"Then it's settled!" Usagi said with a smile.

The cat grumbled somewhat but didn't put up much other protest realizing that it was futile. She would rather remain at the senshi's side, but she had a feeling that if she forced them to move, she would never hear the end of it.

"We should probably get going if we don't want your parents freaking out." Naru said after a second.

"Oh right," Usagi said.

"Wait one second. I still have much to explain about your duty." Luna protested realizing that her chance to talk to the Moon Senshi was slowly slipping away.

Usagi glanced down at the cat for a second and sighed before saying, "We'll talk tomorrow after school, okay? Mom and Dad are going to freak if I get home much later with everything that has happened recently."

Luna seemed to be thinking about protesting, but as Usagi and Naru turned onto one of the more main streets around Juuban, the cat quieted and just followed quietly behind both girls.

I don't really understand why this is happening. Or why this strange, talking black cat insists that it is my destiny to fight these strange monsters that are apparently now attacking Tokyo for some reason. Honestly, I have a hard enough time with school without that bunch of strange creatures. Luna says that given some time this will hopefully become second nature for me.

But I can't help but be worried after everything that has been happening in the past two years. I'm just worried that something will happen to me during these fights against creatures I don't know. And I don't know if Mom and Dad could recover from something happening to me after losing you.

Your big sister,

Usagi Tsukino

End Chapter 1

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