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Chapter 2: A Dark Past

Dear Shingo,

For the last couple of days I have been hanging out at Naru's house to try to talk with this mysterious "cat" named Luna, to try and understand what exactly she wants me to do. While I didn't exactly like being pulled into a fight with some strange alien creatures, I can live with it as long as they aren't human. Well, I found something out that may have made the fight more difficult on a personal level...

"Be glad your apartment has that restriction on it." Naru muttered to Usagi as they got out of Luna's hearing range one morning before school. It had now been three days since the strange creature that Luna referred to simply as a youma had attacked them and changed Usagi's life.

"Why?" Usagi said, tilting her head to the side in confusion. She was still getting to know the cat who was supposed to apparently act as her guide as a Sailor Senshi, but so far she hadn't seemed to bad. Other than not giving her much choice in becoming a Sailor Senshi the cat was fairly polite and overall nice to them.

"Because you can still get away with stuff without having someone other than your parents nagging you. I do one thing wrong and I get a lecture from her, I swear. Honestly you would think I'm Sailor Moon and not you," Naru complained.

Usagi tilted her head in thought, "Maybe she's just stressed? I mean, she kind of freaked out earlier this week when she found out about my various problems."

"True, but at least she seems to be handling that now," Naru said nodding in thought.

"Yeah, but I still don't think she is quite handling the whole idea of me not being entirely whole, even if she won't admit it." Usagi said, pausing for a second to think before continuing, "I'm also kind of worried what the other girls that I'm supposed to lead are going to think. I mean I have a hard enough time getting some of our classmates to take me seriously and I've known them for a year. How am I supposed to lead a group of girls I don't know into battle if they act like the rest of our classmates,"

"Usagi, just because some of our classmates aren't mature enough to realize certain things, doesn't mean every single person our age is going to be like that," Naru said.

"Naru, that's not just some of our classmates, it feels like its most of our classmates." Usagi said, giving her a disbelieving look.

"I think you probably have the respect of more of them then you realize," Naru argued back.

"Then why are they treating me that way then?" Usagi snapped in annoyance. Her lack of friendships weren't for a lack of trying. She had always been open to meeting other people since she had moved to Juuban. But the feeling wasn't always well received.

"Group mentality, maybe? I don't know, I wish I did." Naru admitted.

After a second Naru decided to change the topic to something slightly more comfortable to talk about, "So anyway, why didn't you tell Luna exactly why you weren't going to be able to come over this afternoon? I mean, you mentioned that you still had some doctor appointments, but you sure were vague about the whole thing. You know you aren't going to be able to keep hiding things from her forever."

Usagi made a face at the reminder of the upcoming appointment. She really disliked those. She only went to them because her parents insisted, or she would be at Naru's house. Her parents insisted she had to go no matter how many doctors she seemed to go through at the practice. The last time she had missed they hadn't been happy. Honestly she felt she was more of an experiment for the doctors than anything and none of them seemed to care much about sorting out all of her issues. Usagi was taken out of her thoughts by Naru calling her name.

She turned to face her long time friend, saying: "Sorry, I was just caught up in my thoughts about the entire fiasco with the doctors there."

"You still don't like going to those appointments?" Naru asked, even though it wasn't much of a question.

"Nope. I'm not ready to drag up half of the stuff they want to know and even though this will be my fourth doctor, none of them seem to have gotten that message yet." Usagi said, her tone taking an increasingly annoyed one.

"Well maybe this one will be different." Naru chirped, hopeful as ever, even though she knew the odds were against them at this point.

Usagi let out an amused snort before responding, "Yeah right, I feel like I would need a mind reader at this point to realize my needs."

"And concerning Luna." Naru said, bringing the topic back to what had caused this one to come up in the first place.

"She already freaked out about the other issues, I didn't want to bring up that I had a whole other set of non-physical issues to deal with. I'll bring it up at another point when either she questions it, or I by some miracle find a good match for a doctor." Usagi replied to the question with her own plan.


"You want to do WHAT?" Came Luna's voice the following afternoon after the doctor's appointment.

"I want to tell my parents that I am a Sailor Senshi." Usagi said, slightly confused to as why the cat was so angry. If what Luna was saying was true and she may be dragged to battles at all odd hours than that would require leaving the apartment at all sorts of hours. And wasn't it better for her parents to be aware of what their daughter was doing, rather than having to draw some radical off the line conclusions?

Luna sat there, frowning slightly, before speaking after a few seconds thinking on what the best way to phrase it was, "Technically no one other than your fellow Senshi are supposed to know your true identity as Sailor Moon. Naru's knowledge was more of a result of forced hand, since I needed to awaken you to defeat the youma but couldn't do anything about Naru."

"Look, the only reason I want to tell them is because I'm afraid keeping them in the dark will just backfire on us. It's only a matter of time before they start asking questions about the odd hours I'm going to have to keep. It's best to just tell them." Usagi started her argument with.

"And if we do keep it a secret its only a matter of time before they catch me sneaking out to one of those late night youma battles you were talking about before. You haven't been around long enough to see but I'm not the most quiet person on the surface of the planet. If you are right about the odd hour attacks, than sooner or later it will lead to me getting caught sneaking out, which would lead to a whole other set of trouble. Sneaking out of an apartment isn't exactly as easy as sneaking out of say a house." Usagi pointed out.

"Yeah, sneaking around is not a specialty of Usagi's." Naru piped up in support of Usagi for the first time since Usagi proposed the idea.

Luna's tail twitched from side to side as she gave the idea some thought. In all reality, she truly didn't like the idea of three non-essential people being knowledgeable of Usagi's Senshi identity. She had been instructed by Central to keep as little people from getting directly involved with the battle with the Dark Kingdom and for good reasons.

But even though she hated to have to admit it, the fourteen-year-old did have a point. With Usagi living in an apartment and with her condition getting out of the apartment unnoticed by her family would be an extremely difficult task. So maybe it would be best to allow one exception to the normal and allow the girl to tell her family about her Senshi duties.

However there was the case of Naru. Usagi was insistent that it was best to keep the girl she was now being forced to live with knowledgeable of the situation and not use Luna's abilities to remove the memories involving Usagi's defeat of the youma. This had resulted in a long audacious argument that Usagi had somehow managed to win, resulting in the decision of letting Naru keep her memories.

They had eventually come to a short term deal concerning the subject, since neither were really willing to budge on their stance. Leading to Naru of all people drawing a truce between the two. The deal for now was that Naru would retain her memories about Usagi's secret identity, but once the chance for Luna to live with Usagi as she was intended to from the start opened up again, they would revisit the idea. Though Luna figured that Usagi would probably be just as stubborn about the subject God knows how many months down the road as she was now.

Luna spoke again after a second more of thought, "I'll have to consult with my fellow guardian before we make a final decision on this. I will get back to you as soon as possible. But I don't want anyone else besides Naru and your family becoming knowledgeable of your identity as a Senshi. It can become a danger to not just yourself but also to those knowledgeable of your identity."

"Fair enough." Usagi said after a second, shrugging her shoulders. She really didn't plan to tell anyone else that wasn't directly involved with this odd mess, but if she changed her mind she would keep Luna's request in mind.

"You know Luna, you said on Tuesday that it was only a short matter of time before we would start to see more enemies like the one that attacked us. So why haven't we seen one?" Usagi asked, changing the subject to a mystery she had been thinking about for the last day or so.

"My only explanation to why we haven't seen more of the enemy is that the Dark Kingdom aren't yet aware of the loss of their agent. Either that or they are confused as to how their agent was defeated by some humans and haven't figured out that the Sailor Senshi are back" Luna said.

"Oh, I guess that makes sense in a way." Usagi said in response, before asking, "Hey Luna, what exactly is the Dark Kingdom?"

"It's complicated. The Dark Kingdom has existed for a very, very long time. Longer than any of your modern history books record back to. Technically I'm not supposed to speak of this until we gather more of your fellow Senshi, Usagi." Luna said pausing for a second only to pick up again when she saw the face the girl was making, "However, if it will help convince you to take up the fight and to understand the enemy, I guess it wouldn't hurt to explain what I remember."

"What you remember?" Usagi asked, raising an eyebrow.

"As far as I can gather it's been at least a thousand years since the Moon Kingdom-" Luna started only to be interrupted by both girls this time.

"THE WHAT?!" both girls said loudly.

Luna winced at the volume both girls produced and waited to make sure they weren't going to say anything before continuing, "I sometimes forget that somehow we were lost in time. I personally blame the Terran's want to strike the black spot on their history from the record, for the loss of any record of the kingdom in this day and age."

After a second of silence Luna continued, "But yes, once upon a time there was a Moon Kingdom. As far as I can remember it has been at least a thousand years since it fell and I was put in a dormant sleep to only be awakened when the Dark Kingdom rose again. So yes, there are going to be some holes in my memory."

"By your current time keeping system, I would say our first recorded encounter with the Dark Kingdom was about somewhere between eight to ten thousand years ago. That was when they came to the Moon Kingdom-," Luna explained.

"Wait, so you're saying that once upon a time there was life on the moon," Naru asked, being the first of the two girls to find her voice.

"Not just the moon, once upon a time all of what you refer to as planets and then some other extraterrestrial objects had life on it. You see, back in my day, by the Alliance's definition there were a total of nine major planets and four minor planets that were part of the alliance. Earth would have been classified as a major planet if it ever had joined the alliance, since they had an equivalent of what was needed to be classed as a major planet. But the rocky relationship between the Terran and Lunar royalty over the years prevented that from ever happening. Pluto and the moon were major planets according to the Alliance's definition and three of what I believe you refer to now as asteroids along with the dwarf planet Ceres were classified as minor planets." Luna explained.

"What exactly did you guys actually use as a classification? And for that matter what the heck is this 'Alliance' you keep mentioning?" Usagi wondered out loud.

"Whether or not your planet had a Sailor Senshi was how the classification worked. If you had a Sailor Senshi or had something equivalent such as Earth would have had, you were classified as a major planet. If your planet hadn't developed to the point that it had a Sailor Senshi than you were classified as a minor planet. The three planetary bodies you now refer to as asteroids along with Ceres were on their way to finally having their own Sailor Senshi back in my time. Unfortunately it never actually happened due to the fall of the Moon Kingdom and the Silver Alliance." Luna explained.

She chose to pause for a second before continuing: "As for what the Alliance was, it was an Alliance much similar to what the Americans had with the Europeans prior to World War II. Also in the same vain in a way of the United Nations. It's full name was the Silver Alliance and it mainly consisted of the major planets, with some allies from neighboring systems that we were on good terms with. The Alliance was meant to help keep the peace between not only the planets, but the nearby solar systems too. It worked rather well, until around two thousand years ago."

"Oh, okay," Usagi said with a shrug before saying, "So, the Dark Kingdom?"

"Right. As I said, before our first actual contact with the Dark Kingdom dates back several thousands of years, as far as I can tell, to when the Silver Alliance was just beginning to form. Back in those days the Dark Kingdom went by the name of Imoo Kingdom. They were a race that lived on the edge of the system notorious for their barbaric practices. In order to survive they would drain other planets of their life forces until the planets were barren. Their then Queen Amethyst contacted the then queen of the moon, Queen Selene in hopes of joining the newly formed Silver Alliance. At the time they were hunting what I believe you now refer to as the Kuiper Belt, in hopes of finding an inhabitable planet for a new world to live on. As the last planet they lived on had been wiped out by a dying star ironically." Luna explained.

"However, Queen Selene and her fellow rulers from the major planets were against the race's practices at the moment. She believed that they had the potential to eventually evolve to the point where they were still draining energy but didn't kill of their host. She made the decision to wait out until the race evolved to that point. She politely told the then Queen Amethyst that while they did not feel the kingdom was quite ready to join the alliance at that time, she said to reapply further down the road again." Luna continued pausing again for breath.

"The then queen of the Dark Kingdom however took personal offense at the choice to not accept them into the Alliance and declared the Moon Kingdom and the other members of the Alliance their enemies. Queen Selene didn't want trouble, did nothing to deter them and left them to be on their own, except for the occasional letter to see if they were in need of anything. However she would never hear from the kingdom again in her lifetime. And as time passed, the Dark Kingdom became a distant memory, forgotten by most of the planets' commoners. It wasn't until the last Queen of the moon's time that we heard from them again." Luna said.

"The then queen of the Dark Kingdom, Queen Metalia, approached Queen Serenity once again in hopes of joining the Silver Alliance. Details get a bit sketchy from there, but we do know the talks dissolved along the way and the Dark Kingdom eventually declared war on the entire Silver Alliance." Luna explained. In truth, she did know more of what had happened during those proceedings, but they had not been pretty and she felt it was best to withhold the information from both girls until a later date.

"The Silver Alliance, very self assured in its own power, underestimated the power of the Dark Kingdom, which had grown greatly since the time of Queen Selene. And this would turn out to be the downfall as one of the contributing factors in the eventual fall of the Silver Alliance. As the Dark Kingdom would turn to the people of Earth, who were jealous of the other planets and their people. Combing this strength with their own and recruiting some of the Terran's strongest warriors, they were able to bring down the Silver Alliance." Luna said, drawing the story to a conclusion at long last.

"But wait, you told me none of the creatures working for this Dark Kingdom were human in any shape or form." Usagi said, after a few minutes of trying to digest all of the information they were just handed.

"Once upon a time, a couple of thousand years back, when the Dark Kingdom first took down the Silver Alliance and Queen Serenity was able to send some into a deep sleep and others in the future there were, yes. However no human can live that long, all Terrans who acted as warriors for the Dark Kingdom should have passed. There should not be any complete humans left working for them at this point." Luna said her tail beginning to twitch again at the prospect of Usagi's reaction. The girl had made it very clear from day one that she did not want to go around killing humans and that those monsters better not be even part human.

"Complete humans?" Usagi said, her tone leaving no room for jokes .

"According to intelligence I have received occasionally, there have been some overly powerful youma that have possessed humans before. But usually a good attack or two takes care of the problem without too many problems to the host." Luna explained.

"You know one thing I find confusing Luna, is the fact that we've never even heard of this during our lives. If this all happened you would think there would be some records in some form, but there is nothing written about this in our history books," Naru said after a second in a confused tone, changing the subject from the slightly uncomfortable topic it was headed towards.

"History has long been written by the victors, Naru. Even back in the time of the alliance this was true. Though the royal family probably would have liked to have forgotten, many of the Terran's commoners were directly involved with the Dark Kingdom. And let us not forget the Shitennou whose only superiors power wise were the royalty. They eventually went to work for the Dark Kingdom. And if my memory isn't failing me, they were a huge factor in the fall of the Alliance." Luna said with a sigh.

Usagi spoke up again using a hesitant tone, "If there are any complete humans working for the Dark Kingdom, will we be able to save them at all?"

"As of right now, no. You don't have that kind of capability to do anything like that, Usagi. Your superior, the Moon Princess when she awakens, will have the capacity to, but it may take a while too. For now you'll have to take what you can." Luna said.

"No, that's not acceptable. I won't allow there to be any more victims! Not if I have any say in it will there be!" Usagi exclaimed loudly.

"Usagi, you've got to understand from a realistic standpoint, that may not be possible to happen every single time you fight. There are days where you may have to accept what you were able to accomplish and those who you were able to save from being attacked by the enemy." Luna tried to reason with the girl.

"No, I won't accept it. I won't allow another person to die in front of me!" Usagi said, her volume getting louder and her voice sounding more hysterical by the second.

"Usagi..." Naru began quietly.

The girl didn't let either of them say anything else choosing to grab her bag and race out the door. Naru stayed for a second before glancing at Luna and then grabbing her own bag and following her friend.

"I understand her sensitivity to wanting to spare the least amount of people as humanly possible. But she seems to take it too extreme." Luna said with a sigh, staring at the door which both girls had left through.


Usagi sniffled a bit as she continued to walk down the block. She had calmed down some after her conversation with Luna, but was still upset. She just couldn't comprehend the idea of having to fight creatures that were once upon a time human, or currently human. Sure, she hadn't liked the idea of fighting the creatures in the first place, but now...

Usagi sighed after a second. Luna had been rather insistent over the last couple of days that it was her destiny to fight these strange creatures. And she had kind of accepted the destiny that had been forced upon her at first. But now she wasn't so sure.

"You okay, odango?" she heard a slightly masculine voice say.

"Don't call me odango!" Usagi said rounding, thinking it was the same boy from the other day when she had first met Luna. Then blinked in surprise when a different person greeted her.

"Whoa easy there. Sorry, didn't mean to offend you." the boy said holding his hands up in a defensive manner. Unlike the boy from the other day he had short, dirty blond hair that came to his chin, with emerald green eyes. He was maybe a year or so older than her, if Usagi had to guess.

"No it's all right. I thought you were someone else." Usagi said giving a shy smile.

"Would hate to be him at the moment." the guy joked.

"As long you don't call me odango again, you're okay," Usagi assured.

"Okay, then I'll try to remember that but if I can't call you odango, I'm going to need your actual name." he said.

"Usagi, Usagi Tsukino. What's yours?" Usagi chirped, a bit more friendly now that they had moved on past the subject of that nickname.

"Haruka Tenoh." he said, taking the hand and shaking it.

Usagi was about to say something, when a shout interrupted her train of thoughts, "Usagi!"

Both her and Haruka turned to see Naru finally catching up with Usagi. Once she caught up she paused for a second to catch her breath before continuing, "So this where you took off too."

"Uh yeah, her comments upset me so I just needed some air. Must have gone further from your house than I realized." Usagi said sheepishly, scratching the back of her head, being carefully ambiguous about how she referred to Luna in Haruka's presence.

"Yeah, I could see that," Naru said glancing at the guy for a second before changing the subject, "So whose your new friend?"

"Oh uh, this is Haruka Tenoh, though I'm not sure friend is the right word. We just met. Haruka this is my childhood friend Naru Osaka," Usagi said.

"Pleasure." Naru said politely, taking the outstretched hand to shake.

"Likewise." Haruka responded.

"Usagi, we should get going. If we don't get going home soon your parents will start wondering where you are." Naru said, giving Usagi's shirt a tug.

"You're right, of course. Nice meeting you Haruka-san." Usagi said with a slight bow in farewell.

"Likewise. Though if you want, I can give you both a ride. My car's a couple of blocks away from here." Haruka said, extending an offer.

"Yes-" Naru started just as Usagi said "No-"

Haruka looked at both girls with a raised eyebrow. Usagi chose to speak first, "No. I appreciate the offer, but my parents would freak if they saw me coming home riding in some stranger's car. No offense."

Naru mumbled a bit, but didn't really raise much of a protest. She knew Usagi was right as much as she didn't want to admit it.

"None taken. Then maybe I'll see you around?" Haruka asked.

"Yeah, see you around." Usagi said with a friendly chirp before both girls turned to head off in the direction of the apartment. Haruka watched them disappear, still trying to put a finger on the familiarity he felt towards Usagi, before turning to head off in his own direction after they had disappeared from view.

I guess I kind of understand where Luna is coming from. But at the same time it's hard to admit what may have to happen to defeat this enemy.

All I can think is that these humans probably have some family somewhere. Who love and care for them. Like our parents do. And the thought that I may take them away for the 'greater good' scares me.

Your big sister,

Usagi Tsukino

Chapter 2

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