Please don't hate me for the hiatus from forever.It seriously did not mean to go on this long. Okay so first off not abandoned. Not either of my projects. I need to explain a few things so just sit tight before you yell at me okay?

If you want to skip my excuse thing just go to the part that reads a).

So basically at the end of August I burned out badly. Like to a point I hadn't burned out before. Sure I had burned out a couple of times before when writing this. But I basically hit a wall so badly this time I didn't open my writing program for around three months (end of November beginning of December when I was doing some traveling). And when I did I was so disappointed with what I tried writing I ended up closing it after a few attempts.

On top of that I was dealing with medical issues. I spent the last few months setting up for a weight loss surgery. And fall was dedicated to finding a new surgeon after problems with my old one then jumping through the last hoops of getting my surgery set up.

When I finally did get all my ducks lined up and was finally feeling well enough to write. Well my computer decided to be a pain, again. Since November I've had problems around three or four times with it. Heck I was in the hospital for my surgery and my laptop was at Best Buy the last time around. Thankfully my computer seems to be cooperating for now.

And let me tell you something once my computer was back I was post op. And I was not in much of the mood other than to watch HGTV, TLC, and go to Disney (I have an Annual Pass). Yes I know that is oddly specfic. I am not even sure why that was pretty much all I wanted to do. I am just kind of starting to get back to my normal self now. Thus why I am now finally looking at writing the story again.

Okay addressing with you guys the Different Path readers specifically. Before we can resume posting we have two issues to address: a) my beta and b) revision of earlier chapter.

A) right around the time I had my issues my beta dropped of the radar. She's has had a lot of things happen to her since the most recent posting and can no longer keep betaing my chapters. So I have to find a entirely new beta before I can even begin to post again. The good news for me is I am not going to be starting right away with posting. Sorry guys. You still have to wait a bit for a new chapter but we do have definite timeline for a new chapter if I can get my hands on on a beta before then.

B) I've been hit upside the head with a few ideas that would work better in the earlier chapters. But would require redoing some earlier chapters. So I'm planning to do that. So um yeah there's that. I am not sure how exactly how these are going to roll out. New chapters have first priority but there are new details and plot points that need to be covered in the old chapters that take place earlier in the year. So if I can pull it off without burning myself out again I may roll them out at the same time as the new chapters. However if it becomes too much I will scale back on the revisions and focus on the new chapters.

Basically this is me going back and revising on a few things and characters that I just glanced over in the first edition. That I want to expand upon now in the first two arcs.

Just to explain what I am planning for the revisions. I am planning to go in and kind of build on the background characters and maybe expand on some of the shorter chapters (first chapter I am looking at you). And possibly expand some of the shorter plot points I have kind of grazed over at this point. I would highly recommend reading the revised one as they are uploaded because its possible the later chapters might tie back in to something I put into the revised chapters. And otherwise might leave you guys confused.

Before anyone asks no I'm not deleting the completely. The revised chapters will slowly shift in to replace the old ones as I finish them and get them edited. I will put up in the A/N's which chapters have been replaced. So please just read the opening part of the opening part of the AN.

Anyways no matter what to just get everything working again I'm looking at starting up again on May 9th as long as I can get a beta by then. I would say May 2nd but I'm going to be out of the country then and with traveling I don't want to commit to something I might miss because of travel. We are also going to tackle things a bit differently this time around I am looking at a every other week schedule just because I suspect the once a week thing is what led to the massive burn out.

Also this will give me slight time to figure out what additions I am making to the earlier chapters. Since I am still working out all of those details (I have a good idea but I still am a bit murky on a few places).