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Chapter 3: A Fortunate Future?

Dear Shingo,

Over the past two years, since everything happened I've been told many things repeatedly. But two of them stick out the most;

One of course being the famous phrase that time heals all wounds. But two years later and the wounds still feel fresh. The hurt, the loss, it's all here even though it's been two years.

The other is that those that you truly love never leave you. I always felt like it was a bunch of baloney. But today something occurred that made me bring that belief into question...

The following afternoon saw an awkward situation going on at Naru's house. Usagi and Luna were still at odds of how the Dark Kingdom's quasi-humans should be handled. And neither were really willing to budge on their stance.

Naru was the one who finally broke the silence wanting to address something that she had noticed at the school, "Hey Luna?"

"Yes?" Luna turning to look at Naru from her position on the windowsill.

"I was wondering about something you said a couple of days ago concerning the victims of the Dark Kingdom. You said that there would be symptoms that would make it easier for Usagi to identify those being used by the Kingdom?" Naru said.

"Ah yes. Well according to observations from prior encounters with the Dark Kingdom, most humans being used by them exhibit certain traits. Usually those being targeted by them show several different symptoms. But the most common are unusual amounts of aggressiveness, rapid changes in personality, they are easy to anger, having a sudden brashness and courage where not normal, and being flat out character. These are just a sampling of the symptoms that most present with. However they are also the most common ones to present." Luna said.

"You're thinking about how some of the boys in class were behaving earlier today, aren't you Naru?" Usagi asked, looking up from some of the homework her and Naru had been working on.

"Yeah. I've never known Umino-kun to act the way he was today during the few years I have known him. And him along with some of the other boys were definitely presenting it. I mean he's usually so shy." Naru responded.

"Is that true, Usagi?" Luna asked, turning to the girl for the first time that afternoon.

"I guess. I'm not that close to Umino, but I guess he has been acting odd lately." Usagi said absent mindedly. chewing on the eraser of her pencil. Of all the boys in her class she was on the best terms with Umino. However, they weren't exactly close or anything.

"Okay, so if you believe that there may be some concern for enemy involvement then we should investigate. Now I need you to think hard, the Dark Kingdom has an MO of sort. They will usually open a new store under a disguise of using it to steal energy. Usually it will sell cheap products or extremely popular products. These stores will get popular almost overnight. Can either of you think of something that might match this description?" Luna asked.

There was a pause for a second as both girls racked their brains trying to come up with something. Usagi was the first to speak with some hesitance, "Well, technically it's not a store but it did seem to have popped up overnight and got popular just as quickly."

Luna's tail twitched for a second seeming to think about it for a second before saying, "Well it's not very common but they have used non-store fronts before. What is it you are thinking of?"

"There's this new fortune telling place that opened up not far from our school. Just in the last few days really. I heard some of the other girls talking about going there. We never went but just heard of it being talked about." Usagi explained.

"Sounds like it could be one of their fronts. Try to find out where it is tomorrow at school. I'll meet you two after school tomorrow and then we'll head over to this new fortune telling place. You are too new to your powers to be able to sense even the minimal amount of signature of the Dark Kingdom. So I'll be the only one to tell whether or not this is a new front of theirs or not," Luna explained.


The following afternoon both girls got out of school, Luna was perched up on the school gate's wall waiting for them. She didn't say anything, of course. She was just trailing behind them as they both headed in the direction of which they had been pointed in when they'd asked about the fortune telling shop.

"Wow, its gaudy." was Usagi's first reaction to the shop as they got to the front of it. It was maybe a story tall and the front was decorated in a manner that made her think of the palaces in India more than anything.

"Maybe to you. But apparently it appeals to everyone else." they heard an older male voice say, breaking both girls out of their thoughts.

They turned around and saw an old man running a simple enough fortune stand. It was a small table with a chair on one side with a cloth draped over it. A card of decks was sat on the side of the table, obviously waiting for it to be used on a customer. Usagi was the first to respond, "Oh I've seen you before in passing! But normally your line's around the block! Where are all your normal customers?"

"Well with the new store across the street business has gone down some. Most people prefer fancier, newer, prettier things to simplistic things like my offerings." he responded.

"That's kind of sad." Naru said, frowning a bit. How could faithful customers just abandon their usual business in favor of prettier things?

"But the inevitable truth. I am going to have to find a new place to set up shop now that everyone here has the Fortune House to go to. An old man like myself with my simplistic shop simply can't keep up with the likes of their shop." he said.

"That's a shame." Usagi said, thinking about the times she had seen the line going around the block to get their fortune read by the old man. Absent mindedly she began digging through her pockets looking for a wallet. If he was as good as she used to hear then maybe hearing a fortune from him one time before he left wouldn't hurt. Finally finding the darn object she put down some yen and asked for a fortune reading.

"Well, let's see what we have here." the man said giving her a smile. He pulled out a rather large deck of cards and placed it on the center of the table.

"If you would please, shuffle the cards nine times while thinking of a question you would like to answer; then hand them to me." He explained her handing the deck over.

"Nine?" Usagi said in a questioning voice, wondering about the number in a way while accepting the deck.

"It has to do with mathematics and randomization. We'll be here all night if I have to explain," He seemed on the verge of an embarrassed chuckle.

The Tarot deck was awkward and unfamiliar in her hands, being much larger than average playing cards, and much thicker. She thought there were an awful lot of cards.

"This particular layout, the Celtic Cross, is a fairly common one." He said as he laid out ten cards in a strange pattern that was kind of like a wheel? She had never had a reading before so she noticed that he frowned when he seemed to notice something in the cards that was off the bat, but didn't actually say anything about them yet.

Her eyebrows went up in surprise when he lay the last card down, two additional cards seemed to come out on their own accord. Seeing her expression he said, "Please... leave them there. Sometimes these volunteers have something to add to the story."

Usagi just shrugged in response. She knew nothing about these kind of readings so she trusted the man for this kind of things.

"The Lovers suggests a partnership, or very close friendship. Two of swords... impaled on the horns of a dilemma, all options seem to be bad ones." He explained to her. He pointed to the left side group going clockwise from the bottom, while explaining what the cards meant..

From there he pointed to the third card, at the bottom. "This place is the Distant past, the root of the condition. I take the three of swords to mean that something very bad happened between the partners, quite possibly the thing that turned them on their heads."

He pointed at another card on the far left. "And this indicates it is in the recent past. This card is the Nine of Swords and is referred to by many nicknames. Most often it is referred to as the card of nightmares, of frightening suspicions and misery that haunt you.

He pointed towards the top of the cards. "The Five of Cups has been called the 'drowning your sorrows card,' but I feel a better way to describe it is 'drowning *in* your sorrows. All you can do is look at the ruins at your feet, and not notice that there is still a path for you."

He moved onto another card, "This is likely to happen, something that is out of anyone's control. The Ten of Swords is worrisome... sometimes I feel it's more of a literal death than the Death Card itself. Something bad. Yes, it really is that bad."

He then moved over to the right hand columns of the cards, starting from the bottom card as his next set of explanations, "The card to describe you at the moment is the Eight of Swords... so many swords! Entrapment. You feel as if everyone is against you right now, that everywhere you try to look there is no help, that your hands are tied, and the storm is closing in. Different parts of these images call to me... this one points out that even though this woman is blindfolded and her hands are tied, her feet are not bound. She can still move."

He didn't waste long moving onto the next card, "Next up, In your environment, the Eight of Cups. I've seen this one enough times when someone said 'Screw this, I'm outta here!' Often suggests turning away from a path or situation to look for a new one."

He went onto the next card only second from the top, "The Devil, Reversed like this, and in the Hopes and Fears position..."

He paused for a moment seeming to consider his next words, "The Devil, upright, is about The Monkey Trap, unable to let go of something that looks like a good thing, but unfortunately leads to destruction. Inverted..."

At this point she noticed he glanced back and forth across the cards, seeming to notice something within the pattern that went straight over her head. He then said, "It means that there is hope that by letting go and walking away, the pain will be released or the problem solved, or at least the difficulty will ease."

He moved onto the last card of the group. This one had drawn her attention from the beginning being completely blank unlike the other cards that had decorative designs on them. He explained the card a bit differently this time, "The blank card is not a common or official card in most decks, but I find it very useful. The outcome of your question is something I am not meant to see, understand, or know. I will not ask, please do not mention it."

And he turned his attention to the two cards that had seemed to come out on their own abode. The loose cards, the ones he called volunteers, turned out to be ones . "A great change, and studious, focused activity. Each leads to the other... but where does it start?"

Usagi found the whole experience a bit shaking. Some of it hit a bit closer to home than she would admit to anyone, though Naru probably picked up on some of it judging by the looks she kept shooting her. She forked out a thousand yen bill from her wallet and handed it over. She stood up and gave a slight bow saying, "Thank you so much for your time."

"Not a problem. Hope this may have given you some insight into something." he responded, giving her a bright smile.

"Yeah sure." Usagi said, giving another smile that really didn't reach her eyes before turning and the three of them left the alley.


An hour or so later saw both girls having made no actual progress. Though Usagi had been shaken a bit by the reading, much to Luna's annoyance.

"You never should have asked him for that reading." Luna snapped eventually as the trio watched people come in and out.

"I was just trying to be nice." Usagi responded.

"Yes well, our first priority should always be the mission." Luna said, her tone taking an aggravated turn rather quickly. As she began to lecture Usagi on her duties as a Senshi for what felt like the thousandth time this week. Usagi tuned her out like she had gotten used to.

What had the old man meant by some of the same things he had said during the reading, she couldn't help but wonder. She guessed there could be different meanings behind the reading, depending on how she personally interpreted the cards' meaning. And she had never been much of a superstitious person, but some of the things he had said had made the whole thing kind of eery and the suggestions he had made in the simple sentences had gotten her wondering.

"Usagi, Usagi!" the aggravated sound of Luna's voice brought her out of her train of thought again.

"Sorry Luna. I completely missed what you just said." she told the cat.

Luna glared at her for a second in aggravation before repeating what she had just said, "I was saying that the best way to investigate them and see whether or not they are a Dark Kingdom host, is to pose as a customer."

"But what if they try to use me like they did with our classmates." Usagi said, though reluctantly agreeing with Luna's reasoning in her head they were still some holes in their plan. As she was the only Senshi to have been awakened so far. If she was taken over by the enemy they would be screwed.

"The locket you use to transform into Sailor Moon is more than just an item to channel your abilities. It also protects you from the type of spells most minions of the Dark Kingdom put on those they are attempting to manipulate." Luna explained.

"Really, how cool." Usagi said, taking a second glance at the locket that she wore on a chain around her neck.

"But just for some additional protection I have one more item to give you." Luna said. She did a back flip similar to the one she had done when she and Usagi had first met and awakened. Unlike the locket from before, a small pen with a crystal on top popped out.

Usagi picked up the item with a bit of hesitance. After the last item the cat had 'gifted', she was a little weary towards anything the cat gave her. After a second of examining it and realizing it appeared to be just a plain pen she turned to the cat and asked, "So what does it do?"

"It's a transformation pen. It can change you to anything you want within reason." Luna explained.

"Really?" Usagi asked, turning to look at the cat with surprise.

"Yes, but it's only temporary, lasting maybe an hour or two tops. But it's perfect for sneaking in to try and find out about the enemy, like now. To activate it you must say: "Luna pen, transform me into 'insert whatever you wish to transform into'." Luna explained.

Usagi examined the pen once again and seeing nothing particularly harmful about this object she decided to put her faith in Luna one more time. She stuck the pen in the air as she had been instructed and said, "Luna Pen, transform me into a hip looking high school girl."

Usagi felt a power wash over that had the same feel to it as the one she had felt when she had transformed into Sailor Moon for the first time a few days ago. When it faded she could tell that not only had her hair length changed but the clothes she had been wearing too.

"Great what is with your objects having obsessions with skirts," Usagi complained as she subconsciously began pulling on the hem of the skirt the pen had provided. At least it wasn't as short as the skirt she wore as a Sailor Senshi, coming in just below her knees versus the Senshi skirt falling above the knees. But still, in the end she still preferred pants any day, since it made her feel less like she was showing all of her problems off to the world.

Though as she took a closer look she realized that the same illusion that surrounded her whenever she was transformed apparently also worked with this item. She could live with that. Hey, maybe she could even-no wait that wouldn't work. Everyone at school knew what she looked like and it would look just plain odd to suddenly have something there where it wasn't prior.

"-of course the item is limited to mission use only." she caught the tail end of Luna's lecture.

"Yeah, yeah I get it," Usagi replied, putting the pen back into her bag before turning to the two, "So I just go in posing as a customer, see what the potential enemy is doing, and then get out, right?"

"Correct. We'll wait for you here. Try to remember everything you see. The more details we have the better." Luna said.

"All right, all right. I'm going," Usagi said, trying to reassure the cat while worrying about how well she would actually retain the information that Luna was asking for.


Usagi was able to get into the shop without any problems. She glanced around somewhat; the walls were fairly plain compared to the outside decor, the walls were painted in a solid color with the only real decorations being signs that pointed her in the direction of the fortune teller.

Though there was no mention of any other fortune tellers, which was interesting since considering how large it appeared on the outside you would think they would have enough room to host multiple fortune tellers. But then again, if Luna was right and that whoever ran this was an agent of the Dark Kingdom, than she guessed they wouldn't want anyone going to other fortune tellers so it did make sense in that aspect.

It didn't take long for Usagi to find the end of the line. Usagi let out a low whistle at the length. It looked like it was at least hundred people deep. She wondered if she really had enough time to stand in line without getting in trouble with her parents who, despite her insistence to inform them of her extracurricular activities, had yet to be informed of her activities. She hoped Luna would allow her to inform them of the whole thing soon.

It turned out her fears were for not though, as the line moved at a surprisingly fast clip. Judging by her phone clock she was maybe in line for half an hour at most before she was maybe two, three people from the front. She wondered how efficient this lady was compared to the old man who had done her reading earlier, his reading had taken maybe five minutes tops and she was moving at a much faster clip with her clients then he had with her. But if Luna was right then Usagi guessed it didn't matter how long it took for her to complete her task, as long as it was done.

This tarot card reader was vastly different from the old man across the street. She was young and still beautiful, which probably explained the sudden attraction to the new shop, if she wasn't the enemy. At first glance nothing screamed unnatural like the youma from a few days ago had, but Luna had mentioned that the Dark Kingdom's agents were some of the most masterful disguisers there were. And if that was true, then her task probably wouldn't take long at all.

She nervously took the seat across from the woman when motioned to. The women gave her a reassuring smile as she dealt the deck out not bothering to hand it over to her like the old man had, in order for her to cut the deck. Maybe tarot card readers' techniques varied from person to person? She wasn't sure. The old man's reading had been her first ever tarot card reading, so it wasn't like she had much experience to go on.

She had seen some of the women's work from the side while waiting in line but hadn't exactly had the best view. This person chose to do a circle pattern with a single card in the middle instead of the strange pattern the old man had, called a Celtic Cross. Usagi briefly wondered if the patterns had different meanings, before pushing the thought out of her mind. She needed to concentrate on possibly identifying this as a enemy hangout.

She didn't say anything, yet doing a rather weird trick by blowing and causing the cards to flip over to reveal the different designs on them. She recognized a couple from the old mans reading, but most of them were too different for her to recognize. The woman finally chose this moment to speak by simply saying: "Look into my eyes."

Usagi said a mental prayer that the magic that was supposedly surrounding the items that Luna had given her, actually prevented enemy mind tricks like they were supposed to and followed her command. She didn't say anything again yet simply tilting her head to the side for some reason and Usagi felt this strange compulsion to do the same.

Usagi nearly broke eye contact with her when the central card decided to start glowing purple at random. Okay, something really isn't right here, she thought as she fought to keep a straight face as the card came to her eye level. Well, there was no doubt in her mind that it was the enemy now. She may not know a whole lot about tarot card reading, but she was pretty darn sure that normal readings didn't include the cards deciding to glow purple and float mid air.

"You will make a wonderful servant of evil." the woman finally spoke again, nearly causing Usagi to jump out of her chair. Okay, that she was for sure not supposed to be part of a reading. Her first instinct was to say screw this and flee from there at this moment. But she managed to fight it down. She decided to put her faith in Luna just this once. Even if her faith towards the cat was very minor at the moment.

"You can do whatever you desire." were the next words out of the mouth's voice. Yeah, no thanks Usagi thought, if it involved working for someone who was out to destroy humanity like Luna claimed, then she would rather pass on the sudden boost of confidence. She managed to keep a straight face when the card suddenly flew into her suitcase. As weirded out by all of this as she was, she had come too far on this odd mission to mess up now.

The woman didn't bother to actually do a reading, like the old man had, much to Usagi's annoyance. If she was going to wait in line for an hour, she should at least get a proper reading, shouldn't she? But if it was the enemy, maybe they didn't know the reading because they didn't feel the need to learn the art? Usagi, eager to get her butt out of the building, swung her suitcase over her backpack and made a quick beeline for the exit.


Luna and Naru were exactly where she had left them before entering the Fortune House, when she finally got out.

"Well?" came Luna's impatient voice when they got off the main street. Her tail twitching in annoyance.

"Well she definitely is an enemy." Usagi confirmed, pulling out the card from her suitcase and holding it for both to see. Handing it over to Naru she continued, "The thing glowed dark purple and floated in the air while she tried to put some sort of weird spell on me to become a minion of evil. I may not know much about tarot cards but I am almost positive they aren't supposed to do that."

"Yes, this reeks of the Dark Kingdom." Luna said, examining the card that Naru had put down on the ground.

"The Dark Kingdom minions have a destinct smell?" Naru asked curiously.

"Not a smell, but an aura. The Dark Kingdom and its minions have an unusual aura. Usagi's, as she gets more accustomed, aura should be able to detect them at larger levels. Which is a problem, since they've gotten good at disguising theirs over the years, so sometimes it's hard to detect. Other times they are lazy and don't really bother disguising it. This is a prime example of the latter. Though we won't be seeing much of these, as they begin to realize the Sailor Senshi are reawakening." Luna explained.

"Hey Luna," Usagi said after a second of silence.

"Yes, Usagi?" Luna asked.

"My classmates. The ones that were possessed by the fake fortune teller. How do we break the spell on them?" Usagi asked.

"Defeat the youma." Luna said, saying it like it was the most obvious thing in the world. She paused for a second before continuing, "If you destroy the source of the spell, in this case the youma, the spell will be broken and your classmates will return to normal."

"Okay then, I guess I have a youma to defeat." Usagi said giving a tight smile. She wasn't sure if she would ever be comfortable with the whole idea of being a soldier of love and justice. But if it broke her classmates out of whatever weird trance they were stuck in, then sure, she would fight this enemy.

She moved both arms out to her side. Not enough so they were sticky out fully, just enough that she could move them up easily at a diagonal. She moved her hands up and over the locket that hung over her neck calling the transformation phrase that Luna had been drilling into her head for the last few days: "Moon Prism Power, Make Up!"

Like the first time she had transformed a few days ago, she felt that strangely familiar, yet at the same time foreign feeling, flood trough her as her day clothes changed to her Sailor Senshi uniform. She still didn't like the ridiculous skirt that came with the uniform. But since the transformation seemed to hide the biggest issue of why she normally wore pants, she could live with the uniform she guessed.

"Perfect, now let's go after that youma." Luna said.

"Uh Luna, slight problem." Usagi said after a second.

"Huh, what's wrong?" Luna asked.

"How do we get in? If we go in through the front entrance, then we are going to be stuck in line for God knows how long! And we really can't go in through the front anyway, going in like this is basically announcing to the world that we're there to beat them." Usagi said

"You think we've just been sitting around for an hour?" Luna snapped annoyed before continuing, "No! While you were in there we looked for alternate entrances, so we wouldn't have to go through the front entrance!"

"Oh, all right, then lead the way!" Usagi said, pointing in the direction of the Fortune House.


"Stop right there!" Usagi yelled into the back doorway of the fortune house a few minutes later. It had been surprisingly easy to get to the back door for a lair of a bad guys.

"Why would I?" the woman fortune teller said, turning to face her from her sitting position.

"Because otherwise you'll face the wrath of the pretty suited soldier of love and justice. It is my duty as the Sailor Senshi of the Moon to punish wrong doers such as yourself for the good of everyone!" Usagi said, going with extinct, not even sure where the lecture came from. Like everything else weird that had happened since Luna had invaded her life it just felt like it was what she was supposed to say to the youma.

Why did so many of these things seem to happen? When it came to her being a Sailor Senshi she had no clue, but at this point it was just best to go with the flow she guessed.

"Never heard of you!" the woman snapped, transforming from her normal form, finally realizing Usagi was a threat, into her true youma form. Her skin darkened from the pale complexion it had been just a few minutes previous, into dark brown color and seemed to stretch to the point of almost physical impossible. Her eyes turned black and her pupils became yellow for some reason. Though probably her weirdest feature was her head, which reminded Usagi of some Greek mythological creature, whose name was currently escaping her, as her hair had turned to snakes.

"Minions, attack her!" the youma commanded. The various victims attacked her at a fast pace.

Usagi began dodging the various zombie like people, wondering how she was going to get enough room to launch an attack at the youma. Her problem was solved when she suddenly heard a sharp noise and the zombies came to an immediate halt. Not sure why it happened or what may have caused it, but not wanting to question the sudden change in luck she reached up for her tiara. The youma was on the move again, but the zombies hadn't returned to normal yet, so she launched her tiara out, yelling the now becoming familiar attack: "Moon Tiara Action!"

She let out a sigh of relief when the tiara took out the youma. Looks like that disc throwing, that Luna had insisted she start doing to learn how to aim the tiara, was paying off. She froze though, when she felt someone new not too far from her. She was surprised to realize it wasn't one of the possessed patrons, or even Luna, but rather some guy dressed in a tuxedo.

She realized that he may have done whatever it was that caused the patrons to come to a halt. After a second of silence she spoke, "Uh thank you. I'm guessing you were the one that was able to distract the patrons long enough so I could launch my attack at a youma."

"Yes. I'm glad I could be of some assistance, even if I wasn't able to locate the item I was searching for." he responded to her question.

"Item?" Usagi said in a questioning tone, tilting her head to the side slightly to think. Maybe he meant her transformation broach? But then, it was here so that would make the sentence null and void so that didn't make sense. But what could he be looking for then, at an area where the enemy was hanging out then?

"Yes, there is a crystal that the Dark Kingdom and myself are after-" he began.

"Whoa wait, I thought you weren't with them." Usagi said, interrupting him. If he was with the enemy then she needed to be splits ville now.

"I'm not. However, I'm not one of your Sailor Senshi either. I am my own person. I will lend assistance when needed, but I work on my own." he explained.

"Well that's fair enough, I guess." Usagi said after a second and then continued, "So what should I refer to you as, then?"

"For now simply call me Tuxedo Kamen." he said, tipping his hat at her. Usagi would have curtsied back, if she had been sure her legs would hold at the moment, but chose to go the safer route for now, giving a slight bow.

As she straightened up she said: "Well then, for now; thank you for your assistance, Tuxedo Kamen. I am sure I will see you around."

"Likewise, Ms. Moon." the man replied, before turning and making an exit. Usagi followed shortly, not wanting to get caught here by the various patrons and make them wonder who the heck she was.


The following day on the way home after going to Naru's house Usagi decided to take quick detour on the way home. She couldn't quite go home without making the last stop.

For once her memory decided not to fail her when it came to directions and she was able to find the place without trouble. It was a bit unusual for her, considering that over the years she had grown used to the memory problems and the fact that she had to read over things or go places two or three times before it really struck normally. So when one place struck her mind without a problem, it showed that she thought of it as noteworthy. She just hoped the old man was still around.

Sure enough there was the usual long line that usually wrapped around the block for the small stand was still set up in the alleyway. She checked her phone's clock, she still had enough time to get home before curfew if the line didn't take too long. She just wanted to stop by one more time to get a better explanation to what he had said during the reading the day before.

It took her around half an hour to get to the front of the line. The old man smiled at her, recognizing her from the day before and said: "Ah young miss, back again are we? Are you looking for another tarot card reading?"

"Actually yes. I was wondering if you could maybe explore something you brought up last time during the reading that I am curious about." Usagi said, scratching the back of her head nervously.

"Well I may not be able to get everything you want, but I can certainly see what I can do. Go ahead and take the seat." he said, motioning to the chair across from him.

"Thank you!" Usagi said enthusiastically, taking the seat across from him.

The old man's reading got me thinking about things in general. I can't help but wonder about some of the things he said, you know? I may go back to him a few more times for readings to try to get a better understanding.

Your big sister,

Usagi Tsukino

End Chapter 3

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