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Chapter 5: A Step In A Different Direction

Dear Shingo,

I know of all people that it is best not to judge based on first appearances. But I always felt I was good at reading people at first glance. That was until today. You may remember in an earlier letter me meeting a boy named Haruka Tenoh. Keep in mind the fact that I thought that Haruka was a guy...

"I hate bad weather," Usagi muttered to no one in particular as she opened her umbrella. At least there didn't appear to be any thunder with this. She couldn't stand thunderstorms. Not that she was enthusiastic about walking home in a downpour like how it was right now, it was still better than dealing with thunder.

It now had been a couple days since they had defeated the youma at the Cinderella Caravan contest. Things had once again fallen into silence as there hadn't been any signs of the Dark Kingdom being on the move again.

Though there had been lots of complaints from contestants about the sudden cancellation of the contest. To the point where Mikan and her sponsor company were taking some backfire from the Dark Kingdom's scam. She honestly felt sorry for the girl and those associated with her since she, Luna, and Naru were the only people who actually knew what had happened and why the contest had come to a sudden unceremonious halt. But it wasn't like they could step in and say something in Mikan's defence. To do so would make them sound crazy.

They seemed to be coming to a solution though. As there were rumours going around of a new official Cinderella Caravan being hosted with an actual chance to become a pop idol. Though it sounded like they were trying to limit it to the contestants from the previous contest fiasco. She had gotten a letter inviting her to enter the contest, same with Naru, but they had decided to sit out this contest. Deciding that one bid for musical fame was enough for a while.

Luna however insisted that it was just a matter of time before they saw the Dark Kingdom again. Which was the reason why the cat insisted on seeming to follow the two girls everywhere they went no matter where they went. Usagi pitied Naru who had to live twenty-four hours seven days a week with the over protective cat. At least she only had to deal with the cat outside of school and whenever they went to Naru's house. Once she got home she didn't have to think about the cat. Tonight was a rare night where the cat wasn't following her home and back seemingly wanting to avoid the downpour, not that Usagi blamed her.

She thought about briefly stopping at the old man's table for another reading. She had dropped by several more times since fighting the Fortune House youma for some more insight into things in general. She was finding the art of tarot card reading fascinating. And in some ways it gave her a focal point in her life that just seemed to be getting crazier by the day. However as much she had grown to like the reassurances she doubted he would be set up in the storm considering that he had no physical cover to put the table under. Ah well maybe she could ask him for two readings tomorrow.

And maybe she could get some more insight into the Sailor Senshi, or at least what she thought were the Senshi. Some of the things he had said during the readings had made her wonder if she would be seeing her supposed fighting companions sometime sooner rather than later.

Usagi had managed to get home without much incident but fate had a way of making things happening no matter what on her trip home from Naru's house and today was no exception to that slowly forming rule. She was just walking along not too far from her home when an older man plowed into her at a run side knocking flat on her butt.

"Ouch!" Usagi complained absentmindedly, rubbing her butt. It didn't really hurt that bad but it still felt like her tailbone may bruise.

"I'm so sorry," she heard someone say.

Turning to see who had plowed into her she realized she had seen a picture of the man just a little while back when over at Naru's house. Naru had gotten a hold of some nice sounding jazz music and they had been listening to it via her laptop. Usagi haven been curious had looked up the artist, and unless she was making a mistake or he was a dead ringer for the guy, this was him. She took a hold of the offered hand and stood up. Usagi paused for a second before carefully asking the next question, "Hey this is going to probably sound strange but you wouldn't happen to be Yusuke Amade?"

"Yes actually," he said in a tone that sounded to be a mix of weary and surprised. He glanced over his shoulder again leaving Usagi wondering what was on his mind.

After a second though Usagi shrugged it off and began digging through her bag. She should have something in here to use. She didn't look up as she said the next part, "You wouldn't mind signing something for a friend would you? She's a big fan of yours."

"Uh yeah sure I guess, but could we keep moving? I've had the weirdest evening and I need to get to the club I'm working at," he said.

Usagi finally finding some blank paper in her case pulled it out and the Luna Pen. Though Luna probably preferred if she kept it stashed somewhere safe she did carry it around with her. As it had more uses than just as a magical item. Or rather it could be used for what a pen was mean to be used for, to write. She handed both over as they continued to head in a direction that she assumed was where he worked she decided to ask, "So what were you running from?"

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you. I can hardly believe what happened myself," he admitted, scribbling his signature onto the piece of paper along with Naru's name before handing it back over to Usagi who promptly placed her things back in her suitcase. Best not to risk it getting ruined by the rain.

"Hm, I wouldn't be so sure. You would be surprised what I've seen the last few days," Usagi responded with. It was true after everything that had happened since she awoke as a Senshi she doubted much could surprise anymore.

He quirked an eyebrow at her comment but chose to not press he comment but rather her earlier question, "I had what had to be the weirdest creature in the world chasing me. It looked like something straight out of a horror movie. Wings like a bat and fur covered. Tall as most adult men. Good lord it was weird. And it kept chasing me saying that I had taken something that belonged to it."

Either someone was pulling an elaborate prank or it was a youma again Usagi internally thought though she wasn't going to voice those thoughts. But what the heck would the youma want with a just starting out jazz musician. Mind you the guy created some really good music but he was only just starting off really just having released a few songs recently and a new one supposedly under production. So that brought the question of why him? Wouldn't it make more sense to go after some famous idol?

"You probably think that I'm crazy," he said after a few minutes of silence not making eye contact with her stuffing his hands into the coat he was wearing.

"No, no in fact I've seen some pretty strange creatures around here myself. So I wouldn't be surprised at all if you actually saw something that matches that description," Usagi said waving her hands in a reassuring manor. She paused for a second to think, "Was there anything recently you purchased or maybe got from someone?"

"No well other than picking up my demo CD that I had dropped off at the studio earlier," he said showing her a CD case. It was just your average run of the mill case the only designation to what it was the writing on top of it that read, A Waltz for Akiko. Nothing to really suggest that a youma would go after it, how odd. She handed it back over to him.

"Yeah I can't see why you would have some weird creature chasing after you demanding you return your own possession," Usagi admitted a bit confused. It didn't make sense and didn't seem to match any of the MO that Luna described the Dark Kingdom as having. Why target one single man instead of the masses that they had done the last two times they had run into the Dark Kingdom?

"I must sound like some crazed madman," he said.

Usagi shook her head in the negative before responding, "Not at all. In fact I had an encounter with a strange creature of my own a week or so back."

"I guess what they have been saying about the monsters in Tokyo are true then. I thought it was some elaborate hoax someone's been putting on. But that sure seemed real," he said shaking slightly at bringing the subject of the youma

"Trust me on this one, they are very much real," Usagi muttered under her breath in a half complaint, half statement. What she would give for those youma to be fake and part of a hoax like he had suggested they actually were.

"Anyway I have a performance to get to. Thanks for hearing me ramble about the weird creature," he said giving her a slight bow as they reached the awning of a building nearby. It appeared to be some sort of club so that made some sense about his performance sentence.

"Oh, not a problem. Hope that you have seen the last of it," Usagi stated back giving him a smile. Just because she was going to have to deal with these creatures for god knows how long didn't mean she had to wish every normal person in Tokyo to see them. He waved at her in a friendly manner before disappearing into the building via an unmarked side entrance.


A few minutes later saw her on her cell phone in a nearby alley talking to Luna. After the strange conversation Amade-san she had decided to consult Luna on the possibility of another youma attack. Luna had agreed that it sounded very much like a youma was targeting the musician and said she would meet up with her shortly.

A few minutes later saw her on her cell phone in a nearby alley talking to Luna. After the strange conversation Amade-san she had decided to consult Luna on the possibility of another youma attack. Luna had agreed that it sounded very much like a youma was targeting the musician and said she would meet up with her shortly.

This led to her rattling off the address and general location of the music club over the phone. All the while digging through her bag searching for her Luna Pen. Finally finding what she working for she ducked into a nearby alley and gave the Luna Pen a command, "Luna Pen transform me into hip looking adult music fan!"

She felt the ever growing familiar magic wash over her as her normal clothes faded away to be replaced by the clothes the pen she had given her. She was still wearing a shirt but was now wearing a black leather jacket over the shirt. Her normal pants had been replaced by a pair of jeans. She could tell her hair had been shortened drastically from its normal length to where it just came to her chin.

She briefly wondered how long it would take for Luna to get her from Naru's house. She knew the cat could be pretty darn fast when she wanted to. Usagi just had to worry now that she wouldn't miss Amade-san's performance. Thankfully the wait for Luna to arrive was a short one. Usagi wasn't sure how the cat was able to do it but just threw it under the same category of things she didn't understand since she had become Sailor Moon. They quickly decided that the cat's best course of action was to play dead so it would appear that she was stuffed. They both just hoped they wouldn't get stopped by someone.

Thankfully no one stopped them and Usagi settled into a table towards the back. She frowned though upon noticing that it wasn't Amade-san. Instead a girl with a dark blue green hair color mix was on the stage looking like she was about to start playing a violin. There was a guy next to her that wasn't Amade-san that looked like he was about to start playing the piano. While she couldn't recognize the girl from anywhere. The guy seemed eerily familiar and it took her a minute to place him. As she realized it was the same guy she who had offered her a ride home after her and Luna's argument. Now what was his name? Something that started with H. Hiki, Hiana, Haruhi, no but that seemed familiar, wait, that's it! Haruka. That was what the guy had said his name was.

She was about to mention something to Luna when the waiter came up to her offering to get her a drink. She politely waved him off turning back to the stage as the duo had begun to play. But if they were playing that begged the question of where was Amade-san? Maybe he had all ready played? She hoped not. If that really was a youma chasing him than most likely it hadn't given up finding him. Meaning the youma had to be around somewhere nearby.

She was about to mention something to Luna when the waiter came up to her offering to get her a drink. She politely waved him off turning back to the stage as the duo had begun to play. But if they were playing that begged the question of where was Amade-san? Maybe he had all ready played? She hoped not. If that really was a youma chasing him than most likely it hadn't given up finding him. Meaning the youma had to be around somewhere nearby. The two maybe played for about ten minutes before getting off the stage. Usagi and Luna both breathed sighs of relief when one of the club workers announced that Amade-san was coming up next.

He didn't appear any worse for wear when he got up on the stage which at least told Usagi that he probably hadn't somehow encountered the strange creature again. She absentmindedly listened to the music keeping an eye on him. Luna was muttering in low tones that if the youma hadn't attacked again yet it would soon. Which Usagi had to agree to somewhat judging by what she had been told.

She could tell it was getting later than she was used to being out though because nearly dozed off at one point. If it hadn't been for Luna's persistence nudging she might have missed him exiting the stage. She watched him disappear through a back door and wondered how she was going to follow him as people began to move around with it being a break between musicians. She saw some other customers heading in the direction of where he had gone too. Maybe she could blend in well enough to go wherever they were all headed. She got back into the back of the group that she could now see were going into an elevator. She managed to squeeze in at the last second just hoping that she hadn't missed Amade-san.


As luck would have it she apparently hadn't missed Amade-san. She barely got out of the elevator before the doors closed. As the inhabitants had taken one look at the scene in front of them and had attempted to get away as quickly as possible.

She ducked out of sight and behind one of the parking garage's pillar not wanting to be spotted by either party. Amade-san she had to give credit too because he was apparently refusing to hand over the supposed demo CD. Luna hissed a few second later, "It's clear, go ahead and transform."

"If you say so," Usagi said moving her arms into the position and quietly whispered, "Moon Prism Power Make Up!"

The power flooded her and soon as the power faded she snuck out of her hiding spot saying, "Stop right there!"

"What do you want," the youma snapped in an annoyed tone.

Much like at the Fortune House she felt that strange compulsion to lecture saying, "How dare you desecrate this sacred place of music. I am the pretty suited soldier of love and justice, Sailor Moon! And in the name of the moon I will punish you!"

"I don't care who you are as long as you don't get in my way of getting my CD back," the youma snapped at her.

"No can do," Usagi said reaching up for her tiara. Removing it from her forehead, she aimed, hoped for the best and shouted, "Moon Tiara Magic."

Except it didn't disintegrate on impact like it had been doing before. Instead the youma was able to know it back with one of its wings. Usagi flinched, great just great.

"Uh crap Luna what now?" Usagi said turning to the cat. This was a first, both of the youmas she had fought before had quickly fallen to her tiara. Well maybe not quickly. The second one had required the help of that odd tuxedo wearing rose throwing guy.

"Give me a second to think," Luna said trying to not let out her worries seep through. This was a problem. The youma were now getting to be too strong to be taken out by a single attack. She needed to find the remaining Sailor Senshi but she only had a few ideas on where to begin to look for the remaining princess' primary guardians.

"Maybe we can be of assistance," a feminine voice spoke up. Usagi turned surprised to see the girl from earlier with Haruka.

"Um, I'm not exactly sure how you could-" Usagi began only to be interrupted.

"Sailor Moon, just focus on the enemy. I think they may actually be able to give us a hand, but I need to check something," Luna said.

"If you're sure," Usagi said turning to fully face the youma again who seemed to be looking for Amade-san who had disappeared with the distraction she had provided.

Luna hoped that she would be able to keep the youma distracted as she tried to place some memories from the Moon Kingdom. While neither girl held any sign of the planetary Senshi she was supposed to be seeking they did hold some planetary power to them that did a ring bell for her even if she couldn't quiet place them. Which confused Luna greatly. The only Senshi she remembered clearly were the princesses' guardians. Well there was the matter of Sailor Moon but Central had assured her that she had a necessary role in the battle against the Dark Kingdom. So who were these two?

She knew each of the planets had a guardian Senshi. Otherwise there wouldn't have been eight planets classified as major planets by the Silver Alliance. But the memories of the other Senshi outside of the ones that had protected the princess, the ones she was supposed to be awakening, were sparse and hard to remember. From what little she could remember about the remaining four Senshi she could see the similarities enough that they were most likely the Senshi of Uranus and Neptune.

However what was most annoying about this whole situation was that she couldn't recall what the other four's purposes were. Maybe they were back-up for the main guardians? But then begged the question if that were the case than why were they appearing instead of the primary guardians. Had something happened to the primary guardians?

She decided to take a chance in spite of her confusion about these girls positions on the team and why there were here. Usagi was in need of help and at her stage of training she would do very little man power to this youma they needed to awaken the remaining Senshi even if something just didn't feel quite right about this whole situation. She turned to the two girls just hoping she was making the decision.

"You two want to help correct," Luna asked them tail twitching for a second.

"Well yeah, but we don't know what to do," Michiru said after a second.

"Got that taken care of," Luna said doing a back flip similar to the one she had done to get Usagi her Luna Pen and her transformation locket. Except this time two bracelets came out, an aquamarine colored bracelet with a large sea green gem in the middle and a yellow colored bracelet with a large amber in the centre. She placed the two bracelets in front of them respectively and said, "Take the bracelets and yell Uranus Power Make Up and Neptune Power Make Up!"

Michiru was the first to take the aquamarine bracelet after a second of hesitation. She took the bracelet and put it on her wrist making a swiping motion over the large gem on it while saying, "Neptune Power Make Up!"

Haruka followed a second later grabbing the other bracelet following Michiru in the same manner she said, "Uranus Power Make Up!"

Both girls felt a familiar power wash over them as their clothes faded away to uniforms much similar to the one Usagi wore but at the same time different. Despite the oddity of the situation neither could deny the certain rightness they were both feeling. Something just felt right about being in these outfits. Like this was how it meant to be. Even if Haruka wasn't used to wearing skirts on an everyday basis.

Michiru was the first to speak, "So we did what you asked, now what?"

"Feel deep inside yourselves you should be able to feel a power. Pull on it and attempt to bring it to the front you'll know what to do from there," Luna instructed. While Usagi's abilities had been straight forward and easy enough to pull on without explanation the other Senshi would need help the first time they attempted to attack.

Haruka attempted to follow her instructions and was surprised to find just what Luna was talking about. Right within herself was the exact power as described she grabbed a hold of it and found her arms moving outside of her own will. The words came to her like she had known them her entire life though she could never remember saying them, "Spiral Buster!"

A yellow ball with several rings surrounding them left her hands and slammed into the strange creature. A few seconds later a ball of similar nature but dark blue in color slammed into the creature coming from what she assumed was Michiru.

"Now Sailor Moon try again!" Luna instructed turning her attention back to the younger Senshi. Who'd been knocked down by an attack that both girls had missed seeing during their transformations.

"Yeah, yeah just one second," she said reaching up to her tiara again, removing it, aiming for the youma again hoping that it would actually work this time before launching it saying, "Moon Tiara Action!"

Both girl and cat let out a sigh of relief when the attack did what it was supposed to do and turned the monster to dust.

Usagi turned to face the two new sailor Senshi. So these were two of the girls she apparently was supposed to lead into battle huh? She gave them a nervous smile, slightly tugging at her skirt even though she knew the illusion was up meaning her legs should look normal, before saying, "Hi. Uh thanks for the help."

"It's fine, we were just glad to provide some assistance," the still unidentified aqua haired girl was the one to speak up first.

"I apologize for Luna here. She hasn't quiet grasped the idea of giving someone a say in something quiet yet unfortunately," Usagi said giving the cat a glare. Luna bristled at the comment. But didn't argue since technically Usagi was stating was the truth. Even though she must have tried to explain to the teen a dozen times about the necessity of the role of Senshi and that they simply couldn't back out by saying no.

"So you guys are Sailor Senshi too?" Usagi said eying the two older girls curiously.

"Yeah, um how do we get out of these outfits," Haruka said itching to get out of the strangely familiar yet foreign uniforms.

"Just concentrate on what you were wearing prior to your transformation. It will revert itself after a few minutes," Luna explained to them just as Usagi reverted her own transformation into her normal civilian self.

"Odan-Wait Usagi right," Haruka began but corrected herself mid sentence obviously remembering what had happened the last time she had called Usagi by that nickname.

"Yep!" Usagi chirped cheerfully before replying, "Haruka right?"

"Yeah and this is my friend Michiru" she said gesturing to the other girl who was looking at them curiously. Haruka turned to Michiru before saying, "You remember the girl I mentioned the other day? That's her."

"I see," Michiru said seeming to study the younger girl.

Usagi gulped a bit nervously. She wondered how the other girls would react when she finally tell them about her issues. But maybe she could convince Luna not to tell them for a little while. She knew she would have to eventually cross that bridge at some point but she wanted to earn their respect without having to worry about whether or not they would respect her with her issues.

After a second of silence Michiru spoke again, "Well it's a pleasure to meet you Usagi."

"Likewise," Usagi said giving them another friendly smile. There was a brief bit of silence before Usagi said, "You know I'm a bit surprised that you are a girl. Not that it really matters or anything."

Haruka raised an eyebrow at that, "I never said I was a guy to begin with."

Usagi tilted her head for a second running through the brief conversation that she had had with the older girl. She realized that yes indeed Haruka had never actually stated her gender but then again there never had been exactly the time or the chance to add that in. She just had made the assumption that Haruka was a guy based on the deeper voice and the tendency to wear guy clothes.

But now that she knew she noticed certain details that she had missed before. Now that she was taking a better look at the older girl having seen her in the Senshi uniform she could make out certain details that suggested that she was a girl. But the deeper voice and clothes hid her actual gender pretty darn well.

"Yeah I guess so," Usagi replied giving a sheepish smile.

"Anyways," Luna said talking for the first time in a while, "We need to get together tomorrow afternoon so we can fill you two in on everything that involves with being a Sailor Senshi, Usagi, please tell me you know Naru's address."

Usagi nearly rolled her eyes at the tone the last part was said but managed to refrain. Rather than give Luna a response she chose to dig through her shoulder bag until she found the address book she normally carried on her. Putting it in her mouth she began digging again until she found some scrap paper. Scribbling down the address she handed it over to Michiru.

Once the exchanged had happened Luna spoke again, "Come over after school. This is where I am living right now and Usagi is good friends with the girl who lives there. It's a good as a place as any to explain everything."

The two older girls exchanged glances before nodding their heads. After that Luna darted off probably headed back to Naru's house. The trio fell into silence before Usagi spoke again, "So I probably should be getting going. My parents know I am out late but they are probably starting to wonder what's taking so long."

"You know it is pretty late. I know you mentioned before that your dad will most likely freak out if driven home by us, but are you sure you don't want a ride," Haruka said after a second.

"I would think they wouldn't be happy with how late it is anyway Haruka. Maybe that's not the best idea?" Michiru said, piping up for a second.

"They actually know I'm out for Senshi duties," Usagi admitted pausing for a second to think before continuing, "They might be okay with you dropping me off though if Michiru is there. And they are going to have to find out there is more than one Senshi anyway. So maybe it will be okay."

"Than follow us we'll show you where the car is parked and then we can get out of here," Haruka said as the two girls headed off down one of the car garage's many aisles. Usagi paused for a second before following closely behind.

So I am now the leader of two Sailor Senshi! They seem pretty nice I guess I have only met Michiru once and this was my only second time meeting Haruka so it's too early to really tell. I'll get a better idea when they come over to Naru's house tomorrow afternoon.

Luna is rather insistent that we inform them of everything sometime soon. But I'm worried about their reaction. I know the worry is probably unnecessary, but I cannot help it. What I've gone trough in the past year doesn't help and I guess I can't expect her it in the overall scheme of things. Maybe someday I will tell them but for now I can't. Until next time.

Your big sister,

Usagi Tsukino

End Chapter 5

A/N: Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed it, and here is chapter 6's preview:

"Oh yeah. Well do not underestimate us! We will find you and defeat you," Usagi snapped in annoyance trying to ignore the odd sinking feeling that had sunk in. And was she shrinking?

"Sailor Moon!" Michiru said grabbing a hold of her and pulling her back to the door. She felt the odd feeling fade and she suddenly grow.

"What the?" Usagi said in confusion.

"You were de-aging after you entered the room," Haruka said as way of explanation.

"Great, just great. We have a youma that can control time by the looks of it," Usagi said snapping stepping out of the room completely.

"She is not controlling time," came a new unfamiliar voice.

The three girls jumped in surprise at the new addition. Turning Usagi saw the new arrival was a woman in her twenties it appeared dressed in a sailor senshi outfit not too different than the one she and the others bore. Haruka was the first to address her having moved herself in front of Michiru and Usagi, "Who are you?"

"Calm yourself Sailor Uranus. I am an ally, Sailor Pluto, the senshi of time and space. I have been sent to give you three a much needed hand. On your own you three won't be able to find the youma however I can lead you to her," the newly identified Sailor Pluto explained.

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