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The Avengers build a nursery for newborn baby Lucy.

Five Guys and a Nursery

Clint stood in the middle of the second bedroom on his and Natasha's floor staring at the walls. He had pulled all of the furniture out and into the storage room with all the guns so he could start putting together the nursery for Lucy.

Natasha and Lucy had been home for a week now. Surprisingly, Lucy slept through the nights with ease and only whimpered or whined when she was hungry or wet. She only cried if she was truly afraid or upset. The two couldn't have been luckier to get such a perfect baby.

All of the other girls from the Red Room had successfully found new families thanks to Tony and Steve. Anya and Lida were happy that they got to stay in the Tower with Bruce and Steve.

Pepper and Natasha had decided to busy themselves with planning the wedding, leaving Clint, Tony, Steve, and Bruce to take care of the nursery. (Natasha didn't quite trust the boys with Lucy yet)

So Clint had watched his wife and daughter board the elevator and travel down to Tony's floor, and then he got to work.

Which is how he ended up where he was now; standing in the middle of the room not knowing what to do next.

He glanced out the window at the sound of thunder, wondering if it was supposed to rain. But the clear blue sky told him otherwise. Now things would get interesting with Thor returning from his visit with Jane.

Thor meeting Lucy was quite a sight to behold. The god just held the baby out in front of him staring wide eyed at her with her staring wide eyed back at him. Lucy had reached out towards Thor, wanting to get closer. Natasha explained what she was doing to Thor and instructed him on how to hold her.

Once in his arms, Lucy had gently touched Thor's metal armor on his chest making a face in surprise at the new texture. She moved her hand around curiously before reaching up towards his face. Thor bent his head down closer and laughed when she took a handful of his hair and pulled hard. Lucy made her gurgling sound, (which had now turned into a laugh) her face breaking out into a smile.

Clint and Natasha had laughed knowing that their daughter approved of the last Avenger.

"Barton! JARVIS informed me that you were in here!" Thor boomed as he strolled into the room.

He pulled Clint into a tight embrace and then let him go, clapping him hard on the back.

Clint stumbled a few steps forward to catch his balance, "Hey Thor."

Bruce, Tony, and Steve came in after Thor, standing at the back of the room.

"Ok Papa Bird, what's the plan?" Tony said rubbing his hands together.

"I have absolutely no idea," Clint confessed turning to face the others. "I was hoping our in house artist would have some ideas."

Steve turned a shade of red, "Um…I don't know. We could continue the animal theme I guess."

"Sounds good to me," Clint said.

"SHOPPING TIME!" Tony exclaimed practically skipping out the room.

Bruce rolled his eyes, "Come on."

The four men followed the billionaire down into the garage. They piled into the Audi SUV Tony had decided to purchase due to the growth of the team. Tony drove them to the nearest paint store in New York City, or more specifically Sherwin Williams.

The men unloaded from the SUV and strolled into the store. Steve and Clint immediately went to the display of paint chips. Thor, Tony, and Bruce broke off in the opposite direction towards the supplies.

Steve was drawn to the pistachio green. "What do you think of this?" he asked Clint.

"It would go good with the crib," Clint pointed out.

"Okay, then this one it is. I have an idea for some decorations. I could do some silhouettes of trees in a shade darker." Steve suggested.

"I think Tasha would love that," Clint said smiling.

The two whipped around at the sound of a loud crash.

"We're good! It's all good!" Tony called out waving a paint roller in the air.

Bruce was trying to take another roller away from Thor. Tony grabbed a few paintbrushes and trays for the rollers and joined them at the paint counter.

The employee gave them a weird look as he rang up the items and mixed the paint. Steve gave him an apologetic look as they left the store.

"Tony, can we go back to the furniture store? I could use some help with getting a few more things for Tasha and Lucy," Clint asked.

"Of course!" Tony said turning the car around and heading towards Babies-R-Us.

This time Bruce volunteered to stay in the car with Thor, who seemed cautious to go into the bigger store.

Clint led the remaining two back towards the rocking chairs. He immediately picked out one that Natasha had been eying on the internet.

"Well you might as well get the complete set," Tony said hoisting a matching dresser onto the cart as well. A matching changing table followed not long after.

Steve picked out an adorable floor lamp that looked like it was tree. Tony added a giraffe spot carpet to the pile.

Clint was amused with how much Tony and Steve were enjoying themselves. Tony had gotten another cart to compensate for the amount of things they were buying.

Clint picked out a car seat and jogging stroller that he knew both him and Natasha would use.

"Hey, do we have a tub yet?" Tony called out, poking his head around the endcap.

"Nope," Steve answered taking a quick inventory of the carts.

Tony dumped a bright yellow bathtub and an armful of washcloths and towels in the cart.

"We do now," he said with a nod. "What else is left?"

"It couldn't hurt to get more of the essentials," Clint said peering into the carts.

The three headed over to the bottles and stopped on the aisle.

"Hey, Clint, is Natasha feeding her or are you guys doing formula?" Steve asked his face flushing a little red.

"She's feeding her for now, why?" Clint chuckled.

"Does she want one of these things?" Steve asked pointing to the breast pumps.

Clint scratched his head as he took in the sight before him.

"Um, I don't know. I guess we could get one and take it back if she doesn't want it," Clint suggested grabbing a box.

They began to walk away, but Tony stopped them.

"Hold up, you didn't get everything!" he exclaimed dumping various items into the cart.

Clint reached down and picked up one of the boxes. It was breast pads.

"When in doubt get everything surrounding the thing you want. Plus there was a sign saying 'Don't Forget!'," Tony explained.

Tony and Steve wandered further ahead with Clint trailing behind. He stopped at a display of nursing bras and shirts. He quickly found a few in Natasha's size and flung them into the cart. These would make feeding much easier. She wouldn't have tot strip every time (not that he minded the stripping), but doing that in front of other people wasn't really acceptable.

He also spotter a sling not far away; it was the kind that strapped the baby to your chest and freed up your hands to do other things. Clint smiled to himself and slipped it into the cart as well.

He caught up with the other two at the checkout register and began to unload his cart. Hundreds of dollars later, they were finally on their way back to the Tower. Even with Thor and Bruce to help, it still took two trips to bring everything up to Clint and Natasha's floor.

They piled everything in the living room so that the walls could be painted first. Bruce and Tony were tasked with assembling the many pieces of furniture, while the other three worked on painting.

Thor caught on to the concept of painting relatively quickly. Clint was glad, however, that he had decided to put down drop cloths first. The big guy could most certainly make a huge mess with a roller. After the walls had the first shade of green done, they all agreed to take a break for lunch.

"Go eat, I'm gonna do my thing," Steve said cracking open the darker shade.

"Are you sure?" Clint asked not really ready to stop working.

"Yeah, go check on Natasha and Lucy," Steve assured him.

Clint smiled and headed off to Tony's floor.

He found Natasha and Pepper sitting at the dining table with multiple magazines opened up in front of them. He spotted Lucy sound asleep in her basinet; a gift from Pepper.

He walked up behind Natasha and gave her a quick peck on the cheek. Natasha smiled and turned around to face him.

She laughed and touched his face, "Let me guess, the room is green?"

Clint closed his eyes and chuckled, "I have paint all over me don't I?"

"Why yes, yes you do. I like the color," Natasha said.

"I'm glad! The rest is a surprise though," he said kissing her again.

"Is Tony behaving?" Pepper asked looking up from the magazine she held.

"Yeah, he is," Clint replied walking over to the kitchen and grabbing an apple.

"Good, I was beginning to worry," Pepper said as she ripped a page out of the magazine.

"How's the planning going?" he asked, his mouth full of apple.

"Great! We may have decided on the flowers," Pepper replied.

"I'm not much help on the food, you know, with the delayed cravings and all. I'm not sure they want jars of peanut butter at their wedding," Natasha said.

"That would be a lot of peanut butter," Clint laughed.

He hadn't minded Natasha's cravings one bit. It was like her was getting to do what he should have been doing during the pregnancy.

There was a small cry from the basinet that pulled him out of his thoughts.

"I've got her," Clint said quickly before Natasha could get up. He knew that she was still sore and utterly exhausted even if she didn't let onto it.

He found his daughter staring up at him with her wide grey eyes. She wiggled her body around, stretching her tiny limbs, never breaking eye contact.

"Hey, птичка," Clint said reaching down to pick her up. They had decided to continue to call her by her Russian nickname since it fit so well. He quickly checked to see is she was wet (which she wasn't) before cradling her in his arms.

Lucy cooed and snuggled up against her father's chest. Clint felt the familiar swell of warmth spread through his chest. He loved it when she did that. She only did it with him, so it was special. He walked over and sat down next to Natasha.

"She's gotten bigger," Natasha said touching her daughter's head.

"That's a good thing," Clint laughed.

"I know, I just don't want her to grow up too fast," Natasha said softly.

"I can't wait to have one of my own," Pepper said smiling at the little family.

"Tony would be a good dad. He's surprisingly good with Lucy," Clint pointed out.

"You know he loved that little girl to pieces," Pepper laughed.

"How could you not love her? Look at that face!" Clint said lightly tickling Lucy's belly.

The baby giggled happily, squirming in Clint's arms. The three adults couldn't help but join in on the infectious laughter. They had all been shocked when Lucy had started laughing the first time. Newborns typically didn't laugh so early one, but then again Lucy was far from the norm.

"Where are Anya and Lida?" Clint asked looking around for the other girls.

"They are curled up in my bed watching movies," Pepper said.

"I bet they are enjoying that," Clint said. He looked up at the clock and sighed, "I better get back."

He reluctantly handed Lucy off to Natasha as he stood up. He kissed Natasha on the lips. "You're going to love the room, Tasha," he murmured before pulling away.

Natasha smiled, "I know I will."

Clint traveled back to his floor and found no trace of Tony, Bruce, or Thor. He wandered over to the nursery to check on Steve. His jaw dropped at the sight before him. Steve was putting the finishing touches on beautiful silhouettes of jungle trees. It was absolutely stunning.

"Steve, how did you do this that fast?" Clint breathed.

"I get into a zone and don't stop." Steve said stepping back to look at his work. "I can add more if you'd like?"

"No! It's perfect," Clint said patting Steve's back. Steve beamed at Clint.

"Let's clean up," Steve said closing the paint cans.

Thor reappeared in time to help fold up the drop cloths and help carry the paint supplies out of the room.

"Now here comes the hard part," Clint sighed looking at the piles of things in the living room.

"How about we begin with the draperies?" Thor suggested holding up the curtain rod.

"Good idea!" Clint agreed grabbing the curtains.

They hung the curtains quickly and decided to move in the dresser and changing table next. Steve dragged in the rocking chair; placing it by the window in the right hand corner. He placed the floor lamp next to the chair and the short bookcase under the window.

Back out in the living room, Clint looked around for the crib.

"Guys, did we already move the crib in?" he called out.

"Nope! It's right here!" Tony exclaimed pulling it out of the elevator with the help of Bruce.

Clint had a growing feeling that Tony had done something to modify the crib. He allowed them to drag it into the nursery; placing it against the left wall opposite the dresser and changing table.

"Okay, what did you do to it?" Clint asked once all the furniture was in place.

"Thought you would never ask," Tony beamed. "I hooked up a vitals monitor that is connected directly to JARVIS, so you won't need baby monitors. JARVIS will alert you if she is crying, sick, hungry, or wet. I also added a shield."

"A shield?" Steve asked skeptically.

"Yes, a shield. If the Tower is ever attacked again, she would be safe in her crib. It's bullet proof, arrow proof, Tesseract proof, nothing can get past it except Papa Bird and Mama Spider," Tony explained obviously proud of himself.

"Thanks, Tony. I actually think Natasha's going to really like that," Clint said.

"Speaking of Natasha, we have about an hour and a half before she comes up here," Bruce pointed out.

"Right! Let's get the rest of the stuff in here!" Tony said clapping his hands together.

They dragged all of the bags into the room and ripped into the packages. They put all of the clothes in the laundry basket to be washed.

Steve stacked up the boxes of diapers under the changing table, along with the wipes and miscellaneous creams for rashes and such.

Bruce placed the stuffed animals in the corner near the crib. Thor loaded the bookcase with the books they had bought along with a few baskets that held toys. Tony remade the crib to with a fresh sheet and hung the bird mobile above it. Clint stashed the breast feeding pump and supplies in one of the baskets beside the rocking chair. He fluffed the pillow that was on the chair then looked around the room.

"I think we are good to go," Clint said.

"We did good for a group of guys," Tony said putting his hands on his hips.

Bruce, Thor, and Steve nodded in agreement.

"Now all that's left is the baby," Steve said smiling at Clint.

"Will you go get them?" Clint asked. He wanted a moment to himself before the big reveal.

Steve nodded and the four other men filed out of the room. Clint took a deep breath and looked around the room.

It was exactly what he had imaged. Everything was in the perfect spot. He wiped his eyes real quick before the tears that had gathered had a chance to fall.

There was a soft knock on the closed door that pulled him back into reality. He crossed over to the door and paused, "Tasha?"

"Yes," she replied.

"Close your eyes," Clint said.


He opened the door and took Lucy from her arms. With his free hand he led Natasha into the center of the room, making sure to turn her to where she could see the rocking chair first.

"Okay, open them," Clint whispered in her ear.

Natasha opened her eyes and gasped, her hand flying up to cover her mouth.

"Oh my…" she whispered. She was speechless. There was so much to say, but she couldn't find the right words.

She walked over to the rocking chair and ran her hand over the soft fabric of the cushions. She turned to the curtains, then to the bookshelf; touching each object as if to make sure that they were really there. She turned around and faced Clint, her eyes swimming with tears.

"It's beautiful," she whispered her voice thick with emotion.

"Sit down and I'll show you everything," Clint said softly shifting Lucy in his arms.

Natasha sat down in the rocking chair with a sigh. "Let me hold her," she said holding her arms out to Clint.

Clint placed their daughter in her arms and watched her sink back into the chair. Lucy wiggled slightly, getting comfortable, molding her body into her mother's.

Clint smiled and walked over to the dresser and changing table.

"Tony wanted to get the matching set. I know she doesn't have that many clothes yet, but down the road she'll have plenty of room. We made sure to get a lot more diapers and wipes too. I picked up that diaper rash cream too," Clint said crouching down to show her the items.

"We'll have to do some laundry, but I got some more onesies. The guys each chose a different package so she has quite a large variety. Steve picked out the lamp and Tony picked out the rug. Steve and I picked out the toys on the shelf and Bruce found the books during lunchtime." He continued crossing to the crib.

"Now this is the part I think you're going to love. Tony tricked out the crib. He added a vitals monitor that's connected to JARVIS. JARVIS can now tell us when Lu is crying, if she's hungry, sick, or wet. AND he added this high tech shield thing. Its bullet proof, arrow proof, and Tesseract proof. Only you or I can get her out when it's up." Clint explained.

He walked over to Natasha and crouched down next to her as she rocked back and forth. Lucy's eyes were slowly drifting shut.

"Over on your right side is a basket that holds the breast pump. I didn't know if you wanted to do that type of thing so it's still in the box. I just figured that if we did use it I could get up with Lu in the middle of the night and feed her. You could actually get five hours of sleep," Clint said softly.

"Sleep would be nice," Natasha said quietly smiling down at her husband. "Everything is so perfect. It's everything I imagined."

"I'm glad. I also got a jogging stroller and car seat for when you are feeling better." He finished.

"You guys were very busy today." Natasha chuckled.

"Yeah, I hate to tell you, but I think she's going to be spoiled." Clint said stroking his daughter's soft red curls.

"And I am perfectly fine with that," Natasha whispered. "Let's put her in her bed."

Clint nodded and carefully took the sleeping baby into his arms. He gently set her down into the bed and pushed the button that activated the vitals monitor. Natasha turned on the lamp and got up, following Clint out of the room.

Clint switched off the overhead light, but kept the fan going. The two quietly tiptoed away from the cracked open door and into the living room. They collapsed on the couch, Natasha stretching out and resting her head on Clint's lap. He smiled and stroked her own red curls.

"You did well, my Hawk," Natasha said.

"I'm glad, my Spider," Clint said leaning down and kissing her on her temple.

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