A/N: Thor is one character that I have had issues writing. I just want to get him right. He isn't stupid airheaded character like he is so often portrayed. So I hope this does him some justice.

I couldn't resist posting this final oneshot. After this I will post the prologue to the next story :)

Meeting the Parents

"Why does she get to see the rainbow bridge and I don't?" Darcy whined as Jane continued to pack her small bag.

"Because I'm his girlfriend," Jane hissed shoving a t-shirt into the bag.

"I am sorry, Darcy. Perhaps next time I shall show you," Thor said trying to ease the slight tension between the two women. "Are you almost ready, Jane?" he asked.

"Yes, um…well, I think so. I don't exactly know what I should bring to Asgard," she confessed looking into her bag.

"Bring whatever you would bring on a normal trip. If you forget something, I am sure we can supply it," Thor said flashing his signature grin.

"Okay, then I'm ready," Jane said zipping up her pack after putting her journal in on top of her clothes. She turned to Darcy. "I won't be gone long."

"Yeah, yeah, I know the drill. Stay out of trouble blah, blah, blah. Will you just go already?" Darcy said rolling her eyes.

She gave Jane a quick hug and watched her and Thor walk outside.

Thor wrapped his arm around Jane's waist pulling her close.

"Remember to hold on," he said with a sly grin.

"Liked I'd forget," Jane countered with a smirk.

"Heimdall, open the bridge!" Thor called out to the sky.

A beam of light and wind shot down, kicking up the New Mexico dirt instantly.

"It looks different than last time," Jane pointed out.

"This one uses the Tesseract, so it is slightly different." Thor explained as he pulled her into the funnel.

Jane felt all of the air rush out of her lungs and her stomach drop to her feet. She felt as if she was being pulled and stretched upward all while flying. Only seconds passed and the sensation was gone. She felt her feet land on something solid and the world stopped turning around her.

The sight that met her eyes caused her jaw to fall open in awe. Everything was beautiful; not a single building didn't sparkle in the light.

"You live here?" she asked looking up at Thor.

Thor chuckled, "Why yes, this is my home."

"Welcome back, sir," a man wearing what looked like golden armor carrying a massive sword said bowing his head slightly.

"Thank you. Heimdall this is Lady Jane from the Earth. Jane this is Heimdall the gatekeeper of our land," Thor introduced.

"It is an honor to meet you," Heimdall said his deep voice slightly intimidating her.

"It's nice to meet you too," Jane managed to say before Thor began to pull her away into a massive room.

If she had to guess, she would have to say that the room was the throne room. It was huge and could most certainly accommodate hundreds of people. At the far end stood a throne that was the same golden color as the rest of the room.

From behind one of the massive pillars that lined the room, three men and woman emerged each looking very excited.

"Thor! You have returned!" the man with the beard boomed clapping Thor on the back.

Jane recognized these people as the ones that had traveled to New Mexico to bring Thor back to Asgard.

"Hello my friends, it is good to be home," Thor said smiling brightly.

He turned to Jane who had practically hidden herself behind him.

"I never got to properly introduce any of you. Jane, this is Volstagg, Hogun, Fandral, and Lady Sif." Thor said motioning to the man with the beard, the Asian looking man, the man with blonde hair, and to the beautiful woman.

"It's nice to meet you all. Thor has told me many stories," Jane said finding these four much less intimidating that the gatekeeper.

"Has he now? I hope they were good ones?" Fandral said elbowing Thor.

"Of course they were," Thor mumbled.

"There is going to be a feast tonight in your honor, Thor," Sif said.

"Well then we better be off," Thor said taking Jane's hand and pulling her off in another direction.

"Bye!" she waved and the four waved back enthusiastically.

Thor took her down a hallway with many doors.

"Where are we going?" she asked trying to not make her voice echo.

"To my room, where we shall be staying, if that is all right with you?" Thor said stopping at the last door.

"Sounds good to me," Jane said shifting her bag slightly.

Thor smiled and opened up the door to reveal a massive room. However, unlike the other room and the hallway, Thor's room was decorated in deep reds with small golden accents.

In the center of the room was a huge bed with satin looking sheets and fur blankets. To the left was what looked to be the bathroom with an equally huge tub.

"What do you think?" Thor asked taking her bag from her.

He set her bag down on a bench near the closet and returned to her side.

"I don't know what to say. Everything is so fancy here," Jane breathed.

Thor smiled and looked down at her. He bent his head down and captured her lips in a smoldering kiss that Jane happily returned. She laced her hands in his long hair, pulling him closer and deepening the kiss.

A soft knock at the door caused the two to fly apart. Thor cleared his throat, "Come in."

An elderly looking woman poked her head in first then walked in. The woman was strikingly beautiful for her age. Her long greying hair was intricately braided down her bag and her gown suggested that she held power. Her eyes were soft and features friendly.

"Thor, you made it back," she said softly touching his arm.

"Of course I did Mother," Thor replied.

'Mother?!' Jane's mind screamed.

"I am glad," the woman said smiling.

"Mother, this is Jane," Thor said pulling Jane against his side.

"It is a delight to meet you, my dear. I must say you have had quite the impact on my son. You can call me Frigga," Frigga said smiling warmly at Jane.

"He's made quite an impact on me as well," Jane replied.

Frigga chuckled, "I was hoping that I could help you get ready for the feast tonight."

Jane looked at Thor who was beaming. "I would like that very much," she replied.

Frigga smiled, "Wonderful, Thor your father would like to see you."

Thor nodded and turned back to Jane. He bent down and gave her a kiss on the cheek, "You will be safe with my mother. Do not worry," he whispered.

Jane nodded and watched him walk away.

Frigga turned to Jane, "Come with me, my dear."

Frigga laced her arm around Jane's and began to lead her back down the hallway.

"So tell me about yourself, Jane," Frigga said patting the younger woman's hand.

Jane took a deep breath, "What is there to say? I'm a scientist and I live in New Mexico."

"Yes, Thor has told me that. I think the science on the Earth is very fascinating. Odin laughs at it, but Thor got the curiosity from me. What I want to know is how you feel about my son. He has suffered so much in the last year, you cannot blame me for wanting to protect him," Frigga said entering a room that was equally as amazing as Thor's.

This room however was much more feminine in detail.

"I love him," Jane blurted out feeling her face flush in embarrassment.

Frigga chuckled and let go of Jane's arm. She walked over to a huge closet.

"I felt the same way about Odin, you have no reason to be embarrassed," the older woman said looking through the gowns.

"He's a god and I'm… well…" Jane said sitting down on the bench by a vanity.

"My dear, you do not have to be a goddess to love a god. In his eyes, you are a goddess," Frigga replied.

She pulled out a golden gown with intricate beading and lace patterns. "I believe this will fit you," she said motioning for Jane to come closer.

"Are you sure?" Jane asked eying the gown suspiciously.

"Oh yes, you are about the same size I was when I wore this…long before Thor was born," Frigga said. "I will let you slip into this."

She handed the gown over and turned her back to the younger woman. Jane shimmied out of her clothes quickly and slipped the gown on. The fabric felt like heaven against her skin. She reached around to zip it up, but found that there wasn't one.

"Um…Frigga, I could use some help," Jane said softly.

Frigga turned around and covered her mouth as the corners of it turned up in a smile.

"You look beautiful," she breathed walking over to Jane.

Frigga began to work the lacings up as Jane stared at her reflection in the mirror.

"Now for your hair," the elder woman said leading her to the vanity.

Jane silently sat down and watched the other woman's fingers work magic. She created a crown of intricate braids and allowed the remainder of her hair to flow out from under it.

"There you are ready," Frigga said stepping back.

"Are you sure Thor feels the same way about me?" Jane asked.

"I am certain," Frigga said putting her hands on Jane's shoulders and squeezing slightly.

She had a growing feeling that she was looking at her future daughter which made her heart soar.

Thor paced nervously as his father watched him from his throne.

"My son, will you sit down? Your pacing is making me nervous," Odin said.

"I am sorry, Father, I am just slightly nervous. You do not believe that it is too soon?" Thor asked sitting down on the steps at his father's feet.

"If both of you feel that strongly about one another then I believe anytime is good," Odin said smiling softly down at his son.

"What if she declines?" Thor asked.

"Have faith, the future king needs to be able to have faith," Odin replied.

"I have such little faith ever since Loki," Thor said bowing his head.

"Put the thoughts of your brother away for the day. Today you should focus on that beautiful woman that you have brought here," Odin said.

Thor attempted to smile.

"Thor," Frigga called out as she walked out into the room.

Thor stood up and looked at his mother. She turned and motioned behind her. Jane stepped out slowly from the shadows and walked towards Thor. It was now Thor's turn for his jaw to drop. She stopped in front of him and looked down.

Thor took her hand in his and kissed it, "You look beautiful Jane," he murmured against her knuckles.

"Thank you," she whispered meeting his gaze.

Odin cleared his throat. Thor looked up, "Father, this is Jane."

Jane curtsied and looked up at the King.

"It is nice to finally meet you, Jane," Odin said nodding at her. "Come Frigga, our guests are waiting."

"Jane, wait a moment," Thor said touching her elbow.

He waited until his parents had left then he turned to face her.

"I know it has only been a short while that we have been together, but I can't imagine a day without you," Thor said taking her hands in his.

"What you said," she squeaked.

Thor chuckled, "I have a feeling you know where I am going with this."

"If it's you asking me to marry you then spit it out already," Jane said.

"Will you marry me Jane," Thor asked.

"Yes," she breathed.

Thor laughed and picked her up in his arms spinning around in a circle.

"The feast," she whispered.

"Right, we must go," Thor said setting her down.

He led her into the dining hall, their presence being announced as they sat down. Jane shifted nervously in her seat as she watched Thor happily converse with his friends.

Sif nudged Jane to get her attention.

"He asked you didn't he?" the warrior asked.

Jane could only nod and smile at the other woman.

"You will get use to this, don't worry," Sif said offering Jane a comforting smile.

After what seemed to be the fourth course, Jane excused herself from the table. Finding the bathroom was easy enough, but finding her way back was another story.

Jane found herself wandering down a dark hallway, hoping she was going in the right direction. About halfway down, she started hearing someone humming. As she walked further, the noise got louder and more recognizable.

She shook her head laughing a little. Why would someone be humming "I Just Can't Wait to be King" from the Lion King on Asgard. She had to be hearing things. She turned around and took a step back in the direction she came from.

"You're not hearing things," a voice said behind her.

Jane whipped around and found no one there.

"I'm two doors down," The voice said with a light chuckle.

Jane felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up and her heart begin to race. Her mind was screaming telling her to turn her ass around, but her legs betrayed her.

She found what looked to be a holding cell with a single occupant.

"Ah a newcomer, welcome to Asgard," the man said in a smooth tone.

His appearance was striking. He had black hair, about the same length of Thor's, and he wore dark green clothes with black leather. It was his face, however, that caused her alarm. The man's blue eyes had a mischievous glint to them and were at the same time mesmerizing. He wore a crooked grin that sent a shiver down her spine.

Suddenly everything added up and Jane took a step back.

"You're Loki," she whispered.

"Ah yes, it seems my brother does not lack in the details when telling stories," Loki said as he stood up and walked to the bars of his cell.

Jane took another step back.

"You are quite a pretty thing, I see why he fell for you," Loki continued. "Come close, I assure you I won't hurt you."

"Yeah right," Jane hissed staying still.

Loki laughed, "Feisty too. Have you met the Black Widow? You two would get along wonderfully."

"No, I haven't met any of the Avengers," Jane said.

"And why is that? Is my brother keeping you hidden from the world? Is he afraid you might betray him too?" Loki mocked.

"No!" Jane snapped folding her arms across her chest.

"No? Are you sure about that?" Loki pressed, pulling himself up to his full height.

"Yes, he loves me! We're going to get married," Jane blurted, wishing automatically that she could take back the words.

Loki's mouth curled up into a smile, "Married? Well that's interesting."

Jane gulped and took another step back.

"Tell me Jane, does your fiancé know where you are?" Loki said slowly as he snaked his arms through the bars.

Jane shook her head and stepped back again.

Loki's image shimmered then disappeared. Jane gasped and spun around, ready to run. She ran straight into a solid mass that sent her stumbling back, before her stood Loki smirking down at her.

"Then he won't hear you scream," he said in a low menacing voice.

He made a move towards her, hand out stretched. Jane closed her eyes and braced herself; damn her curiosity.

There was a gust of wind and a clatter of metal hitting metal. She opened her eyes and found Thor struggling to pin Loki to the ground and the Warriors Three and Sif ready to jump in.

"Sif! Take her home! Take her home now!" Thor roared just before Loki's fist collided with his jaw.

Jane flinched away and allowed herself to be pulled by Sif down the hallway. The two rushed to the room where Jane left her bag and then back to Heimdall.

"Heimdall, I need to get to the Earth now. The safe house preferably," Sif said grabbing Jane's arm.

The two were whisked away suddenly.

Jane felt the ground come back in contact with her feet and she dropped to her knees feeling as if she was going to be sick. She looked around and panic rose. She didn't recognize this place at all.

A man came rushing out of the elevator over to the two women.

"You're Sif right?" the man asked.

"Yes, we are having problems with Loki. Thor requests that Jane stay here for the time being," Sif explained.

"Of course, go help him," the man said kneeling down.

Sif touched Jane's shoulder, "This is not your fault," is all she said before she said before she disappeared.

"Where am I?" Jane asked looking up at the man.

"Easy, you're in Stark Tower. I'm Tony Stark," the man said helping her to her feet.

"You're Iron Man," Jane said remembering what Thor had told her of the Avengers.

"Yes and you must be Jane Foster," Tony said leading her to the couch.

"Yes," was all she said.

Tony retrieved a glass of water and handed it to her.

"What happened?" Tony asked sitting next to her.

"Loki broke out of his cell and went after me," Jane replied.

She could see Tony tense up, "That's not good," he mumbled scratching his chin.

"He wouldn't try to come here would he?" Jane asked.

"I don't know. I just know Loki likes to get attention and the attention is here right now. I'm sure the bastard would love nothing more than to get revenge on us," Tony said.

"So what do we do?" Jane asked.

"JARVIS tighten the security on the Tower," Tony called out.

"Yes sir," the AI answered.

"Now we wait. Not a word about this to the others okay?" Tony said turning back to Jane.

Jane nodded.

"You can stay here. This is Thor's floor any way," Tony said standing up. "Just stay alert," he said before entering the elevator and leaving her alone.

Jane gulped and looked around the room. Her heart sank; things were about to get bad, she could feel it.

A/N: And on to the next Story! The next story is the sequel to "Dark Side" and is title "This is War" This one shot leads right up into the prologue of that story :)