Naomi's POV



I blinked twice confused." You fell asleep again", my best friend, Lyra giggled. Then I realized what I had done. I stood up quickly.

I apologized about a million times, "SORRY,SORRY,SORRY,SORRY." How embarrassing I muttered to myself.

's sweat dropped, "uh…. I-its fine but I have to give you detention.

Well, I guessed I deserved it, I thought. But, what's wrong with me its happened for a week. It must be those strange dreams I have been having lately.

Flashback (the dream she had constantly)

I saw a strange boy looking at me. He was around my age and he was quite good looking. He had black hair and dark blue eyes. "run" is all he would say and he would repeat it except more and more fiercely.

At that time, I would've woken up and stayed up the whole night.

End of flashback

-After detention-

I walked back to the apartment I lived in. "I'm home," no answer…

Its not like anybody would answer me though I thought. My parents had died from a murder when I was 12 ever since then I have been living alone. It has been 4 years since then. I have always wanted to hear those words "Welcome home."

-The next day –

"Class we have a new student today, his name is Naoki treat him respectfully," said.

The class shivered looking at the new kid. Whispers were all around the room. He looks as if he's going to kill someone, he looks dangerous, we should stay away from him

"AH, I almost forgot, he will be…sitting next to… Naomi!" says

I look up seeing a violent looking guy with a dangerous aura.

"Umm nice to meet you," I said shyly. He just ignored me and sat in the seat next to me. I saw my friend Lyra staring at me worried.

I'll be fine I mouthed