Chapter 2

To Boldly Go

The bridge of the enterprise was quiet; the only noise that was heard was the sound of the computers and ops. Captain Jean-Luc Picard, stood there in the middle of the bridge and stared at the screen, on screen was the sight of earth rotating. He started to think, what adventures will we go on, what battles will we win or lose, how can we keep the federation safe? All those thoughts swirled in his head as he stared at the screen. Then his concentration was broken as a voice came over his combadge, "Riker to Captain Picard." it was William T Riker his first officer, He gently touched his combadge, "Yes number one?" "The crew and I are ready to beam up with your permission sir." Riker answers, the captain smiles. "Yes you have my permission, Stand By for transport, Picard out" he gently taps his combadge again, "Captain to transporter room 2." "This is Chief O'Brien sir." "Prepare to beam up 8 directly to the bridge." ordered the captain. "Aye sir standby preparing to beam 8 to the bridge, now." says Chief O'Brien. In front of the captain 8 faint transporter lights appeared, now on the bridge that stood before him was his trusty android friend data that had pale skin and yellow glowing eyes, his first officer William Riker, His half betaziod counselor Deanna Troi, His Klingon op chief Worf, His Chief medical officer Beverly Crusher and her son Wesley Crusher (Note that no one likes him), his security chief Tasha Yar and last but not least his head of engineering Mr. la Forge. "Permission to come aboard sir?" asked Riker with a smile. Picard smiled back, "Permission granted, welcome aboard." Everyone then rushed to their stations and awaited orders."Sir we are being hailed by Star Fleet" Worf tells the captain as the Op beeps. "On screen." orders the captain. Worf touched a couple of buttons, and then appearing on the screen was Admiral Quinn appeared and with a smile. "Jean-Luc we have given you clearance to leave the dock, good luck out there and god speed." "Thank you admiral we look forward to seeing you again when we get back." says the captain as he takes his seat at the captains' chair. "Good luck Quinn out". The screen then goes blank. The captain gets up and walks over to Wesley who is stationed at one of the front ops with Data. "Ensign take us out of here and set a course for the Neutral Zone border. "Aye sir" replies Wesley as his fingers go across the op. "Course set sir." The captain then took one last look at earth. "Engage" he says. The warp engines start up and then POOF warps them away from earth. "How long until we reach the border?" asks the captain. "Eight hours and 55 minutes sir" replies data who is to his left at the front op.