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She coming mom" I said. While we waited I got up and walked to the fridge. I take out some blue sweet chilli sauce. It was my favourite. I tell mom to lie on the floor. I then open and pour sauce all over then I start licking her from top to bottom. Then there is a knock on the door.

"Go inside mom" I whispered to her. I quickly pull on my clothes and I answered the door.

"Hi Thalia"

"Hi what did you need me for?"

"Um...its my mum...she in the bedroom"

"Okay" She said,confused. She walks to the bedroom. I close and lock the door and quickly go to mum's bedroom. Thalia sees me come in.

"Where is she?" She said, pointing to the empty bed. I smiled knowingly that she was in the bathroom.

"Thailia do you what to know why I actually called you here"


"Well" I said. I slowly walked to her and start touching her hips. I slowly start taking my hand to her ass.

" What are you doing" She demanded. I in the meantime I go behind her start to dry hump her.

" Percy..stop it" She said but I don't stop.
"Oh Percy I know what you want but...try to understand I am a hunter."

"I don't care" I said, going faster.

"Okay Percy I always wandered what it will feel like when something is inside me. You see I could only masturbate when I went to camp."

"Oh Thalia it feels good inside you trust me,especially Percy's." my mom said,coming out of the bathroom.

"Oh..I see you two are fucking since when"

"That would be yesterday" Sally said. I had enough talking. Lets give Thalia what she wants. I basically rip her hunter outfit off and start kissing her. While I was doing that mom got down and started licking her pussy. After I told mom to lie down face up on the bed. Then I got top of her and inserted my dick into her. While I was fucking mom rhythmically, Thalia took the opportunity to passionately kiss mom. I was turned on and started going faster. I keep fucking mom and then I tilt down to start sucking moms titties.

" Oh Percy...I am cumming...oh...yeah faster son" Sally said. Then I blow my load of cum inside her. I take out my hard dick and see Thalia looking at it like it was her favourite dessert.

"Could I...?" She questioned. I nodded and she started cleaning my dick. I now clearly see why mom said she was sexy. Her black hair, perfect body, 32 A cup breasts and her bushy hairy pussy. After she had finished cleaning me up, I lay her on the bed and put my dick inside and start fucking her. My mom watching started to moan and masturbate. She put her licked finger into her pussy and and started finger fucking her self. Seeing that I go faster and faster.

"OH..yeah...Percy...faster cousin...oh...yeah...am...cumming" Thalia said, moaning. Perfect,I thought I went faster until I blew my load in her. I take my dick out and mom cleans it off. Suddenly, there is a bright light and out comes a very shocked goddess. Artemis

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