They Were Alive

Jade's POV

Today was the day.
My mom and my sister passed away when I was thirteen years old in a car accident. My little brother and I were left with my dad. Ever since then I've been... Me. How I am today, and there's only one person who knows this. Beck.
I looked through old pictures, I cried. Not just for my mom and my twin but for the love.. Beck.. My ex. Thinking about him made me sob more. Its Like I lost him too. The three things I loved more are now gone. Gone with the wind.

Today I had on a short white dress with haf up half down hairdo and light make up. I missed my mom my sister more then ever. I know its weird me acting all nice and like I cared, but this is different. I always loved my mom and my sister..and Beck..

I took the flowers I bought yesterday to the cemetary. I kneeled down on the grass. I cleaned the stones and while I was about to change the old flowers and put in the new ones I heard foot steps behind me. I looked up and there he was. Beck, standing in front of me. I removed my hair from my face, "Hey," I say "What are you doing here?" I asked. "I thought I'd find you here, I know how much your mom and Amber mean to you and I know you miss them," Beck said. "That still doesn't explain why you would be here," Jade said. "I just wanted to come with you I brought-" Jade cut him off, "Sit!" She said.
They changed the flowers together, Jade also put in the flowers Beck brought. They stood there in silent while the cool breeze flew by. A tear rolled down her eyes, more and more came out.

After a few minutes Jade and Beck got up. She hugged him. It was so sudden, Beck was surprised but accepted right away. Beck broke the hug. He cleaned her tears, "I don't think your mom would want you to be sad, I think she would want you to be happy and know she's proud of you for how far you've come," Beck spoke. "Thanks," Jade said.

They walked together. "Your walking?" Beck asked. "Yea going for coffee," She explained. "I'll drive you, come on I was going too," Beck offered. Jade didn't feel like arguing so she just agreed.
The car ride was awkward, Jade starred out the window quietly, just... Thinking.

Beck ordered them coffee's and brought it to the table where Jade sat. Jade sat there. She was thinking about how just this morning she was thinking about Beck and then there she was with him visiting her moms graveyard with him and now here she was having coffee with him.
"Black, two sugars!" Beck said. "Thanks, and thanks for coming with me, I really appreciate it," Jade thanked him, she didn't have to be mean to him, what was the point? He knew her better then anyone else. "No problem, if you need anything, tell me ok I'd be happy to help," Beck said. "The only thing I need is you-" Jade said.
After she realized what she just said she bowed her head. It came out so sudden, she didn't mean to say it. She just said it. Jade just needed to clear her mind and let out the feelings she's been feeling. Feelings she's never felt before, she just had to let it out. "I'm sor- I didn't mean to say that," Jade tried to cover. Beck grinned. "Its ok really, we're even cuz I need you to," Beck said.
It got awkward. "um, I think we should go!" Jade suggested.
They walked together.
"I miss my mom and my sister, they were alive once" Jade said. "I know, Just do what you think would make them proud, what makes you happy," Beck said. "You really think they'd like for me to be happy?" She asked. Beck nodded and seconds later Jades lips crashed into Becks.
"We were once alive, and I'm at my happiest when i'm with you," Jade said and bit her lower lip. "I love you," Beck said. "I love you!" Jade responded.