Aurora sat at her dressing table, looking over the tools laid before her. There was a silver brush and comb, sparkling hair pins, a long white satin ribbon, a dagger, and the mask. She picked up the brush and began to work, smoothing out her long, inky hair. She then took the sparkling hair pins, and assembled her hair into an elaborate knot, keeping it up and of her face. She took the long ribbon and wound it up her arm, knotting it loosely at her wrist. Lastly, she loving picked up the mask.

The mask was a work of superior craftsmanship, white enamel and resins made it strong and durable. There were gold inlays and white diamonds that glittered in the moonlight. The white ribbon used to bind the mask to her face was made of the highest quality satin, and shone beautifully.

Aurora carefully tied this ribbon now, securing the mask to her face, its shadows concealing the gold of her eyes. She tugged on the knot, to make sure it would stay. She then picked up the silver dagger, and shoved it into her boot, so that the handle protruded. She took a last glance at the mirror to make sure she was unrecognizable.

She stalked out into the night, feeling for the familiar handholds on the side of the house. She used them to hoist herself up onto the roof, gaining a clear view of the city. She saw that there were little Seraph patrolling the streets tonight, and that she would be able to take to the streets.

She was about halfway to the Eastern Commons when she started skipping, and whooping at the top of her lungs, reveling in the anonymity of the night. When she finally arrived at the wall separating the Eastern Commons from the rest of the city, she slowed her pace, and become silent once more. She saw a flash of metal, specifically the plate of a Seraph guard. She wasn't taking chances tonight.

She untied the knot of ribbon on her wrist, its length spanning arm to arm. She approached the guard, who gave her a funny look, and slipped the ribbon around his neck, making a grotesque parody of a sating choker. His eyes widened and bulged, his face becoming purple. Finally he passed out, slipping to the pavement below. She replaced the ribbon back to her arm, and checked the guard's pulse, just to make sure he was just knocked out. He would come to in an hour or so, after a bit of mental magic of course.

She continued in the Eastern Commons and spotted what she wanted, a lone passerby slipping into an alleyway. She confronted him.

"You live around these parts here?"

"Yea, bu' who's askin'?"

"Doesn't matter who the hells asking, what I want to know is where I can find someone of these parts gang."

"Look here little missy, I owe you nothin', and I suggest that if you want to keep yer own hide, you stop askin' 'bout them."

"I'll ask you again, where can I find someone of the Sydicate?"

"Little missy, I got to be somewhere. Now bug off." And with that, her stalked away, or at least tried to. The moment he turned his back, there was a knife at his throat, and the sickly sweet burned sugar smell of magic in the air. Purple sparks crackled around Aurora.

"Bitch." He cursed at her. She ignored him.

"We can do this my way, or we can do this my way." She pricked the man's skin with the knife, a tiny starburst of blood welling up. She snapped her fingers, and purple sparks surged once more through her fingertips.

"Alright, just get that thing 'way from me." He motioned at the dagger, but she didn't move it an inch. "Whatever. Look, I saw some of them with crates movin' out of the city. I don't know where they be headin' or what they be up to now. There that's it, all I know."

Satisfied, she removed the dagger from the man's throat, wiping the tip off on his trousers, and shoving it back in her boot. He might not know where the gang went, but she had a pretty good idea.

"You may go now." She said, and her slowly turned, then ran the opposite direction of which he came. She grinned behind her mask, already plotting her next move.