Claire Salvatore was just a typical high school girl with a best friend who just happened to be here cousin Carlee Salvatore. Claire's father Damon Salvatore was the Mayor of Mystic Falls and her mother Elena was the senior editor of the town's newspaper. Carlee's father Stefan a.k.a. Uncle Stefan was a literature teacher at the high school and her mother Caroline a.k.a. Aunt Care was the high school dance team teacher which Claire and Carlee was captain of. Some people think that it's out of favoritism but Claire and Carlee just believe it's because they are awesome dancers. Claire has a boyfriend who is the quarterback on the football team Kayden Lockwood. Carlee doesn't have one she is more of the one to focus on school and dance then a boyfriend unlike Claire. Claire and Carlee are practicing their routine for the upcoming Christmas play but little do they know that their lives could be changed forever on that one night…

It's 5:45 am and all Claire can hear is her mom yelling at her to get up and get ready for school. 'Can't I have just five more minutes' thought Claire. But as soon as she thought it here came her mom, being the morning person that she is, come into her room trying to pick her clothes out for her like she was five years old again.

"Mom what are you doing in my closet? I can pick out my own clothes you know?" Claire said as she watched her mom begin to pick several outfits out of her closet.

"Yes I know, sweetheart, but I wanted to help you pick out something for your first day back from Thanksgiving break." Elena said to her daughter while still looking through Claire's closet.

"Mom, seriously? It's not like it's my first day of school I'm just going back to school after break. So could you please just let me pick out my own clothes and let me get ready for school? And while I do that I will let you make me breakfast since you want t help me so much!" laughed Claire as she watched her moms facial expression go from happy to whatever.

"Yeah, Yeah Whatever! But don't take to long cause you Dad has to be at work in a little bit and he wants to drop you and Carlee off at school before he goes in!" said Elena as she walked out of her daughters room to go to the kitchen. "I can take my own car to school Mom! Daddy doesn't have to drive me!" called Claire, but all she could hear was her mom's laughter coming from the kitchen probably making fun of her for not wanting her dad to drive her to school when she knows it's a tradition for Claire and her dad to drive to school on her first day back to school after break ever since the kindergarten. Claire knew this was a thing they always did but she was in high school now and she didn't want people to make fun of her but she would let it slide this time.

As Claire finished get dress and doing her hair and make up she could smell the chocolate chip pancakes coming from the kitchen. Those were Claire's favorite. Claire grabbed her bag for school off of her chair and headed down to the kitchen to eat. As she walked into the kitchen her dad was pouring himself some coffee as her mom was putting the last of the pancakes on the platter. She didn't hesitate to take one off the plate and start to eat even though it was hot and burned her mouth she was savoring the moment.

"Heyyy!" said Elena. "You're going to burn your mouth if you don't slow down and wait a minute for it to cool off!"

"Too late, it's already in my stomach," laughed Claire. Her father laughed with her as he kissed her mom's head. "We are going to be late if we don't get going, especially if we still have to pick up Carlee before we head to school," said Damon.

"Daddy, do you really have to take me to school? I do have my own car and I know how to drive it you know?" complained Claire. Damon gave her a look that Claire could not deny. It was her Dad's signature look that said 'But you're my princess and I love you so much' look and there was no turning that down. "Fine, I guess you can drive me and Carlee to school. BUT! This is the lat time Daddy. I'm a junior in high school I don't need my dad driving me to school anymore especially being the daughter of the town mayor. It's kind of embarrassing. Some of my friends think that you are some overprotected father and that's why they won't come over." Said Claire, with the look of disappointment on her face. She was the most popular girl in school and her friends wouldn't even come over because they were scared of her dad. That's just not right on so many levels, thought Claire.

"Well, Carlee comes over and she's not scared of me," said Damon.

"Well, DUH!" said Claire. "She's not afraid of you because One, you're her uncle and Two, she has grown up around you! That's like saying that I'm scared of you!" laughed Claire as she walked towards the front door to leave.

"WAIT!" yelled Elena. "Don't forget your dance bag, otherwise Aunt Care will throw a FIT!"

"Oh, Thanks Mom." said Claire as she gave her mom a kiss on the cheek.

"Let's Go Dad! Or we will be late!" yelled Claire as she walked towards the car.

"She is such your daughter," said Elena to Damon as he kissed her goodbye.

"HAHA! Very Funny," laughed Damon as he walked towards the car that Claire was impatiently waiting in. " But she is just like you in so many other ways!"

And with that, Damon got into the car and drove off as Elena watched after them.