Chapter ONE

The blood felt good on his fingers. Rin laughed; this is what drove him, this sensation.

He heard the soft chuckle behind him and turned to look. Amaimon stood behind him, green hair and all. His older brother looked at Rin and broke out in laughter.

"You're just like Father," He said. Rin's grin grew at that.

"Is this Father's idea of babysitting?" Rin said mockingly, "I don't need you, or anyone, to look after me."

Amaimon frowned, "You're the youngest; of course we would take special care of you."

It's true; every prince of hell had their eyes on Rin. Rin: the youngest, the most immature, the one who needed protection, was to be looked after. Satan had made sure of that. After all, Rin was his perfect vessel, and his favorite son.

"Whatever" Rin kicked one of the exorcists laying on the ground, "They're not even that much fun. I'd rather take on someone stronger."

Amaimon put one arm around his little brother, much to Rin's dismay, and walked forward.

"Let's go back, little brother, Father and Mother is waiting."

Rin shrugged off the arm and bent down toward a panting exorcist. Rin unsheathed the sword on his back and sliced down on the exorcist. The exorcist, who looked only around 16, screamed out in pain. His arm lay next to him, blood pouring out. Rin went for this leg next, and in one swift motion, Rin was standing covered in blood. Rin moved his face to look directly into the exorcist's. The exorcist's eyes were glassed over, unblinking; his breath had slowed, and his body unmoving.

"Human lives, how delicate" Rin whispered. "I wasn't even done…"

It was then that he noticed the small earpiece in the exorcist's hand. His knuckles had gone white from the pressure on the earpiece; a small red light blinked from the surface. Rin frowned. Had someone been listening to everything? Had someone been watching? Rin ripped the earpiece from the hand. His fingers brushed against the rubber lining.

"How stupid… this is the result of your useless actions." Rin whispered to himself, then he turned toward the earpiece and screamed into it.


Rin then dropped the earpiece and pierced it with the sword. Amaimon was looking curiously at Rin but shrugged and returned to summoning the gehenna gate. The puddle of blood that Rin had made from the exorcist was just enough. When the familiar gate appeared, Amaimon jumped in, dragging Rin along.

*True Cross Academy*


Yukio frowned and pushed his glasses up. No matter how many times he listened to the tape, he always got that feeling. Where had he heard that voice before? This perso- no, this demon, just who was he? The door clicked open, Shiro Fujimoto walked in. His face looked stern as he looked toward Yukio.

"You're here again." Shiro commented, "That tape, it's the one left behind by Togoshi (1)."

Yukio looked toward his adoptive father, nodding at his entrance.

"I just felt nostalgic… this voice… I've heard it somewhere." At this, Shiro's frown grew.

The two stared for a while before Yukio pressed stop and returned the tape. They walked out together, Yukio toward his class.

A sheet of silence fell upon the students as their teacher entered. The air was grim, a large group of exorcists had just been attacked; a few exwires had joined along and lost their lives. As Yukio began the lesson, he couldn't help but feel as if someone had been watching him, watching his class. He quickly dismissed the feeling to focus on the lesson.

"As I was saying yesterday, there will be a training camp trip in 2 days…" Yukio started, "This is the last chance to turn in permission slips. Get them in!"

A few students stood up to turn in their permission slips; a few had uncertain expressions etched onto their faces.

"There will be no danger! We have set up a protective barrier around the camping and training grounds!" At this, a few more students got up.

Seeing that no one else was willing to go, Yukio stuffed the permission slips into a big, yellow envelope and dismissed the class. As he left, the feeling of being watched intensified. An image suddenly flashed into his mind. As quickly as he saw it, it was gone. Two boys, similar in height and structure stood together, laughing. Yukio placed a hand on his head… two boys… black hair… so similar… who-

Before he could finish the thought, Bon, one of his students was next to him, calling his name. Yukio looked up to see Bon's concerned… as concerned as he can get, face.

"Okumura-sensei, you were just suddenly frozen.." Bon started to say.

"Sorry…" Yukio replied, "I was thinking about something."

Then Yukio walked down the hall, toward his room. He had to think all of this through. Who were those boys from that memory? Whose voice would make him is nostalgic? They say that lovers from a past life might sometimes retain memories from that life… but that's impossible. Yukio was definitely not interested in boys. And as Yukio neared his room, one more thought popped up in his mind. Togoshi had said something that had not been recorded very early on. Because Yukio was the only one contacting the group of exorcists at the time, he was the only one who had heard what he said.

"Look! Yukio-sensei's here too!"


"Father, we've returned!" Amaimon stood awkwardly next to his bloodied brother. Rin brushed a piece of stray hair away from his face.

"That was quite a large group. Sorry it took so long." Rin added.

Satan nodded and smiled, "you should go visit your mother… get cleaned up first… she doesn't like bloodshed."

The two nodded and backed out the door. Rin made way for the bathroom while Amaimon headed for his own room. After he had gotten cleaned up, Rin headed for his mother's room. The door was grand and a pale blue color. His fingers closed around the doorknob and twisted. The door opened to reveal his mother. She had once been human; her black hair was now tinted with blue and her eyes, a crystal blue/purple. She smiled as she saw her son make way toward her. Yuri had been taken by Satan when she was near death; she was revived as a demon once they made it down to hell.

"Rin" Yuri cocked her head, "I haven't seen you in a while; where have you been?"

"Mom…" Rin breathed. His mother was against bloodshed and killing; telling her about what he had been doing would make her sad. "I was… just out for a while…"

"It's not like you to lie."

Rin looked away. "Sorry" he said softly.

Yuri held out her hands and enclosed Rin in a tight embrace.

"You've been through a lot, my poor child." She whispered, "I know that you're your father's son, but you're also my son. Don't lose the little humanity left in you."

And with that they parted. Rin made up some excuse to leave and just as he was about to close the door, he heard his mother say to him:

"And don't hurt your little brother… even if he is an exorcist and human."

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