Chapter II

I finally arrived at Ian's house at about 7:45pm there wasn't anyone there yet which didn't matter to me. I got out of the car and locked it with my button and knocked on the door. The door flung open and I and saw an excited Ian. "Wow you actually showed up!" he said both excited and surprised. "No one else is here just yet make yourself at home my friend." I grabbed an orange soda and went out to his rooftop pool where the party was to be held I saw the DJ there setting up his station for the upcoming party.

I took a seat and put my feet into the water and just relaxed for once just as people have been telling me for years and I looked at the full moon and the light reflected of my eyes which shined a bright, Emerald green eyes and made my Azure black hair shine a little bit and I was getting hot in my jacket so I unbuttoned it to reveal my 6 pack abs which were barely noticeable and it revealed my skinny yet build body and I opened my soda and took a sip. Heard the doorbell ring shortly after 8… Party time.

The guests came in one by one by the time they all showed up there were at least 50 people it got quite noisy and I got up and looked around and surveyed the guests they all seemed like normal teenagers that go to school, do chores, most have jobs and hangout with each other. I started walking around and sort of mingling with the others they all seemed quite nice, good kids.

I went to sit on the balcony above the pool area and that's when I noticed a young looking girl she looked about the age of 16 he hair was jet black with red highlights she seemed to be on the skinny side she was wearing an Asking Alexandria T-shirt and she had her bathing suit bottoms on under the shirt and her face…oh her face it was beautiful her eyes were a dark purple an unusual color for eyes but I didn't care in the slightest…I blushed a little bit as I jumped up to the balcony which was only a floor up and made the landing and the girl became startled as she saw me make my entrance and I looked at her and she looked back a little startled but amazed at the same time and I remember that soft, beautiful, voice that greeted me saying "H-hello…".

I blushed once again and I smiled a little "Hey…" I replied also a bit shyly "May I join u..?" she looked at me surprised as if she never heard such a question but then she smiled and nodded gently and I slowly took a seat next to her and looked up at the moon once again.