Chapter 1- The Vow (Edit)

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Max, Iggy, Fang- 17

Nudge- 15

Gazzy- 12

Angel- 9

Alright, on to the story!


I never really realized how difficult it is to fly while crying. Now I see why Nudge is basically falling out of the sky next to me. Wait, you're probably confused. Poor reader. I'll fill you in a bit. Okay, I'm Maximum Ride, but call me Max. I am 17, and my buddy over there is Nudge. She's 15, and crying her eyes out. Now, you may be wondering what I mean by flying. No, I'm not piloting an airplane, I'm really flying. With my wings. I grew up in the School where I was born with wings and I'm 2% avian bla bla bla. If you know all of this already, good. If you don't, I'm not wasting my time explaining, because you are reading the wrong fanfic, my friend. Anyway, about 4 hours ago, I woke up to find the flock together in the kitchen waiting for me. I walked in and asked what's up. From Angel I got a long lecture about how I was putting the flock in danger and how she should be the leader, stuff that I guess I should have payed more attention to than I did, because out of no where Fang cuts her off and yells, "We want you to leave the flock! We can't take it anymore. You're the one they want the most, and they will leave us alone if your gone, so we are kicking you out."

I just stood there in shock for a few minutes, absolutely nothing going through my head. Finally, I spoke. "Is that true? All of you want me to go?"

I saw all of them nod, accept for Nudge. She just stood there looking at the ground. I walked up to her and asked her if she wanted me to go. She looked up at me with her big, beautiful eyes and shook her head. To that I said, "First of all, you all know that they want you too but I'm flattered that you think I'm that wanted. Secondly," I started, looking right at Fang, "I thought you all loved me but I guess it doesn't matter that I was practically your mother for you ENTIRE LIVES, oh well. And finally, Nudge, if you would like, you can come with me." and with that I spun on my heel and walked to my room to gather my necessary belongings into my backpack.

When I had finished, I sat on the bed and just stared at the ceiling waiting for Nudge, when I heard a knock in the door. "Come in Nudge!" I called.

But when the door opened I saw Fang, not Nudge. I went back to staring at the ceiling and muttered a quick "Get out."

I heard him walk towards me and as he was about to wrap his arms around my waist I turned around and slapped him in the face with enough force to leave a nasty mark. He just looked at me with sad eyes and said "I'm just doing it for the good of the flock, you know that. And maybe when this is all over, and the School is shut down, you can find it in your heart to forgive us and come back."

I just laughed in his face. He looked at me with confusion so I said "You really think I will ever forgive you for this? Well, I'm sorry, but you are poorly mistaken. I promise you that I will never, ever come back to you or the flock, as long as I live. Now get out, and never let me see your face again unless you want to die."

10 minutes later, Nudge and I were out of that god awful house and in the air. 4 hours later, and here we are. Flying somewhere above Florida. We decided to stop and get some food and maybe get a hotel room for the night. I spot a McDonalds and decide that we should stop there so we land in a patch of trees near by. After getting our food, we find a hotel for the night. It's about midnight now, and I'm laying in my bed, thinking of the days events when I hear "Hey Max?"

"Yeah sweetie?"

"Are we ever going to go back and be with the flock again?"

"Well sweetie, if you ever want to, let me know and I will help you get back, but I am never going to go back to them."

I heard Nudge sniffle a bit. "Max, I don't want to go back to them either. They have been talking about kicking you out for a while now, and I always tried to tell them that it was a stupid idea but no one would listen to me and I wanted to tell you, but Angel did her mind control thing on me and I couldn't. Oh, Max, I'm so sorry!"

By the end of her mini speech, she was crying so I got out of my bed and made my way to hers where I laid down next to her and hugged her. I shushed her and when she finally calmed down I whispered, "okay, let's make a promise. I vow that I, Maximum Ride, will never ever, under any circumstances, go back to the flock. Okay, your turn."

"I, Nudge, vow to never ever under any circumstances, even if the world stops making cute glittery skirts, go back to the flock. They are butts." she finished with a proud smile on her face and I giggled. I, Max, actually giggled. That just caused Nudge to look at me with a surprised smile and break down laughing. I think after about 20 minutes of us laughing so hard we couldn't breathe we finally fell asleep.

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