Hello! I'm the author of this story, Spax99, in case that wasn't obvious. I decided that even though I have a few other active fanfictions going, I really wanted to do a Seussical story. Our school musical this year is Seussical, and it's going to be so much fun, even if I am only a who. Well, without further ado, please enjoy this first chapter.

"Wake up!" I called out, my voice traveling up the stairs and echoing around the oak paneled walls of the hallway. I heard several doors bang open and shut, and knew that I had woken the other children of the house up. Good. It's time for them, and me as well, to go to school.

I started making breakfast. I made some toast before one of the children came down the stairs.

"Look what Grant did to Max!" the little blonde girl yelled. I turned around and saw her holding the small brown dog, Max, who had sticks tied to his head so he looked like a reindeer. I sighed, and took off the sticks.

"There, all better. Now go do your hair, Cindy!" I told her and she rushed off. Passing her on the stairs was Sam, who immediately walked over to the stove.

"Hey, can you make some eggs?" he asked me. I nodded, but as I was putting the eggs in the pan, he spilt green food coloring into the eggs. Oh well, guess breakfast was going to be green. I put the eggs on the plates, right on top of the ham I had made, since there was no bacon left. The children all made their way downstairs. There was Cindy, Grant, Sam, the triplets, and our dog Max I scarfed down my helpings and rushed over to get my backpack. I noticed that my best friend's backpack was gone. Nice of him to wait for me.

I grabbed my backpack and dashed out the door, headed for school. When I got there, I threw my bag in my locker, grabbed my books and hurried off to my class.

I entered the classroom and took my usual seat, next to my best friend Christopher A. Thorn. He loves his full name, who knows why.

"Thanks for helping out with YOUR siblings today," I grumbled at him. He just sat there with his customary little smirk, wearing a red and white striped polo shirt, black jeans and his red converse, black hair customarily stick up every which way, yet still looking tidy.

"They're my cousins. You know I'm an only child." He said, and I groan.

"I think you missed my point there,"

"No, dear Kat, I just ignored it." He said, ruffling my bright red hair. My hair was odd. It wasn't orange-ish like most red heads; no it was fire truck red. Our teacher walked in before I could reply. I sat through classes until our break, where I met up with Chris and some others in the commons area.

"Hey, Horton, May! Long time no see!" I shouted, as I see them approaching. Horton was very tall, with a heavy build, and brownish blackish colored hair. May, on the other hand, was very short, with blonde hair that hung down in her face and thick rimmed glasses.

"Hey Kat," Horton said.

"Do you guy want to take a walk? We don't have classes again for another hour and a half." Chris suggested.

We agreed, and we took a walk to the park, where we were met with a very unusual sight. There was a crowd of construction workers gathered around the last tree in our town. I ran over to see what was happening. When I looked up, I saw our other friend, Laura, sitting perched in the highest branches of the tree.

"Come down from there girl! We're going to cut down this tree!" One of the men called.

"You can't!" Laura and I shouted in unison. Laura looked startled, but then motioned for us to come join her. Chris and I climbed up the tree; Chris made it to her faster since he was a much faster climber.

"I'm an environmentalist, and I speak for this tree, which is all alone now thanks to you." Laura shouted angrily.

I wondered how long Laura had been up here. She had dark circles under her eyes and her red (not as red as mine) hair was matted with twigs and leaves. But her eyes burned with a fiery passion.

"If you 3 don't leave, then we'll just cut it down with you in it." Someone yelled.

"Chris, Kat, Laura, please come down!" Yelled Horton. I shook my head slightly, and I knew only they saw it.

"Let me speak to your boss!" Laura yelled.

"Mister Ler has no need to speak with riff raff such as you." Someone shouted.

We didn't leave. We sat there all through our break, and eventually May and Horton joined us up in this huge tree. We stayed after break ended, and some news people even came. The mayor of town came too, with his son. And there were all Christopher's cousins, which I lived with.

Now, you may be wondering why I live with Chris and his cousins. Well, Chris lives with his cousins because his parents died when he was 6, leaving him on his own. I live with them because 2 years ago, my parents had gone missing without a trace. I was going to be shipped off to Kalamazoo or somewhere outlandish like that when Chris's family took me in.

We sat until night fell, and we had to go home. But Laura stayed, sitting in that tree. Horton and May came to stay at our house, since their parents would surely have a fit if they went home.

On our way to school the next day, we ran into some trouble. Mei and her clique of prissy popular girls stopped us.

"Hey losers, saw you got on the news," Mei said.

"Yeah," her minions giggled. They said nothing more, but as they passed they tripped May into a puddle of mud. I went over to help her up, and the clique immediately closed in on Chris.

"Hey, there. Why don't you come join us? You'd fit in much better than you do with these losers," Mei said, giving him a flirtatious smile.

"You know, Mei, I'd love to." He said, and my heart sank. I wanted to punch him so badly. But he wasn't finished. "But, I'm afraid I'm deathly allergic to stuck up, snobbish brats like you and your friends," He said, and started 'coughing' and fell onto the ground, twitching and moaning. Mei looked over at me, and I smirked.

"You're never going to get him, Mei." I said.

"We'll see about that," She said, and with a snap of her finger, her and her minions were off again. Chris stood up.

"Nice one!" I yelped, and I patted him on the back, but then I realized the sadness in his eyes.

"Hey, what's wrong?" I asked, suddenly worried. What if he really did want to go off with them?

"I don't know. I just have this odd feeling that someone needs our help." He said.

"I….I feel it too…" Horton said thoughtfully, and then we heard the scream. We rushed into the school, through the halls to the stage, where the cry had come from. There, in the shadows sat the mayor's son, looking bruised and broken. Poor kid, he hardly had any friends. He was a dreamer, and dreamed of strange things. Due to this, he was sort of anti-social. I tried to remember his name. Jack? No, that's not it. James? No, that's not right either. Hmmm….

"What happened, Jojo?" Chris asked. That's his name. At least I got the first letter. The kid shook his head. He wouldn't answer. And then I saw it. The shadows weren't shadows, there was something there! I took a blow to the face from some unseen force. What was happening?

I looked to my friends, and I noticed that they were all frozen, with looks of deep thought on their faces. Chris was the first one to snap out of it.

"Kat, you've got to believe! That's the only way we can escape this!" he shouted, and he didn't sound like his normal self. I tried to ask him what that meant, but he shouted "LOOK OUT!"

I got his warning too late. He leapt in front of me, taking a blow from the darkness that, had it hit its mark on me, would've been fatal. I felt awful, since he'd been standing up for me as long as I can remember.

"Chris!" I shouted, and narrowly missed being hit by the darkness as I rolled over to where Chris had landed. I check for a pulse. Thankfully, he still had one, so he was only knocked out. I thought back to the day after we met, and I wondered if he had felt this way when he found me knocked out, in this very same place. But for now, I had to riddle out what his message meant if I wanted to get out of this with my friends and my life. I glanced over to my other friends as I stood protectively over Chris. They were all knocked out. I couldn't think about that, I just had to riddle out Chris's words.

What did he mean, believe? I didn't know, and I couldn't believe in what I didn't know of. Maybe I just had to believe in myself and my own imagination.

'I do believe, I do, I do…' I thought. The darkness closed in on me, and I couldn't see anything, and then…

It backed off. It almost seemed to be scared of something… I stared at the spot on the floor in front of me, next to Chris, and I saw an odd sight. A hat, tall with red and white stripes. Instinctively, I reached out for the hat, and the second my fingers brushed against the soft material of the hat, a brilliant flash of light sliced through the dim stage area. And almost as if I were being sucked into the hat, darkness fell again, this time, permanent.

When I awoke, I was in a room. It was very dark, I couldn't see a thing. A spotlight flashed on, illuminating the hat sitting in the middle of the area I was in. I walked over to the hat, and looked at it strangely. I was scared to touch it, what if the same thing as before happened? I peered inside the hat, and gasped. I could see images dancing within the hat. A jungle, maybe, and there was an elephant. I leaned a bit closer.

"Curious I see. Well, I suppose that's a good thing, as you're going there too!" A voice behind me said, it was male, and sounded vaguely familiar. And then the figure pushed me forward, and I plummeted through the hat. It was like a portal, I landed in the jungle I'd seen.

The elephant lumbered past, and stopped when he saw me, a confused and worried look on his face.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

'Oh boy, could this day get any weirder?' I wondered as I passed into unconsciousness.