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We both landed with a thud.

"Owwww…" We both said. I opened my eyes and immediately realized we were NOT in the jungle of Nool. I was staring up at a ceiling.

"Wait, we're in my room…" Jojo muttered. I realized that I'd landed on top of him. I quickly scrambled off of him.

"Thanks," he said.

"No problem. But it IS a problem that we ended up in your room on Who instead of where we should be. What the heck…" I wondered.

"That Cat! He definitely didn't tell me everything!" I yelled, suddenly fuming.

"W-what Cat?" Jojo asked, suddenly sounding rather nervous.

"What's wrong Jojo?" I asked, noticing the stutter.

"Nothing," Jojo said. I nodded, and reminded myself to ask again later.

"So, what now?" I asked.

"I'm not quite sure," Jojo said.

"HELLO! IS THERE ANYONE THERE!" came a voice from the sky. Jojo's eyes widened and he dashed down the stair with me trailing behind him. We saw Jojo's mom and dad, looking sort of confused. Then his dad spoke up.

"Well, we're who's here; we are Whos here smaller than the eye can see. It's true sir, we are Whos here I'm a Who and so is she," He sang, and with the last line pointed to his wife.

"We're tiny little people blowing by in the air, wondering how and why. Here on who, the ti-iniest planet, in the sky." They both sang in unison.

"Who, who, who, who," Jojo and I sang.

"I'm the mayor," Said Jojo's father, straightening his jacket.

"Who, who, who, who," We sang again.

"I'm his wife," Sang Jojo's mother, blushing slightly.

"Who, who, who, who!" We sang.

"Just imagine a Whos unusual life!" We all sang.

"Picture the tiniest houses and grocery stores," sang Mrs. Mayor.

"Who," sang Jojo, Mr. Mayor and I.

"Tiny umbrellas that drip on the tiniest floors," sang Mr. Mayor.

"Who," sang Jojo, Mrs. Mayor and I.

"The tiniest tunnels and tiniest streets," I sang

"Miniature busses with miniature seats," Jojo sang.

"Miniature buildings with miniature windows and doors!" finished Jojo and I.

"No smaller town than yours." Sang the voice.

"Imagine a place that is tiny and totally clean," Sang the Mayor.

"Where even a Grinch wouldn't dare to be totally mean," Sang the Grinch, who had peeked in the window of the house.

"You think that it's heaven on earth, yes you do," Sang the Mayor.

"But heaven on earth isn't heaven on Who," Sang Mrs. Mayor.

"Troubles on Who are the biggest that you've ever seen…." We all sang.

"We're on the brink, of war they say, we're going to war and oh my. 'Cause if we do then you can kiss Whoville goodbye." sang the Mayor.

"Our skies are unbearably dark…" I sang.

"And war is unbearably near…" sang Jojo.

"And that's not the end of our troubles here…" We all sang.

"For on the other side of town, the Truffula trees were all cut down. They once stood tall in all their glory…. But that's another story." Mrs. Mayor sang.

"So here on Who we live in fear. We're drifting through space and cannot steer, a troubled and a tiny land… Our future's in your hands." Jojo sang.

"It's up to you, sir. Please help Who sir, you're the only one who hears. You must, sir, save our dust, sir, now that we have reached your ears. We're tiny little people saying thanks in advance, hoping perchance you'll try. Please save Who, the tiniest planet, in the sky." We all sang in unison.

"I won't let you down, no, I won't let you fall. A persons a person, no matter how small, a persons a person, no matter how small." sang the voice. I suddenly realized who it was.

"Horton!" I yelled.

"Kat? Is that you?" He asked back. I nodded, then realized he couldn't see me.

"Yeah!" I yelled.

"I thought something awful had happened to you!" Horton yelled.

"Well, it kind of did. I was brought here by force, and I don't think I can get back," I yelled.

"Oh, that's okay. I'll keep you safe on your small speck of dust." Horton yelled.

"Thank you, Horton." I yelled.

"We just had a talk with your teachers today," Mr. Mayor began to Jojo, completely ignoring that I was here.

"And they didn't have one good thing to say!" Mrs. Mayor said.

"You invent new thinks that defy all description," continued the Mayor.

"You gave Miss O'Dooley a nervous conniption." Mrs. Mayor stated.

"Your Thinks were so wild they disrupted your classes, and made Mrs. Mackel-Who drop her new glasses. Which is why you're suspended! Yes, that's what they said!
Young man, what in Who has got into your head?!" said the Mayor.

"Ummm, I…" said Jojo. I just looked at Jojo and his parents. Were they seriously yelling at him for having an imagination? What kind of world is this?

"Both of you, go to bed. And think some normal thinks instead." He yelled at the both of us. I wasn't sure if he'd realized that I was the kid who he thought was an awful influence in the other world.

"Wait just a minute, who are you?" Mr. Mayor asked.

"I'm Kat. You're always telling me I'm an awful influence on the community and that it is your duty as Mayor to make me stop." I said.

"You've got the wrong guy, kid. I was just elected Mayor yesterday." He said.

"Okay then…" I said as I dashed up the stairs after Jojo. I found him sitting on his bed with his head in his hands staring at a blank wall. He was completely expressionless. I hopped onto the bed with him. I put my arm around him.

"Parents never understand, huh buddy?" I asked cheerfully.

"I just want to make them happy." He said.

"Jojo, they expect too much! You can't stop being you just because your parents say so! You have to stand up for yourself! You have to tell them that you believe in the right to think whatever you want! You can't just sit here and take it like you did in our world with the bullies! Jeez, you've gotta take the stand for yourself kid!" I said.

"Couldn't have said it better myself!"

"WAH!" I screamed and I spun around to find the Cat in the Hat sitting on the window sill.

"You!" Jojo and I shouted at the same time.

"Relax, Jojo, I'm leaving real soon. And I'm taking Kat with me!" He said as he grabbed my arm and jumped out the window.

"NO!" Jojo shouted, but it was too late. He dashed to the window and looked out into the night, but could see nothing on the dark street below. They were gone.

"What the heck is your problem?" I tried to shout at the Cat, but he had his hand over my mouth.

"Shhh." The Cat hissed. I kept on fighting him, kicking and flailing as he held my arm tightly. He spun me around to face him.

"Look, I'm trying to help you." He hissed, and I recoiled slightly. I looked at him with fear in my eyes. For the first time, I realized that maybe he really is a bad guy after all. Maybe he wanted me to get stuck here forever and not return home. He was pulling me along, but seemed to realize that I was going slower than usual. He turned his head to look back at me and caught sight of my expression. He stopped walking and turned the full way around; put a hand on each of my shoulders. I recoiled slightly from his touch.

"Kid, what's wrong?" He asked. I didn't answer. I must've looked awful, because I saw guilt flash across his features when he recalled how he'd been talking to me.

"Oh, kid…" he said. He looked utterly hopeless. Without warning, he pulled me forward and was hugging me. I went completely stiff and pulled away.

"I'm sorry about all of this, Kat. If there were another way, I'd try it. But I don't think there is." He said.

"So you can't explain anything?" I asked.

"I can explain some things, so here goes…" said the Cat. He took a deep breath.

"This world has been along for a very long time. Maybe longer than any other world we know of." He said.

"Other worlds? What on earth are you talking about?" I asked.

"Psh. I forgot. People on earth believe that there is only their world. There are, in reality many different world. I believe that we have come in contact with 42 other worlds and proven an additional 86's existence. This is but one of those worlds. Out of those worlds, 16 of them are known to be dead worlds."

"Dead worlds?" I asked.

"Once a world has no one from your world to believe in them, they become a dead world. Nothing was known of dead worlds or of their inhabitants…. Until 3 days ago, at 4:26 in the afternoon, when the first dead world was revived."

"Seriously? A major breakthrough like that happened so recently? What's the world like?" I asked.

"It actually resulted in the recreation of 2 worlds which are joined." He said.

"Hey! That's just like Who and Nool! And 3 days ago at 4:26 I was…" I said realizing where I would've been.

"Go on," The Cat said.

"I was on the stage… You can't mean that I saved Who and Nool from being dead worlds, do you?" I asked.

"That's exactly what I meant." The Cat said. "And now we know that dead worlds can be revived if someone believes in them again. And we know that the inhabitants of these worlds end up on earth!" The Cat cheered.

"Why can some people remember earth while others can't?" I asked, thinking of the Mayor.

"I believe that only those present at the resurrection of a world- that is, those who were with the believer when they began to believe- can remember." He said.

"What about you? You weren't present." I said.

"Well, you see, I think that possibly since you are the sole believer of this world, your own thoughts and emotions influence certain things. You were lost and scared, so your mind naturally gave one inhabitant the memories and knowledge that could help you out." The Cat said.

"No… I can't save anyone… I don't believe you… I DON'T BELIEVE ANY OF THIS!" I yelled.

The entire world shook, and cracks raced across the world. It was like watching a T.V. program and having your T.V. shatter. The world spun and distorted.

"No, I do believe," I said softly to myself. Everything went still. It was returned to the way it was before my outburst, aside from the fact that the Cat was now holding me in a tight hug. He opened his eyes.

"Thank goodness! Please don't do that again." He said.

"I-I did that?" I asked quietly, still terrified from the event.

"If you don't believe, it'll shatter this world's reality, and I have no clue what could happen if you shatter reality a second time." The Cat said.

I didn't know what to do. I settled for putting my head in his arms and crying.

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