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Sora POV:

"I am bored". I said watching the beautiful sunset from my favorite, and only, papou fruit tree in Destiny Islands, it just bugged me that I was alone, thinking back all happened just after I failed my Mark of Mastery exam, I free everyone from my heart. After freeing Roxas and Xion from my heart and Namine from Kari's heart, the tree of them reunited with Axel, or Lea; I'm not sure anymore, and now they are catching up with the recent events. After freeing Ventus he reunited with Aqua and they together save Terra, Kairi is still training with Master Yen Sid, and finally all Keyblade masters including my best friend Riku are in a reunion to see what we are going to do about the Xehanort menace. So in conclusion what is doing the only one not keyblade master, not under training and not under a heartbreaking reunion doing? Easy he is boring himself to death. Its not that I'm not happy for everyone but right now I just don't fell lonely but also useless, I wouldn't mind to train together with Kairi but Yen Sid reject me because I have already enough experience, or that's what he said.

"*sigh* this moment is just beautiful, I WISH I WOULD HAVE SOMEONE TO SHARED WITH". That was just out of character I may not be the more mature guy in the worlds but making a rant to nobody that's kinda sad. How weird I am feeling suddenly sleepy, I wonder why I been sleeping quite well this last nights in home. Oh well, I guess it wont hurt to take a little nap, there is not like I have something better to do.

Time never waits.

It deliver all equally to the same end.

You, who wish to safe, guard the future,

However limited it may be…

"*yawn* that was some good nap, even though I have a weird dream". Or maybe not, I don't wake up in Destiny Island but in my Station of Awakening, this place surely brings back memories, here is where everything began, nothing has change.

You will be given one year,

Go forth without falter,

With your hearts as you guide…

"Or maybe it has, the last time I came here it was a feminine voice and it said something like: *the power sleep within you if you give it form it will give you streng* or something among those lines…" And now I'm talking to the nothingness in retrospective I am surprised I didn't go to a psychiatric, I mean I surely been through a lot…

"Now, now, Sora I am not nothing."

And now the… not nothingness? Has answered me.

"Show yourself! What or who are you?" I demand as I summon my reliable Kingdom Key, that have been my companion through my multiple journeys.

"Ah, of course, where are my manners?"

Suddenly a bunch of blue butterflies emerge from nowhere and form a kind of dome in the center of my Station of Awakening and when the dome break a guy clad in a white suit and with a butterfly mask appears.

"That was actually pretty cool" And also a bit creepy, but I better keep that to myself that guy gives a serious authority aura.

"So you think that I'm not only cool but creepy, I guess part of that it's my fault"

And he seems to know what I am thinking what makes completely useless the fact that I am keeping some comments to myself.

"Indeed, you are right I can read your thoughts"

And there he goes again; I surely hate people with that power.

"Oh, sorry I didn´t mean to bother you with my abilities, I shall stop using them now"

Possibly he will only ignore every thought of mine since now. Oh well, I better dismiss the keyblade since there is not way he will harm me, because I think if he want to hurt me he would have done it a long time ago.

"So who are you? And what do you want?" I ask, hopping for an honest answer.

"My name is Philemon and I am here with a request for you."

That… was actually pretty honest and straight forward, I wasn't expecting that.

"So… in what can I help?"

"That was pretty fast for an answer, I guess my information about you was correct".

A grin appeared in his face almost as if he knows what will be my answer.

"I suppose I must start from the beginning, you see my world is constantly in a fight between good and evil, light and darkness, I represent the light while other being represent the darkness, our is an eternal fight but obviously I am always the winner, of course with the help of a few chosen ones, but you see some time ago already there was a girl, one of the chosen few, she fought bravely during a whole year and in the end she sacrifice herself for the good of humanity, she became trap in a seal that no one can break…"

"So you want me to free her, right?"C´mon it´s obvious, you should have just said it.

"That's not quite it, please let me end my tale" I nodded kinda of embarrassed.

"As I was saying she became trapped but after some years one of her friends free her and together with some of the other chosen few battle in a great fight to destroy completely the darkness entity in my world, but in the climax of the fight both the power of light and that of darkness clash it was such an strong force that the time restart everyone lose their memories and their adventure begin once more"

"So they became stuck in a time loop or something like that, right?" I must say this is quite confusing.

"Right, but even that wasn´t something so bad, its what some people like to call balance, but remember that being of darkness I mentioned earlier, well she manage to get our world connect, and that's what bring the calamity to our universe."

"Not to be rude or anything, but what does it have to do with me."Not that I won't help him or anything I just wonder why contact me.

"I'm getting there, you known of the existence of a certain group of people who are always in black robes right? I think they are about eleven members"

"*sigh* the Organization, it always have to be the Organization" I just could not suppress that frustration sigh I mean we have beat them countless time we even private them from two vessels, Terra and I, now Xehanort plans are even more far away from being a reality but they just keep trying.

"And you know what is their goal" I have totally forget about his presence.

"They are searching for powerful beings to be the vessel of their leader heart"

"Exactly, and they will manage to capture that girl and turn her into one of them."

"So what you want me to do is not free her from that seal but protect her from the influence of the Organization in your world"

"Excellent, so… you will help me" Again that grin.

"Of course, the Organization is my responsibility, if they are up to something it is my duty to stop them, but I have some questions I would like to ask first"

"Such sense of duty, and of course you can ask me whatever you want"

"Okay first you refer to all of this in future, so that mean that the Organization has yet to accomplish their plan right?"

"Yes, they have yet to enter my world, but they will and then it will happen, the catastrophe"

"Ok, now second question you look really powerful so why don´t you do something about this yourself?"

"It´s true that I'm powerful but, the rules between I and the darkness being prohibited me from helping those chosen few, I can only watch over them, but even so I am requesting your help since you and the power you wield are the only thing capable of helping those chosen ones"

"Fine, last question, why me? Why choose me from all of the others keyblade wielders in the worlds?"

"That's an easy one, I choose you because of how easy you connect with people, through you travels in different worlds you have established many bonds and they have always help you somehow, what was that you said? Oh, right *my friend they are my power* was it?"

"Ok, I accept that… still it does surprised me that Xehanort will search for a vessel that is not a keyblade wielder and a girl in top of that"

"Oh don't let her gender fool you she is really strong and about her power my assistants will explain it to you later… so now before our departure you must sing this contract"

"Sing a contract? But you are the one asking for my help"

"Yes, It's only a formality do not worry."

And from the thin air the mysterious guy, Philemon, I think he said, handed me a plume and a black contract and inside a single sheet of paper that reads:

"I chooseth this fate of mine own free will."

I really don't know what to think, first he ask me for help and now he make me sign a contract were it said that I have to take responsibility for my actions I must say I'm quite annoyed,*sigh* oh well if someone need my help I just can´t refuse, maybe that's why he choose me?. I handed back both the plume and the contract to this guy and that smirk also returns.

"Very well Sora, its time for our departure, do not worry you will be always able to contact my assistants for help and I will be there to make sure you don't make any mistake"

He out of nowhere materializes a door and a backpack.

"Take this" He said as he handed me the backpack "It may help you in your journey, now please step through the door."

I do as I am told and a bright light surrounds me.

Minako POV:

"*sigh* I am bored" school its just as boring as I remember, only thing that make it enjoyable it's the time I spend with my friend but there is not like I have lots of them, I do not ask for a live full of adventures but it wouldn't be bad if something interesting happen once in a while.

Oh well better go to sleep tomorrow it will be a busy day of sleeping through lessons.

Ever heard of be careful with what you wish, because it may come true, well I swear this is the best time to apply that phase, I only wish for a little more of interesting stuff happening in my daily live and now Both Yukari and I seem to be being pursued by an unknown creature to the rooftop.

"Here we will be fine." C´mon Yukari say as if you believe in it.

Suddenly from the edge of the rooftop a mask emerges and after it his whole body or hands appears.

This is no good Yukari seem even more nervous but she take out the gun from his holster, she almost shoot me with that in my first night at this dorm, but then something unexpected she is not trying to shoot the shadow but herself!.

Sora POV:

I open my eyes to be greeted by a very creepy sight coffins in the streets, a greenish bright and an enormous eerie yellow moon.

"Someone has spent to much time in Halloween Town" It's the only thing I can say being honest this is quite scary.

"Look, over there at your right!" Philemon´s voice rings in my head.

I turn my head to where the voice indicates me and I see it a weird black thing with several arms climbing a four floors building. Without thinking it twice, I jump towards the building and start climbing it, but just as I am about to reach the top something stops me right in the edge of the roof…

"For now let's only watch." Again Philemon´s voice.

In the roof there are two girls a brunette and a red headed, the first one takes out a gun one would think that she is going to shoot towards the monster but instead she points the gun towards her own head, just what is she thinking, I tried to move and shout but not my body neither my mouth respond me. However back with the girls the brunette seem to be having trouble with that gun she is taking some time to do whatever she wants to do, so the dark creature took advantage of it and shoot her with a fire ball sending her flying some meters away and making her gun fall to the feet of the other girl except this time the red headed without hesitation pointed the gun towards her temple and pull the trigger, at least she is resolved to die, but once again that not what happens just after she shoot herself behind her a golden and silver figure with long hair and a heart shaped harp appears, I think I see her muttering something like "Persona" maybe that's that thing, anyways something seems to be very wrong because, the "persona?" seem to go berserk and her form change for the one of a swordsman clad in a black robe with coffins at it´s back , the swordsman unshed his blade and begins mass creating the creature to pieces after that it regains his or her original form and disappear, the red headed seem exhausted so the brunette approach her to help her.

"I guess they don't need my help"

"It's not over yet, look"

Philemon's voice rings again. However he is right the fight is not over yet the remnants of the shadow began emerging from the floor and not only that but also…

"HEARTLESS!" I mentally shout

"I told you this world have trouble and some of them are new to us"

"And neoshadows on top of that this is not good I must help them" My thoughts

"Then go you are free to help them"

Suddenly I fell free I finally regain the movement of my body and just in time because the neoshadows and the remnants of that creature are getting near to both girls. I leapt from the edge of the rooftop and jump towards them landing just in their front. The red headed its trying to assume a fighting stance she must try to protect her friend, she is determined, but she is no conditions of fighting so I calm hear down.

"Don't worry you have done enough, I will take care of the rest" I smiled, I hope that's enough.

Minako POV:

I am tired after summoning that creature but I must keep going the battle is not over yet there are still two remnants of the shadow and… oh, oh no when did all this other creatures appeared they have yellow eyes and a basic human form.

There must be about twenty of them, this is not going to end up good for us…

Except suddenly a flying teenager not older than me dressed in a black with blue, yellow and red suit with baggy pants appear out of nowhere but right now I couldn't care less as long as he help us, I tried to stand up to fight but I'm too tired to do so however the anonymous guy seems to realized this so he looks at me and tell me not to worry but how am I supposed to do this when there are around 20 monsters surrounding us and only one person to fight them.

There must be about twenty neoshadows not that much plus that two remnants, oh and now that I realized I am in my usual attire to fight heartless, this will be a piece of cake, just have to summon my keyblade and…

Huh this is weird when did I enter this elevator I was just a second ago in the rooftop fighting some neoshadows and now I am in front of a creepy long nosed man this just keep getting weirder and weirder.

"Welcome to the Velvet Room this place exist between dream and reality, mind and matter, and only those who are bound to a contract may enter" The man started.

"I am Igor and I am delight to make your acquaintance, however you seem to be a special case you have awaken to you potential but not in a way this world is familiar with please summon your weapon and inserted in the mirror next to you"

A mirror appear from thin air, that trick is getting old, but I do as I'm told there is no time to lose I must help those girls. As I thrust the keyblade in the mirror my weapon is suck by it and in the mirror my reflection until now completely normal is change by one of a young man of my age with a hood of the Organization on and two keyblades in his hands, Oblivion and Oathkeeper, he was Roxas my nobody now free and with his own heart, what's the meaning of him appearing as my reflection? Suddenly the image of Roxas is replaced for one of a card in blue flames that flies from the mirror towards my chest where it disappears.

"What was that…?" I ask honestly confused.

"Its done, now leave time march on you world and you have people to save, I´ll make sure to explain things next time you come and also make sure you meet my assistant" Igor said as another bright light surrounds me.

Once again I found myself in the roof, three new persons have arrived a white haired guy, an adult with long brown hair and another red headed. They seem surprised by my arrival, but anyways there will be time to worry about that later I must summon my keyblade, sadly instead of that the same card I saw a while ago appear in my hand, what's the meaning of this? How am I supposed to fight with a card?

"Focus in the card an crush it."Philemon's voice again.

I don't understand the meaning of his words but I do as I'm told and the card begins to be surrounded by blue flames and the image of Roxas appears on it, after that the word "PER-SO-NA" start to be pronounced by my lips automatically and I crush it, a sudden energy start flowing through my veins, its just like summoning my keyblade, I said what my mind its screaming to say.

"Number XIII, Roxas, the Key to Destiny" And just like that a representation of my former Nobody appear at my back.

Of course, that doesn't solve the problem with shadows but what's next surely will.

"Roxas" I said as I raise my hand towards the night sky


From where my persona stand thirteen beam of light are shoot creating a dome that surrounds all of the roof, inside this dome the sunset it's the only thing visible and from both keyblades spheres of light starts to been shoot towards the neoshadows and the remnants of the creature destroying them completely.

Minako POV:

The mysterious guy seems to space out for a moment there and suddenly both of my sempai´s arrive one is, I believe the captain from the boxing club, and the other one is Mitsuru Kirijo, alongside them there is the chairman of the door, Ikutsuki-san I believe. But returning to the mysterious guy he seems to have summon a card out of nowhere, but that seems to be no normal card it start spinning in blue flames that appeared from the hand of that guy and when he crush it a persona appeared a black robbed guy holding two weird sword.

The guy seem to mutter some orders to his persona and suddenly a domo is form covering the hole rooftop and inside it a beautiful sunset could be seen which is weird because we are in the middle of the night however bright spheres start to emerge from his persona and in the blink of an eye all the creatures vanished, the dome disappeared, I try to look up to see the guy who just saved us but I feel like I'm loosing consciousness, suddenly all turns black.

The attack and the surge of energy end just as fast as they came and none of the creatures of darkness seem to have survived. I look around and find the people looking at me in disbelieve. I turn to them and look down only to see the girl that has summoned her persona first had lost consciousness.


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