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Chapter 9: Fusion raid and Fusion spell

Minako POV:

Tartarus, ninth floor Dark Hour:

"Once again, why are we dealing with this little shadows when we could be taking on the guardian" Junpei complains as his persona finish the last shadow of the group we just encounter

/I told you Iori, since your team for tonight is incomplete you should train harder so no problems arise / Mitsuru-senpai says through the communicator

"Senpai's right Junpei we won't be able to rely on Sora-kun… also I'm leader for tonight so if I say we train, we train" I finish

"Alright, alright… so since you bring our *leader* into the conversation, what do you girls think of him?"

"Huh!?" Both Yukari and I ask surprised

"Well you see, I was hanging out with him today and it kinda came to my mind to ask you that… so you go first Yuka-tan, what do you say?"

"Well… um… I guess he's someone… easy to talk with" Yukari says

"And as for me… I guess he's someone who I can relate with, honest and kind of reliable" I say

"See that's a proper answer Yuka-tan, and even after he said he really appreciate you for being his first friend"

"H-huh?! He said that?!" Yukari says kind of startled

"Hehe, how about you senpai what do you say?"

/He is someone trustworthy, though I didn't think that in the beginning with his actions he changed my mind/

"Well, what about you Junpei?"

"Me, I was just thinking he's a nice guy, kinda weird but nice in the end"

"Alright that was enough chat, now let's continue beating those shadows" I say as we reassume walking

"Yeah, yeah, anyway what do you think he's doing right now?"Junpei asks once again

"Probably sleeping, he is actually kinda lazy" I say jokingly

"You can say that again… oh, by the way, Yuka-tan don't tell him he said that I doubt he will appreciate it"

Sora POV:

Moonlight Bridge Dark Hour:

I have a feeling I should hit Junpei the next time I see him, anyway now's not the time to think about that I must make sure to not miss any of his movement… however, as I'm thinking this the Fiend disappears and reappears at my side taking me by surprise, grabbing me by the collar of my shirt and throwing me to the edge of the bridge but I manage to recover my balance before reaching the edge and land on my feet I retake my battle stance and change to my DiZ persona so I can analyze it, he actually stays there as if telling me to make my move, I don't lose the opportunity and begin checking his weaknesses sadly he only seems weak against ice and I don't have any persona with that kind of skill so I give up my plan to exploit any weakness he may have and change back to my Chicken Little persona that against all odds its being very effective against this guy since it raises my strength, speed and defense without the need of using magic, sure I can use his best ability but if it wasn't by those auto-skills and this sword that guy gave me I would be a goner by now… In any event I start running to him and jump to make a horizontal slash while letting the sword drain some of my energy to make the blade longer, he avoids the slash but I keep pressing on he seems to be underestimating me, but I can use that in my advantage…

Normal POV:

Raidou Kuzunoha the XIV watches from a corner of the moonlight bridge the developing battle between the fiend knows as the *White rider* and the mysterious teenager called Sora

"Hey, Raidou how is it going?" The person know as Naoki asks

"He's keeping his ground against the fiend, the rider doesn't seem to be giving his all but seeing that he already get the trick to reinforce my sword with his magnetite, it's already saying a lot about his strength" he answers turning back to his comrades

"Still we should hurry I doubt he will be able to keeps that up for much longer" Naoki replies

"I agree we must help him" the blue haired teenager know as Kazuya says trying to stand up but falling to do so

"Careful" Hibiki says catching his friend before he hit the ground

"We need to make a plan, I can't summon my demons anymore, the fiend already beat them unconscious, how about you Naoki, how's your magic reserves?" Raidou asks not letting his eyes off the fight

"Drain out and I'll need at least a day to recover them, however my fists are still top form"

"That's good, how about you, Kazuya? Hibiki? "

"Our demons are still unconscious but they should be ready to go soon" Hibiki answers as he put his friend back in the ground

"Ok, then this will be what we will do" Raidou says getting near to his companions

Minako POV:

Tartarus, tenth floor Dark Hour:

"Alright, we have already trained, go back to the first floor and heal, I think we're as ready as we could" I say with confidence

"Yeah and also those are just three gigantic hands, how hard can it be?" Junpei reaffirms

/Don't be too confident Iori, these are shadows we're talking about/

"But you gotta admit they do look ridiculous, senpai" Yukari says

"Alright guy! Let's surround them!" I say as we start running towards them

(Wiping All Out, starts playing)

/These shadows seem to be guarding the area, be careful/

"Alright guy three of us, three of them, let's split up" I command

"Roger!" Both of them shout as we surround the shadows

As soon as I get near the shadow in front of me, the creature snap his fingers creating a lighting bolt that falls from the ceiling I manage to avoid it, quickly point the evoker to my temple and press the trigger

"Apsaras, bufu!" I shout as the Hindu goddess appears at my back and send a shard of ice towards the shadow freezing it on contact.

I take my opportunity, run towards the immobilized figure and start slashing it furiously with my naginata, as I finish my attack with a downward slash I focus my energy and once again summon another of my personas…

"Orpheus, bash" My original persona appears at my command and swing her harp hitting the shadow and sending it flying only to fall heavily behind my back unconsciously, after my persona return to the sea of my soul I take some seconds to check on the rest of the team

Both Yukari and Junpei are holding their ground against their respective shadows but I guess they won't mind if I lend them a hand, but first things first I must finish this- - I suddenly feel electricity running around the field and see the shadow at my back about to snap his fingers, but this time instead of only one lighting bolt he send three of them toward each of our directions, I try to warn Yukari but its too late the attack hit the three of us directly sending both her and I to our knees. Taking his opportunity the shadow fighting Yukari seize his change and recreates the same attack I manage to change personas and avoid the full power of the attack but Yukari gets hit again and fall to the ground completely, too exhausted to stand up.

"You'll pay for that…" I hear Junpei say as I see him reaching for his evoker trying to summon his persona, unfortunately for him one of the shadows take notice of this and snap his fingers creating a gust of wind under his feet sending him to a nearby wall and another one smash him in it, he manage to guard but just as Yukari he fall to the ground barely conscious…

"Yukari… Junpei…" I say under my breath as I slowly stand up helping myself with the naginata, I try to take a battle stance when the shadow I was fighting before catch me in his grip. I suppress a yell of pain and close my eyes as he starts crushing me… I open my eyes for some seconds only to see the other two shadows ready to strike the finishing blow to my fallen friends, the shadow increase the strength of his grip and I finally let out a yell from feeling some of my ribs breaking as my consciousness start fading away… but in the last moment I remember…

Some minutes ago, before the Dark Hour:

Anehazaru, passenger train Night time:

Sora-kun and I were chatting as we wait for the train to reach its destination

"You know, I never saw you using that skill that defeated all of those weird shadow during the attack to the dorm again…" somehow the conversation had gone from what we have done in the day to the attack of the shadows in the dorm "…Why don't you use it anymore? It could help us a lot" I asked

"You mean the *magic hour* skill, right? Well, it makes me really tired so its not good for a long battle and it doesn't have that much power really"

"You say that, but the fact remains that it destroy a lot of shadows in mere seconds"

"I guess you are right, but its not necessary to use it since we fight together as a team"

"Still you're really strong, maybe you should teach me how to create that skill"

"Heh…I'm in no position to teach anything to anyone and also I'm not that strong either…I…" Suddenly he became really sad, as if he were remembering something too painful to withstand, after some seconds he extend his hand as if trying to reach something, but he gives up after some seconds and let out a heavy sigh

"Sora-kun, are you alright?"

"S-sorry about that…" he said giving me a fake smile "It just… some things happened before I came here and I'm still not completely over them, but don't worry I'm fine, seriously"

"Would you tell me what happened, Sora - -?" I tried to ask but in the last second the train arrived at the station

When we get down of the train I tried to ask again but he interrupted me

"Um… I know I'm not a great leader and that I'm a bit secretive with some stuff, but I have been fighting the darkness for some time before you so I'll give you a bit of advice, the most important thing in this is to take care of yourself and the people you hold dear, it doesn't matter if you are not able to advance even a floor but if you feel you are in too much danger don't hesitate to return to the entrance…" he turned to face me "…Promise me that you'll be careful and don't risk it in the slightest"

"Oh come on, you think we can't survive even one night without you?" I tried to joke

"Please, Minako, promise me"

I must admit I blush a bit because he didn't use the suffix but he was serious and worried that much I could see in his eyes

"Alright, I promise"

"Great" He said as he patted my head

"Hey don't treat me like a kid" I pouted

"*chuckles* See ya…" he waves as he started running towards Paulownia mall

Tartarus, tenth floor Dark Hour:

That right I almost forgot I promised him, we'll return safe and sound… I don't want it to end, not here, not in this way; I know I'm able to accomplish greater things than getting crush by a shadow; I don't want to let him down

"Let… me… go…" I grit my teeth as I try to get free from the shadow grip without much success, come on there must be something I can do… suddenly a image of both Orpheus and Apsaras appears in my mind… I guess if only one persona is not enough then two will have to get the job done… I try to focus as much as I can, ignoring the sound of more of my ribs getting crushed…

"C-cadenza!" I shout as I let out a wave of energy that summons both of my personas and makes the shadow release me, then the representation of my inner self combine their power and create a magic aura that surrounds Yukari, Junpei and myself after that both personas disappear and I find myself with my energy completely restored and any kind of wound completely heal, I rapidly look to where my friends are… they seem to have been affected by my spell as well because they avoid the attack of their respective shadows and are now back on their battle stances

"That was way too close for comfort…" Yukari complains "…But thanks you saved us"

"Wow, I feel amazing as light as a feather" Junpei comments excited as his new found energy

"Alright, which are your orders, leader?"

"Bring them to the center of the field, there we'll finish them!" I shout at them

They both nod in understanding and bring out their evokers

"Io!" Yukari shout as her persona creates a gust of wind from beneath the enemy sending him towards the middle

"Hermes!" Junpei repeats the same process but this time with a physical skill

The two shadows collide in the center

"And now for the finishing touches…" I say as I focus on my persona "Orpheus… Bash!" I say as my persona appears and sends the shadow that a few seconds ago was about to crush me flying towards his counterparts with such strength that when the three of them collide they start to vanish in a black mist pointing their defeat

After some seconds to catch our breath we reunite near where the shadows disappeared and I let out a heavy sigh

"That… went out of control"

"At least we manage to survive" Yukari responds

"Yeah… so you want to keep going?" I ask

"No way, he's not here so for today let just return to the dorm"

"This time I have to agree with Stupei, let just return"

With that we make our way to the teleporter and return to the first floor where Mitsuru-senpai is waiting for

"Sorry for not being of much help during the fight but the shadows were impossible to analyze"

"Don't worry too much about it" I reassure her

"Anyway you were amazing Arisato, to think you are not only able to change personas but to use two at once is something unheard of"

"Senpai's right that was amazing, but you could have done it sooner" Yukari compliments

"I didn't even knew I could do something like that" I reply

"For real" Junpei says with an expression that reveals he doesn't believe me

"Yeah, I…" Suddenly a huge wave of energy come to us from outside Tartarus, so we exit the tower to see what caused it and the only thing we see is a huge black pillar of black flames rising from the earth, our curiosity gets the best of us and we start heading towards it source… the moonlight bridge.

While S.E.E.S. was fighting the tenth floor shadow:

("Night of fate" is playing)

Moonlight Bridge Dark Hour:

"Oof!" I exhale as I crashed against the cold floor after being thrown by the horseman, as I lay down there for some seconds I start to consider for the third time my opportunities against this guy, I'm running low on stamina, he's avoiding everything I thrown at him, I haven't been able to even hit him properly… for kingdom hearts sake! The only reason I'm taking these seconds to rest is because he is underestimating me and here I thought that maybe that was something good…

"Is that the best you got? I thought I felt something interesting inside you… maybe I was wrong" I swear this guy is worst than the Reaper

"Shut up!" I say standing up and start running to him when…

A sudden burst of energy reach to us coming from Tartarus, the energy feels a bit familiar but the fiend gets distracted by it so I take my opportunity and summon the card of my persona Riku and rapidly crushed it

"Riku, DARK FIRAGA!" I shout as my persona appears at my back, I raise my sword and start charging the dark energy in the tip of the blade when is completely formed I point it at the fiend and shoot it at him, however he realize this and tries to stop the attack with his free hand… I smirk at his move knowing he fall for my trap, just as the ball of fire is about to clash with his hand the sphere divides into four more spheres that instead of attacking him from the front, go to his back hitting him directly…

I jump in the air in celebration for finally hitting him, I know I may not have hurt him badly but it still feels great, I stop my celebration and retake my battle stance however I don't expect what I see next… the rider still surrounded by the black flames I throw at him and with a expression of pain in his skeletal face, I don't know why the dark firagga affect him but I don't care, I change to chicken little because I'm gonna need as much strength and speed as I can muster for my next move…

I let the sword take some of my energy in order to make the blade grow and then I start one of my best skills, I know Philemon told me that it could be dangerous to use skills without having them in any of my personas but desperate times call for desperate measures, so it begins the Ars Arcanum a thirteen hit combo but after only the first five hits my body plummets to the ground…

"*pant*…*pant*" I can't even talk my body just feels so tired… I see, it's not only dangerous to use those skills but my body… it can't keep up to them…

"You got to cocky human, but you gave a good fight that much I respect, I…" he stop for some seconds and look at me or more precisely to the former crown necklace now hanging from my pocket… he seems surprised for a moment but he pulls himself together "…I see, that's why your magic felt different, still if this is as much as you can do then you will be of none use for my lord…"

"*pant*…*gasp*" This is pathetic I can't do anything I'm way too tired to even stand but I raise my head to see him

"…there is no shame in dying to the hands of a Fiend, now rest in peace" he says raising his bow

This is my end, a gigantic pillar of fire start rising from the floor right in front of me enveloping me in their flames "I'm sorry… Riku, Kairi I won't be back… Minako, everyone from S.E.E.S. even though I said I would help you… I'm so sorry…" I'm finally about to let my consciousness slips when…

"Flaemis, absorb those flames!" suddenly a voice shout and I see the form of a man envelope in fire appear before me absorbing the fire from the attack

"Now, Byakko!" another voice shouts and out of nowhere a white tiger appears and slash at the fiend making him retreat

And taking from where the tiger left of one of the guys I saw before, the one with weird tattoos starts attacking the Fiend with his bare hands and actually managing to hurt "Aeros, Dia" I hear one of the voices from before say and another humanoid figure appears this one clad in wind enveloping me in a green light…

"Sorry, that's the best I can muster, I'm not really a healer…" one of the guys from before appears, this one has blue hair and weird headphones

"No, its okay thanks…" I say finally being able to stand

"How is he?" Raidou approach us

"He seems fine…" one of them says, this one wearing a jacket with a bunny hood

"Alright time to put our plan in action… Sora, can you repeat that attack you did some moment ago? The one with the black flames…" Raidou says

"Yeah, sure…what are we doing?"

"Guys explain him… I'll go get ready" he says retrieving his sword from the ground where it had fallen

"Well…" the blue haired guy approach me and whispers in my ear "We're going to fuse three of our spells so we can take him out"

"Have you tried this before?"

"Yes… but it didn't work out so well since we couldn't synchronize right…" the one with the bunny hood replies "…Anyway, better get ready, triangle formation!" the three of us go to the extremes of a triangle

"Everything's ready, Naoki!" they say at the same time

"Just in time!" the green skinned guy grabs the Fiend and with amazing strength throws him towards us

"Remember, we must synchronize!" the guy with the hood says and I start feeling it… the same thing I feel when I'm about to execute a Limit and summon my persona and get ready the spell in my hand

As soon as the Fiend falls to the ground "NOW!" the three of us shout



"Dark Firaga!"

The two flames combine and form a gigantic ball of dark fire that as soon as it connects with the Fiend, start following the route of the gigantic thunder that had fallen from the sky forming what it could only be described as a gigantic tower of black fire

"Dark babel…" the three of us put a name to the attack; as the flames start subsiding we see the Fiend still there… hurt but alive, I freak out a bit but the other three seem confident

"You will need more than that to defeat me…" the Fiend muster to say

"We know…" The guy know as Naoki say "RAIDOU!"

"Magical purification…" Raidou begins to says as he charges towards the Fiend with amazing speed catching him off guard "Malfortuna Kuzunoha" he finish as he slices through the Fiend making him fall to his knees

"It amazes me that such young mortals were able to defeat a Fiend…" he says as we regroup "…But know there is no doubt about you, come here I will not harm you" he commands pointing towards me

I start walking towards him, against all my instincts

"Take this…" he says handing me his bow as soon as I reach him "…consider it a memento of your first fight against a fiend… you don't know yet what you have just step into but my lord will be delighted to know that your kind, the wielders, have return to this side of the worlds" he let out a creepy laugh as he start vanishing in a black dust leaving what it looks like a candelabrum and his crown behind… in that moment I lose the rest of my strength and fall with my back to the ground… I put my hand on my chest only to realize my wound have reopened and then another green light envelopes me

"You shouldn't move for some minutes" Raidou says as he approach me

I raise and sit on the ground

"You fought well" Naoki compliments

"I have never seen that skill with the black flames before" the blue haired guys said

"You command some weird demons, that's for sure" the guy with the hood says

"Demons? Wait, what…? No, who are you guys?" I ask confused

"Well…" Raidou tries to answer

"No, he shouldn't get involved with us" Naoki argues

"He has proven he can take of himself quite well, he should know"

"No *Raidou* he could get killed" he says walking towards where the candelabrum is laying and takes it "See you kid, hope we don't see each other ever again" he says starting to leave

"My name is Sora not *kid*, got it memorized?" I say

He smirks "I'm Naoki Kashima but I'm also called the Demi-fiend you got some gut to be replying to me, goodbye and seriously don't get involved"

The time suddenly stops

I art thou

And thou art I

Thou hast form a new social link of the Chariot arcana

These bonds shall guide you in your path

You have obtain the persona

Leon, the one who abandoned his name.

And when the time reassumes itself he start taking a little rock out of his pocket "See you guys at the usual place" he says at he disappears

"*sigh* Why is he always like that? Anyway I better get going… I'll leave you guys to explain the rest of the story, ok?"

"You sure, Naoki said…" the guy with the hood begins

"I know what he said, just give him the short version alright… Now see you later Sora it have been an honor to fight along side someone like you, until we meet again" Raidou says

And time stops once again

I art thou

And thou art I

Thou hast form a new social link of the Star arcana

These bonds shall guide you in your path

You have obtain the persona

Cloud, the one tormented by his past.

And times reassumes…

Raidou takes another strange rock and disappears just like Naoki, leaving me only with the other two guy

"Well, I guess presentations are in order, I'm Kuze Hibiki" the guy with the hood say

"And I'm Kazuya Minegishi, I guess you can call us *The Survivors* if you like, anyway should we really tell him Hibiki?"

"I guess we could at least tell him something, right? He helped us after all?"

"Alright even if you don't believe it, we are from another world…"

Time stops once again

I art thou

And thou art I

Thou hast form a new social link of the Sun arcana

These bonds shall guide you in your path

You have obtain the persona

Valor Form, the physical abilities at it's maximum.

And when time reassumes…

"What?! From another world?!" I say still not fully believing what he just said

"Told ya he wouldn't believe us" Kazuya says shrugging

"Well we did tell him something, goodbye Sora" Hibiki says

"See you around" Kazuya concludes as they both disappear thanks to those weird rocks

I fall to the ground once again from all the information that I have just received, I can't believe there are others outsiders in this world and also now that I think about it the Fiend said my kind *the wielders*, could he be talking about the keyblade? I'm not sure but…suddenly I hear footsteps; this is still the Dark Hour so they must be the guys from S.E.E.S. I can't let them see me like this but my wound is still closing, I must hurry, I must…

"Cure…" I whisper not expecting much but suddenly a little flower is for above my head letting out a green light that restores my energy, I'm surprised to say the least but this is not the time I must return to the dorm

With that I grab the bow the Fiend gave me and the crown he had leave when he disappeared and start heading towards the dorm

Minako POV:

Moonlight Bridge Dark Hour:

We arrived here as soon as we could but there is nothing anymore…

"The energy reading I'm getting are amazing they are off the chart" Mitsuru-senpai says in awe

"What happened here? Even I can feel some energy" Yukari says kinda scared

"Whatever it was, it already leaved" I say in resignation "We should return to the dorm for tonight" the rest of the guys agree with me so we start heading towards the dormitories

…Still something about the energy in this place, some of it… it feels familiar


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