Set around after first year final exams, after Abigail has hit rock bottom.

She Falls Asleep

Everything begins as a blur; Sammy's standing in an obsolete hallway overlooking a column of empty classrooms, coming from what he assumes was math class. He takes a step forward, confused, and glances at his surroundings. Nothing, it seems, accompanies him in this corridor. He continues to walk until he is no longer in sneakers but ballet shoes, white as the fog that has begun to fill the hallway. Looking down it is as if he is walking on clouds, the air itself pulling him along with it, guiding him into the doorway of an empty classroom. He looks in, and cannot find anything. Suddenly, he feels something pull within him and he is searching, barreling from classroom to classroom in graceful leaps. Everywhere he searches, it seems, is always one step behind what he needs to find.

The edge of her purple tutu appears in the fog of his peripheral vision and he follows, continuing in leaps and bounds behind her as the cloud-like atmosphere carries him along. She turns after a while and motions for him to come along, laughing and teasing as she skips en pointe in front of him, the clouds causing her to bounce up and down with a sort of elfish livelihood.

She joins him when the fog is white and sparkling around them, the texture of cotton candy. They dance, a routine he has never done before but both of them have mastered. She transforms, wearing the pale pink tutu of a classic prima ballerina. He wears an elaborate shirt for costume, a paler pink to go with hers. They dance as they never have before, as if their constant practice has finally come to good result. He lifts her and she cheers, full of bliss. He releases her and they kiss, and as she continues to dance he can do nothing but pause to admire her.

The clouds beneath them thicken before parting and together they fall, landing on the same linoleum floor of their school's hallways. This time, however, there is something different about them. The fog around them is murky and grey, swirling violently around them and teasing to choke. He swats at the fog, trying desperately to reach her. In their free-fall, he has lost sight of her, and it terrifies him. He stands, and soon the two are twirling around each other, never quite reaching a point where he is able to grasp at her. As they continue their desperate dance Abigail's face falls, her eyes slowly flickering between opened and closed. Her once teasing face changes to a blank stare and she falls, her head hitting the floor with the clang of bone against linoleum. He shudders at the sound as it echoes, and it plays in his ears as he reaches her. He is moving around her, trying desperately to figure out what has gone wrong. She is not moving, unable to breath or quip at him for being too close. The fog pulls him back and he fights, kicking his legs with rhythmic certainty.

When he finally reaches her, the clouds part. They seem to pity him, if they are able to feel. He is no longer dancing on the clouds, but moving with the weight of led in each ballet shoe. He is transformed, and he is too late. He puts his hand on Abigail's cheek, and his own freezes upon contact. She has not made it.

The next morning, Sammy calls Abigail's house to make sure that she is alright. When her mother does not let him talk to her, he takes matters into his own hands. He will not let this nightmare happen again.