Author's Notes: (right...because you can definitely call me an Author.)

Hello my Austin and Ally lovelies! This is my first actual published story (probably because I have a million unfinished Fanfictions all over my laptop) and I sort of rushed into it. I guess I always start really writing slowly and watching my word choice, being very cautious of everything. Now, guess what? I didn't do any of that with this one! I really just dove into it after being bored, so please excuse any annoyances that you find. There'll be some swearing in this story, but not too bad, enough to be.

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I hope you enjoy this and if not...well, thanks for adding to the graph that shows how many views I have!

Austin Moon

"So, you're saying I'm a whore?" I question, stabbing my spoon into the now-melted fruity mint swirl.

"No, I just…I don't know, you're not exactly the type of person who stays with people for too long," Dez reasons, trying to calm me down.

"So…a whore."

"Yeah," he mutters quietly.

Sighing, I get up and throw the ice cream cup into the trash, losing my appetite for the fruity mint swirl completely. I can almost hear Ally's voice inside my head, screaming, Are you kidding? It's fruity mint swirl! All of it was still left, it was just melted, and you could've eaten it! What's happened to you? Dez seems to sense this too, and he raises his eyebrows in question.

"Listen, man…it's not a bad thing necessarily, you just change your standards, get interested into different things quickly, right?" he says expectantly.

Uh…no. That's not really it. I just get tired of the current girl and move on to the next best thing. Or…the next hotter thing, per say.

"Sure?" I say uncertainly. "But, Dez, maybe the reason why I'm such a…player," I cringe at the word, "Is because I haven't really met someone worthwhile. I'm still young; I got many ahead of me!" I wink.

Dez snorts.

No, really, he snorts.

"Excuse me? What's so funny?" I rage. I was being truly honest; I really do have a lot ahead of me! Soon, his snort turns into a chuckle, then full on giggling.


"You think you're honestly gonna find someone worthwhile? Everyone you've dated is practically worthwhile, they're all fine. Like Jennie! She's just…great," he sighs, referring to his current girlfriend, Jennifer. We dated for a while at the beginning of summer, but I just broke it off with her, I guess I grew tired. Then, just a few weeks ago, she and Dez started going out. He was really anxious when first telling me that they went on a date, but I didn't care at all. The fact that I never even got on a nickname basis with her pretty much says a lot, and I could tell Dez was thinking this, too.

"Yeah, well…."

"Yeah, well, what? Be honest, Austin, you don't even give people a try! I doubt you've even had a girlfriend for just a month!" he exclaims, slapping his hand on the table for emphasis.

"Nuh uh! What about Brooke?"

"That was like…a weekend. Not even a week."

"There's…Lia! That girl I bumped into at the surf shop! We had a pretty awesome relationship going on!" I smile to myself.

"Pretty awesome meaning kissing each other's faces off? Wasn't so awesome for us, watching that. And plus, you broke up with her after you thought she was flirting with another guy."

"She was, man!"

"She was paying for something at a store."

"Same thing," I grumble snootily.

"Face it, Austin! You go through girls as quickly as Trish goes through jobs," he laughs, and I quickly sent a glare to his way. Okay, that was low.

It's not my fault I'm so awful keeping things. I need to change through things quickly, they all start fine but in the end, I always find something wrong with the girl. I'm a judgmental person, I guess.

"No way. I am much better than that."

Shaking his head with a smug look on his face, he declares, "Like I said, you can't keep a girlfriend for a week, let alone a month."

"Oh yeah? Is that a challenge I hear?" I cup my hands to my ears, ushering him to go on.

"Well, well, well, I think it most definitely is. I say, if you can date one person for one month, I'll do anything you want."

"I dare you to spend an entire day outside in nothing but boxers with hearts on them."

"Har, har, if you can keep a girlfriend for a month. Which I doubt, therefore, if I win, you can't date anyone for 3 months."My mouth drops open in shock.


That is not happening.

But…it would be pretty nice to see Dez with heart boxers on.

"Fine, it's a bet." I choke.

And with a final shake of sticky ice cream hands, my impossible challenge begins.