Unfortunately, I'm going to have to put Austin's Adventurous Challenge to an end.

Things have been unbelievably hectic, to explain my long absence, it's because I went on an unexpected trip to China. Yeah, CHINA, my Dad had a last minute business trip and our family had to go with him, so I just spent a month in Shenzhen, China. (Chinese Disney Channel = EPIC)

Regardless, I feel as if now that Austin and Ally are together...my little infatuation with this show just ended and I'm pleased and done. I don't know what it is, I'm just over it. I'm sorry to leave the story hanging just like that, but let's just imagine that Ally pulls Austin back and they make out, kay?

I'm really sorry, I kept you guys hanging on a thread for 2 months and left you guys with this, if you feel disappointed now, just multiply that by a million and you get a fraction of what I feel.



-Lori :'D

Oh, I won't completely abandon Fanfiction. I've written some things on my trip and they're little Austin and Ally snippets, called: Melody Diner Memories, Mischevious Plans, Corner of Your Eye and my favorite, Happy April Fools.