A/N: This is the first story I have written and I'm kind of nervous about it and as much as I appreciate constructive criticism please don't be to harsh. I know my grammar isn't always the best but I do try to make sure everything at least makes sense. This story is based off the song The Man Who Can't Be Moved by The Script. I hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: All characters and Twilightish stuff belongs to Stephenie Meyer's

Man I fucked up. I mean I really fucked up. I mean, I had made mistakes before but this was just over the top. And now, now she won't even talk to me. She never answers my phone calls; she won't respond to my emails, she sent back the letter I wrote to her, with the envelope still sealed shut, and according to Alice, she just walks away when she or Jasper tries to pass a message along from me. Everything is fucked up all because of one stupid misunderstanding that led to me making the dumbest mistake of my life. But now, now I've got a new idea, one that ensures there's no way she can avoid me. One that hopefully will get her to listen to what I have to say before running off and one that, preferably, ends with us back together again, in love, like it should be. Bella Swan isn't going to know what hit her.

A/N: I'm not sure how long each chapter is going to be. My original idea was to make it a oneshot but I changed my mind. I also don't know how often I'll update but if I know people are reading I'll probably update more frequently. I am not going to be obsessed with getting reviews or anything but it would be nice to know whether people are reading or not. As long as I know at least one person is interested in this story it will go on :)