Hi yall! Names Rotzugon and I am proud to present my first Fairy Tail Fanfic! This is ultamatly STICY, but there is also some Nalu, Graylu, RoWen, Mifrid, Nasanna, Jerza and many more! :D

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Footsteps were heard loud and clear as a slender shaped ran through the darkness of the night. Her clothes were ripped and torn, her hair thrown around widely, and her dark chocolate brown eyes were wide with fear.

"Where are you?!" Lucy screamed in her head.

She couldn't believe that she had let the most important person in her life just walk away and throw his life away. The person who was there for her, the person that could make her laugh on any given day. The person she loved with all of her might. She thought back to all the times that she had with him, all the laughs, all the tears, all the kisses! Her first date underneath the tree, where he shared all of his guilt with me, the person he loved!

"Please! Let me find you!" tears now flew down steadily as she quickened her pace. She felt dizzy and she could tell that her arm was broken, but she couldn't care less, not when her Lover is about to die from her mistake.

"How could I make him think that I think this is for the better?! A life without him?...I can't bear it!" Lucy continued to run as a body started to form off in the distance, his blonde hair coated, and matted with dirt, and blood. He hung limply from a giant hand and Lucy gave out a cry in despair as her lover was thrown into a large abyss.


Lucy woke with a start. Her heart beating rapidly, and she had been crying. Looking around, Lucy felt her shoulders relax "Calm down Lucy. It was just a dream" she said out loud.

She pulled her knees close to her body in trying to comfort her self. That dream had felt so real to her and yet…..Sting Eucliffe…..that arrogant White dragon slayer was in it….and she was crying for him! Lucy shook her head in disbelief, as she got up from her bed, heading to her bathroom. "Oh well! Its not like I care about him anyways! It was just a dream!"

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