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"I am your worst fear mongrel! I am Princess Armel, the personal guard of the Dark wizard himself; Zeref!"

Then the girl's magic light faded, and from Sting could smell, this was a totally new person. Her eyes were now bright red and gave a devilish smile "Prepare for the end!"

Chapter 10:Completing the Imprinting

Gray, Wendy, and Romeo vs. Sabra and Kane

Grays eyes widened in utter amazement "Zeref?" he could heard Wendy let a small whimper of fear remembering their time of Tenrou Island.

The girl nodded an innocent look on her face "Are you scared at all?"






"Meh" Gray said shrugging his shoulders and turning his back towards the women. He could make out a loud gasp coming from her "Y-You dare insult the great Princess?!"

Turning his head, he looked back and gave her a smirk "Sorry,….. but even if you were the Dark Wizard himself, I wouldn't be scared!"

However though Gray said what he said, he could feel his muscles tense up. "But still….we haven't heard that name since the S-Class trials…w-why would they be searching for him now?" he took a quick glance at the pink haired female mage "And this girl… Sabra- er Armel…she says she is Zeref's body guard…how is that possible?!"

Gray was snapped out of his thoughts when he heard a high pitched sequel and turned to see Wendy being held up by Kane's now oversize hand. He held her by the hair, and started to poke at her face, not paying much attention to her attempts at fighting back

"Ahhhh this one is cute!" he said "Hey sis, you think after our project is complete that master will let me keep her?"

Gray clenched his teeth and opened his mouth to angrily reply but was cut short when suddenly Kane was flown backwards by someone's magic. Dropping Wendy on the ground, Kane was pushed and thrown all the to the back wall, hitting hit with a thump and causing a collapse of boulders onto the mage.

"Stay away from Wendy!" a now conscious Romeo threaten rather dangerously, holding another ball of fire in his hands. Gray smirked at the face that he saw on Romeo "He reminds me of Natsu a little"

Kane regained his composure and pushed the huge boulders off of him, giving Romeo a sly smirk " You think you can protect her?"

Wendy stood up, whipping her face of blood and standing next to Romeo "He doesn't have to, we will fight you…. together!" Kane smiled and turned towards his possessed sister "I will leave him to you….Princess"

Armel growled through her teeth "Who are you to order me around Mongrel?!" Sighing, he shrugged her shoulders and flipped her hair in Gray's direction "Whatever, you seem more of a challenge then the two little kids anyways."

Gray clenched his teeth in frustration, "This is getting us nowhere! How can I protect them, while still defeating these crazy pair of mages?"

"Gray-san….." Wendy said suddenly, and Gray turned to face the smiling blue eyes of the Sky Dragon Slayer "Leave this one to us" she said pointing back at Kane. When Gray opened his mouth in protest she continued "We will be fine, after all we ARE Fairy Tail mages, are we not?" Wendy turned back and surrounded both her and Romeo in her "Vernier" spell, allowing their speed to increase.

"Sky Dragon Claw!" She yelled, and both she and Romeo ran forwards, crashing themselves into Kane, with every magical power that they had. Kane was pushed up against the wall.

Smirking, Gray gave a small chuckle "Maybe…..just maybe they will be alright"

"Alright you freak" he said turning back towards the female mage "I want to ask you a few questions…."

Sting, Lucy, and Rouge vs. Axel and Caressa

Sting scoffed; "Please!" he said cracking his knuckles "You are talking to the Twin Dragon slayers of Sabertooth!" Lunging forward, Sting prepared his "White Dragons claw" and aimed for the motionless figure of Axel.

Rouge helped Lucy up off the ground and she screamed in protest "No Sting! You don't know what he is capable of, you Baka! He is a Blood Dragon Slayer!"

Stings eyes widened in surprise unable to stop himself forward while Rouge looked down at Lucy "A Blood Dragon Slayer? Are you sure Lucy?" She nodded, while Loke and her other freed spirits slowly got up. Suddenly pushing her towards Loke, Rouge jumped forward, taking out his Katana "Sting!" he called. Sting looked back while still heading straight for Axel, understanding what his partner wanted; Sting nodded "Got it!"

"Holy Shadow Dragons's Fla-"

"Oh no you don't!" Axel called and narrowed his eyes at the two coming shapes, suddenly both Sting and Rouge crumbled to the ground, roaring in pain.

Lucy, who was held in a firm grip of her Lion spirit, struggled to get free "No Sting! Rouge! Loke let me go!"

Loke struggled to keep her in his arms and clenched his teeth "I'm sorry, I can't! My first loyalty is to protect my master!"

"Tch you monster!" Lucy screamed at Axel, who stood there enjoying the view of her friend's pain. She looked down at Sting, who was in totally agony. She could see him turn his head slightly in order to look at her. Seeing her safe, Lucy could tell that he gave a small smile and she could feel the tears forming in her eyes "Loke please! I need to save them!"

"Virgo, get Lucy out of here now!" Loke growled, shoving the blonde mage towards the maid, and stood forward, ready to strike with Capricorn at his side "If need be, we will defeat these mages for you!"

Suddenly three of her spirits were pushed backwards and pinned up on the arena wall by black hands

"Hmp can't have that now, can we?" a malevolent voice said, and Lucy spun around to see Caressa walking calmly pass the agonized Dragon slayers and towards her. Virgo jumped in front of Lucy in hope of separating the two.

"I cannot allow you to come any farth-" Virgo was cut off and thrown to the side from one of Caressa shadow hands. She walked straight up to Lucy until their noses practically touched. Lucy could feel her hairs on the back on her neck stand up and she stared at the girl with fearful eyes. Lifting her hand delicately, she placed a single finger on Lucy's forehead. Suddenly the world around Lucy went dark.

Sting could see Lucy's once chocolate brown eyes turn to a dull color and he watched as her body went limp in the mages hands.

"L-Lucy" Sting growled through the pain. Axel heard the remark and bent down close to the White Dragon slayer, a mischievous smile plastered on his face. "You should be more worried about yourself Saber reject!" Axel kicked Sting in the stomach, and turned towards Rouge, but not before Sting suddenly shot up, grabbing hold of his shoulders.

Axel's eyes widened "B-But how!?...you should be in torture right now! How can you stand?!"

Sting was panting hard and he griped Axel's shoulder firmer.

"If she dies, you will learn the true meaning of torture!" he growled rather dangerously

Looking up, Axel could tell that Sting WAS in immense pain. He was sweating profusely, and one eye was already almost closed. "W-What are you?!" Axel snarled pushing him to the ground.


"W-Where am I?" Lucy slowly opened her eyes revealing a total white room. Looking down, it looked as if Lucy was laying on absolutely nothing. It took her a few seconds to realize someone was standing farther off to the side. Looking up, Lucy saw the blonde hair and tight fitted pants of Caressa, well the scary Caressa

"You….." Lucy said standing up

The Caressa look alike turned towards Lucy, her blood red eyes smiling "Now this is much better. No noisy boys to interrupt us!"

"Who are you?"Lucy asked, he fist tightening up into small balls. The girl looked utterly shocked and took a step back.

"Who am I? How silly! I never introduced myself; my name is Zela, Daughter of Zeref!"

Lucy 's brown eyes widened in confusion "Z-zeref's daughter?! How is that possible?"

"Well you see….."

"So you're telling me that your Zeref's body guard…Impossible!" Gray growled and Armel giggled

"No it's not. Right before my master disappeared all those years ago, he granted me and one other spiritual immortality"

"Spiritual immortality?" Lucy asked and Zela nodded.

"It allows me and my father's loyal body guard the ability to survive through the years in hopes to protect him until the final Judgment was done"

"Final Judgment? Whats that?!" Gray questioned the girl who only smiled wickedly

"Nothing you need to concern yourself with Mongrel!" She lunged forward, much to Grays shock and placed a hand on his cheek, caressing it softly.

"All you need to know if that you should thank me if I KILL YOU HERE NOW!"

"B-but if you're really Zeref's daughter…."Lucy thought hard "Why are you walking around in that girls body?"she exclaimed pointing towards the part of her that was Caressa.

"Ahh that,….. well why do you think I said SPIRITUAL immortality. It allows my soul to stay alive, but my body…."

Lucy just stared at the girl in horror "You took that poor girl's body hostage!"

Zela bit her lip in irritation "I did not! She willingly volunteered to become my next host!" She gave Lucy an arrogant smirk "Compliments of my new Master however…" Lucy's brown eyes narrowed at the name "Even Zeref's daughter follows the Master…..Who is their master…"

Lucy stomped her feet "Why did you bring me here?!"

Zela smiled "Isn't it obvious? I transferred your soul into mine. There is only way out now"

"Defeating you?" Lucy guessed, and Zela clapped her hands in response.

"Congratulations Fairy girl! You can be taught!" suddenly Zela began to grow a much more malevolent demeanor, her smiled widened into a wicked look "However, without you're keys, you are useless. Are you not?"

Lucy clenched her teeth and took a step back "Damn she is right…."

"So why did you bring me here then?" Lucy challenged and the smiled on Zela grew, looking up, Lucy was surprised about how cold Zela's red eyes looked.

"This body has been useful in a sense of transportation, and….I should be keeping you alive…..however" she paused and licked her lips "Your body looks much more useful in magical power sense"

It took Lucy a few seconds to realize what the girl was saying, and she bit back a scream. "She wants my body for her next host…."

Lucy narrowed her eyes "You can't have my body!" Zela giggled in response "Oh poor Lucy….." suddenly a swarm of black shadows erupted from behind Zela's body. The shadows started to grab at Lucy's feet, trying to drag her down. "Poor naïve Lucy" Zela continued and pushed Lucy into the shadows

"Like you will have a choice!"

Stings POV

After kicking Axel to the ground for the 10th time, Sting turned towards the motionless figures of Lucy and the weird mage. He could see Lucy's lifeless body twitching slightly and he responded by running forward.

Once he caught up to where the Fairy tail girl stood, he grabbed onto her "Oi Lucy…" jumping slightly once he touched her, feeling her ice cold skin. Growing worried, Sting then grabbed her shoulders and ripped the Girls hold on Lucy.

"Lucy!" he tried to get her to look at him by grabbing her by the chin, but when he turned her face towards his, he saw her lifeless eyes and couldn't tare his eyes away from hers.

"No…..no…." he shook his head, and shut his eyes in hopes that this was all a dream. "I-I was too late. I couldn't save her!" Sting heard a shuffle behind him and could sense Rouge stare on his back.

He thought back to the first day of the Games. How he saw the returned mages of Fairy Tail being announced. He remembered how it wasn't just Natsu that sparked his interest. No matter how many times he would deny it, he knew deep down that there was something about Lucy that intrigued him.

But he shrugged the idea off, and pretended not to know who she was.

Sting looked at Lucy and flinched, remembering their first actual conversation. "I told her she was worthless…" he said quietly towards Rouge "I told her that she should have let Acnologia kill her…."


Stepping forward so that his forehead was touching hers, he whimpered. "I was wrong….So wrong" he mumbled thinking back to his encounter with Lucy in the forest "I'm the one who is worthless…can't even save a Fairy Tail mage"

"Sting!" Rouge said impatiently

"I'm sorry Lucy… if only I had gotten here sooner"

"STING!" Rouge yelled this time and the spiky blonde hair mage turned "What?!"

"Look at Lucy!"

"Wha? Why?" Sting turned his head towards the lifeless mage. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary…Except…

Her eyes

The once dead eyes began to gain life and color to them, Sting began to smile, until that is he noticed something was wrong

"Lucy's eyes weren't red"

He heard a chuckled behind him, and turned to see a beaten up Axel smirk at him from where he was thrown "It seems that my partner is taking over that stupid fairy's body"

Understanding what Axel was saying, Sting suddenly looked back at Lucy, his eyes widened in horror "Lucy…"





Suddenly something snapped in Stings mind, and he growled, jumping behind Lucy so now her back was pressed up against his chest. He tightened his grip on her shoulder


"No one will take her!"


" She isn't anyone's toy!"





"She is MINE!" Swiftly Sting plunged his two front canine teeth into Lucy's shoulders, narrowing his eyes when the fresh sensation of blood hitting his mouth. "You were right Rouge"


"What?!" Sting roared angrily "You mean to tell me that I imprinted on that stupid Fairy girl?!" he couldn't believe how angry he was, the thought of being with that weak mage made his blood boil! Rouge stared at his partner in dismay

"You don't like idea?"

Sting spat in disgust "Not one bit!"

"But Stin-"

"But nothing!" he growled walking past him and Frosch. Sting couldn't believe his ears, sure she was hot, but she was also annoying! Rouge responded by throwing his hands in the air and sighing "Alright Alright! But this is something you can run from Sting!"

"Oh yes it is!" he said flopping down on his bed. "Dragon Law states Imprinting can only be completed when both person and slayer tastes' the blood of the other. As long as I don't slip and my blood magically falls into her mouth I should be safe!" Shoving the covers over his head, he closed his eyes.

However he could feel Rouge's smile on his back and heard the Shadow Slayer chuckle softly.

"Well I don't know about magically falling into her mouth, but trust me Sting; you will end up doing it, one way or another."

"Hmp Whatever! Goodnight!"


Sting smiled weakly, "I guess you were right…in the end…." He turned his head to see Rouge staring at him, with a knowing look "Oh great…I will never hear the end of it!"

Sting was brought out of his thoughts when he could feel Lucy's body twitch slightly as he sucked up her blood. "Just a little bit longer Lucy, I promise it will be over soon."

He winced as he cut opened a wound on his hand and dripped his blood into her mouth. As soon as he heard her swallow, her body began to shake uncontrollably and Sting tightened his grip on her. He moved his strong arms lower, so that he now held Lucy by her waist in a tight embrace. His head rested on her shoulder, and he closed his eyes. "I give this to you Lucy. Even if it is not what either of us wanted or thought of, the Imprinting has been completed, so….." he slowly opened his eyes back open, and stared at the ground just near their feet

"Come back to me"

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Natsu lunged forwards, aiming his "Fire Dragons Wing" at Mika who only stood there, motionless. Suddenly a smile spread over the young girls face and Natsu was knocked backwards from a large figure.

"Owww…." He trailed off, rubbing his head in pain. Looking to his side, he saw Misaki doing the same thing.

"What the?! You baka! Why did you mess up my fight!?" he growled at her and Misaki glared at him pressing her nose up against his "Who are you calling a baka?! You bastard, I told you not to intervene with MY enemies'!"

"And I told you that I have to find my friends!"

They heard a giggle and turned to see Mika smile at them, bending down towards them "You are both baka!"

Nami yawned, stepping forward "Im bored of this Mika…." A devilish smile appeared in her face, and she raised her hand.

"Poison Needles!"

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