Hi my little anime cubs! :) Haha I love calling you that! Sorry no chapter just yet, Im still working on it! But I did want to update you guys all seeing as how you still seem to like my story (much to my amazement!:)

I just wanted to say that I have abosulty loved making this story! I have been getting lots of request to make more stories, so I created a poll! If you would be so kind as to check out my page and vote on what story you would like me to do next! :)

If you haven't noticed, I'm super busy with school right now, and so I have been trying to update once a week on every Tuesday. I'm going to keep up with that schedule until at least school can calm down :) Sorry!

If you still wanna send OC's I will definitely take them and ingrate them into my story somehow. To those who did send in OCs and haven't seen them yet, well I haven't forgotten about them! They have goo parts too! I just have to have the story progress a bit more before I introduced them.

Alright well that's it for now! Again Sorry for no chapter just yet, Tuesday is when I will update for you guys

Love ya! :3

Rotzugon-chan (Yes, I am a girl!)