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Last Time on The Road to Life:

Natsu's words kept replaying in Stings mind over and over again. Every time it replayed itself, Sting clenched his fists even tighter, and every time it replayed, it killed something inside of Sting. "Is that idiot right? It's true just 3 days ago I thought I hated her…"

Sting broke into a sweat as he kept on running, his blue eyes wide "Is this all the imprinting? Are my feeling's for Lucy really false?"

Chapter 14: Sting and Lucy's Test

Lucys POV

"W-Where am I?" Lucy slowly opened her deep blue eyes, rubbing her back in pain. Her head felt fuzzy, and her eyesight was blurry, all that she could see was darkness. Wearily, she looked up to what she could only think as the ceiling. "What happened…?"

Suddenly images blurred through her mind, like they were memories.

"That's right….." Lucy said quietly "I was fighting…..Sting and Rouge came to save me. I remember being swallowed up by darkness…and then Sting….. he…"

Lucy suddenly began to take shallow uneven breaths, her eyes widening "I kissed him! But… Why?"

"I...I don't know what I was doing… was like my body was acting on its own!" Her mind began to clear up. Her heartbeat started to slow down "Me kiss Sting?" Lucy mumbled "No I would never do that!" Lucy pulled her knees into her chest, closing her eyes and letting out a muffled cry.



"But I did"

No matter how many times she could deny it ultimately, she kissed Sting, and liked it. Lucy placed a hand over her beating heart "W-What is this feeling? Can I really actually…care about him?"

"How interesting" a quite like voice said with a small giggle. Looking around wildly, Lucy's pulse began to race "Who's there?!"

"That's the influence of the Dragons most powerful spell huh?"

Lucy weakly stood up, her eyes narrowing in the darkness "Come out and face me coward!"

However, no one responded and Lucy began to wonder if she had just imagined the voice. Sighing, she slumped back on the ground and placed her face in her hands, rubbing it slightly "What's happening to me?"

"You know…." The voice suddenly said, causing Lucy to jerk back up "I can tell you what's happening to you.-"


''But!" she continued "You have to promise me that you will follow my instructions no matter what."

At their words, Lucy narrowed her eyes slightly, taking a defensive stance. "Who are you?" she asked again, this time more threatening. She heard the small voice giggle and the sound of a clap hit Lucy's ears. Suddenly the darkness was illuminated with many candles. Lucy squinted, trying to adjust to the new brightness. Looking around, she could see what looked like a normal sitting room. The walls were painted black and red. A long red cushion couch sat near a fireplace, its fire burning warm and bright. Looking above her, Lucy could see a very large chandelier hanging overhead. All in all, it was very luxurious.

Lucy heard a giggle again. "Do you like this?"

Turning around, Lucy became face to face with a red haired women, wearing a short blue dress and holding a long blue staff. It was all too familiar. Lucy tightened her fists and clenched her teeth, her eyes glaring at the women "Fear."

Instinctively, Lucy reached for her keys. But her heart dropped as she saw Fear twiddle her keys around her finger.

Fear sat on the couches arm, a big grin plastered on her face. "Well how about it Lucy-san? Will you take my offer?"

Lucy continued to glare at the girl, not once blinking. "What offer?" she asked with a growl, obviously forgetting what the women had said earlier.

"You're clearly confused," Fear began "I can help you."

"I don't want your help! I just want you to stop hurting my friends!" Suddenly a memory flashed into Lucy's mind, and she looked up at Fear with worriedness. "Sting! Is Sting alright?"

Fear studied Lucy quietly, thoughts flowing through her purple eyes. She pursed her lips, while sitting on the couch. "How very interesting…" Fear said again, causing Lucy's annoyance to rise.

"What do you mean?" she asked through clenched teeth.

Giggleing slightly, Fear relaxed, lying on the back on the couch, a smile widening on her face as she stared up at the ceiling. "How is that just yesterday, your thoughts were preoccupied with that Fire Dragon of yours and now….." She turned her purple eyes on Lucy, narrowed and filled with knowledge "Why is it you're only thinking of the White Dragon?"

Lucy gasped, her eyes widening in response. "It's true…Natsu hasn't even crossed my mind yet."

She watched as Fear turned on her side, placing her head to rest on her hand "But you know why, don't you Lucy-san?"

Lucy bit back a retort and bit down on her lip. "Sting said something about 'Completing the Imprinting….is that it?"

Fear nodded, sitting up straight "The Imprinting process is questionably the strongest magic a Dragon can use. It's what made the Dark Wizard Zeref disappear all those years, though he deserved it." She placed a finger on her chin, clearly thinking.

"Wait! Just hold on what do yo-" Lucy was cut off as Fear continued

"However, it is all just one big lie."

Lucy widened her eyes slightly at her words. "One…. Big…lie?" She suddenly could feel her heart beating faster "No…."

"Hmm?" Fear asked looking innocently down at her "Well of course it's a lie, you don't really think your feelings are real do you?" When Lucy didn't answer, Fear busted into a fit of giggles "Oh Lucy-san, that's rich!"

Lucy stared down at the ground as Fear teased her, placing her hand on her arm as if a source of comfort.

"Think about it" Fear said crossing her legs "Was it not just 3 days ago that you told yourself you would make sure nothing ever happens between you and him?" She took a hand and shook her hair wildly "Face it: You have no feelings for him. Those moments between you and him in the arena were just because you were blinded by the imprinting."

Lucy felt her legs give out, and she fell to the ground on her knees with her eyes wide. She broke out into a cold sweat and she tried to catch her breath. "She's right, back then….my body was acting on its own…I really don't have feelings for him…." Lucy clenched her fist tight "But…..that kiss….even if it was short, I could feel his passion, his feelings….. Its like I could feel his heart"

Fear let out an exasperated sigh "I guess I will have to just show you that I am right. But in return, you will tell your Dragon friends to surrender and come with me."

Lucy looked up with wide eyes "Why would I tell them?"

"Because Lucy-san." Fear said while turning her back towards her. Lucy watched in wonder as she raised her staff in the air, a blue eerie glow erupting from it "You seem to have major influence over these Dragon slayers." Fear gave her a sadistic smile "Now watch Sting fail my test."

Stings POV

"These aren't your feelings Sting! Don't you get it? That's the imprinting talking in you!

You have no real feelings for Lucy!"

Sting growled as he stared at the Fire Dragons back, feelings of hatred and envy running through his body. "What is that idiot saying?!" He growled "He may be right about not having feelings for Lucy, but where does he go and act so superior to me!"

By now, Sting and his party had made it inside the castle. But finding Lucy in the place proved harder than originally thought.

"Neh Sting!" Natsu growled "Can you at least help and look!"

"Whats the point?" he asked bitterly, spitting near Natsu's feet "Now that my mind has become clearer, I've finally remembered that Lucy was nothing but a weak Fairy to me."

Though he said what he said, Sting winced at his words. For some reason, images seemed to pass through his mind. "Come on Sting you know that's not true….."

Suddenly he was knocked out of his thoughts -Literally- when he felt Natsu's "Fire Punch" scrape up against his face. Falling to the ground, Sting looked up to see Natsu glare at him with hatred, his body tensing up in anger.

"Hey just wait a minute Nat-." Lisanna started to say

"You bastard."

"How many times have you called me that today?" Sting asked, placing a finger on his chin and smirking.

"You don't even deserve Lucy!" Natsu snarled "She is too kind hearted, and pure to live with someone like you!"

Unexpectedly, Sting widened his eyes, "That's exactly what she said….."

"Lucy has such a nice, kind heart, so innocent…. Can she really live with a murderer like you?"

Sting clenched his fist suddenly, anger surging through him "And What?! You think you could live with her?" He rose from the ground, his eyes serious "Don't get cocky with me Natsu-san! Have you already forgotten that you've already imprinted on someone!" He watched as Natsu slumped his head almost guiltily. When he didn't say anything, Sting just scoffed "Yea that's what I thought"

He watched as Lisanna ran up to Natsu, placing a hand delicately on his shoulders. He watched as she turned her gaze up towards him, half expecting those same eyes full of resentment. But instead, to Sting's surprise, she gave him a look of pure pity.

"You know Sting; you're not a very good liar. Though you say those bold words, I can tell in your voice that you don't mean it." Lisanna squeezed her hand on Natsu's shoulders, walking forward.

"T-tch!" Sting stumbled "You don't know me Fairy."

Lisanna gave him a weak smile "But I can understand you. You always act strong and arrogant, always getting into fights. The only person you ever talked to was Rouge but even then….. it wasn't enough."

"What are yo-"

"Admit it Sting!" Lisanna called "You're just lonely! But even the thought of getting closer to someone scares you right? That's why you're constantly pushing people out of your life. That's why you're trying to ditch Lucy now!"

Sting stared at her, unable to speak "This girl…."

Suddenly much to Stings surprise, and Natsu's anger, Lisanna pulled him into a tight brace, hugging him tightly.

"O-Oi bitch get of-" he stopped when he heard the girl sniffle next to him. He was flabbergasted "What the? Why are you crying?!"

"Because!" Lisanna sniffled "I'm sad for you!"



Suddenly something in Stings mind clicked.

"That was it"

Sting widened his eyes and stood there frozen in time. Lisanna pulled back, letting him go "Sting?"

"That's why it happened"

Suddenly Sting placed a hand over his face, letting out a burst of laughter "I'm so stupid!"

Both Lisanna and Natsu sweat dropped "Is he alright?" she asked him

"Well at least he admitted it finally." Natsu said annoyed. But both mages gasped when Sting turned his face up to look at them. Natsu could see fresh tears running down his face, a wide smile plastered on his face.

"Thank you" Sting said to Lisanna, andhe could tell from her expression that she was confused at this situation. Her blue eyes looked from Natsu back to Sting, puzzled.

"F-For what?"

Sting smiled warmly at her, a genuine smile "Your words.."

"Because! I'm sad for you!"

An old Image popped into Stings mind. He saw Lucy in the forest with him, her tears streaming down her face. Tears meant for him.

"I'm not sad for Lector…..I'm sad for you!"

"It all makes sense now." Sting half laughed to himself "Even if I didn't realize it then…deep down, I knew… Those words….that's when I fell for her huh?"

Sting clenched his fists tightly, till his knuckles turned white.

"It's almost pathetic. A tiger falling for a fairy." He whipped the tears from his face, giving Natsu a look that he had never seen before. "Let's go Nat-"

Sting was cut off as suddenly the ground gave under him, sending him into a dark abyss.

"STING!" Natsu yelled, crawling over to the whole. He peered inside, trying to find the White Dragon slayer, but had no such luck.

They both heard footsteps behind them, turning around Natsu saw cheery Wendy standing off to the side. "Natsu-san! Lisanna-san! Im back!-" she stopped short when she noticed Natsu on the ground. Looking around, she gazed at Natsu puzzled

"Where's Sting?"

Stings POV…..(AGAIN)

"Gahh….Damnit" Sting rubbed the back of his head in pain. "Who's bright idea was it to drop me?!" he asked irritated.

"White Dragon!" a small, girly voice said "It's nice to see you again! YOUR fears are always the tastiest"

"Tch! Fear where's Lucy?!" He began to look around wildly, unable to spot the mysterious mage. He heard her giggle overhead and he growled "Don't mess with me! Where is she!?"

"Oh? What is this? I thought you didn't care about her White Dragon. You were going to leave her, Am I right?"

"Shut up bitch!" Sting began to feel is anger increasing exponentially "You don't know me!"

Fear didn't respond for a moment, and Sting could feel his raging heartbeat. "I'm going to get Lucy back no matter what!"

"Hm fine" Fear finally said "Just go through this door"

Suddenly a large wooden door appeared in front of him, and Sting stared at it with narrowed eyes "Is Lucy in there?"

"Im hurt White dragon! You think I'm lying?"

"Yes" he said bluntly.

"Well fine!" He heard something like finger's snapping and suddenly 5 more doors appear around Sting. All looking the same exact as the first one.

"First, in order to find Lucy, you must choose carefully. Only 1 will lead you to Lucy, the others will ultimately kill you"

"tch!' Sting clenched his teeth "Why are you doing this?!"

"I'm proving to Lucy that you don't actually care about her. And in return, she promised to surrender herself and you Dragon Slayers!"

"No I did not!" an achingly familiar voice said now. Sting ears pricked up as he heard it, hope flowing through him now.

"Sting" Lucy said quietly 'I-I know what happened was just because of the imprinting….it was never supo-"

"You're wrong Lucy" Sting interjected "That's not why it happened."

"Oh? But didn't you hate this girl ju-"

"Yea I hated her 3 days ago. I thought she was nothing but a weak fairy that uses her guild as a shield."

"See Lucy-san-"

"But!" Sting growled "I could have never been more wrong." He clenched his fist tight, a white aura emitting around it. "She was the one the saved me that night. Her words…her kindness for those who only ever hurt her. That's when I realized my true feelings." Sting smiled slightly "Before I even completed the imprinting, before you showed up, I had already fallen for her, That's why…." Sting looked up at the door in front of him, determination in his eyes.



"Even if Lucy's feelings for me are false….."


Sting ran forward crashing the door wide open. He could see Fear stare at him with wide eyes, and Lucy sitting next to her on the ground.

"Who says I can't make them real?!"

"Sting….." Lucy felt tears welling up inside of her. She watched as Sting cracked his knuckles, one by one.

"Hmp! Let's finish this Fear, once and for all!"

Next Time on The Road to Life:

"Lucy!" Sting yelled in the air, throwing her keys.

Lucy jumped and grabbed hold of them, understanding what Sting wanted her to do.

"Open Gate of the Scorpion! Scorpio!" she yelled, and suddenly mist erupted from key, covering the whole area. She watched as Fear covered her eyes with her arms.

"Sand Buster!" a male voice yelled and suddenly a large vortex of sand shot out through the mist.

"White Dragons Roar!" Sting yelled in midair, his attack colliding with Scorpio's head on. Instinctively, the two attacks blended together causing a powerful "Unison Raid". It shot forward with faster speed, hitting Fear head on.

Sting landed next to Lucy, trying to catch his breath. "Did we get her?"

Suddenly they heard a malevolent laugh explode from the sandy mist. As the dust settled, Lucy stared in dismay as Fear walked calmly forward, her blue staff glowing and a wicked smile on her face.

"Come on, you're going to need a lot stronger attacks then that if you want to beat me!"

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