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Last Time on The Road to Life:

"Even if Lucy's feelings for me are false….."

Sting ran forward crashing the door wide open. He could see Fear stare at him with wide eyes, and Lucy sitting next to her on the ground.

"Who says I can't make them real?!"

"Sting….." Lucy felt tears welling up inside of her. She watched as Sting cracked his knuckles, one by one.

"Hmp! Let's finish this Fear, once and for all!"

Chapter 15: Sticy Vs. Fear: The Final Judgment

Lucy's POV

Sting and Fear stood in a standoff, not once taking their eyes away from eachother.

Lucy looked up wearily at the women standing next to her. Ever since Sting's sudden outburst through the door, Fear had seemed to be silent. She saw her eyes glare at Sting like daggers, and her once playful smirk had disappeared, replaced by that of a frown.

Gulping, Lucy turned her head to give Sting a nervous glance.

"Don't do anything stupid baka….."

"Hmph!" a voice said inside of her "Who says I'm going to do something stupid?"

Lucy's eyes widened as she heard the voice, a sense of recognition igniting in her. "Sting?"

She watched as the blonde Dragons layer nodded, not once tearing his gaze from the Fear. "This is one of the effects of the Imprinting Lucy. I can read your mind, as you can read mine."


Sting nodded, turning his head slightly towards her. She saw him smirk slightly in the corner of his mouth,

"I can also see that little thought you had about me a little bit ago and I must say…..You're making me blush Luce."

Lucy felt the blood rush to her face, and her heart began to race "P-Pervert! Don't look into my thoughts! Especially at a serious moment like this!" she puffed out her cheeks, sticking her tongue out at him. Hearing him laugh, she opened her eyes to see him now standing over her, a warm smile on his face. Sting offered her his hand

"Now get up Luce, and fight with me."

Startled, Lucy stared up at him, tears unknowingly falling down her face. "Is this…really the same Sting from before?"

Taking his hand, she nodded, giving him a warm smile "Alright"

He tugged at her arm, pulling her next to him. They stood off a few feet from Fear, who had now changed back into her creepy smiley self. A small giggled forming in her lips.

"Do you honestly think you can win White Dragon? I am one of 3 generals who fight and protect our project. No simple magic can be used to defeat me."

Sting smirked back at her "I told you didn't I? I WILL make Lucy's feelings for me real. In order to do that, I will have to fight to win."

"Sting…." Lucy thought.

"Protecting Lucy is my ambition" Sting brought his hand up in front of him, gesturing Fear "Now come on. Show us your ambition"

Lucy watched as Fear pointed her blue staff at them, her eyes glinting under her long bangs. "Hmp! I won't even need to fight directly against the likes of you two." Suddenly, her staff began to glow brightly, and Lucy could make out small shadowed shapes hurdling out of the light. "First you will have to get past my Dogs!"

As the light began to fade, Lucy could hear low toned growls from either side. Soon she could slowly make out their shapes, their snapping jaws and long claws. It didn't take a genius to know that they were completely surrounded. Looking at Sting, Lucy was almost dumbfounded to how calm he was. He only smirked at Fear, who stood behind her pack.

"Scared of fighting me one on one?" Sting taunted

"Hmp!" Fear crossed her arms, her smile wavering slightly "Hardly. Your Celestial mage doesn't even have her keys" She said, lifting up her hand to reveal Lucy keys "How can you ever hope to win?"

She watched as Sting crouched down, ready to strike. "Hmp! With brute strength"

"Lucy" Sting said to her in her mind "Protect yourself for as long as I'm away. I'm going to get your keys back!"

Running forward, Sting kicked two dogs away, aiming his "White Dragons Punch" near Fears throat. As he neared closer, Lucy watched as 3 more dogs shot out through Fear's staff, their jaws clamping on Stings arm. Crying in pain, Sting fell to the ground with a loud thud.

"Sting!" Lucy called. She watched desperately as Fear laughed, walking up towards him. When the mage finally stood over the hurt Sting, she smiled slyly down at him. "How can you ever hope to fight me if you can't even beat my pe-" Lucy watched as Fear's eyes widened, her mouth gaping "Wait you're not….."

Sting smirked up at her, his body turning brighter. Suddenly Stings body evaporated in a ray of white light.

"You fell for my clone!" Sting yelled. Lucy watched as Fear looked from side to side, unable to find him.

"Wait….where have I seen this before?" Lucy placed a finger on her chin, trying to think. Suddenly a thought came to her mind and she snapped her fingers in realization "That's right!"

She smirked at Fear, who seemed to be growing desperate, "Where are you White Dragon?!" she growled, kicking the dust. Lucy smirked "You won't find him anywhere on the ground"

Suddenly, a flash of blonde hair flied in Lucy's eyesight. Looking up, she smiled as she saw Sting flew downwards, right above Fear's head.

"WHITE DRAGONS CLAW!" Sting yelled, sending his attack straight down. Fear seemed to hear the mages attack, and she quickly side stepped, smirking "You'll have to do better than that if you want to hit me!"

However, Sting didn't seem to hear her, because he gave her a toothy grin "Who said anything about hitting you?" he lifted up his hand, revealing Lucy's keys. Fear's smile disappeared, and her eyes grew cold. Pointing her staff at Stings face, she began to recite another summon, but Sting jumped back.

"Lucy!" Sting yelled in the air, throwing her keys.

Lucy jumped and grabbed hold of them, understanding what Sting wanted her to do.

"Open Gate of the Scorpion! Scorpio!" she yelled, and suddenly mist erupted from key, covering the whole area. She watched as Fear covered her eyes with her arms.

"Sand Buster!" a male voice yelled and suddenly a large vortex of sand shot out through the mist.

"White Dragons Roar!" Sting yelled in midair, his attack colliding with Scorpio's head on. Instinctively, the two attacks blended together causing a powerful "Unison Raid". It shot forward with faster speed, hitting Fear head on.

Sting landed next to Lucy, trying to catch his breath. "Did we get her?"

Suddenly they heard a malevolent laugh explode from the sandy mist. As the dust settled, Lucy stared in dismay as Fear walked calmly forward, her blue staff glowing and a wicked smile on her face.

"Come on, you're going to need a lot stronger attacks then that if you want to beat me!"

Lucy narrowed her eyes slightly, her hands trembling as she reached for another key. "This women…" She looked at Fear from head to toe "She doesn't seem to have any weak spots…."

"Hmp!" Sting said to her in her head "We will just have to make one then!"

Lucy giggled out loud, trying to catch her breath. Sting gave her a puzzled look and crossed his arms.

"What?" He asked

"It's just…" She gave him a warm smile "Do you know how much you sounded like Natsu there?"

Sting eyes widened slightly, and he suddenly stuck out his tongue at her like a little kid. "I do not! Anyways,…" He said, turning his attention back towards Fear "We need to end this….and soon"

Lucy stared at him, her blue eyes confused "Why?"

She watched as he clenched his fists, his muscles tensing up. "Rouge and your guildmates…..they are fighting this women's pet Dragon."

Lucy suddenly felt her whole body trembling. She silently cursed herself for being weak. Turning back towards Fear, she took a battle stance. "Didn't Rouge kill his Dragon? Why would it be a problem to kill another one now?"

Sting became silent, and she felt a sense of depression waving off of him. "Luce…there is something I haven't told you about me and Rouge."

"Tell me later Sting" she said out loud, reaching for her keys "First things first, we need to get out of here!" Lucy held a key above her head, a bold smile appearing out of her face. "Don't lose to me Sting. Got it?"

She saw him turn towards her, a warm smile on his face "Yeah"

"Open Gate of the Goat! Capricorn!"

Back at the Arena

Misaki's POV



Both Misaki and Rouge landed on the ground as they launched their attack simultaneously. The two powerful Dragon spells hit directly on the Black Dragons face in a flash of blinding light.

"Did we get it?" Rouge asked and Misaki stared, trying to pick out the large shape. However the ground started to rumble, and suddenly a large ray of magic shot out through the dust, aiming straight for them. With a yelp, Misaki was dragged to the ground by Rouge, barely dodging it.

Misaki watched from the ground as Cana dragged out another defense card, trying to protect the injured. Both Freed and Mirajane were on the other side of the Dragon, trying to damage the creature as much as possible.

"Tch!" Misaki growled, shoving Rouge off of her "Get away from me!"

"Misaki….." Rouge trailed off, looking hurt. Misaki stood up, crossing her arms "I don't care what excuse you have!..." she turned her head slightly in order to look at him, her dark eyes narrowing "I won't forgive you!"

She ran forward, much to Rouge protests. She felt tears streaming down her face, and she quickly wiped them away "You bastard…"

Unknowing to her, the large Black dragon spotted Misaki running blindly forward, and quickly swiped its tail, hitting MIsaki head on. She was sent flying into the side of the arena


Inside the Castle

Natsu's POV

After Sting's disappearance, the rest of Natsu's rescue team continued forward, in hopes to find Lucy and the missing Dragon Slayer. Gray, being impatient ran ahead of them in hopes to find them.

"Neh Natsu…" Lisanna spoke up next to him.

"Yeah?" he asked turning his heads towards her. He could see her face was a little red, and she was playing with her fingers.

"Well…" she stumbled "What did Sting mean by 'You already imprinting on somebody?'"

Natsu's body suddenly froze, and he broke out into a cold sweat. "Lisanna….do you know what a Dragon Slayers imprinting does?"

"N-No" she flinched and it was Wendy's turn to speak up.

"You already know this, but Dragon Slayer imprinting is when a Dragon meets his soul mate." She said in a small voice "It is what brings the Dragon together with his mate."

Lisanna smiled "That sounds ni-"

"But" Natsu said interrupting her "Imprinting has repercussions"

"Repercussions?" Lisanna asked "Like what?"

Sting ran forward, with both Capricorn and Loke at his side. Lucy stood behind them, Virgo protecting her.

The feeling Sting felt exhilarated him. He literally could feel his and Lucy's heartbeat as one, and that could increase his power tenfold. He felt like he could defeat anyone at this point.

Natsu: Imprinting blinds you to the world around you

"Loke!" Lucy called after them "Capricorn!"

"Aye!" Both spirits nodded. Loke's hands began to glow in a bright light, power emitting from it, while Capricorns speed increased.

Both spirits ran forwards past Sting, in hopes to attack Fear first.

"REGULAUS IMPACT!" Loke yelled, aiming for Fears body. Surprisingly, he hit her, and sent Fear flying to the ground, where Capricorn kicked her in the side. Sting winced slightly as he heard bones crack from the impact.

"Here's my chance!"

Natsu: It creates false feelings for that person, unable to ever truly tell if your feelings are real, or if it's just the magic.

"HOLY BLAST!" Sting roared landing of Fears broken body. The ground around them began to crack and deteriorate. He was pushing Fear's body deep into the granite floor, however she didn't scream.

Sting stood up, panting. He stared down at Fear's shattered body, blood spilling from her mouth. With a sigh, he dropped his shoulders and turned to look at Lucy, a tired smile on his face.

"We won….."

But most importantly…..

Sting began to walked towards an over joyed Lucy. Unknown to him, Fear's body suddenly began to magically stand up; her broken bones making her body seemed warped backwards. Her purple eyes glowed brighter than ever before.

It usually always leads you towards certain death

Lucy's eyes widened in horror as she saw Fear stand up, her lips parted as if she was going to scream.

"S-Sting!" she yelled "Watch out!" Fear lunged for Stings body, but he quickly dodged it, landing on the ground near Lucy rather clumsily.

"Tch! You're still alive eh?" he asked. Though he put up a brave front, Lucy could tell that Sting was exhausted, his breathing becoming heavy.

Fear cracked her lopsided head back into place, staring at Sting with utter hatred

"You have annoyed me enough White Dragon. Now," She said, lifting her hands above her head "This is where I teach you your place in life."

"Tch!" Sting bit back "We'll see bitch! White Dragons Roar!" He yelled, sending his bright beaming attack towards her. Lucy watched wide eyed as Fear simply lifted her blue staff in the air. Its crystal ball absorbing all of Stings attack.

Stings blue eye widened slightly seeing this. "What the-"

Fear smirked underneath her bangs, and pointed her blue staff towards them. "My turn"

Suddenly, the same attack of blinding white light shot out of her staff, engulfing the entire room. Hitting both her and Sting, they were sent flying backwards. Lucy landed with a thump on the ground while Sting was thrown straight into the wall. Trying to move, Lucy felt a sharp pain in her back leg and cried out in pain.

"Tch!" she cursed to herself and her broken leg.

She trembled in her pain, but looked weakly back at Sting, who sat limply against the wall.

"S-Sting are you ok?" She asked him, relived when he nodded.

Shaky, Sting looked up with pain showing in his eyes. "J-Just what are you?" he asked Fear.

Fear smiled down at him "You know….Some people say that when me and my siblings were born, we were injected with a special type of magical blood." She laughed wickedly "That we were born with Demons blood." She pointed her staff near Stings face "But you don't believe me do you?"

"Tch!" he growled weakly "Don't count us out just yet!" Sting awkwardly tried to stand up, only to be pushed back to the ground by Fear.

"Oh no you don't!" she said rather lethal "I'm going to show you the true meaning of Fear!"

Lucy turned and watched as Fear picked Sting up by his collar, her eyes glowing purple. Suddenly in a flash of blue, Lucy watched in slow motion as Fear stabbed Sting in the shoulder with her staff. Sting roared in pain, falling to the ground while Fear stood over him with a deadly smile. "What's the matter White Dragon? Can't you stand up?" she taunted and Sting looked up, his eyes twitching in pain, and his face sweating "T-Tch don't underestimate me bitch"

Lucy stared wide eyed at him. "Sting….you baka!"

Suddenly Sting was cut off as Fear removed her staff from his bloodied shoulder, only to plunge it into his leg. Lucy winced as Sting screeched in anguish, her heart breaking on the inside. She could feel tears form in the corners of her eyes.

"Oh? What's wrong? Didn't you kill your Dragon parent with these wounds?" She asked slyly, pointing at his wounds. At her words, Lucy watched as Sting's body quickly started to tremble, his eyes wide with fear.


"How did I know that?" Fear giggled lightly, caressing his cheek softly "Oh White Dragon, you constantly put up this bad boy, rebellious type when really…" She grabbed hold of his face "Your nothing but a weak faker."

Sting clenched his teeth, and Lucy stared as tears streamed down his face. "Father…." He seemed to say.

"Tell her White Dragon," Fear said pointing towards Lucy "Tell her how you so called 'murdered your father in cold blood'"

Sting looked sharply up towards Lucy, tears now falling steadily down in his face. "Lucy….." Lucy could only stare at him with wide eyes. "What does Fear mean?"

"Hmp! Fine you won't say it, then I will." Fear turned towards Lucy, pulling out her staff from Stings leg in the process.

"Everything he told you about his father was a big lie. He didn't kill him. No, rather Weisslogia died from his weakness" she said pointing at Sting. " The White Dragon Weisslogia was a rather kind dragon. He and his son had a beautiful relationship. However," she flashed a devilish smile "One day Weisslogia was taken control by a powerful mage, and in the confusion, he killed an entire town."

Sting trembled harder

"So in hopes to stop his father, White Dragon here used his powers to kill his parent." Fear turned back to Sting "You Killed your father in order to save a town, not because you're a true Dragon slayer. You've been lying to yourself this whole time."

Sting gave Lucy a pained look, her heart tugging at her to say something, but she stayed silent. Lucy thought back the first day this all started.

"Not my fault you have such weak members!"

He had told Natsu that, though he had gone through what he did. Lucy narrowed her eyes, remembering another memory.

"How many times do I have to tell you stupid fairies that Nakama is a joke!"

"Sting…." Lucy said in her head "You said all those things…..and yet….." She quickly shook her head "You made fun of peoples hope…because you lost your own." Lucy clenched her teeth and awkwardly tried to stand up, her head still down.

"It makes sense now…"

Misaki's POV

Groaning, Misaki stayed down on the ground, her head spinning. She found herself staring up at the sky despite the situation that they were in. It looked rather peaceful.

Misaki felt tears coming down her face, but she made no move to wipe them away. "How did it come to this?"

Suddenly a loud grunt sounded near her, and Rouge was launched exactly next to her. He was spitting out blood from his mouth, and Misaki turned her head slightly to look at him, unknowing that he had done the same. When her dark eyes met his red, she felt her heart soften.

Rouge gave her a serious look "Listen, I know I have no excuse for what I did, I just…." He trailed off, turning his head towards the sky

"I was selfish." He started to say "When Yuno died, I thought I was only one who was distraught. She was the person I could only ever love in my life" He turned his head back towards Misaki, and she was frozen with shock as tears fell down his face. "Not once then did I realize that as her friend you were also grieving."

"…."Misaki was speechless, and her lips parted as if she was going to say something.

"Not until after you left for a while did I realize that. But… that time, you were already long gone." He covered his face with his hand "I tried to look for you Misaki, I did."

Then Misaki did something that surprised both of them, and grabbed hold of Rouges hand, squeezing it gently "I know" she said quietly. At hearing this, Rouge couldn't hold it back any longer and cried. All the while Misaki still held his hand.

After he was done, she looked back towards him "I missed you Rouge"

Sniffing, Rouge smiled "I missed you too Misa. Now" he stood up, bringing Misaki with him "Lets end this." He said facing the dragon.

Misaki nodded, tears of her own now falling "Best friends forever?" she asked hopefully. Rouge smiled warmly at her while nodded and squeezing her hand


Misaki turned towards the black dragon, her magical power increasing by every second. She opened her mouth, while closing her eyes "We're together again….. Yuno."


Lucy's POV

"It all makes sense now…" Lucy sat outloud. Fear turned to her, with a puzzled look "What makes sense?"

Lucy suddenly snapped her head back up, a wide grin on her face. She smiled at Sting, with warm eyes. She began to try and Stand up, not caring about her leg. "You don't have to worry anymore Sting…." She said standing up straight. Sting looked at her with incredulous eyes, his lips parted as if about to ask what she meant.

"You won't have to worry because…." Lucy grabbed hold of her keys, pointing them towards Fear "I Will become your hope!"

Suddenly Fears eyes shot wide open "What are yo-"

"Lucy!" a voice yelled in Lucys mind

"Loke?" she asked

"Yes! Now listen to me carefully, I have gained the Kings permission to do something"

"Do what?"

"You will now have all the powers that your Celestial spirits have. Use it to survive Lucy…" he begged "Please"

Nodding Lucy nodded "Got it Loke!"

Stings eyes widened from what Lucy could see, and he stopped trembling. She felt his gaze on her, and heard him scuffle on the ground slightly "Lucy…." She heard him sniffle from his tears "…Thank you"

Suddenly Lucy shot forward pushing Fear to the side. She stood over Stings body, her hand glowing over his wounds, which slowly began to close up. Sting stared up at her "What ar-"

"Celestial Spirit Immortality." She winked at him "It comes in handy" Lucy held out her hand towards him "Now Sting, Fight with me."

Sting smirked, grabbing hold of his hand "Isn't that my line Luce?"

Both mages turned towards Fear, their eyes burning bright with determination

Lucy began to recite;

Survey the Heaven, Open the Heaven...
All the stars, far and wide...
Show me thy appearance...
With such shine.
O Tetrabiblos...
I am the ruler of the stars...
Aspect became complete...
Open thy malevolent gate.
O 88 Stars of the heaven...

"You're right Fear" Sting said "I can never out run my lies or my fears, but….." he narrowed his eyes slightly, taking a step forward "There is something you're wrong about."

"Tch!" Fear took a step back "And whats that?"

It was Lucy's turn to take a step forward, her whole body glowing with magic power "You can ALWAYS overcome your Fears!"


"HOLY NOVA!" Sting screeched


Fear's eyes widened in horror as both attacks hit her directly. Dust and debris was thrown everywhere, causing a blanket of fog.

Sting grabbed hold on Lucy to protect her from the aftershock, and both of them fell to the ground. After the dust had settle, Lucy looked up in Stings arms, her power now gone back to her spirits. A small smile escape from her lips as she stared up at Sting. "We did it"

Sting smiled back at her, his heart beating faster "We really did". Suddenly movement behind her caught Stings attention, and his heart dropped

"B-But why?! H-How can she still stand!?"

Lucy turned her head sharply, her eyes widening in horror as Fear stumbled forward, her purple eyes blazing with fury.

"You! How dare you do this!" Fear lifted up her leg to reveal half of it gone. She hobbled on one leg forward.

"MADEM FEAR!" A voice yelled, and Lucy recognized Caressa and Axel. They flew into the room on the head of the Dragon, beaten and bruised up. Caressa wasted no time in picking Fear up and giving her support. She ran onto the Dragons head while Axel was seething through anger, giving Sting Deathly glares.

"Axel!" Caressa said sharply "Leave them! We need to focus on helping Madam Fear!"

With a sharp grunt, Axel turned his back and quickly the 3 mages escape from the room. Fear turned weakly back towards Sting and Lucy, a malevolent look on her face. "You may have won this fight, but you will not win the War! My family will intervene now! Remember that White Dragon!" Just before Fear disappeared with her servant's, she roared "We have ruled you, your entire lives!"

Lucy sat dumbfounded on the ground, her heartbeat increasing. "What did she mean? She has ruled out entire lives?"

Lucy was so engrossed into her thoughts that she almost didn't feel Sting touch her shoulder gently. Looking up, Lucy was surprised to how warm his smile was. He gave her a toothy grin and she felt a tug at her heart.

"Who says I can't make them real?!"

Lucy stood up with Sting, a soft smile on her face "Maybe…just maybe I will let him."

"Let's go see our friends Luce" he said, leading her towards the arena.

Lucy nodded "Yea"

Next time on the Road to Life:

"So you're just going to kiss me and then leave like that Sting?" Lucy asked him sharply, standing up. She watched as Sting froze in the middle of the door way, obviously thinking about something.

Suddenly Lucy felt her body being pushed up against the wall, and Sting trapped her by placing both of his arms on either side of her head. Lucy felt his breath hot on her neck, and blushed at their closeness. Gulping loudly, she turned to look up at him, and almost regretted it.

He stared down at her with soft blue eyes, so soft that her heart wanted to melt. He smirked at her nervousness and inched his face closer, their lips almost touching "Do now your acting like you want me? Goodness Fairy, you're confusing"

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