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Last Time on The Road to Life:

Lucy stood up with Sting, a soft smile on her face "Maybe…just maybe I will let him."

"Let's go see our friends Luce" he said, leading her towards the arena.

Lucy nodded "Yea"

Chapter 16: Goodbyes

Lucy slowly opened her groggy eyes, staring at a marble white ceiling. The stench of medicine hit her nose, and she fought to sit up in her bed, covering her face with her hands.

She groaned as she felt her muscles scream in protest. "W-What happened?"

Lucy looked around slowly, realizing that she was in the infirmary, bandages covering over her wounds. She lightly touched the back of her neck, flinching at her cold hands. "Sting…."

Hearing a cough, Lucy looked up to see the same blonde Dragon slayer standing the middle of the doorway. He was leaning his back up against the door, looking at Lucy with inquisitive eyes. She smiled slightly at him, opening her mouth to call him over when she suddenly remembered. Her smiled disappeared, only to be replaced by a frown; she sat up straighter in her bed and pulled her knees into her chest, unable to look at him.

Sting, sensing Lucy's changed demeanor narrowed his eyes slightly.

"What are you thinking?" he asked her in her mind. Lucy only managed to shake her head slightly, pulling her knees closer. Sting knew what was bothering her almost immediately, and with a sigh walked towards her bed. He sat near the end, looking at the ground with guarded eyes. An awkward silence fell upon both mages, until Sting finally leaned back and opened his mouth.

"Rogue along with his friend Misaki are both going back with you guys….." He stared up at the ceiling, a sour look on his face. "They are going to join Fairy Tail."

"Mhm" Lucy said, not looking at him. Sting felt his muscles tense slightly, and he turned his head to look at her. She clung to her knees tightly.

"The whole guild seems rejoicing in the fact that Fairy Tail now has 6 Dragon Slayers" (counting Laxus) Sting murmured quieter, looking at Lucy's evading eyes intently.

"Mhmmm" Lucy muffled, still unable to look at him. Sting clenched his fists tightly looking down at her.

"Well…" he said awkwardly "I guess I will be goi-"

Lucy suddenly shot her hand out, grabbing hold of his arm. "Do you really have to leave Sting?!" Lucy asked urgently. Sting eyes widened as he heard the tone of desperation in her voice, and he looked down to see her hand clinging hopelessly to him.

His face broke out into a small smile, and he chuckled to himself quietly. Moving his hand so that it now covered over Lucy's, Sting leaned forward until his lips brushed hers. The feeling of her lips sent Sting into frenzy, and he lunged forwards so that he was now full on kissing her.

"Her vanilla scent…."

"Her blonde hair…."

'It is too much…"

Lucy froze up against his body, but something in her longed for this, and she eventually melted against his body.

They broke apart, leaving both mages to stare at each other as they tried to catch their breath. Sting moved his head forward so that now their foreheads were touching. He watched as Lucy closed her eyes, opening her mouth.

"Why?" she whispered almost painfully in his head "Why do you have to leave?"

Sting responded by grabbing hold of her head, pulling her closer though she was practically on his lap now. "I have to Luce." He whispered back "There are things I have done….things I'm not proud of."

"Your father?" she asked quietly. Sting nodded, standing up from the bed, and gently pulling Lucy up with him. He pulled her into a tight embrace, his mind whirling in thoughts. "I need to settle with my own guilt." He pushed her away slightly, his teeth chattering as he stared down at her large brown eyes.

"You're Natsu-san's girl!"

He could see the blonde fairy tail girl blush slightly at his words "N-No I'm not! My name is Lucy, I'm just his friend!"

Sting balled his fists even tighter. He thought back to when he and Lucy met back up with Natsu and the others. The damn Fairy Ice mage had been so clingy to Lucy that Sting had barley managed to talk to her since. He remembered with envy how Gray had embraced Lucy in a big hug.

"Lucy!" Gray called running up to his guild mate. Lucy, who had spotted him, left Sting's side to catch up with him. That damn Ice mage took no time hugging Lucy, and whenever he gave Lucy a loving look, Sting almost wanted to tear him apart.

Sting chuckled slightly, still holing Lucy, obviously motionless and lost in thought. "And here I thought I would have competition with Natsu…."

Finally, Sting let go of Lucy, who stared up at him in wonder.

"See ya Luce." Sting said roughly turning towards the door.

Lucy POV

Lucy couldn't believe her ears

"So you're just going to kiss me and then leave like that Sting?" she asked him sharply,. Lucy watched as Sting froze in the middle of the door way, obviously thinking about something.

Suddenly Lucy felt her body being pushed up against the wall, and Sting trapped her by placing both of his arms on either side of her head. Lucy felt his breath hot on her neck, and blushed at their closeness. Gulping loudly, she turned to look up at him, and almost regretted it.

He stared down at her with soft blue eyes, so soft that her heart wanted to melt. He smirked at her nervousness and inched his face closer, their lips almost touching "So now your acting like you want me? Goodness Fairy, you're confusing"

"Sting…." She whined "Please…"

Finally when Sting didn't move, Lucy pushed her way forward, unable to take it any longer. Her lips now pressed up against Sting's in a passionate kiss. Again, she felt something pass between them like a jolt of electricity and she wrapped an arm around his neck. Sting responded by wrapping his arms around her waist, bringing her body up against his. Lucy's other hand found its way to the top of his head, and she ran her fingers through his hair.

"Lucy" Sting growled against her lips, Lucy responded by grapping a fist full of his hair.

Both mages had no idea where this Lust was coming from, but it was growing by every second. If it continued, who knows what would happen. Finally the couple broke apart, gasping for air. Lucy stared up at Sting innocently, who lips pursed while she inched her face forward so that their noses touched.

"Lucy…" Sting stumbled, trying to shake off the Desire he was feeling towards her "I need to make up for my mistakes."

"But Fear sa-"

"I know what Fear said, Luce…" he inched his face closer to her

"I know…." She whispered against his lips "This is something you have to do…I just….." she trailed off, looking away.

Then Sting did something that surprised her. He pulled his face away from hers and lightly kissed her forehead, an act that gave Lucy shivers.

"I won't be gone long…" he said pulling away from her "And when I come back, I promise to tell you everything."

"You promise?" she asked looking up at him. Sting nodded smiling warmly at her "I promi-"

Suddenly the infirmary door slammed opened, and the two broke apart. Lucy turned her head in order to see the stranger, and saw Gray standing there, his eyes as cold as ice as he looked at Sting.

"I think it's time for you to leave Sting" Gray said tartly. Lucy could tell Sting was not happy with the demanded, and frankly neither was Lucy. "How dare Gray barge in like this!"

But to Lucy's dismay, Sting just nodded glaring at Gray and, walking through the door "Fine." He said tartly. He turned his head slightly back at Lucy, a smirk wide on his face.

"Good Bye Luce, I will see you later."

And with that, he turned back around and disappeared. Lucy stared at the door with a wide whole in her heart, she could feel tears form in her eyes. Giving Gray a small glare, Lucy thought back to Sting.

"Bye Sting…."

Juvia's POV

"WoHOOO!" Natsu screamed slinging his arms around Rouge and Misaki "Fairy Tail now has 6 Dragon slayers!"

The sun had begun to set as the rest of the guild cheered with him; they stood in front of the arena, waiting for Gray to return with Lucy. After the defeat of Fear, the military let Master and the others out of questioning. They closed down the Games, and sent everyone home.

However one person did not participate. Juvia sat off to the side, her mind filled with different thoughts.

"Neh master…" Juvia heard the white haired Mira Jane say "Where are Marco and the others?"

"Oh them?" the old man asked, leaning casually against the bench "I sent them home just in case someone was planning to attack the guild."

"Look Everybody!" Levy yelled "Lucy and Gray are coming!"

At the sound of his name, Juvia snapped her head up, her deep blue eyes searching for the man she thought was her soul mate. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw him, and she stood up, ready to run to him.

"Gray-sama! Juvia is-"

Juvia stopped cold when she sensed something was wrong. Looking closer, she noticed Grays body was tenser than usual, and he seemed to be in a heated argument with Lucy.

"Well I don't see why it's any of your business what I do with him!" Juiva heard Lucy's voice yell as they came into ear shot.

"He is dangerous Luce!" Gray pleaded with her "Please… just listen to me! You don't belong with a guy like him!"

Juvia's heart sank when she heard the desperation in his plea, and she quickly sighed. "Gray-sama truly loves Lucy-san doesn't he…"

"Goodbye Makarov"

Juvia was snapped out of her depressing thoughts when she noticed Lamia scales' master Ooba standing in front of her Master. Next to her were Jura and Lyon, with the rest of the guild. Juvia found herself avoiding Lyon's gaze.

"Goodbye Ooba" Master said "Maybe next year we can actually finish the games." He said with a cheeky smile, shaking her hand.

"Next time, Lamia Scale will be the winner!" Tobi yelled in the background. Master chuckled slightly, giving Ooba a sly smile "I think Fairy Tail proved its power this year. Next time…. We will certainly be victorious."

"Tch!" Ooba growled, swiftly turning her back towards him "Say your good byes quickly!" she barked to her guild. Juvia watched as Jura gave Laxus a firm handshake, both mages smiling. "Until next time Laxus Dreyar."

"Oh Chelia!" Juvia turned to see Wendy smile at the Sky God Slayer "I'll miss you!" Chelia who embraced the blue hair fairy giggled "You're too nice….but I'll miss you too Wendy!"

"Lucy!" Juvia watched as Chelia's cousin ran up to the Celestial spirit mage, who was still in a heated argument with Gray. "Lucy!" she called again "It's so unfair! I didn't get to fight you at all!" Juvia watched in amusement as Sherry embraced a confused Lucy, tears streaming down her face "Why didn't I get to fight you?!"

Lucy was flabbergasted "Well er- Sherry-"

Juvia let out a small fit of laughter from the sidelines, hugging her sides.

"You seem to be enjoying yourself" a cool voice said.

Suddenly a presence moved behind her, and she felt her heart beat faster. Turning around stiffly, she became face to face with Lyons warm smile.

"Ehh?" Juvia asked nervously, twiddling her fingers together. "Why…..Why does Juvia's heat beat like this?!"

Lyon stared down at her, and she found herself unable to tear her gaze away. Suddenly Lyon pulled her into a tight hug, wrapping his arms around her. "It's too bad I didn't win my bet.." Lyon said quietly. Juvia widened her eyes in astonishment "What are you…."

Quickly Lyon pushed her away, a warm look in his face. "Bye Juvia."

"COME ON SLACKERS!" Ooba yelled from down the street, Lyon turned to look at his master, and then turned to Juvia, stroking her soft blue hair "I will see you again…."

And with that, Lyon turned around walking towards his guild mates, leaving a surprised Juiva alone.

"Goodbye!" Natsu yelled

"Thank you Chelia!" Wendy called

"We hope to see you soon!"

Juvia didn't join in on the cheers, instead she became lost in her thoughts. "Why? Why is it whenever Gray-sama leaves, there is a hole in Juvia's heart, but when Lyon-sama leaves…there is an even bigger hole... Why?"

Someone placed a hand on Juvia's shoulder, and she snapped her head up to see Gray looking down at her with warm eyes. Her blue eyes widened.

"Gray-sama?" she asked

"Go with him. I know you want to deep down Juiva."

Juvia couldn't believe her ears "W-What are you saying?!" she protested "Leave Fairy Tail? How could Juvia? He didn't even win the bet Gray-sama!" Juvia was dumbfounded "How could Gray think Juvia wants to leave?!"

Then she heard Gray chuckle, and she looked back up at him "Never mind the bet Juvia…..what does your heart say?"

"M-My heart?"

He nodded pointing towards his heart "If there is one thing this guild has taught me, it's to always follow my heart." Juvia watched as Gray eyes flashed briefly towards the blonde Spirit mage, and Juvia suddenly smile sadly, understanding.

"Hmp!" Juvia pulled away from Gray's reach, she turned her head slightly to watch Lyons body slowly disappearing over the hill. "Thank you Gray" she said not once taking her eyes away from the horizon.

Gray smiled nodding, "Good Luck Juvia, you help make Fairy Tail what it is today" he paused "I hope you can do that in Lamia Scale too."

"Master!" Juvia yelled, running forward towards the small man, a new feeling corseting through her body.

"Yes my child?" he asked turning around

"Juvia would like to request her leave of Fairy Tail!" she said smiling. Master didn't seem fazed by her words, and actually smile back at her. "I knew one day you would leave us…." He grabbed Juvia's hand, pulling her to the ground. Much to Juvia's amazement, Master pulled her into a hug and she could feel his body shaking in sadness. Pulling away, Juvia wiped away a tear from his face. "Juvia will never forget you…None of you!" she added a little louder. "Juvia may be a part of Lamia Scale, but her heart…...my heart will always be with Fairy Tail!

"Good bye Juvia" Lucy said stepping forward, embracing her. Juvia eyes soften feeling the girls touch. She responded to the hug, pulling her to her tightly. All of her and Lucy's fights, all of their competitions, all of their rivalry, and when it came down to it, Juvia was closer to no one else than her.

"Good bye Lucy"

Suddenly the two female mages broke apart, and Juvia suddenly ran forward, up towards her new future.

"Goodbye Juvia!" she heard both Natsu and Lisanna yell.

"Come and Visit us!" Cana called

"Never forget Fairy Tail or the Elemental Four you hear me?!" Gajeel yelled after his longtime friend.

When Juvia managed to get to the top of the hill, she turned and stared down at her former guild, fresh tears streaming down her face. She threw her hand in the air, and waved towards them.

"Good bye!"

Juvia then turned down the hill, seeing Lyon and the rest of Lamia Scale walking away.

"Lyon-sama!" she yelled, running forward. Her voice managed to hit the ice mages ears because he quickly spun around, flabbergasted as Juvia leaped into his arms, causing both of them to fall to the ground.

"Ow-Juvia?!" Lyon looked up, his dark eyes questioning "What are you?"

"Following Juvia's heart!" Juvia's blue eyes sparkled as she helped him up off the ground. "Juvia wants to be in Lamia scale!" she pulled him in an embrace "Juvia wants to be with you!"

Lyons body froze slightly, but he quickly shook himself and hugged her tightly back. She felt tears streaming down both of their faces, and he rubbed his face into her hair.

"Let's go home Juvia" he said quietly

She sniffed "Aye…"

Fire light blazed underneath the evening sun, turning the ground into a golden color. In the shadow of the trees, a large castle loomed over the forest, an unnatural force coming from it.

Inside the castle, 3 figures stood in the hallway, tension rising by the seconds. 1 small figure was kneeling on the ground, in front of a large shadow of a person, their head hung low. The thrield figure stood off to the side.

"Fear!" The large shadow roared "You failed me!"

Fear flinched, holding her new prostatic arm "I-I'm sorry Onee-san….I underestimated them…..It won't happen next time!"

"Next time?!" it roared "Do you honestly think I would let you be in charge of another mission?"

Lust stepped forward, her purple eyes narrowing "Fury please! Fear messed up, she is the youngest, but I'm sure she understands her opponents know. As the Eldest sister Please…" she bowed "Let me take care of them"

The mage named Fury sat in silence, his anger subsiding. "Alright Lust. Your turn But first…." Fury brought his hand in the air, facing towards a defeated and beaten Fear. His eyes glinted slightly and suddenly Fear cried out in agony.

"Fear!" Lust yelled rushing forwards. The small petite mage was convulsing on the ground, and her purple eyes were widened in pure terrier.

"Fury!" Lust yelled "Stop this!"

However Fury did not stop, and Lust continued to hear her sisters painful and mournful cries for another 5 minutes. Finally when he was done, Fear collapsed on the ground as a motionless body.

"Fear!" Lust ran forward to her little sister, picking her up and cradling her "Fear!"

"Take her out of my sight Lust!" Fury growled. Lust nodded slowly, her face breaking out in a cold sweat. She picked of Fears limp body and threw her over her shoulder. Silently, she began to walk out of the room, but Fury stopped her before anything else.

"Oh and Lust….You better not fail me like our useless sister."

Lust didn't turn back to look at him, "Yes Onee-san"

"Neh Natsu?" Lucy said "Where did Gray go?"

"Oh Ice head?" Natsu asked pointing "He said he had an errand to run."

Gray growled in the dark cave, his mind full of questions. He had come back to this place only to fulfill his request from Armel.

"If by slim chance you defeat my master, come back down here for me, and I will tell you everything"

"Damnit!" Gray punched the nearby wall, his anger rising. He was now looking at a completely empty battle field. No sign of Armel or Kane."What is going to happen next?!"

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