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Last Time on the Road to Life:

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Chapter 17: New recruits?

Lust leaned on the nearby wall of her brother's chamber, her red dress flowing in the wind and her white hair tangled up in a ponytail. Her face was unreadable, and her large purple eyes were narrowed in thought.

Lust thought back to the previous night, where Fury had brutally tortured their little sister with his magical powers until she was unconscious. Sure she loves her brother, but sometimes…..he just…..takes things too far!

Suddenly the doors beside her opened, and a large armored man poked his head out. His whole body was covered in ancient battle armor of his family, and he kept 2 large swords behind his back, ready for use.

Lust gave this man a steely look "I want to see my brother Zeo."

Zeo, her brothers loyal and skilled body guard, but in Lust's opinion, just a waste of life.

The man named Zeo turned his head towards her direction, when he saw that it was Lust, he looked at her from head to toe. Lust, notching this, began to grow impatient and crossed her arms. Through the cloth that covered his mouth, he nodded quietly "Very well. Fear is in here as well."

At the sound of her sister's name, Lust shoved Zeo out of her way, barging her way into her brother's room.

She saw Fury sitting on his large oversized bed, Fear kneeling beside him. As she came closer, she could hear Fury speaking softly to Fear, and the red haired mage didn't move at all.

"Fury!" Lust called sharper than intended "What is the meaning of this? What are you doing to Fear?!"

It was then, that Fear looked up from her trance. "Do not worry Oneesan." She said in a monatomic voice. "Oniisan here was just accepting my apologizes for the failure of capturing the sacrifices."

Lust narrowed her eyes slightly, skeptical. She took small steps forward until she stood in front of them. Something about Fear seemed off, and her fears quickly heightened when she saw Fears eyes dead, filled with no life.

Understanding, Lust hitched her breath and spun to face her brother. Her furious eyes meeting his calm ones.

"You bastard!" she spat out "On your own family Fury!?"

Zeo, who had returned to his master's side slowly, went for his sword. Fury brought his hands up into the air in stopping the hatsful guard. He stood up from his bed, and gave Lust a look while walking forward.

"She was becoming too emotional again Lust and you know what happens when that occurs."

Lust clenched her hands into fists "But did you have to block her emotions. You know as well as I do Fury that our existence is born on those emotions. If you get rid of her emotions, you're pretty much saying Fear's life means nothing!"

She watched as Fury scratched his small sol patch, not seeming to hear her. "I called you here because this next mission CANNOT fail."

"I kno-"

"That is why I am pairing up with Zeo for this mission" Fury said turning around and facing her. She watched as Zeo bowed behind him slightly "As you wish master"

Lust gave him a steely look, her impatience growing "I don't need some partner on this! I'm strong!"

"Then you won't mind if he tags along" there was something in his voice that made Lust narrow her eyes in suspicions "What are you doin-"

"And just as a precaution, some friends have also joined our alliance, promising to help in any way possible."

"Friends?" Lust started to growl "I don't remember any friends joining us!"

Lucy POV

Lucy heard soft knocks hitting on her door, and she opened her eyes with a heavy sigh. She got up out of her bed, dragging her feet on her home carpet.

It had been her first night back in her apartment after the whole fiasco, and now she felt her body become weaker and weaker by the passing time.

Walking forward with a groan, Lucy slowly cracked open her apartment door, peeking through the other side. When she saw the muscular body of her best friend, she quietly opened the door wider, giving him an almost guilty look.

Seeing Lucy, Natsu gave her a goofy grin and pulled her outside, much to her protest.

"What the-! Hey Natsu where are you dragging me to?" she asked annoyed, trying to pull her arm free.

"You have to help set up Rogue and Misaki's welcome party! Remember?"

Lucy stopped struggling and nodded "That's right….. I did say that…."

Something in her mind had been controlling her for a while, and she suddenly thought back to what master had told her;

"If Natsu ever found out…."

"Neh Natsu?…." Lucy asked walking towards the guild, she didn't look at him and hid her eyes underneath her blonde bangs.

"What is it Luce?" Natsu asked his usual bored tone.

"Y-Y…...You…." Lucy stumbled at her words, unable to get her question out and she felt Natsu suddenly turned and give her a puzzled look. "Come on Lucy…. He is your best friend! You know you can tell him everything, Hell! Just 4 days ago, you thought he was the love of your life!... Snap out of it!"

"Hey Luce, you alr-"

"Do you hate me!?" she suddenly blurted out, unable to look at him. She could feel Natsu tense up slightly beside her, and she braced herself for the worst.

All of a sudden, Natsu burst into a roar of laughter, clutching his stomach as he fell to the ground. Lucy stood there dumbfounded as she watched her best friend roll in the dirt. Through his fits of laughter, Natsu looked up teary eyed.

"Why would I hate you?!" He asked snickering.

Lucy was truly flabbergasted "W-well because of you know….Me and Sting."

Then Natsu did something that totally took her by surprise. He quickly shot up from the ground, a pulled Lucy into a tight embrace. She was so close to him, that she couldn't help but blush…..but something was off about it….it doesn't give her the same tingles that hugging Sting gave her.

Natsu smiled as he pushed her away "That felt off to you didn't it Luce?"

Lucy widened her eyes "But How-?"

Natsu turned back around, pointing a finger in the air "Dragon imprinting is the strongest power a slayer can learn. Even if I hate that guy Luce….." he turned back towards her, his normal goofy grin pasted on his face. "You're my best friend."

Lucy blushed slightly in embarrassment "Thanks Natsu….."

"But!" he interrupted, still holding a grin "If he hurts you at all, I will rip his heart out of his body." He hands erupted into flames, and Lucy sweat dropped.

Without realizing it, both of them had made it to the guild, and Natsu barged opened the door screaming "Hey Everybody I brought Luce t-"

Natsu froze, sensing something. He quickly took a sniff of the guild air, and turn towards Wakaba, who gave Natsu a nervous nod.

"Where?" Natsu asked seeming to understand. Lucy watched in puzzlement as he clenched his fists and narrowed his eyes. What was wrong? Lucy couldn't sense anything…

As she thought that, a flash of movement caught her attention, and she turned to see 3 unknown shapes sitting at the bar. She watched as Lisanna served two of the shapes milk, while the third drank nothing.

"They can late into the guild last night…." Levy started to say "I guess they asked to join but….."

"But what?" Natsu asked seriously, and Levy turned towards herself, nervousness brimming in her eyes "Two of them claimed to be relatives of Lucy…."

At this, Lucy's eyes shot wide open, and she watched as Natsu growled lunging forward at the 3 shapes. The biggest cloaked figure seemed to hear Natsu's rampage, because whoever it was shot out of their seat, blocking Natsu's Fire Punch with their Katana.

Lucy blinked "So fast….."

She heard Natsu growl at them "Who are you!? How do you know Lucy?"

Lucy was surprised at the level of protectiveness in his voice, and turned to see everyone else copying that same level in their eyes. She sighed understanding why "Ever since Michelle…..they won't trust anybody…"

At the sound of her name, the two little clocked figures turned around and shot out of their chairs, pulling their hoods off in the process.

As they saw their faces, Lucy could feel the whole room gasp, even Natsu. There in front of her stood two small children, a boy and a girl. The boy looked a little bit older than the girl, but what really shocked her was the blonde hair and blue eyes that looked familiar.

"Cousin Lucy!" both of them seemed to scream at the same time, and ran forward clutching onto Lucy's leg.

"Libby! Luke! What are you guys doing here!? Lucy demanded looking down at her cousins.

Libby looked up from Lucy's leg, tears streaming down her face "Papa's been captured Lucy-nee! By bad people!" She looked back at the 3rd cloaked figure, who seemed to be in a standoff with Natsu still. "If it weren't for our guide, Luke and I would be gone too!"

"Lucy….." levy spoke up "Are you sure these are your…."

Lucy looked down at the two crying children in her arms, and her brown eyes suddenly softened "Yea…..they are."

"Well I don't like it!" Natsu growled, not taking his eyes off of the mystery person "I especially don't like this guy!"

Lucy watched as the 3rd figure reached for their hood, and revealed them. Lucy watched with amusement as most of the guy's jaws drop, even Natsu's. There, stood a young girl, probably about Lucy's age with long wavy black hair, and big full lips. Though it wasn't as big as hers, her chest was pretty big, and her skin was pale silk. The girl wore a tight fitted green shirt and pants, with brown trimmings. But what really struck Lucy as odd, were her eyes….

They were blood red…

Natsu stumbled backwards and pointed nervously "Y-Y-You're a girl!?"

"Hmp!" she said in a cold voice "Naturally. My name is Amelia"

Lucy watched as Amelia then turned back towards Lucy, her face unreadable "So you're Lucy Heartifillia. These kids won't stop talking about you."

Lucy blushed looking down at them "Aww tha-"

Suddenly the door to Master's office flew open, and both he and Mira walked out, Rogue and Misaki following them.

Natsu waved eagerly at them "Hey guys! You're just in time for your party!"

"Their party that we never finished decorating for Flame brain!" Gray hissed

Lucy smiled as Rogue and Misaki laughed at Natsu's stupidity, clearly feeling apart of the family. Smiling down at the ground, she dwindled her fingers "Hopefully Sting will too…"

Turning to the side, Lucy also noticed Amelia was staring up at Rouge, a smile of her face, but a unreadable look in her eyes. "Does she know him?"

"Alright brats listen up!" Master yelled "I want all new recruits to line up starting here!" he pointed his foot in the direction, and they began to line up, even Libby who wanted to stay with Lucy.

"Please state your Name, and your magical powers! Starting with you Rogue!"

There was dead silence as Rogue looked up from his spot "But you all know me….?"

Master stomped his feet on the ground "I don't care! Now Name!"

"Rogue Cheney! Shadow Dragon Slayer!"

"Misaki Ravenheart! Black Fire Dragon slayer

Luke stood there nervously "L-luke Heartifillia, Empathy magic."

Lucy watched as Libby waved high in the air "Libby Heartifillia! I have Moon drip magic!"

Master's eyes widen "Moon drip magic? That's rare!" he turned to Amelia "No wonder you were protecting them."

"Neh Master…." Romeo spoke up "Whats Moon drip magic?"

Erza stood beside the boys, smiling down "1 drop of Moon drip, and you can temporarily lose your powers….It's very strong."

"And what about you my child." Master said to Amelia "What are your powers?"

The black haired beauty shook her head "I have none, I am simply a swordsman."

"Ahh well then you should get along well with Rogue and….huh?" Master stopped as Amelia walked forward towards Rogue. The blacked haired slayer looked down at the girl with puzzlement in his eyes "Yes?" he asked, and when she didn't answer, he sighed "What is it?"

Amelia shook her head, "Oh nothing it's just…..I didn't quite picture you this way."

"What do you mean picture me? Do I know you?"

Amelia shook her head "I'm sorry I'm not making much sense am I? Then again, not a lot of sisters do…"

'Rogue and Lucy's eyes widened in shock "Sister?"

Amelia nodded, smiling slightly "My name is Amelia Cheney…Your sister."

Somewhere in Fiore

Lust growled as two shapes walked calmly out of the shadows behind her brother. One of them was rather old looking while the other was much younger, and looked more ruthless.

They stood side by side like a family would.

Fury pointing to them "Master Jiemma, Minerva…..Please meet my lovely sisters Lust, and Fear."

The old man known as Jiemma bowed politely, his eyes glinting "It is a pleasure my princess." He held out his hand, and Lust scoffed, nudging it out of her way. She then turned towards the women named Minerva. Something in her dark cold eyes made Lust know she meant business, unlike her perverted father.

"Jiemma and Minerva here are in charge of the guild that once housed the White and Shadow Dragons. They have offered their guilds allegiances to us…. In return, we let them have some of our power when this is all done." Fury laid back into his long lounge chair, his eyes without emotion

Nodding at the raven haired girl, Lust then turned towards Fury "Well now, I guess me and Zeo will be off then."

Suddenly Minerva stood forward raising a hand in the air "Master Fury….if I may be so bold as to ask, let us prove to you Sabertooths true strength." She clenched her fist tightly, a wicked smile on her face "We will crush any enemies that stand in our way."

Fury nodded "Very well Minerva, I will allow to show us what you can do… but be warned" His purple eyes flashed quickly and Lust saw Minerva shudder slightly "Failure is not an option."

Minerva took hold of her father's arm, bowing as they walked away "We understand. Thank you for this opportunity." They began to back out of the room, but before they did, Lust could see Minerva give her a satisfy smirk. She narrowed her eyes slightly, her mind working out some things "Minerva…what is she planning….?"

Next Time on the Road to Life:

Amelia sat on a nearby branch, her red eyes peering closely at the Heartifillia's apartment. Even if that Lucy girl had told her there was no need for a body guard, she was still oblige to keep watch.

The night had come, and left a beautiful black starry sky above her. She sat there for hours, just staring at the night sky. And before she realized it, she fell asleep.




Suddenly the branched underneath her snapped, causing Amelia to fall to the ground with a thump.

"Owww" she said while rubbing her butt. A figure standing over her snapped her back to the present, and she looked up to see a boy, just a few years older than her it seemed like. He wore long strange orange glasses and peered down at Amelia with a smirk.

"Found you my little Treasure"

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