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Last Time on the Road to Life:

Amelia nodded, smiling slightly "My name is Amelia Cheney…Your sister."

Minerva took hold of her father's arm, bowing as they walked away "We understand. Thank you for this opportunity." They began to back out of the room, but before they did, Lust could see Minerva give her a satisfy smirk. She narrowed her eyes slightly, her mind working out some things "Minerva…what is she planning….?"

Chapter 18: New battle plans,…..and Treasure hunting?

Misaki's POV

The whole room fell strangely quiet, and Misaki watched as Rogue's jaw dropped in amazement.

"M-My sister?" Rogue stuttered, trying to take a step back. He held his hands up in front of his body as if it were a dream. "I don't have a sister..."

Misaki watched as Amelia sigh sadly looking down at the ground "You don't remember me…I knew this would happen…."

She stood and watched as Rogue clenched his fists and hissed quietly "You're insane!" he barked "I don't have family!" Misaki was stunned frozen at the look of pure hatred he gave the small girl "Is this like some sick joke to you girl? My only family now is Fairy Tail, everyone else is dead!"

Misaki flinched as Rogue ran to the balcony, slamming the door shut behind him. The rest of the guild stood in shock, not speaking. Finally it was Natsu who broke the uneasy tension.

"So….does that mean no party?" he asked innocently, drooling at the food beside the table.

Misaki watched as the girl named Lucy sweat dropped and smacked him over the head "What do you think idiot!? Rogue is obviously upset! We can't just leave him there!"

It was then that Misaki noticed Amelia, standing calmly near the front door of Fairy Tail. The girl gave the rest of the crowed an apologetic look but turned back around and left silently without a word.

"You guys can party" Misaki spoke up; smiling nervously "I'll talk to him…" she grabbed ahold of the doors knob.

"You sure Misaki?" Natsu asked "I mean I know you and hi-"He stopped when he noticed Misaki giving him a small disappointed look. "Yeah…it's fine Natsu" and she opened it up, walking outside.


Closing the door behind her, Misaki gazed at Rogue's back her mind whirling. She laughed to herself "Hey" she said quietly, taking a step towards him.

"H'mm" was his only response, and Misaki growled in annoyance, but she stepped forward until she was next to him. The view from the balcony stunned Misaki, you were able to see all of Magnolia from this height, but the beauty was something else.

"You know….that girl, she might not be lying…." She nudged his elbow a little trying to get something out of him. Rouge quickly stepped back; his face clearly agitated "I'm not having the conversation now!"

His harshness made Misaki flinched back slightly, and she felt her muscles tensing up. "Here I am trying to be nice….well if he doesn't want that then fine!"

Misaki growled "Why not?!" she demanded. Rogue only responded by turning his back towards her, a dark demeanor waving off his back "I only have one true family Misaki…" he said darkly "And that's you, Sting and Yuno… one else!" and before she could say something to him, he jumped down from the balcony, landing in the dust. She watched in frustration as he began to disappear in the trees.

"You baka Rogue!" she spat in her head "You have much more than that!"

Misaki was snapped out of her thoughts as she heard the door behind her open, the blonde hair of that Lucy girl appearing outside.

"Hi there!" Lucy said with a smile "I was just checking up on how Rogue was doing…..but…" she noticed his missing appearance and her smile dropped.

"He's…..having a hard time with this…..the shock I guess" Misaki grumbled quietly. She took another glance at Lucy noticing the same sad smile on her face. "So this is the girl that all this fuss has been about….the girl that Rogues best friend imprinted on.."

"I'm Lucy!" the girl said, snapping Misaki out of her thoughts. She saw that Lucy held out her hand to her, expecting a shake. Misaki hesitantly took her hand, shaking it "Misaki…."

Lucy smile appeared again "Yes, you're Natsu's cousin! It's great to meet you Misaki!"

Misaki stared at the girl, her mouth opened slightly "So kind….is this light of Fairy Tail that everyone was talking about?"

"Neh." Lucy said looking at her "Tell me…what was Rogue like before Fairy Tail?"

Her question completely threw Misaki off guard, and she stumbled her words "W-What?"

Lucy turned her gaze back towards the view, a sad look on her face "He is so kind yet…..he hides something….from all of us, even Sting." Misaki noticed Lucy tighten her grip on the wood slightly "If it weren't for him…things could be a lot different right now….."

Misaki continued to stare at the girl until finally; she busted into a small laugh "He has that kind of influence doesn't he?" Then Misaki's laughter died down until she turned her own gaze back towards the view, a smile on her face, but a look of sadness in her eyes.

"You know Lucy….you and Sting are lucky."

"Lucky?" Lucy asked "Why?"

"Your relationship….the way it is."

Misaki noticed Lucy's face turn bright red, and she dwindled her fingers "I wouldn't say lucky…..Sting is still the most annoying person ever….but" Lucy turned towards her "I can't help but like him…."

"And that is all that matters" Misaki said nodding

"What do you mean?"

Misaki sighed, turning her gaze back towards the ground, her mind wandering. "Despite what they say, Dragon Slaying Imprinting is not all that powerful… order for it to work, both hearts need to be willing to love the other…if one is not willing, than it won't work"

She could feel Lucy's gaze on her, but she continued on "Did you ever hear about Yuno?" she asked.

Lucy nodded "Natsu told me about yours and Rogue's story" She placed a hand on her shoulder, squeezing it "I'm so sorry"

Misaki then turned towards the sky, a sad smile on her face "Take Rogue and Yuno for example….Both hearts loved each other and so even in death, Rogue cannot stop loving her…." She clenched the wooden bar tighter "It is impossible for Rogue to love anyone else….he will never love anyone again….."

Lucy was quiet for a long time, and it Misaki grew accustomed to it. Suddenly Lucy grabbed her hand that was resting on the bar, and gave her an anguished look " Misaki…Have you imprinted on anyone yet?"

Lucy's words made Misaki froze, and she realized that tears had been rolling steadily down her face. Mentally, she slapped herself in the face "Get ahold of yourself Misaki!" She whipped the tears from her face, now gazing out to the trees.

"You know Lucy….not all Imprinting happens between a Dragon Slayer and a regular mage….sometimes, on rare occasions, a Dragon Slayer will imprint on another Slayer…."

Lucy stared at Misaki, her mind beginning to work at the words.

Misaki laughed emotionlessly at herself "It's like God is trying to punish me for something I have yet to do..….imprinting on someone who has imprinted on someone else…."

Finally Lucy's eyes widened in realization "You…"

She nodded, resting her head on the bar "I imprinted on Rogue" She said shaking her head "I cannot love anyone else even if I wanted to….and Rogue cannot love anyone other than Yuno…." Misaki sniffed, forcing herself not to cry "Even if I wanted to move on…..god gave me a heart that loves Rouge…. And I can't even tell him….." She buried her head in her arms "Sorry Lucy…..I don't know why I am telling you this…you just met me an-" Misaki stopped dead when she felt Lucy wrap her arms around her, her body twisting as she cried.

"I'm so sorry Misaki! I-….. To go through that…." She couldn't finish and Misaki laughed slightly, a sad smile on her face and tears falling out of her eyes "Thanks Lucy…."

Later that Day near Sunset

After the so called "Party "had ended, Gramps had decided to close the guild up early from visitors, calling an Emergency guild meeting. Now the whole guild sat in their respective seats staring up at their Master.

"Neh Gramps!"Natsu whined "Whats up? Why are we still here?"

At first he didn't respond, sitting on his table with Mira beside him and his eyes closed. But finally, he opend his eyes and stared out to the mass of people "We need to come up with a strategy…."

"A strategy?" Gajeel asked "A strategy for what?"

Master stood up, his tiny body shaking from oldness. "This incident with that Fear person will not be the only one I believe…" He turned his gaze towards Lucy, who stood next to Misaki and Amelia, Rouge on the other side of them. "Lucy…please repeat what that women Fear told you before running off."

Lucy nodded gulping loudly "She said that even though we won this fight…her family will soon intervene." Lucy turned towards Master "And then she said that her family has ruled over us for our entire lives…."

"What the hell does that mean? Ruled our entire lives…what a bunch of bullshit!" Natsu spat angrily next to Lisanna "Let her family come! I will knock out every last one of them! How dare they do this to Lucy and our guild!"

"Silence Natsu!"Master barked harshly "Don't forget that they want both 1st and 3rd generations of you Dragon Slayer's."

"But what for?" Laxus spoke up "Why would they need just 1st and 3rd? Why not us 2nd generations too?"

Master stroked his beard, deep in thought. "I don't honestly know….maybe something about them being raised by actual Dragons….. never the less." He jumped down from his table "Please if anyone has any idea…tell me….I want to protect you brats…."

They nodded "We want to protect you too gramps…."

"Now get out of my sight!"

Outside in the town

Wendy's POV

"Neh! Romeo-kun wait up!" Wendy yelled, carrying a handful of cakes in her hand. Ever since that incident with Kagura, Erza had been sent to strict bed rest in order to heal her wound. So to help her feel better, she and Romeo had the idea of buying her masses of cakes to see her smile.

Suddenly Wendy tripped on a small rock, sending her to the ground in a big "humph"

"Owwww" she wined, grapping her head in pain, unknown to another presence by her.

"Are you alright?" a strange voice asked, and Wendy turned up to find a boy maybe about Natsu's age standing over her. His silver white hair glimmered in the dimming sunlight, and he wore a mask over his face to cover his mouth. What really intrigued Wendy though was one of his eyes was yellow while the other one was silver like his hair.

He held out a hand for her to help her up and she found herself staring at him.

"Wendy!" Romeo called running back towards her "Where did you go? I turned around and you were gone!" It was then that Romeo saw the stranger standing close to Wendy, and he jumped in front of her, dropping the cakes in order to protect her.

"Who are you?" he asked

The stranger smile down at him despite his mask. He leaned down, pulling out a small piece of paper from his pocket. He unwrapped it, and held it out for Romeo and Wendy to see. On it was a picture of Amelia….the same Amelia that just joined out guild.

"Have you seen this person?" he asked. Wendy nodded slowly "She just joined out guild….she should be over by Lucy's house." She turned back to point the direction of her house "She lives just tha-" as she turned around, Wendy realized that they were completely alone again. All signs of the stranger gone and Wendy began to wonder if he was just an illusion.

"Where did he go?"

Amelia POV

Amelia sat on a nearby branch, her red eyes peering closely at the Heartifillia's apartment. Even if that Lucy girl had told her there was no need for a body guard, she was still oblige to keep watch.

She thought back to earlier today, meeting her brother for the first time and already starting to fight. She thought back to the words he said, and she felt her chest tightening. "After all I went through to find him…"

The night had come, and left a beautiful black starry sky above her. She sat there for hours, just staring at the night sky. And before she realized it, she fell asleep.




Suddenly the branched underneath her snapped, causing Amelia to fall to the ground with a thump.

"Owww" she said while rubbing her butt. A figure standing over her snapped her back to the present, and she looked up to see a boy, just a few years older than her it seemed like. His hair gleamed silver in the moonlight and his multi colored eyes brightened. He peered down at Amelia with a smirk.

"Found you, my little Treasure"

Amelia, whose reflexes began to kick in, swung a kick upwards, which he dodged with ease. She took this time to stand up from where she landed, her muscles tensing up. She glared at the boy who stood a few feet from her, his arrogant smirk still on his face.

"Who are you?" she asked finally with a small growl.

The boy leaned causally against a tree, his smirk wider "You're coming with me, treasure."

Understanding now, Amelia smirked back at him "So you're the famous mage I have heard about. Ryker, the Wolf Slaying bounty hunter!"

The man named Ryker smiled "Your old master misses you, and by the amount of money she is offering for me to bring you back I could only guess she misses you a lot."

Amelia reached for her Katana, her smirk disappearing slowly "I won't go back there….."

"Oh?" he asked slightly surprised "Why? Isn't it fun there?"

"No!" she spat at him, pulling out her blade "You have no idea what kind of torture that place puts you through!" Without warning, she lunged forward with every intent to kill. Suddenly she felt her attack being blacked and realized that the boys hands grew into a large wolfs paw. "Hmp so this is wolf slayer magic!" She struggled to move forward and he leaned in close to her ear, whispering with arrogance in his voice.

"All I know is that your worth a lot of money, my little treasure…..I'm not letting you get away from me."

"Tch!" she growled, struggling, finally Ryker hit her in the stomach with his other hand and she felt the air being knocked out of her lungs. Again he leaned in close to her. Touching her Black Fairy Tail mark that now lay on her right collar bone.

"What do you think your new family would think if they knew the truth about you huh? About where you really came from?"

She freed herself from his grip and stumbled backwards, panting hard "I don't know what you're talking about!"

Ryker laugh emotionlessly "Yes you do. Don't deny what you have done" he demeanor suddenly changed into a darker one and his face grew deathly serious "Don't forget the crimes against humanity that you have caused."

"That wasn't me!" she yelled running forward "My master forced me to do it!" she lunged her sword at him, but again he blocked it with his wolf powers. She noticed his smirk again and realized his old self was back.

"Hmp I don't care your excuses, I just want my money!" he closed his eyes, chanting unusual words

"Wolf Slaying Secret Art: Night Ra-"

"Whats going on here?!" a girl yelled and Lucy appear forward, both Libby and Luke by her side.

Seeing Lucy, Ryker growled "Tch! Against her I'm fine!" he said pointing towards Amelia "But I don't fight kids!" and he turned towards her again, his unusual eyes narrowing "They will get you back one day. Don't mistake it….your old master is powerful!"

Ryker jumped into a nearby tree branch "Until next time my Treasure" and disappeared into the darkness.

"Who was that?" Lucy asked her, but she didn't respond. Amelia found herself staring at the spot where the teenage boy vanished, her mind whirling.

"They will get you back one day. Don't mistake it….your old master is powerful!"

"Hey Amelia!" Lucy called "Are you alright?"

Realizing she had been shaking, Amelia nodded slightly. She whirled onto Lucy, her eyes wide "I need to see Master now! I have an idea!"

Inside Fairy Tail:

Somewhere outside of Magnolia

Mavis POV

A glowing light ran through the down pour of rain fall, her body moving too fast to really see. The women could feel her heartbeat racing and her mind whirling. She was exhausted, even though she was a ghost. But she could not stop running, not when 'he' is out there.

Panting hard, she came to a slow and steady stop. Looking up, a felt thunder crackling through the night sky and she glared at the peak of the mountains.

"Zeref" Mavis said quietly "Where are you hiding?"

Rain poured heavily down on the forest floor, the sound pounding through the night. A lone figured sat underneath a hollowed out tree warming up by her fire. In the dim light, you could see her long brown hair covered in different colored streaks. She wore a black leather jacket, and her blue eyes glowed in the fires light.

Next to her sat a small injured squirrel, eating a nut rather painfully. She gave the squirrel a sympathetic look and stroked it gently "You'll be alright little one" she said

A crunching sound made her attention turns back towards outside. She saw a large figure step out from the darkness of the trees, and by the smell of it, she already knew who it was.

"Hmp!" she grunted "I haven't seen you in a very long time….What brings you to these parts?"

"Well…I know last time we saw eachother it didn't end well…." The voice said and the girl smirked "You hit me with one of your claws until I passed out…what do you think?"

"I need your help now." He said

"Oh?" she asked turning over a log in the fire "And why do you need my help?"

"Something is happening within Fiore….something more cynical than I first thought…."

"And you need my help?"

The figure nodded "Someone important to me is in trouble…I want… no I NEED to protect her."

The girl stretched her back and yawned loudly "Fine, but I'll cost ya."

The figure step forward revealing his body to the light. He had spiky blonde hair and deep blue eyes. "I would expect nothing less of you Felicia"

"Good. Then we have an understanding…Sting"

Next time on the Road to life:

Lucy sighed, leaning against the park tree "Why did they have to leave me behind…. I want to help to!" she crossed her arms and stuck out her tongue. Happy flew over her head, and Erza walked beside her, the red haired mage placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Thanks for taking me on a walk Lucy…'s made my leg feel much better."

Lucy stared at the red head, and smiled "Sorry Erza here I am complaining…"

"Hey Lucy!" she heard Happy yelled "look over there! It's….." he didn't finish it, and Lucy turned to look and saw an achingly familiar shape. He was leaning up against the tree down the road smiling up at them, his spiky blonde hair rustling in the wind.


Chapter 19: Rebels with a secret

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