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Last time on The Road to Life:

"Get away from my sister!" he growled at the Rebel leader. Dark eyes widened in a craze, and her smile got bigger.

"She isn't your guild mate" Dark said.

"Sure she is!" Natsu growled

"Just look at her Guild mark!" Gray challenged.

But Dark just stood there, staring at Amelia's tired face. Amelia stopped struggling as she continued to stare at Dark's face. Her heart sinking farther and farther in hopelessness.

"Rogue….I'm sorry…."

"She isn't your guild mate!" Dark repeated with a craze look.

"She is my Apprentice!"

Chapter 21: Secrets

Amelia's POV

The whole tent froze in silence as Dark's words rang out.

"W-What do you mean?" Natsu asked, his eyes wide with surprise "How can Amelia be your apprentice?"

Darks hold on Amelia became tighter, and she picked the girl up by her hood, letting her feet dangle in front of them.

"I am Amelia's Master. I taught her how to use her magic; I raised her from just a little baby!" Dark's silver eyes became wide with obsession "I claim her!"

The group of Fairy Tail mages became silent, and Amelia dropped her gaze to the ground, worried that if she looked up, she would only find hatred, and betrayal. She heard a shuffle of feet coming closer, and she recognized the white hair of Mira. She held a stern and grim expression on her face, her blue eyes hard.

"Amelia, Is this true? Are you really Dark's apprentice?" she asked with a hint of distrust. Amelia, forced to look up, turned her gaze to settle on Rogue. She had hoped that at least he would let her explain things. But her heart was crushed when he did not look back at her.

"I…. I…. please…" she begged to the group, "Just let me explain!"

But staring at them, and their distrustful eyes, Amelia knew that they wouldn't listen. She hung her head low, tears forming in her eyes "Damnit…."

"I trust Amelia" a voice suddenly said, and she snapped her head back up to see Natsu's smiling eyes, and goofy grin.

"Natsu….." she couldn't believe her ears. She had only been in the guild 2 days, and yet…..a boy she hasn't even talked to before is choosing to believe her. "Why?" she asked in her head, tears now flowing down her face even more steadily "Why does he believe me?"

"Ohh?" Dark said with a sly smile "And why is that Fire boy? You probably haven't even known Amelia for long…." Dark's other hand reached up and took a hold of both sides of Amelia face. "Why do you believe her?"

Natsu's dumb grin didn't falter and he put a single thumbs up into the air, pointing at Amelia's black guild mark on her collar bone "Because….she bears the mark of Fairy Tail. No wizard that truly accepts that mark is evil." He brought his hand down, giving Amelia one last toothy grin "Whatever the reason Amelia, you are a good person."

Amelia's mouth dropped in amazement. Gray walked beside him, giving the same look to her. She saw Laxus smile from here he stood, giving a laugh. She quickly wiped the tears falling from her face, and smiled back at him "Thank you Natsu….."

But while Natsu's response calmed the girl, it had the opposite effect on Dark. Amelia could feel her old Master's hand tremble in fury.

"Tch!" Dark spat out "You little brat. You have no idea who your 'precious' guild mate is. Think of all the anguish and sins she has caused!" She waved Amelia in the air, trying to make a point. "Amelia here was my right hand man! She was my master Assassin! No one could kill as skillful as her!"

Dark dropped Amelia to the ground with a thud, and turned her back to face the opening of the tent. "Jean!" she ordered her Lieutenant "Take these guild trash to our Containment facility, and lock them up!" Dark reached down, and grabbed a fistful of Amelia's black hair "And you-" she said beginning to drag her across the floor "You're coming with me!"

"Tch!" she hear Natsu growl, "What are you doing? You're hurting her!" Natsu's body began to erupt in immense flames, flying around.

"Ryker" Amelia heard Jean say to the silver haired mage. The boy nodded once, sighing, and quickly he rushed forwards, his hand glowing bright blue. Natsu had no time to react, and suddenly Ryker jabbed his hands on Natsu's body. They were moving so fast that Amelia couldn't even see them.

Then once Ryker had finished, Natsu fell to the ground, frozen stiff.

"What just happened?" Gray asked with a wide expression. Ryker didn't answer at first, as he was trying to catch his breath a little. Then he turned towards Dark, and stared down at Amelia, his expression unreadable. She stared back with her mouth gaped open.

"Wolf Slayer magic: Magic block" he said stiffly. "I can block your magic from being used."

"Tch! You Bastard!" the frozen Natsu growled from the ground. "Let me go! Unfreeze me!"

Ryker smiled, and leaned down close to Natsu "Sorry, can't. The magic block will last for about 10 minutes…and by then you will already be in a cage." There was no hint of Arrogance in his voice, but rather, a matter of fact kind of tone.

"Tch!" Natsu hissed "You're worse than that Ice freak over there!" he complained

"Hey!" Gray exclaimed

"Ryker" Dark said dangerously at the front of the tent entrance "Make sure they can't escape."

Ryker nodded, and his yellow-silver eyes flashed down at Amelia "What about you?" he asked the women.

Dark then grabbed Amelia, dragging her back to her feet roughly. Her silver eyes were full of contempt, and her voice was rich with annoyance.

"I have to deal with my Stubborn Apprentice!"

And with that, Dark spun around, and led both her and Amelia out of the tent. As they walked outside, Amelia could see all the stunned expressions of the people she used to call comrades. Some of them called out her name, while others just whispered urgently to each other. They all knew she was a traitor, but Amelia could care less right now, she never found this place as 'home'. Even if there were some people who Amelia had learned to trust, they were never her family. And looking up at Dark's shadowy expression, she felt her heart become heavy. The only family she ever wanted was Rogue, and now…..she might have just lost her only chance.

Rogue's POV

"She is my Apprentice!"

Dark's words kept repeating in Rogue's mind. He had hoped that what he heard was a mistake, that Amelia was actually just a lone girl, who had spent so long trying to find her lost brother. But as the Rebel guards were leading them to the containment field, he knew that this was actually happening.

Rogue thought back to Amelia's eyes when she first told Fairy Tail of this group. They were full of secrets.

"I guess her secret got out….."

As the group walked, Rogue found himself staring at the sky. Though covered mostly by the dense trees, he could pick out little faint traces of light and blue sky. He sighed to himself, suddenly missing his old life. "Yuno…..so much has happened since you left…."

Then, without thinking, Misaki flashed through his mind, and he quietly laughed emotionlessly to himself. "I was right…Amelia was no good…"

At his own words, he felt his heart damper slightly. He was just starting to like the idea of having a sister.

The group stopped all of a sudden, and Rogue snapped out of his thoughts to see a large metal cage standing in front of them. Though sturdy, Rogue noted that it looked rather easy to escape from. One by one, they were pushed into the large cage. Once all in side, the toothless guard smiled and locked the door.

"Is this a joke?" Cana scoffed, grabbing hold of the bars "We could easily escape from this!"

Ryker smiled, standing outside, and looking up at the brunet "I wouldn't be so sure of that."

Suddenly the spaces between the bars lit up, and a force field was put in the empty space.

"Escaping is rather impossible now." He then turned to face Rogue, an unreadable expression on his face. Rogue stared calmly at the silver mage, uninterested in what he had to say.

Suddenly a dark skinned little girl ran up to Ryker. Her spiky black hair jetted out in every direction, and her eyes dark brown. She wore a light brown leather dress, with a black symbol plastered on the front. She had an odd shaped wood chipped necklace around her neck that wrote "Forever" on it. Rogue's eyes narrowed looking closer at her, and was amazed. "She doesn't look older than 12….. There is someone that young in this wicked group?"

The girl looked so innocent as she pulled down on Ryker's shirt to get his attention. She held up a bowl of what looked like water, and was pointing at them. Ryker seemed to be hesitant at first, but he finally nodded his head. Slowly, he opened to the door to the cage and the girl hopped in there with the guild mages.

After Ryker shut the door again, he then turned and walked back to the tent, leaving the rebel girl alone with them. She stood there for a moment, staring at them with wide eyes. "She must be scared…..she has never seen guild mages before." Rogue noted.

Then he watched as the girl quickly shook her body, snapping out of her fear. She leaned down to the person closest to her, that being Laxus, and began to give him water. Rogue was impressed, Laxus could be rather intimidating at first glance, and lord knows Rogue was scared of the buff Lightening mage. But as Rogue watched the girl rub Laxus back as he sipped the water, he knew that she wasn't in the least frightened by them.

She then turned towards Cana once Laxus was done, and then to Mira after that, that whole time staying quiet.

After a while, she turned towards Rogue and she gave him the bowl of water. Nodding his thanks, he began to sip the fresh cold liquid.

"I'm Zoe" she said all of sudden, taking the bowl from Rogue once he was done.

Looking up at her, seeing her child like face, he nodded "My name is Rogue Cheney."

Zoe laughed, smiling in a cute way to Rogue "So she finally found you huh?"

Rogue tilted his head in confusion, his eyes questioning "W-What do you mean? Who found me?"

Zoe's hands went straight towards her odd shaped wood chip necklace, a soft smile on her face "My best friend. She was the only one who ever talked to me." Zoe sat down next to him, sitting cross legged as she continued.

"She is really smart! And Brave too! Dark trusted her more than anyone else here but…." Zoe dwindle with her fingers. "She had a secret wish that she would talk to me, and only me about…." She looked back up at him "All she ever wanted to do was find her older brother Rogue…"

Rogue let out a quiet sigh "She is talking about Amelia…."

Zoe began to stand up, the bowl of water in her hands "She had talked about leaving, and finding you. When she disappeared, I knew she had done it…"

Rogue was unable to respond. He had already decided that Amelia was the bad guy, hadn't he? And yet, sitting here, looking at the little girl, he felt an odd sense of guilt. The way the girl's eyes shined when she was talking about Amelia gave Rogue a new idea of who his sister actually was. If she could be an inspiration, or a hero to someone like this girl, maybe she wasn't so bad after all. Then Mira's voice broke Rogue out of concentrated thoughts.

"Zoe…" she said softly "If you don't mind me asking…..how old are you?"

Zoe stood up tall and proud, trying to look bigger. "I'm 13 years old. I was taken when I was just 3"

Mira's eyes widened as Zoe spoke. "You're 13? How young are people joining?!" she asked clearly surprised that such a young girl would join such a vulgar ideal. But Zoe merely shrugged her shoulders, coming close to Mira.

"That's normal for most of us now. We are usually taken when we are babies anyways."

"Taken" Laxus mused, leaning against the metal bars "That's the second time you have said that word."

Zoe stared at him, clearly confused "Yeah, it is how you become a part of this group."

"But what does 'Taken' mean?" Laxus asked her.

It was then, that Rogue noticed Zoe's eyes darken with sadness. She then sat close to Mira, wanting comfort.

"T-Taken…. It's…." Zoe started to say, her voice cracking. Mira placed a hand gently on her head, stroking it gently.

"It's all right…you can tell us." She said reassuring as Zoe played with her fingers. Finally, the young girl gave a long sigh, and her shoulders slumped in defeat.

"I- I can't... It's against the ru-"

"Tell them Zoe" a dark voice sounded, and Rogue spun around to see Ryker had returned, and was leaning up against the outside pole. He was staring straight out into the forest but his eyes were looking at the young girl.

"So fast…. And I couldn't even hear him coming with my Dragon hearing…" He stared at the silver hair mage with narrowed eyes "Just who is he?"

"R-Ryker…" Zoe stammered, looking at the older boy. Ryker nodded, not tearing his gaze from forward. "It's time someone knows the truth about your stupid Order."

Zoe then turned towards the group of Fairy Tail mages, a new sense of encouragement in her eyes.

"If you could probably guess, The Rebel order isn't very popular among most people." She said rather a matter of factly. "At first, this idea was big, and almost everyone wanted to be a part of it…but then, those popular guilds; Fairy Tail, Lamia Scale, Sabertooth, Blue Pegasus…..they started to recruit….and less and less people joined the Rebel's, some even left. To join the very thing we fought against, Oh Dark was more than upset." Rogue watched as Zoe brought her knees in closer to her body, her eyes growing darker.

"With less people joining….Dark resorted to other means of …..recruitment."

Natsu, now fully recovered from Ryker's attack narrowed his eyes at Zoe "What do you mean other means of recruitment?"

Zoe looked down at the ground through her legs "W-What they would do…is… they would find a village with children able to use magic. Once they found a village with children gifted with magic…they would surround them a- and…they would k-kill the parents….leaving the child defenseless... and then they would kidnap those kids…."

The whole group was deathly silent, hearing Zoe's words. The small girl buried her face in her hands

"That's why we use the word 'Taken'," she cried "It's because most of us here were kidnapped from our village as babies." Zoe began to cry harder now, and Mira wrapped her arms around her shoulders, in hopes to comfort.

Everyone was stunned speechless, including Rogue. He couldn't believe his ears. "These poor kids…."

Natsu punched his fists together, a dark look on his face. Steam rolled off his body in waves. "That bitch."

Ryker stood off in silence, but Rogue noted that his eyes were narrow, like he was thinking about something. But Rogue was snapped out of it when Natsu suddenly roared, running into the cage with his Fire Dragons Claw. Nothing happened, but then again…he didn't expect anything would.

Rogue felt a tug at his shirt, and turned to see Zoe look at him with red, puffy, worried eyes. "Where is Amelia?"

Amelia's POV

Dark had led her to her private quarters on the outskirts of camp. Once inside, Amelia could remember the wave of nostalgia that came to her. "Not just 3 weeks ago, I was in here….as Darks 'Master Assassin"

She hated that name. Dark had always referred her to that around other people, and every time she did, Amelia would have to deal with looks of envy and fear. It always made her feel…..unnatural.

"killing isn't something to be proud of.." Amelia thought to herself.

Dark had calmed down somewhat from their walk, and now they stood evenly, eye to eye, master to Apprentice. Dark crossed her arms a crossed her chest, and began tapping her foot rapidly, trying to think. All in that time, Amelia just stood there silently.

Finally, after what felt like hours, Dark lifted her head and let out a hearty laugh.

Amelia's red gaze narrowed "What's so funny?"

"Well you, obviously." Dark said pulling out a small tea cup, and filling it with her hot tea. "The fact that you thought you could leave us just like that." She shrugged her shoulder "Oh well you're here no-"

"Tch. I have no intention of coming back to you guys!" Amelia spat at her "I left, and that's how it's going to stay!"

Dark froze slightly, her mouth twisting into a dark smile. "You think it is just that easy?" She placed down her tea cup on the table. "Don't forget I taught you your magic."

"I won't ever use that magic you taught me anymore" Amelia said darkly "I don't need it."

"Oh? So what?" Dark asked "You're just going to stick with that weak Katana of yours?" She took a step towards her, and Amelia responded by flinching backwards.

"S-So what if I do?"

Dark shook her head slightly, her wicked smile growing "I think you need to remember just how powerful I actually am. " And with that, suddenly Amelia was in Dark's grasps. The white haired leader's eyes glinted.

"Dragon Slayer Art: Bone Dragons Roar!"

Amelia was thrown backwards by the powerful force coming at her, she was thrown outside of the tent and was tumbling through the dirt ground. Once stopping, Amelia began to cough out spurts of blood.

Dark stepped out of the tent soon afterwards, her smile big and sadistic. "How was that?"

Amelia, struggling to get up, whipped the blood from her face, letting out a small laughter. "A Dragons Roar, at full power, not even 2 feet away from your target. You always were a dirty fighter Dark."

Dark laughed "I thought out of anyone, you would understand me the most Amelia…. Me being a Dragon slayer, I never had a Mother. My mother was that of a dragon. I had no family" She walked closer to Amelia. "You had no family either….. We are the same."

Suddenly Amelia growled "We are not the same!" she snarled "I have a family! I can still have a life! You killed the only person in your family long ago! Dragon or not! That is still sick!"

Dark froze, looking at Amelia with a sly look. "Oh? But do you really have family? I'm pretty sure after today, your brother won't even want to be in the same room as you!" He voice was laced with hatred as she spoke. "You have nowhere to go!"

And with that, Dark Lunged for Amelia's throat.

Rogue's POV

Rogue watched as Natsu paced back and forth, his hand on his chin, in deep thought.

The others sat in silence with grim faces, and Zoe sighed next to him.

"If Dark has a hold of Amelia…Lord knows what she is doing to her." Zoe shivered in fear, causing Rogues heart to beat slightly faster. That stupid DNA brother part of him was becoming protective of his little sister, whether she was a traitor or not.

"Damnit!" Natsu growled stopping "I hate just sitting here! Dark could be torturing her right now!" He then turned to Rogue, a questionable look on his face. "Don't you even care Rogue?!"

To be honest, he did. But he still couldn't get over the fact that she had led them to this place, that she had been a part of this group, and that she has killed many people, helping Dark fulfill her disgusting recruitment searches.

"What's wrong with you?!" Natsu demanded "We should storm in there an-"

"Looks like you won't have to do that." Ryker said nodding with his head in the direction of a dusty old path "Look who's coming."

Turning his head in that direction, Rogue could see Dark ,and with relief, Amelia's jet black hair walking down. But something was wrong. His sister held her head down low, and her limp body was being carried to two additional guards. The smell of blood was strong.

Ryker's eyes widened in surprise

"Amelia!" Zoe cried

"Tch! You Bitch!" Natsu roared jamming his face against the bars "What did you do to our guild mate!?"

Darks sly smile widened as she nodded to the guards holding Amelia's body. "Just teaching her a lesson in Respect." The two guards threw Amelia at Ryker, who caught the limped girl with ease.

"Heal her" Dark said to the wolf slayer with a sadistic smile "I want her all better by our next 'session'."

Ryker stared at Dark, his eyes uncertain. But finally he nodded. Dark then turned back around, heading back to camp.

"W-Wait! Dark!" Mira called, snapping out of her grief at seeing Amelia " You're a Dragon Slayer right? You must be careful!"

At this, the women stopped walking, and turned her head slightly to look at Mira, her silver eyes narrow. "From what guild trash?"

"The reason we came here was because there is a group…a powerful family….who seemed to be kidnapping Dragon Slayers…" Mira stuttered on her words looking at the women. "They probably know about you, they will go after you eventually."

Dark eyes hardened over as she looked at her. She let out hearty laugh, and began to walk back to camp. "I know that stupid girl! I have already invested into a strategy for when they will come. You should be more focus on keeping my Apprentice alive, or else all of you will die."

"This women….does she really not have a heart at all?" Rouge asked himself.

Then suddenly, hearing the door open, Rogue turned to see Ryker carrying Amelia on his back into the cage. He laid her gently on the ground, and his hands began to glow. He surrounded Amelia's body with that same glow, and slowly but surely, Rogue began to notice her cuts healing.

Zoe ran to Amelia's side, clutching her uninjured hand. Rogue followed much slower, but stood next to Zoe, watching his sister's face contort in pain and discomfort.

"Wolf Slaying magic…." He murmured to Ryker "Just what is it?"

Ryker didn't answer him at first, he continued to focus on healing Amelia, but finally, he gave out a long sigh. "I don't even know myself….." His healing hands began to work from Amelia's wounded shoulders, towards her face. "I just know that I can do almost anything I want to with it."

"Anything you want?" Rogue thought to himself "Can he really do everything?"

Suddenly movement from Amelia snapped Rogue out of his thoughts, and he looked down to see the color return to her face, her breathing becoming more and more stable. Slowly, she opened her eyes.

"Zoe…." She murmured "You're here"

"Shhhh" Zoe said through tears "Save your energy….You got banged up pretty bad this time…" she clutched her hand tighter.

But Amelia didn't seem to hear her. "I'm sorry I never came back for you like I promised….I-It's just after finding Fairy Tail, things got a little crazy…."

Zoe laughed quietly "I understand Amelia…I'm just happy to see you" she leaned down and gave the injured girl a big hug, careful not to hurt her further. Looking past Zoe, Amelia's eyes drifted to Rogue, and he felt his heart heavy.

"Rogue…." She managed to say. Rogue stood back up, his fists clenching in anger. He felt his whole body tensing up.

"Why?" he asked "Why didn't you tell me the truth?" he managed to ask through clenched teeth.

Amelia's mouth gaped open, but no words came out. She seemed to struggle to find the words. Finally, she just closed her eyes, shaking her head.

"Tch!" He said "Fine, Don't answer me!" and he turned away, walking towards the edge of the cage from her.

The whole group fell silent after that. Ryker continued to heal Amelia, who was too ashamed to say anything.




Finally, Amelia began to try and stand up from where she was at. She stumbled once or twice, but once she did, she turned her face up toward Rogue, desperation and sadness in her voice.

" Fine. I will talk. Dark Stole me when I was just a baby…" Amelia mumbled to the group, tears flowing down her face. "I was just a helpless baby…."

Natsu growled, forgetting what Amelia had done. He placed a hand on her shoulders, looking directly at Rogue.

"She has been through a lot Rogue…." MiraJane spoke up "Maybe we should-"

But Rogue stopped her by throwing his Katana in the air. His red eyes full of anger.

"Then everything you told me was a lie?! Did are mother even exists?!" he walked forwards, shoving Natsu off of her and took hold of her injured shoulders "Are you even my sister?!"

Amelia gaped at his words, anger filling up in her eyes. "How can you even ask that?!" her voice was full of hurt. "Of course I am your sister!"

"How can I believe you?!" he demanded. He saw Amelia's fist clench into tight little balls, and she quickly rushed forwards, grabbing hold of Rogue by his shirt.

"I remember everything! I don't understand how you don't! I was a baby, Rogue. A Baby, and I still remembered!" Rogue saw tears flowing steadily from her raged filled eyes.

"We grew up in a small village, our father was a farmer, and mother was a stay at home wife. We were poor! But I remembered everyone's smiles." Her hands began to shake furiously "But then Dark found us, they attack our village, killed our parents! That's when they took me!"

"Well if they took you, why didn't they take me too?!" Rogue demanded.

"I don't know!" she cried desperately, "None of it makes sense I know! But it is the truth! Why would I have these memories if it wasn't?!"

Rogue stopped, and stared at Amelia, his anger subsiding. "Am I wron-"

But he immediately stopped thinking, as his Dragon senses began to kick in. "What Is that? It smells like smoke…." Rogue snapped his head up to the forest sky, and sure enough saw smoke rising from the direction of the camp. He then turned towards Natsu, his eyes wide.

"Something is wrong."

Natsu nodded, his hairs on the back of his neck standing on edge. "That's too much smoke for one camp.."

Sensing the change in atmosphere, Amelia let Rogues shirt go, and turned back towards Natsu. "What is it?" she asked urgently. Natsu didn't answer at first, he was too focused on his senses.

"This magic…" Rogue thought to himself "I have felt this somewhere before….."

Finally, it came to him. "Minerva!"

"It's Minerva guys!" Rogue growled to the group "Minerva is attack the camp!"

Ryker jumped to his feet, opening the door to the cage. "Everyone out!"

Amelia stared at him, distrust in her voice. "Why are you letting us go?"

Ryker let out an exasperated sigh "Because if I leave you here, most of you will die, and I'm not one for causing peoples death! Besides…" he gave Amelia a sly look "I still want my money for capturing you, Treasure."

Rogue watched as Amelia's face contorted into annoyance "Stop calling me that!"

"Anyway.." Ryker said ignoring her "Get out, while I still have the heart."

Without hesitating, everyone piled out of the cage. Mira pointed to the right of them "Lets head this wa-"

She was stopped dead when suddenly the forest floor that she had been pointing at erupted into flames.

"You're not going anywhere Fairy Scum!" A dark voice called overhead, and the group looked up to See Minerva flying on top of the same Dragon that Fear had used to attack them from the Grand Magic Games.

"Minerva…" Rogue growled seeing his ex-guild member. Minerva gave a wicked smile back at him "Long time no see Rogue…I see you joined Fairy Tail after all…..how's that best friend of yours? Missing his little cat yet?"

"You Bitch…" he snarled. He felt Amelia come up next to him, and he felt her body tense up ridged.

"Dark!" Amelia called, seeing her former Master's limp body hanging in the jaws of the Dragon. Minerva laughed out loud. "Your friend here was rather pathetic…..She thought that her little plan could stop me."

Zoe fell to the ground on her knees "No way…" her brown eyes were wide with astonishment "Dark lost…"

"Tch!" Natsu snarled "You're working for them aren't you?!" His body erupted into immense flames, his anger rising. "You sold your guild to work for those bastards!"

Minerva gave him a sly smirk "Well what do you expect? This family your fighting against is rather powerful….I always side for the group that will win…you have no hope. Just give Rogue and yourself up and I will spare everyone. "

"Tch!" Natsu growled, punching his fists together "Fire Dragons Cla-"

"No Natsu!" Laxus growled at him "We can't fight her! It might be a trap!" He began ushering the group towards the forest away from the fight. "We need to leave now!"

Natsu stood, staring at Minerva with Fury in his eyes. Ryker was the one who finally placed a hand on Natsu's shoulders. His silver and yellow eyes rock hard with determination.

"Go. I'll fight her off" he said.

Natsu's eyes widened in shock "You sure?"

Ryker nodded, getting in his battle stance "I can take her." Zoe walked up next to him, the same determination in her eyes "This is our job."

Rogue stared at the two of them, both shock and worry in his eyes. But finally he nodded to Natsu, deciding to trust them "Let's go Natsu.."

Natsu was hesitant, but finally he nodded and they started to run after Laxus and the others. He realized then that Amelia kept staring back at the two who were fighting for them, a look of guilt on her face.

"Oh no you don't!" Minerva yelled, and the Dragon open its mouth to let out another Fireball, aimed straight for them. He heard Amelia growl to herself.

"I guess I have to use my magic after all…." She said.

Suddenly the world around Rogue slowed down, and he watched in horror was Amelia stopped running, and turned to face the big Fireball. She was defenseless, and Rogue couldn't run back to her in time.

Suddenly Amelia's body contorted in a strange way, It began to bend back and forth, until finally Amelia pulled out what looked like a rib bone from her body. Her eyes were dark and cold as she stood off with the incoming Fireball.

"She is a Bone Manipulation user!" Rogue thought with Astonishment.

"Bone Magic" she chanted "Magical rebound!" and she lifted the bone sword high in the air. Suddenly just as the Fireball hit her bone sword, it began to glow, and all of a sudden the Ball was headed in the opposite direction now, towards Minerva, though the devil women dodged it with ease.

"Tch!" she growled at them "Stay out of this fight….all I want are the Dragon Slayer!"

Amelia smiled, placing the sword behind her neck. Ryker jumped from where he was and stood next to her, Zoe on the other side. All held pure determination in their eyes.

"Too bad, Because one of those Dragon Slayers is my brother!" Amelia growled. Rogue froze when he noticed her talking about him. He saw her turn her head slightly so that he could see one of her eyes. She gave a weak side smile at him as she spoke.

"And no matter what. I won't let you have him!"

Rogue suddenly felt like the worst brother in the world, looking at his sister. "Amelia…."

"Go Rogue!" she suddenly growled turning back towards Minerva "We will handle it from here!"

"But wh-" he started to say, but Amelia stopped him by grabbing hold of her Katana, now holding both swords in her hands.

"I said GO!"

He felt Natsu place a hand on his shoulders "Rogue" he said reassuringly "She will be fine. We have to go."

Rogue continued to stare at Amelia's back, his mind racing. Finally he nodded, "Yeah" and the duo turned around and fled towards the forest.

"You better come back Amelia….we need to finish our conversation"

Amelia's POV

Amelia heard Ryker laugh quietly, a big grin on his face.

"What's so funny?" Amelia asked him, holding both her bone sword, and her katana. She had them both facing threateningly against this crazy women . Ryker cracked his knuckles in response, getting in his battle position, with his hands glowing.

"Oh nothing." He mused "It's just…Bone Manipulation?" he smirked "Just what else are you hiding from me Treasure?"

"Tch! Stop calling me that!" she growled back at him.

"Uhhh guys.." Zoe's small voice said on the other side of her "We kind of have an opponent we need to worry about." Suddenly Amelia's side erupted in throbbing, and she winced at the pain. Ryker noticed it and his eyes narrowed "Your injuries from Dark are still too serious for you to be fighting…" he warned

Amelia shook herself, trying to forget the pain. "I don't care…I will fight." The three stood off against Minerva, the women's smile turning that into a disapproval frown.

"Hmph!" Amelia smirked "You think the three of us together look intimidating enough? I would be scared if I were her."

"Oh" Ryker smirked " Most definitely"

The Dragon opened its mouth again, this time with more force.

"Let's end this quickly!"

Next Time on The Road to Life:

Natsu and the other erupted from the front door, all their faces tired and full of panic.

"Laxus!" Master said seeing his grandson "What's the matter?!" he demanded "Where is Amelia?"

Laxus took a second to catch his breath "M-Minerva at-attack the camp…..A-Amelia is fi-fighting her now."

"Minerva…." Sting growled. "She still needs to pay for killing Lector."

"Master please!" Rogue spoke up "We need to help her!"

"I know, I know Rogue, you're worried about your sister I get it."

"Sister?" Stings eyes widened in Shock "Since when doesn't Rogue have a sister?!"

"I'll go!" Misaki offered with a wave of her hand. But Master shook his head.

"We can't afford any Dragon Slayers of Lucy to fall into their hands…."

Rogue growled at him "Then what do we do?!"

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