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The Dragon opened its mouth again, this time with more force.

"Let's end this quickly!"

Chapter 22: The Mark of Fairy Tail

Amelia's POV

Minerva laughed maliciously, standing high on the animated dragons head. Her eyes glared down and hard on the three young mages that stood below her, raising her hand into the air threateningly.

"What is a rag tag bunch like you guys going to do?" she challenged them with a glint in her eye. "You are no match for me." She added with a tone of arrogance.

"Hmph!" Amelia grunted with a nervous smile on her face, "Don't underestimate us." She leaned forward; ready to strike "You have no idea in what you are getting yourself into."

Minerva's smile faltered into a slight frown as Amelia did not give in, her eyes grew colder and full of distaste, Amelia began to see magic forming from her hands.

"Hey Amelia!" Zoe whispered urgently next to her, "What IS our plan exactly?" Amelia turned slightly to see her brown eyes her wide with fear as she stared up at the women. She could see the girl tremble slightly as she spoke, and Amelia felt her eyes soften as she looked at her. Placing her hand gently on Zoe's shoulder, Amelia smiled slightly "Don't worry, I will protect you" she said reassuringly. Zoe turned and looked up at her friend, her eyes slightly hopeful.

"Still" Ryker said, interrupting the girl's moment "A women and a Dragon? You better have a damn good idea, Treasure"

"Tch!" Amelia growled turning towards the infuriating mage "You don't have to stay you know Dog!"

Hearing the conversation passing between them, Minerva growled slightly. Suddenly the Dragons mouth opened up, a huge magical ray powering up. Snapping back to the fight, Amelia's eyes flashed at the sight and quickly lunged forward with her two swords.

"Ryker! Back me up!" She called looking back "We are taking the fight directly towards Minerva!"

She saw Ryker nod and rushed forward until he was on the other side of her, his hands glowing bright with magical powers. The Dragons magic was almost at its breaking point, and Amelia turned towards Zoe.

"Zoe!" she yelled "Cover us!"

The girl nodded raising her hands in the air, and closing her eyes. "Chain magic: Metal Lock!"

Suddenly, multiple metal chains busted forth from under the ground, whipping around widely. Amelia watched with a leap of joy as Zoe's chains latched onto the Dragons wings, dragging it to the ground.

Amelia could hear Minerva curse loudly as the dragon hit the ground, and Amelia's heart beat raced as she got closer to her target. "This is my chance!"

But as she raised her bone sword in the air, Amelia felt the space around her move, and suddenly her neck was in the grip of Minerva's hands.

Amelia's eyes widened slightly as she felt the air leave her body. "B-But how?" she managed to cough out.

Minerva's smile grew more vicious, and her eyes looked at Amelia with eagerness. Pulling her close, Minerva whispered in her ear "I have War God magic girl." She pulled Amelia away slightly, her grip around her neck tightening. "Do your facts before you attack."

"Amelia!" she vaguely heard Zoe call

This time, Minerva's hands began to close with more force and Amelia began to feel dizzy as no air came to her brain. She could feel her body grow limp, starting from her feet, and her red eyes slowly started to close.

"T-This women…..So strong…."

Suddenly Amelia felt a gust of wind, and the pressure around her neck vanished completely. She began to gasp for the rich air, coughing on the overload. Amelia could feel someone's hands gripping onto her tightly, and she opened her eyes to find Ryker's usual bored smirk on his face. She turned her head to see Minerva lying on the ground with blood coming out of her nose.

Amelia blinked a few times in order to see if what she was seeing was the actual truth.

"Sorry scary lady" Ryker said with smug face towards Minerva "I'm afraid I can't let you hurt my money."

Minerva laughed heartily as she stumbled back up. "You damn Dog; I'll teach you a lesson in respect."

Ryker then slowly put Amelia back on the ground, his smirk vanishing completely. He stared at Minerva with an uninterested look on his face. Standing next to him, Amelia couldn't help but feel a dangerous presences coming from the Wolf Slayer, and she herself almost felt afraid. She gave Ryker a sideways glance. "What's up with this Dog anyways? He tries to kidnap me, and then he saves me….."

All of a sudden, Amelia felt a rumble underneath their feet, and she quickly snapped out of her thoughts. She realized, with a jolt of dismay that the Zoe powers began to grow weaker on the Dragon, and it began to tear through the metal chains.

"Tch!" she growled at herself, turning towards Ryker. "Can you handle things here?"

The silver haired mage only nodded, not taking his eyes off of Minerva "I got it."

Amelia hesitated for a moment looking at him, but quickly shook it off, running towards the dragon. Its large body was now almost free of its metal barrier and was now able to open its mouth for another large attack.

Amelia rushed forward, raising her Katana in the air, and slashing the Dragon on its mouth with force. However it only ended up leaving a scratch and Amelia jumped back, panting a little. The Dragon took no damage, and continued to rage forward from the Chains grasp.

"Tch! How do you beat a Dragon?!"

Suddenly the Dragon gave a roar and rushed forward, catching Amelia totally off guard. It raised its claws high in the air ready to strike down on her, and she froze, unable to move.

"Shit Shit Shit!"

All of a sudden, a large metal wall of chains shot from under the ground, blocking the dragons razor sharp claws from ripping through her. Turning around, Amelia sighed with relief and she saw Zoe's small black hands glowing.

"Chain Magic" she concluded through panting breaths "Metal Barrier".

Amelia gave a weak, apologetic smile "You saved me, Thanks Zoe."

Zoe shook her head, her brown eyes weak from her tiredness "It's not over yet, Ryker is having troubles against that women…." She trailed off looking in his direction.

Looking back at Ryker's fight, Amelia saw with indeed panic the Wolf Slayer being pushed around by Minerva's magical attacks. He seemed to be struggling fighting her after all, and gasped slightly as Minerva's magic threw him across the field.

Amelia felt her hand grip her bone sword tighter as she looked then turned back to the powerful creature that had now recovered from Zoe's block, and began thrashing around wildly. She felt her mind working out various problems, and finally an idea popped into her mind. She rushed forwards towards the dragon again, this time with her bone sword glowing. "Come on you stupid Dragon….come on and attack me!"

Amelia's heart lifted as she saw the Dragons mouths open wide, readying its roar. "Yes"!

Quickly, the dragon let its powerful attack, and not too soon because she could see Ryker falling to the ground from Minerva's attack, beaten badly. She headed straight towards the large beam, and her bone sword began to glow brightly. "I need to get the precise angle!"

"Magical Rebound!" Amelia called, deflecting the attack with her sword. She sent the large beam straight for Minerva, hitting the woman directly on her body, and sending her flying.

Amelia landed back on the ground awkwardly, and a shooting pain shot up from her leg.

"Arggh!" she clenched her teeth hard, wincing from the immense pain. Her eyes drifted towards the injured Ryker, who didn't move once from falling. She gritted her teeth, and slowly got up from the ground, the pain from her leg getting worse and worse. Finally, she couldn't go any farther, and stumbled right next to Ryker.

Seeing the once arrogant mage now beaten to the point of exhaustion both alarmed and calmed Amelia down. "So he isn't as invincible as we thought."

Against the protestation of her body, Amelia slowly threw the boy's body over her shoulder. She clenched her teeth in pain, but quickly rushed as fast as she could to an exhausted Zoe.

"We need to go!" she exclaimed, pulling on her arm forwards.

Zoe looked back, seeing Minerva, bruised, but still in fighting condition getting up from where she landed. The Dragon also began to snap out of the daze.

"But what about the-"

"No time!" Amelia said, cutting in. "This Damn dog is hurt, we need to retreat for now!" Amelia ran forward, through her pain, and through an unconscious dog on her shoulder, she found an opening through the trees and ran forward. Disappearing in the forest over growth.

Sting's POV

Sting groaned with irritation, with his head slumped on the bar table.

"I haven't even been in Fairy Tail for more than an hour and I already have a headache….."

Just within that first hour of coming into the guild, Gajeel challenged him….3 times… that Misaki girl yelled at him, and the rest of the members just stared at him with distrustful eyes.

"And here I thought joining this guild would be fun…." He muttered under his breath

He sat lazily on the chair and awkwardly asked the short white haired mage for some water. "Her name is Lisanna….right? The girl Natsu likes…" He mentally slapped himself hard on the face "If I'm going to be here, I got to learn everyone's name…."

He looked up to see Lisanna give him a hopeful smile, passing the water. "Don't worry Sting-kun" she gave him a sly wink "Since you're with our Lucy-san, you'll fit right in."

Sting looked up at her, not responding, and gave her a single nod of thanks.

"Well I don't know about that." a bad-tempered voice growled behind him, and Sting groaned again, knowing exactly who it was. He spun around in his chair to face the big Metal Dragon Slayer's eager looking face.

"I'm not fighting you Gajeel." Sting said, his voice laced with both tiredness and impatience. "What is wrong with this guild? Always wanting to fight one another…Jesus!"

The Tall Dragon Slayer gave a smirk, cracking his knuckles "Gehee. One thing you are going to have to learn about this guild if you're to join is that no one backs down from a fight."

Sting placed a hand on his chin in boredom "So you're saying I HAVE to fight you?"

Gajeel nodded, placing in hands to his sides "It's how we communicate with each other."

Lisanna placed a hand near Sting, her face slightly worried "Sting-kun you don't have t-"

But Sting gave a long sigh, and slowly stood up from his chain. He turned to face the Metal Dragon Slayer with a wide smirk, and cracked his neck "You're going to regret challenging me Metal breath." His hands began to glow brightly, readying his magic.

"Gehee" he said smiling, lowering his body in order to strike "Bring it on White Dragon trash"

However, as Sting was about to charge forward, the blue haired bookworm that Sting could only guess was Gajeel's girl appeared next to him quickly pulling on his ear.

"Owow!" Gajeel yelped, falling to the ground, and holding his now red ear. He looked up at the petite mage, who placed her hands on her hips. "What's the big idea shorty?!"

"Gajeel!" she said sternly "Don't go picking fights with members who haven't even been here more than a day!"

Gajeel looked up at Levy with an innocent looking face, pointing towards Sting. "But it's Sabertooths Dragon….we have known him a while."

Levy threw her hands up into the air with suddenly irritation, and she turned her back towards him, a sour look on her face. "That's not the point baka"

Seeing the two bicker made Sting freeze in his tracks, and he could feel a small smile appear on his face. Suddenly, he fell to the ground in a roar of laughter.

Gajeel's face tweaked and glared at the laughing Sting "Something funny?"

Sting couldn't answer because he was laughing too much. He hugged his sides in pain and he felt tears in his eyes from his laugher. "Fairy Tail is something else…."

"Seems like you're enjoying yourself" a soft voice said, as the sound footsteps became louder. Sting opened his eyes to see the slender shape of Lucy standing over him, a wide grin on her face. Next to her stood their master, old and wrinkly as always.

"Sting Eucliffe." Master said grimly, and Sting automatically sat up straight, all signs of laughter disappeared. He could feel his muscles tense up as he look at the old Master, and his heart raced. Back in Sabertooth, Sting would often make fun of the tiny Master and his weak guild, but now being up close to him Sting could see why Makarov Dreyar had earned the title of Fairy Tail master. Just the sheer magical power coming from him was intimidating to Sting, and he had to bite back a flinch.

"Y-Yes?" he stuttered slightly, trying to look up at him. His face was grim, and his eyes were unreadable. Sting felt his body on edge nervous for what he was about to say.





Sting sat there, dumbfounded. Makarov had one of the widest grins on his face, and Sting stared up at him in confusion.


Master slapped Sting on back, and Sting had to try and not fall over.

"Welcome my dear boy! Fairy Tail welcomes you with open arms!" He gave a jovial laugh, and threw Sting a sly smile "Besides, with you, Fairy Tail now has 7 Dragon Slayer! Now no one will question our power!"

Sting sweat dropped at him, but couldn't help but give a small smile of appreciation. He looked at the whited haired master with a sort of new found respect. He never got this feeling of warmth and happiness from Jiemma, never.

Standing up, he took hold of Makarov hand, gripping it hard. "I won't let you down….Master.."

He could feel Lucy's warm smile on him, and tried hard not blush. "Slowly but surely…..I'm changing my character for the better….."

Lisanna walked next to him, holding a stamper in her hands and a smile. "Where would you like your mark?"

Sting thought for a moment, and turned to his left shoulder where his old marks use to be. "I don't want anywhere near where Sabertooths mark was…Place it on my other shoulder please."

She nodded, and gently pushed the Stamper on his right shoulder, popping off was a fresh new white Fairy Tail guild mark. Lucy walked up to him and smiled, placing her hand on the new mark. "So it's happening…." He spoke to her in their connected minds "You got me to join Fairy Tail after all Blondie"

Lucy laughed quietly, touching his new mark "You're blonde too, and you know you always wanted to" She responded, sticking her tongue out at him.

Sting laughed and looked around at the gathering people "Thank you everybody." Though it then hit him that his best friend was not there, and he looked around. "Hey where's Rogu-"

Suddenly Natsu and the other erupted from the front door, all their faces tired and full of panic.

"Laxus!" Master exclaimed, turning away from Sting, seeing his grandson "What's the matter?!" he demanded, looking at the breathless bunch. "Where is Amelia?" He asked afterwards, noticing one member missing

Laxus took a second to catch his breath and Sting stared at the group, astonishment in his eyes. "What could have made them run away like that? It's Fairy Tail after all…."

"M-Minerva at-attack the camp" Laxus started to say, standing up awkwardly "She is working with Fear to get us Dragon Slayers." He gave his grandfather a grim and tired look "Amelia is fighting her now."

"Minerva…." Sting growled. "She still needs to pay for killing Lector." Finally, Sting saw his partner in the back of the group, panting hard for air. But Rogue didn't seem to see him behind Gajeels large body because the Shadow Dragon Slayer shot his head up, giving Master a look of worry and alarm.

"Master please!" Rogue spoke up "We need to help her!"

"I know, I know Rogue, you're worried about your sister I get it."

"Sister?" Stings eyes widened in Shock "Since when doesn't Rogue have a sister?!"

It was then, that Sting saw the black haired Misaki run up to Rogue, her eyes full of concern as she helped Rogue.

"I'll go!" she offered with a wave of her hand giving Rogue a look of reassurance. But Master only shook his head.

"We can't afford any Dragon Slayers or Lucy to fall into their hands…." He said, placing his hand on his chin in thought.

Sting was trying to wrap his brain around everything that happened so fast. "Alright, Alright. So they went off somewhere, Minerva attacked wherever the heck they were. Someone named Amelia stayed behind…and ROGUE HAS A SISTER?!"

He turned and gave Lucy a dumbfounded look, but she only nodded her head, giving him a knowing look.

Rogue growled at Master "Then what do we do?!"

Master shook his head "Nothing for now."

"WHAT?!" Both Natsu, and Rogue snarled "You can't be serious!"

"Yea master," Lucy spoke up, waving her hand "We can't just let Amelia defend herself alone against Minerva!" she shudder slightly, and Sting remembered guiltily about Lucy's own run in with the Saber monster.

But Master didn't budge, and Sting watched as he threw Fairy Tails signature sign with two fingers into the air.

"Amelia is strong. She bears the mark of her guild." No one responded, and the guild grew deathly silent. "Phantom Lord. The Tower of Heaven. Oracion Seis. Edolas. Grimore Heart. So many times we have been underestimated and yet….. We pull through in the end!"

Sting watched as Lucy turned her gaze down to her pink guild mark, her eyes suddenly full of warmth. Then he noticed Natsu touch his red mark, Gray to his, Wendy to hers. All of them smiling suddenly.

"The mark of Fairy Tail is strong." Master continued with a loud voice "Amelia is never alone even when it seems she is."

Sting found himself staring up at his new Master, his eyes wide with astonishment and awe. He watched as the small man walked up to Rogue, with a confident smile "She will be alright Rogue….."

On impulse, Sting finally stood out from Gajeels body, revealing himself to the group with a big goofy grin. "Yeah Rogue, listen to Master."

Rogue turned and saw Sting, his face automatically lighting up. Frosch stood up from the side near Cyrstal, Happy, Charla, and Lilly. "Surprise! Sting-kun is back!"

"Oh great" Sting heard Gray mutter.

Rogue quickly ran to his friend, placing a hand on his shoulders, and giving him a warm smile "It's good to see your back."

"Hmph!" Sting grunted, smirking. He turned his body to the side, revealing his new white Fairy Tail mark. He gave the group an arrogant wink, and a thumbs up "And I am here to stay!"

Laxus gave a curt nod "Good to have you"

Mira gave a leap of joy "Yay! Lucy-sans boyfri-" she couldn't finish because suddenly Natsu jumped high in the air, an excited grin on his face.


Sting sweatdropped suddenly, an irritated look on his face. "Not this crap again…."

Amelia's POV

After finding a place in the forest to hide, Amelia laid an unconscious Ryker up against the tree, and between her and Zoe, managed to make a fire.

Settling down on the grass, Amelia looked up into the sky, realizing that it was now pitch black night, and the stars shined brightly overhead. Suddenly a low grumble came from Amelia's stomach, and Zoe giggled lightly.

"You're the same I see. " The dark skinned girl looked out to the forest "It's getting late" she started to say, getting up "I'm going to try and find us some food."

Amelia turned her gaze towards her friend, concern in her eyes "Be careful. That witch is still out there looking for us."

Zoe nodded, giving her a small wink "Don't worry, I will be back soon" And disappeared into the blackness of the night.

Amelia sighed, now along with the passed out Ryker, she had multiple issues to deal with. One; she was stranded in the forest. 2; some psychotic witch of a woman was after her, with a 13 year old girl and a flea bitten comatose dog. Dark was captured. Finally, she still had to deal with Fairy Tail and Rogue when she got back from this mess.

Amelia groaned out loud in frustration, and lay on her back, staring at the stars.

"Why did I even join Fairy Tail?" she asked herself, her voice was rich with resentment towards herself. "I shouldn't have left in the first place. If I hadn't, Rogue and the others wouldn't even have been here. I'm such a baka for leaving!"

Suddenly she grew silent, thinking to her own words. Realizing what she said, Amelia shook her head in defeat. "But I always wanted to find Rogue….I know it was right for me to leave but…."

"Didn't anyone tell you talking to yourself is creepy?" a weak, soft voice said.

Amelia turned her red gaze to find Ryker's tired eyes staring down at her.

"Hmph!" she grunted, crossing her arms across her chest and sitting back up. "I see the Dog is awake."

Ryker's eyes glinted at her, and he tried to get up. But Amelia was noticing his eyes wincing in pain as he stood, and collapsed back on the ground in a fit of pain.

"Careful you baka!" she growled at him, running to his side "You're still hurt!"

She could see Ryker look at her with questioning eyes, and he tilted his head slightly. "What exactly happened?" he asked, rubbing his head in pain. Amelia sat back down near the fire, looking at him. "You mean you don't remember?

He shook his head slightly "Not a bit….I remember saving you then nothing." His voice was full of wonder as he looked at her, and Amelia sharply turned her gaze away, turning to the stars.

"Minerva got the best of you" she said simply, not looking at him. Ryker didn't seem to respond, and suddenly Amelia felt guilty for using those words. "He is one of those pride is everything kind of guy huh? Stupid baka…." She quickly turned back towards him, giving him a small smirk.

"You got your ass handed to you by her." Amelia quickly stuck her tongue out at him, emphasizing her point. "Stupid dog"

She saw Rykers silver and yellow eye glint under the firelight, and Amelia gave a small shudder. "Still….he is kind of creepy."

"That Minerva chick is stronger than she looks." Ryker said quietly, looking out into the forest "She was right…we did have no idea what we were getting ourselves into."

Somehow, the sincerity that was found in Rykers voice rubbed Amelia the wrong way, and suddenly she tensed her muscles up in frustration.

"It doesn't matter," she said sharply "I WILL protect Rogue and Fairy Tail, even if it means fighting a psychotic witch demon and her dragon."

There grew an awkward silence between the two, and Amelia took her irritation out on the grass around her, pulling out large tuffs of the green.

She heard the Wolf Slayer shuffle slightly against the tree, trying to get more comfortable she guessed.

"Why are you so adamant about protecting that guild of yours?" Ryker asked suddenly, pure curiosity in his voice. Amelia quickly looked up from her mess of pulled-out grass, looking at him with distasteful eyes.

"Because," She started to say, tension in her voice. "They are good people, unlike you." "How dare he ask me that question! I don't need to explain myself to a lowly dog!"

To even further her annoyance, Ryker pretended not to hear her answer. "I mean….You were a murderer. A Master Assassin." He mused "People like you don't care about others."

Amelia glared at him, the twig in her hand suddenly snapping "I hate this dumb dog."

She let out a big exasperated sigh, getting to her feet. "I give up. Say what you want flea-brain." Turning her back to him, she turned her head slightly to give him a steely look "You don't know me. I have my own reasons as to why." Ryker's eyes met her gaze steadily, and she saw his eyes flashed down to see her arms trembling in anger. "What are those reasons?" he asked casually.

Amelia glared at him harder, her whole body tensing up. "Bastard…. Like I would ever talk to you about this! You're still my enemy!"

However, looking down at him, sitting peacefully against the tree, Amelia realized that his gaze held no resentment, just cold hard curiosity.

Giving up, she finally relaxed her body, sighing. Letting go of her anger, she then turned her head back to the sky, a disheartened frown on her face.

"I feel like I failed him…." She mumbled quietly


"Who else flea-brain!" she snapped harshly "My brother!"

"Ahh yea…" Ryker said knowingly "The black haired Dragon Slayer with an attitude problem." He paused "He seems like a cheery guy."

Amelia couldn't help but smile slightly at that. "Yea…" she mused, thinking of a happy memory of them. "He may have forgotten me, but…." She raised her hand into the air, like she was inspecting it. "There are memories, in my head. We had so much fun back then…"

She could hear Ryker snort behind her.

"For being a baby, you sure do remember a lot."

Amelia smiled up at the night, "Yeah. I remember everything…..that's why I feel like I failed him." She shuffled her feet on the ground awkwardly before continuing. "If I hadn't left him, I feel like his life could have been so much more different. He wouldn't have lived through the pain of being without a family, we could've been a happily little family." She paused, slightly tensing her fists into tight little balls "That's why I want to protect Fairy Tail. I can see now that they will be his family…and….even if he pushes me out of his life, I want to protect them….to make up for leaving him…I will let him have the family he always wanted.."

Ryker let out an impatient grunt, slowly turning his gaze towards the Fire. "Stupid Treasure. You were just a baby when Dark stole you. You're blaming yourself for something that was clearly out of your hands."

Amelia turned back towards him, a weak, apologetic smile. "What can I say? I tend to blame myself for everything."

Ryker stared at her for a second, his eyes flashing. Then suddenly he laughed without emotion, and smirked down at the ground, obviously thinking about something. It was then, that Amelia finally sat down again, giving him a confident look.

"Now it's my turn to ask you a question."

"Hmph!" Ryker snorted "I don't remember agreeing to that"

"Too bad." Amelia said, sticking her tongue out "Now," she peered at him with her red eyes narrowing slightly "Why are you working for Dark?"

Ryker seemed genuinely surprised by her question, as he turned back to look over at her. "That's what you want to know?" he asked with slight astonishment in his voice, his eyes widened slightly. Amelia nodded, "What else is there to know?" she asked innocently, and Ryker stared at her, raising an eye brow at her. "Oh I don't know.." he said sarcastically "About my powers, Where I came from, What Wolf Slaying is, who my parents are...any of those could do…and yet you decide to ask me about my career choices?" he began laughing slightly "Man Treasure, you really are weird."

"Hey I resent that! I am not that weird!" Amelia exclaimed, trying to defend herself. Her gaze switch back into a slightly serious look. "I only ask because that night you attacked me,…you said all these things about the rebels…you talked about how we were a crime against humanity…"

"Well you are.." he answer quietly.

"Well then." She crossed her arms "Why were you hanging out with them, acting like you were one?"

Amelia noticed Rykers body tense, and she felt his demeanor suddenly change. "Don't get confused thoughts in your head." He retorted "'I only stayed because Dark was offering a huge bounty for you, and I wanted to get that." Her eyes flashed down at his trembling hands "I don't want anything to do with your dumb group! The way Dark treats everybody is just…." Amelia's eyes widened as she noticed anger brimming in his eyes. "So he does get angry…"

She then mentally slapped herself in theface "Baka! Of course he gets angry."

She took a step towards him, holding out a hand to him. "Then how about a truce." She said with her red eyes thoughtful as he looked up at her.


"Truce." She said simply "You hate the Rebels, and I want nothing more to do with them." She waved her offering hand slightly to emphasize her deal. "There is no reason to fight each other anymore Ryker."

Ryker continued to stare at her offered hand, thinking about what those words meant. Then slowly but surely, he reached out, grabbing it. However, instead of letting go, and got up, still holding her hand, and quickly twisted her wrist hard. Amelia yelped out in pain as her arm was bent backwards, and Ryker leaned in close to her ear, arrogance laced within his tone.

"Don't get me wrong Treasure, I may hate your Rebels, but that doesn't mean I don't want the money. Do you happen to know what the military is offering for Dark's master Assassin? Too much to just let you walk away freely. " Letting her go, Amelia spun around to face him but was surprised when he smiled down at her, giving her a pat on the head. "Be a good girl and just let me turn you in."

Amelia's face tweaked into massive annoyance "You egotistical, stupid, flea-bit-"

Amelia was interrupted but the loud swooshing of bushes, and suddenly Zoe's frantic face flew into the clearing, small red barriers falling out of her arms.

"Zoe!" Amelia called, surprised by her friends large fearful eyes. "What happened?!"

"Minerva found me! She's coming this way!"

"Tch!" Amelia growled to herself. She took a distasteful look towards Ryker, pulling out her Katana "You well enough to fight dog?"

Ryker nodded, smirking at her. He cracked his knuckles as his hands began to glow from magical power "This time you will be the one passing out."

"Not likely"

Suddenly a huge gust of air appeared, and Amelia braced herself for the coming wind. Sure enough, Minerva was flying down into their clearing, standing on the Dragons head yet again. Amelia gasped slightly, seeing that half of Minerva's long beautiful hair was now totally gone. Ryker gave her a smug look.

"Uh don't forget that it was my attack that did that." She reminded him with a growl "You were too busy getting your ass kicked." Not waiting for a retort, Amelia quickly spun around towards Minerva. The witch's smile had now completely disappeared, and she looked down at them with a seriously pissed off look.

"You dumb brats!" she hissed "You're going to pay for what you did!"

Amelia quickly swung her sword, leaning in and ready to attack. "Just try!"

Minerva's anger erupted, and she pointed towards Amelia. "Attack!" she screeched at the Dragon. Amelia watched as it slowly opened its mouth, readying its beam, and quickly she rushed forward. "I'm so totally done with this bitch! Either way, it's going to end now!" she closed her eyes.

"Bone Magic:" She chanted. Then she all of a sudden shot her eyes back open, her red eyes glowing with magical power. One by one, she pulled out a bone from her rib cage, her hands moving so fast that no one could even see them.




Ryker stared, clearly surprised and awestruck "What spell is that?" he asked with wonder. Zoe gave a small smirk, not taking her eyes off of Amelia.



Amelia continued to pull out bones from her body, clutching them in her hands, mouth, and neck.

"It's Amelia's secret technique that she has." She gave a small laugh "You would even find Dark shuddering slightly at it."


"Assassins faith: 6 swords of death!" Amelia called out loud, holding 6 large bone swords all throughout her body. With great speed, she began rushing forwards. The Dragon had finally reached its power, and was about to let it roar.

"Zoe!" she called as the Dragon let out its huge beam. The Little girl nodded, understanding what Amelia wanted her to do. "Got it!"

Suddenly a large wall of chains shot out of the ground, just in time to stop the Dragons powerful roar from colliding into Amelia. The Black haired mage quickly sprinted around the shield, running straight for Minerva.

"Ryker! Get her off that Dragon!" she called back. Ryker nodded, looking towards Zoe. "Be safe" he told her, and quickly shot forward, his Wolf Slaying abilities kicking in.

"Night Wolf's Howl!" His eyes flashed and suddenly he opened his mouth, letting out a large blue beam, which hit Minerva head on. She was launched off the Dragons head, plummeting straight for the ground, Amelia caught sight of that and smiled, running forward with her swords of death. Jumping high into the air, Amelia could see the fear in Minerva's cold eyes as she came closer.

But it was too late. Amelia swung her sword, ending the short battle

Back at Fairy Tail:

Sting sat on top of a table, Lucy close next to him and Rogue sitting on the chair near him. He causally placed his arm over Lucy's shoulders, and brought her closer to him sensing her heighten fears.

"It's getting late" Rogue muttered, looking out the window.

Misaki walked up from behind Rogue, her face dark. "She should have been back by now."

It was then that Sting realized Lucy was trembling beside him. He held back a tone of annoyance. "Stop! Can't you see you are scaring Lucy!"

"Still" Sting mused out loud, looking down at his partner. "I still can't believe you have a sister.."

Rogue gave him a weird look, like he was guilty about something. "I haven't been such a great older brother…."he mumbled. Seeing Rogue like this made Sting smile slightly, and he reached down beside Lucy, touching his shoulder. "Don't worry, just be you. She will hate you in no time!"

"Sting!" Lucy gasp, surprised, and he couldn't help but give a hearty laugh "Just kidding"

It was then that Natsu jumped up from his chair, his sensing on alert.

"Natsu?" Lisanna asked next to him "What's wrong?"

Natsu gave another big sniff, his eyes narrowed in concentration. "It's her!" he yelled "I smell Amelia!"

Amelia and the others shot through the door, collapsing in one big pile on the ground. They were all breathless from running so far. After defeating Minerva, they had wasted no time to get back to the guild.

Looking up breathlessly, Amelia's eyes widened seeing everyone staring down at her. She stood up slowly, staring at the crowed. No one spoke.

Amelia raised her hand in the air, waving it awkwardly "U-Uh Hi?"

Master nodded from the bar table, smiling at her "I knew you would come back."

"AMELIA!" Natsu yelled, jumping forwards. He ran up to her, giving her a giant hug, and she could only just stand there, unsure of what was happening. She felt a pat on her back, and found Gray standing beside her, giving a warm smile. "Glad to have you back."

Her confused face slowly turned into a thankful and appreciated smile "Natsu. Gray."

She heard footsteps running towards her, and a flash of blonde hair covered her view. "Thank goodness you are alright!" she said, giving a tight squeeze.

"Lucy…." Amelia said slightly surprised. She heard more footsteps coming her way, and turned to see Laxus, Mira, Freed, and Cana, smiling at her.

"You did good kid" Laxus praised, while Cana gave her a drunk high five.

"Thanks" Amelia couldn't help but smile at their faces. Natsu, Gray, Cana, Lucy, even Laxus…they all made her feel like she belong. "Maybe Fairy Tail can be my family too…"

It was then, that she saw the messy black hair of her brother sitting off onto the side of the mob surrounding her. An unfamiliar spiky blonde sat next to him.

Walking passed everyone's wavering questions, Amelia finally walked up to him, her heart beating fast. She flinched when he turned his eyes onto her, expecting those resentful cold eyes from back in the cage.

However, looking at him, he held no resentment, no anger, just a mix of worry and confusion. He opened his mouth to speak, but paused, unable to think of what to say. They stood in an awkward silence.

Suddenly, Amelia was embraced by her brother in a hug. Her eyes widen against him, trying to comprehend what was happening.

"I'm sorry.." he muttered quietly. Amelia gasped, suddenly feeling tears form in the pockets of her eyes.

"Rogue.. I-"

"No Listen." He said, interrupting her. "I want to start over; I want to enjoy my guild with you, to share my family. I want…" he paused, thinking carefully of his words "I-I want to be your older brother."

Tears streamed down Amelia's face now, unable to hold them back. She responded to his hug, squeezing him tightly "Thank you." She whispered "Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." She repeated over and over again.

Then, she felt someone tap her shoulder lightly, and she pulled away from her first brother hug. The spiky blonde that sat next to him grinned at her, offering his hand in greeting.

"Sting Eucliffe. You might as well start calling me your other brother too." She took his hand, shaking it slightly and smiled at him "So you're Sting…..Thank you…Thank you for taking care of my brother all these years."

Sting laughed, and leaned back on his hands, staring up at the ceiling in a thoughtful look. "Actually, he has been taking care of me more….." Amelia let out a small giggle.

"Now what." Laxus asked from the front, "Without the rebels help, we are back to where we were…. Nowhere."

Natsu stood over Ryker and Zoe, poking their heads. "And what should we do with these two?"

Master turned and looked at her, "Amelia do you think even with the rebel leader captured that they wil-"

Amelia shook her head, raising her hand to stop him. "The way the rebels work isn't like guilds. With Dark gone, they will promote the Lieutenant to become the leader. Jean will do nothing to try and find Dark."

"So they are just going to leave her?" Gray exclaimed "They won't even try to save her?"

Amelia shook her head "I can't believe I'm actually doing this…"

"No" she said "Every man for themselves that is the rebels motto." Turning to master, her red eyes narrowed "I hate to say it, but even though she is despicable, and cruel… she is my teacher…. And I can't just leave her. No one else will save her."

Master nodded, thinking. "No, I suppose we can't just leave her…don't worry Amelia…we will rescue her."

"What about the girl?" Laxus asked his grandfather, pointing towards Zoe "She is one of them….we can't just let her go…."

"Don't worry about that Laxus." Amelia told the buff Dragon Slayer, running past him. She stooped down in front of Zoe's tiny body, which was trembling with all the Fairy Tail mages around her.

"Zoe" Amelia spoke quietly, and the dark skinned girl snapped her head towards her.

"Amelia…I shouldn't be here…" she whispered fearfully. Amelia gave the girl a small smile, shaking her head.

"Stay here Zoe. Stay with Fairy Tail."

Zoe's eyes grew even wider, and she suddenly backed up against the wall, throwing her gaze back and forth nervously. "Fairy Tail? I-I can't Amelia…..J-Jean is-"

"Forget Jean!" Amelia growled lightly "I made the mistake of not taking you with me last time, I won't let that happen again." She gently placed a hand on Zoe's shoulder, a tired look on her face. "We can finally be safe from them Zoe….No more running, no more fears. I can protect you. I WILL protect you."

Zoe stared hard at Amelia, searching her face for any signs of uncertainty. When she found none, she slowly took hold of Amelia's offered hand, nodding.

Turning towards Ryker, Amelia automatically frowned. "Ryker….."

The silver haired mage stared at Amelia, his multi-color eyes narrowing.

"I know the last thing you want to do is help me….." Amelia started to say "But with your powers, we can do a lot for Fairy Tail….." she sighed "I'm not asking you to join permanently…but for at least right now….you think you coul-"

She was stopped when Ryker suddenly placed his hand over her mouth, silencing her.

"Anyone ever tell you that talking too much is creepy too?" he asked giving her a smirk. "I will help you on one condition Treasure."

Amelia's red eyes narrowed slightly at him, and she roughly pushed Rykers hand off of her mouth. She didn't responded, signaling for him to continue.

"I will only help if you promise me that when this is all done, and I saved you, that you will come with me without fussing and allow me to turn you into the military." He said, staring intently at her, holding out his hand.

She could hear Lucy and the others gasp out loud. "No Amelia!" she could hear Zoe say beside her.

"Amelia…" Masters voice was serious as he watched "You don't have to agree to this."

But staring at Ryker's smug look, and staring down at his offered hand, Amelia couldn't help but give the mage a wide smirk.

"Hmph! Stupid dog" she grunted, grabbing hold of his offered hand, and shaking it. "Deal"

It was at that time, that Amelia, Ryker, and Zoe formed their own little team called "BladeStorm". For they acknowledge that their teamwork is what sets them apart from everyone else. Though Amelia would have much preferred it without Ryker. He insisted on joining the team to make sure his 'Treasure' wouldn't run away from their deal.

Rogue finally accepted Amelia as his sister, and vows to take care of her through thick and thin.

With Dark captured, and the rebels rejecting them. Fairy Tail is back to square one. But will that stop them? Will that bring them down?


Because in the words of their Master.

"The mark of Fairy Tail is strong"

Next Time on the Road to Life:

Lucy woke up to the sweet smell of pancakes that flew at her like a wall of bricks. Walking out through groggily eyes, she almost fell over in surprise.

In the kitchen, standing in a pink apron, Sting stood here, flipping the pancakes, and whistling a soft tune.

Lucy stared at the boy's back, unable to comprehend what was happening. It was then that Sting turned around, seeing Lucy standing there. Seeing her dumbfounded face, Sting couldn't help but laugh out loud.

"Yes I cook too Luce….I know, I'm perfect" he said with a smug look.

Lucy quickly shook her head, snapping out of her daze and giving Sting small smirk. "I wouldn't say perfect."

He led her to the table, pulling out the chair for her. He offered her a plate full of pancakes, and dished her out some eggs. Through all of this, she brown eyes narrowed slightly.

"You're being awfully nice today Sting." She laughed quietly "What's the occasion?"

Sting smiled, giving her a devious grin "I'm soooo glad you asked that Lucy…."

Welp Ladies and Gentleman. This marks the end of "Amelia and the Rebels arc!" Hope you enjoyed it! I have grown to love writing about Amelia! Lol but anyways, new arc starts next chapter and I hope you like it!


Authors note: No Amelia did not actually kill Minerva…..more like crippled…..or seriously damaged her…..just not kill

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