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Sting couldn't control his body, he felt unnaturally angry looking at this girl, and suddenly he lunged forward for her throat.

Sting's POV

Time froze as soon as the punch hit. He could feel his White dragons' claw scrape against skin, and then hit the cold hard granite ground, sending debris everywhere, and caused Sting to fall back to the ground.

Sting's teeth were still clenched, and he was seething through them "W-Whats happening to me?!" He couldn't comprehend it, why was this Fairy Girl so hard to look at and not get angry? Why was he acting so weird?! Sting punched the ground in frustration, causing a large hole where his hand hit.

The dust had finally settled around them all, and to Stings surprise, a new form was standing above him. The stranger looked vaguely familiar, and Sting should probably been have able to smell him, but he was still seething with anger, and could not concentrate.

Raising his hand to block out the coming sunlight, Sting could see the messy black hair, and blood red eyes of his partner and automatically relaxed. "Hmp, come to join me Rou-"Sting stopped cold, when his sense of smell came back, and the strong stench of blood hit his nose. Sting's dark blue eyes widen as he saw claw mark – HIS claw marks- on Rouges face. Turning his attention to the moving shape just behind Rouge, he could see the blonde hair of the Celestial Spirit mage sitting dumbfounded on the ground

Swiftly his jaw dropped, and he stared at his calm friend. "Rouge! Are you crazy! That was enough power to kill someone! Don't jump in front of me when I'm attacking!" Realization hit Sting when he realized that Rouge must have pushed the girl out of the way, took the brunt of it, and then pushed his hand to the ground. "Why did he jump in front of her!? He would think Rouge would be seriously hurting by now.

However, the only response that the Dark Dragon Slayer gave him was a small chuckle. Turning around, he offered the Fairy girl a hand up, which she hesitantly accepted. By now, Natsu had regained enough strength to get up, and he rushed over.

"You Bastard!" Natsu roared, as flames burned brightly in each of his hands. Sting regained his composure from earlier, and gave his world famous smirks, not at Natsu, but at Lucy "Next time, you won't be so lucky! I will repay that punch of yours back at the games!" Sting quickly got up and walked off towards the arena, his Shadow partner following slowly behind, giving Lucy one last amused look.

Lucy's POV

"Luce? Lucy? Oi! Lucy!" Natsu voice snapped Lucy out of her daze of fear. She was sure that she was going to die from the mage's attack, that was, until out of nowhere, Rouge had saved her.

As she tried to stand up, Lucy couldn't help but think on the Dark mages influence over Sting. Whenever Rouge seems to come up, he all of a sudden calms down, like a friend would do for others.

"Can someone like Sting really have a caring heart towards someone like Rouge?"

Suddenly though, Lucy pictured Sting coming after her, he had a wild look in his eye, something almost murderous, and he came at her with full intention of killing. Her knees gave out suddenly, and Natsu had to grab her by the waist in order for her not fall.

"Oi! Luce! You ok? Maybe you aren't fine after all…" His voice was so worried, and so warm with concern that Lucy tried hard not to blush at their closeness. She puffed out her cheeks and pushed him off of her "You worry too much. I am perfectly fine!" She started to walk off when she turned around "Come on lets go to the Arena now!"

At the Games

"Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen, and welcome to another day in the Grand Magic Games!" Mato's shrill little voice boomed through the entire arena as the crowd roared for various teams. Lucy smiled as she saw in the distance, her small but very loud guild screaming and rooting for them.

Gray nudged her arm and she turned to the ice mage who was smiling "Lets do good today Luce!"

"Yeah" she nodded smiling back unaware of a pair of blue eyes narrowing at her from another Team

"Today will be a very exciting day I'm sure!" Mato continued "Just a simple Team vs Team today! Two teams will be selected from random to fight eachother, a 5 vs 5 match. Anything can go! The last man standing, his or her team will gain points!"

Lucy looked around nervous "5 on 5? That means crazy I'm sure." She looked at the surrounding potential opponents "Jurra and Lamia Scale are a definite no. Same goes for Sting and Sabertooth." Lucy tried to rack her brains with the best case scenarios, when Mato continued with his speech.

"Alright! Round #1!" he took off his hat, and placed his hand in there. Pulling it out, a stream of magic light flitted over the entire stadium. The magic dust took form of a large symbol, and as time passed the symbol grew more and more specific until it showed Lucy's worst nightmare.

The crest of Fairy Tail was unmistakable as the burned brightly with a large A next to it. The crowd cheered as Mato spoke up again

"Team Fariy Tail A is our first contestant!"

"Perfect!" Natsu said

The crowd continued cheering as Mato pulled out another handful of dust. As it flew overhead, Lucy started to panic "Who is our opponent?!"

Suddenly the entire stadium grew unusually quiet, and Lucy focused back in to the forming shape overhead, her jaw dropping in amazement;

Fairy Tail B

Quickly roars of refusal echoed through the entire arena. Lyon from Lamia Scale pushed his way to the front "What? That's unfair, either way Fairy Tail gets points!"

"I second that" Kagura from Mermaid Heel spoke up. This then lead to more protest from other Teams.

"I wanted to smash the blonde Girl from Fairy Tail!" Sting roared giving Lucy a death stare with his dark murderous eyes, and she had to try hard not to fall down in fear.

"ENOUGH!" Mato suddenly grew much larger, and scarier in Lucy's mind "I SAID ANYTHING GOES! SO THIS WILL BE ROUND ONE! GOT IT?!" No one said anything, not even Sting and Lucy could feel the awkwardness in the stands as well. Mato cleared his throat and grew back to original size.

"Hem! Anyways Match up one will be an Exciting one indeed! Two teams from the same guild! Will they be able to attack their friends and have what it takes to win? Ladies and Gentlemen! Please help me welcome our first two teams! Fairy Tail A vs Fairy Tail B!"

The crowd cheered even harder as soon as he said it, however Lucy wasn't celebrating. Both she Gray looked at each other than at their opponents. The other teams had reluctantly gone back to their various places where they sit and watch.

Lucy couldn't help but giggle when she heard Lyon scream across the field.

"Gray! Don't you dare hurt Juvia! You hear me?!"

Gray laughed a little with Lucy "Yeah Yeah I got it" and Lucy finally just exploded in laughter with him. However Juvia didn't find it funny, she was blushing like mad looking at the ground while playing with her fingers. She shot her head up when she saw Gray place his hand on Lucy's shoulder trying not to fall from laughter.

"Uh oh" Lucy thought already seeing the outcome that this will bring. If a water mage could turn red, Juvia was doing an excellent job. She clenched her fist and didn't show her face until finally she lifted her head and roared,

"Juvia will defeat Lucy! Lucy should not have touch Juvia's love!" She was pointing at Lucy now, and steam was coming off of her like a wave. Lucy quickly pushed Gray off of her and put her hands in the air to stop Juvia.

"W-Wait! Juvia it's not what it looks like! I promise! I don't like-"she was cut off short when a large water slicer threw Lucy to the ground. The spirit mage flew about backwards so far that the wall caught her.

Silence grew in the stadium as soon as they saw what happen. Gray looked back at Lucy then turned to Juvia. "What was that for Juvia? We hadn't even started yet!"

"Yeah! There must be some rule against that Mato!" Erza spoke up.

However the pumpkin man said nothing, he floated overhead on his back, with his eyes closed in relaxation "Overruled"

Lucy sweat dropped as she pushed herself up from the ground. She heard a snicker from above, and realized that she had been thrown straight under the Sabertooth balcony. Sting gave Lucy a look of annoyance and hatred "Oi Blondie! Just don't hurt too badly, I still need to settle the score with you"

"Hmph whatever!" she ran forward to where her team was, tensions already rose exponentially. Natsu was in Laxus's face, eager to fight the Lightening mage.

Gray ran to catch up with Lucy, much to Juvia's annoyance "You alright?"

His concern was brought to the attention of the she-devil Mirajane, her love signals beginning to process something "Gray-kun, can I see you?"

Gajeel and Erza were having a standoff just next to them. Neither of them spoke, just looked at eachother. Finally Gajeel stood up straight again "Gee-hee" he said not taking his eyes off of the Scarlet mage.

Wendy and Cana sat off in the side, clearly not wanting to take any part of this. Cana had a large bottle in her hand and she was chugging it. Wendy sweat dropped.

"U-Um Cana-san? You think this is really the right time to be drinking?" she asked shyly.

"Eh? Why?" Cana tilted her head in confusion, then suddenly a thought came to her "Are you trying to take my drink!?" she grew angry "Never will you touch this Wendy!" she held her bottle protectively.

"Cana-san, I don't want it I promise!" but it was no use, the two girls began to argue.

Lucy looked at the scene in complete amazement and annoyance "My idiotic guild!" she looked around, and realized in dismay, that everyone had partnered up. "Wendy and Cana, Natsu and Laxus,…Wait….that means there is only one person left.." suddenly Lucy started to cry, not in sadness, but in frustration.

"J-Juvia…..is the only one left…."

On cue the blue hair water mage came up to Lucy, hearts in her eyes as she always does when she thought of Gray.

Lucy sweat dropped "Spirits…..watch over me"


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