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"Fine. I just need some air" he said emotionless and, turning around, Rouge could feel his partner's anger wave off of him. As he watched Sting walk away, Rouge couldn't help but chuckle, glancing back at Lucy, who was now fighting the she-devil "Sting, you are so stupid."

Lucy's POV

Lucy was thrown across the battle field for what felt like the hundredth time that day. Fighting Juvia had been one thing, but when you're going up against the "she-devil" Mirajane, she had learned her lesson in fighting. Even with Gray helping her, they were still getting schooled by the S-Class mage.

As Lucy flew through the air, she could see the rest of the match and what was going on. Both Wendy and Cana were eliminated not soon after Juvia, and from what Lucy saw, it was because after defeating the Sky dragon slayer, Cana was too drunk to continue on and forfeited.

Surprisingly, Lucy had made it farther than even Natsu and Laxus, who were being dragged off to the infirmary as we speak. "Those two idiots! Why am I so surprised that both of them exerted too much power and passed out!" She face palmed herself in frustration "Men!"

With a giant thud, Lucy hit the ground and she let out a squeal of pain.

"Princess!" a pink haired voice called and she could feel her body being picked up by a pair of strong arms. Opening her eyes slightly, she smiled up at her spirits weakly "Virgo, Loke….Thank you….you were great"

"Lucy…." Her loyal lion sprit said "I think you're done"

Lucy didn't open her eyes again and just responded tiredly "hmm" nodding her head.


The crowed gave a huge roar as Lucy was carried off in Loke's arms, with Virgo by her side. As soon as she hit the dark tunnel, she felt her friend stop. Opening her eyes, she looked at him "Loke? Whats u-"she stopped suddenly noticing a fourth presence in front of her. Looking around, she could see Stings body blocking her path.

"S-Sting?" she asked very sheepishly, nervous on why the Saber Tooth mage was here.

Seeing the White dragon slayer, Loke suddenly became very protective and his grip on his master tightened.

"Out of my way, Lucy needs to be taken to the infirmary" he almost growled through clenched teeth. The Dragon Slayer did nothing except stand there, his dark cold eyes looking at Lucy, he didn't even respond which really pissed the spirit off.

Virgo stepped forward; standing protectively in front of Lucy, the pink spirit could almost sense the dangerous presence coming from him and knew that something bad could happen. "Don't you hurt our Mistress, or you will have the entire Celestial Spirit world after you!" she threatened, and she saw Sting suddenly stiffen.

"Don't worry, I won't hurt your precious Master" emphasized the last part "I just want to tell her something"

"Then say it" Lucy suddenly said spoke up, and Sting looked back at the blonde girl who hung in the arms of her lion spirit.

"You're pathetic" he started "It makes me wonder why you even continue living, being as weak as you are. Your always being taken care of by your 'Loyal Spirits' If I were you, I would have just stayed on that island and let myself be killed by Acnologia! You disgrace all of Fairy Tail, heck you disgrace the word 'mage'! I have been thinking on all the possible way that I would hate you, on why I always get so angry around you? Just seeing your face makes me want to punch the wall or something. But now I have realized why you make me do that" Lucy was utterly speechless and he continued on "It's because I hate seeing you. You are so weak and a hopeless mage that I-" he looked at his hands, cracking them slightly "Anyways" he said looming up "Watch your back Heartifilia because next time I see you, I am going to end that pathetic life of yours!"

"I would like to see you try!" Loke growled, his muscles tensing up in anger and Virgo gave him a deadly stare.

"We would die for our master! She saved my life, and for that I will not let you anywhere near her!" he threatened

Sting turned his back on the three without even responding. As his body disappeared in the darkness, Loke shook his arms a little "Don't worry Lucy" he said quietly "We will protect you"

She gave no response and Loke looked down at her in concern "Lucy?" he stopped suddenly when he felt water soak through his clothes, and saw tears falling down his master's face. "Lucy-sama…" Virgo said quietly "Let us go get you fixed up."

Lucy only responded by whipping her face away and nodding.

In the Infirmary

"What did that Bastard say?!"

Once her spirits had gotten Lucy taken care of, Loke brought Natsu and Laxus out into the hallway. Subsequently repeating the act of Sting and Lucy, the two dragon slayers had grown unusually angry and Natsu even punched out the nearby wall.

"I won't let him get away with this!" Natsu was so angry that flames erupted from him and Laxus knew that he was about to go into "Dragon Force". Placing a hand on the mage's shoulders, Laxus attempted to calm him down "I know Natsu, we won't!"

"If I may," Loke interjected "The fact is that Lucy life is now in danger of him, and although I know she will resent us for it, I think she needs a guard 24/7"

Laxus looked up towards the spirit "Agreed. Natsu?"

The pink haired fire mage didn't even glance at them "She will hate us so much for doing this…." He trailed off and a softer voice spoke up.

"That may be, but it needs to be done"

Through their conversation, they did not hear the infirmary door open, and standing there was a small white haired mage.

"Lisanna?" Natsu asked

Closing the door behind her, she turned to the 3 boys "Lucy is now stable, Wendy and Juvia are with her now"

Loke gave a weak smile "Thank you Lisanna"

The white haired mage then turned to her friend "Natsu…" he looked up at his friend, unable to resist her deep blue eyes "W-What Lisanna?"

"I know you care about Lucy, we all do." She placed her hand lightly on his shoulder "I know you. You never want to be an annoyance to your friends, it's one of your best qualities" she smiled at him "But we have to think of her safety first" Turning back towards Loke she nodded "Me, Wendy, and Juvia will watch her until she wakes up"

Laxus stepped forward "I can guard0 her tonight." This earned him a look from the white mage and he quickly turned away blushing slightly "S-Shut up"

Lisanna just smiled and turned back to Natsu, a worried look on her face "Natsu?"

The Dragon slayer looked up, and gave his friends his famous smirks "I guess your right Lisanna , From here on out we will all guard Lucy"

Loke grinned at his former guild mates, tears of happiness slightly flowing down. Whipping his face, he pushed up his glasses "I have ordered some spirits to be on hand just in case something happens." Placing his hands in the middle of them he continued "We. Will. Protect. Her."

Everyone nodded placing their hands there too "Agreed"

Later that day

Lucy POV

"Awww come on guys!" Lucy sat up complaining "Why can't I go outside? I feel fine!" which was the truth. The doctors gave her the 'ok' about 2 hours ago, but Lisanna and them all weren't letting her leave.

Her lion spirit sat in the corner with a chair. Lucy had asked why he wasn't going back to the Celestial Spirit world and only responded by saying rather flirtatiously "I can't leave my Princess when she is hurt can I?"

Lisanna gave her a sweet smile "Oh come on Luce!" she said using Natsu nickname for her "It's fun with us right?" she gave Lucy such a sweet look that Lucy began to feel guilty for complaining.

"Yes Lucy-san!" Wendy spoke up "It's so much fun just hanging out with you…you know?"

Even Juvia said something nice about her, and that is when Lucy began to feel suspicious. "They are right though, I haven't had actual girl time in forever."

"Oh that right Wendy" she said turning to the blue sky dragon slayer "Who won the match?"

"Team A duh!" Wendy said jumping up in excitement "You should've seen it Lucy-san! Erza-san and Gray-san took on both Mira and Gajeel-san together! It was rather amazing!"

Juvia clapped her hands and began to daydream "Ahh Gray-sama! So strong!" she touched Wendy hands together and both had a sparkle in their eye.

"Hmp, I wouldn't call it amazing" a rough voice said and Lucy looked up to see both Gray and Erza standing there.

Lucy smiled at the raven haired mage "Sorry I couldn't do much to help ya on Mira Gray"

The boy ruffled his hair and sat on Lucy bed giving her a cute smile "Nah you tired her out a lot, which was the only reason I could beat her. But anyways" he started to say. He placed his hand on Lucy's head ruffling her hair a bit "Are you ok?"

Lucy blushed slightly underneath his intense gaze "Y-yeah. I'm fine, just a bit scratched up is all."

He smiled "Good!"

Loke finally made a noise from his corner "Erza, Gray can I talk to you for a bit outside?"

As the 3 left the room Lucy couldn't help but feel like something was going on, why was her Lion spirit acting so protective? I mean more protective than usual. Then suddenly she thought of her encounter with Sting today, and she gripped her blankets tightly trying to hold back tears.

"I know it's true and I know he is a jerk…..but I-….It just hurts more coming from him"

Lisanna, suddenly notice Lucy change in demeanor and quickly tried to change the subject when she noticed a figure outside underneath a tree looking at Lucy's window.

"Who's that?" she asked

"Who's who?" Lucy said getting up and stood next to Lisanna at the window.

"Maybe it's a secret admirer!" Juvia said getting closer and giving Lucy a sly smirk. Upon hearing this, Wendy squealed "That is so cute! Someone has a crush on Lucy!"

"Nah I don't think it's that." Lucy said peering closer to the figure. Suddenly realizing the black hair and red eyes of her rescuer from this morning Lucy gasped.

"It's Rouge!"

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