Author's Note: All right, it's time to get this one restarted. For those new to the party, this is where I'll be putting random fluff and drabbles that either don't quite fit with the storyline of 'Moments In Time' or exceed the PG-13 rating that I opted to keep it at. It will focus much more on the relationship between Talia & Leliana, though some of the other companions will be making appearances (never in the bedroom with the ladies...sorry, Zev).

For those of you who haven't figured it out yet, this is a FemWarden/Leliana romance, so if that's not your cup o' tea, the door's thataway.

Individual chapter ratings will vary & be announced in the opening notes. I'll also let you know just where in the timeline of the main story each chapter fits, as they will be posted in no specific order as the plot bunnies dictate. The first chapter is an alternate look at Chapter 30, from Talia's POV. I wanted to take a look at Talia and Leliana's first time through the eyes of the Warden. While this is explicit enough to warrant an M rating, I don't consider it overly graphic. I was more interested in exploring Talia's emotions and reactions than anything else. For those of you who prefer your intimacy more understated, 'Moments In Time' will continue in that vein.

Standard disclaimer applies: Talia & anything else you don't recognize are mine; all else belongs to BioWare.

"I've seen your dreams, remember?" Talia held the bard close, trying by word and touch to rebuild what Marjolaine had so efficiently torn asunder. The bitch had known Leliana well...well enough to know where all her fears and insecurities lay and play upon them as expertly as a lute. It still galled the Warden that she had escaped justice so cleanly, likely never even seeing her death upon her. It would

have felt so incredibly satisfying to watch her eyes as Starfang found her heart...

She pushed away that line of thought; it was not what Leliana needed right now. Marjolaine was dead, and that would have to be enough.

"I remember. I think -" Leliana hesitated, her voice almost inaudible, her face hidden against Talia's neck. "I think that those dreams would be different now."

Talia's heart was racing, her chest so tight that she could barely draw breath, and coherent thought was all but impossible. Her emotions had swung so wildly within the past few minutes - from worry to exhilaration and desire, to embarrassment and pain, back to worry and now a half-formed hope – that her mind was in a chaotic swirl. The only thing that she was sure of was the way she felt, but she needed to know how the woman in her arms felt, as well. If all that Leliana wanted from her was friendship, she would give it, and never push for more, but -

She was useless at this. Put her in front of a man wielding sword and shield, and she could tell from the slide of his eyes whether he intended to lunge toward her right, to try to get around her defenses or drive straight in and attempt to pin her shield against her body. She could look across a field of battle and tell whether the opposing commander planned to commit his infantry in a charge or hold back and employ his archers.

But, Maker help her, she had no idea how to interpret the signals that Leliana was giving her. The kiss had set her blood on fire, but then the bard had pulled away, and now she was pressing so close that Talia could feel her heartbeat, the fingers trailing through the warrior's hair sending shivers down her spine, and...

She was afraid to ask, but she needed to know. Carefully, without loosening the protective embrace, she shifted until she was looking into Leliana's face, searching for the truth in her eyes. "How so?" she asked softly.

A faint smile curved the full lips, and Talia felt the hand slip from her hair, moving to cup her cheek with a gentle pressure. "I think they would be very much like this," Leliana whispered, drawing her into a kiss.

Talia closed her eyes, lips parting at the gentle press of the bard's tongue, meeting it hesitantly with her own, but then Leliana was twisting in her arms, rising up on her knees. Framing Talia's face in her hands, she tipped the Warden's head back and claimed her mouth in a skilled and deliberate assault: lips, teeth and tongue working in a flawless synchrony that Talia struggled to match, acutely aware of her own inexperience for perhaps half a dozen racing heartbeats before the kiss drove everything else from her mind.

She was barely conscious of the bard's hands dropping to the hem of her tunic and drawing it upward until she was forced to break the kiss to allow the garment to be dragged over her head. She shook free of it impatiently, then grabbed Leliana's shoulders and pulled her back down, the bard's sensual laugh sending a coil of heat twisting through her. Teeth nipped gently at her lower lip, a flickering tongue teasing her briefly before sweeping back into her mouth. Hands were on the strip of cloth that bound her breasts, nimble fingers tugging at the lacing, and then it was gone, and the hands were on her breasts, and she gasped at the feather-light touches that circled her nipples, feeling the flesh tighten almost painfully as the heat surging beneath her skin intensified.

She started to protest when the bard broke the kiss again, but the murmur turned into a moan as soft lips trailed kisses along the line of her jaw. There was a moment of confusion as she felt teeth closing delicately on the lobe of her ear.

My ear? What-

A sudden rush of heated breath and the sweep of a tongue along the curve of her ear, and any questions were obliterated by a searing wave of sensation that she had never imagined possible. Her fingers curled tightly into Leliana's tunic as the bard explored her ear, then her neck, with excruciating thoroughness, her hands drifting from Talia's breasts down over her belly, up and over her ribs, around to her back, down and back up to tease her breasts again, the ceaseless caresses stirring the fire in her blood even higher.

She tugged at Leliana's tunic with an awkward urgency, and the bard drew back far enough to help her pull it off. She had the briefest moment to stare wonderingly at the Orlesian's creamy skin, the soft curves of her breasts and the darker hue of her nipples in the shadows of the tent, and then Leliana moved forward again, and there was the glorious warmth of skin on skin and another hungry kiss to lose herself in.

She tried to mimic her lover's actions, wanting to bring Leliana as much pleasure as she was feeling, but the bard maintained control, deftly pressing her back onto the blankets, lips trailing down her throat while her hands loosened Talia's trews, easing them down her legs and taking her smallclothes in the same agile movement that brought her mouth to the level of Talia's breasts. Something caught between a whimper and a groan escaped her as Leliana's tongue traced a wet circle around first one nipple, then the other, and then the bard's lips were on her, sucking gently, teeth scraping lightly over the oh-so sensitive flesh, while one hand moved to attend the other breast.

Talia's fingers tangled in Leliana's hair, torn between pressing her closer and pushing her away; it was heaven, it was bliss, but the rising crescendo of arousal and desire was overwhelming, and -

"Maker!" She'd been so preoccupied with what the bard was doing with her mouth that she'd barely noticed the hand slipping between her legs until an electric jolt of pleasure brought her shoulders up from the ground, her fingers digging into Leliana's shoulders in a helpless reflex.

Her lover's head came up, the blue eyes watching her with amusement and more than a little worry. "Are you all right, dear one?"

"No...I mean yes...I mean..." Her mouth worked soundlessly for a moment. "I just...wasn't expecting..."

"But do you like it?" The lips curved in a way that suggested that she already knew the answer, but her eyes held the faintest shadows of doubt and fear.

"Yes," Talia assured her fervently. "It just doesn't seem quite fair." Her fingers loosened their grip, moving over the bard's skin carefully, entranced by the softness but unsure how to proceed. "I mean, I'm not really -"

A gentle finger to her lips silenced her. "You'll get your turn," Leliana promised her with a smile that stole her breath. "Right now, I want to please you."

Nodding, almost dazed, Talia allowed herself to fall back, closing her eyes and surrendering herself to her lover's skill. Gentle fingers slipped into her, a thumb stroking and circling in a rhythm that had her hips rocking in a helpless response, and all the time, those soft lips moved over her skin, finding places that she had never known could feel so damn good. Twice, those touches and kisses brought her to the edge of – something, urgency building in her, a coiled energy demanding release, only to slow and allow her to slip back from that unknown brink.

The third time it happened, her eyes flew open. "What are you doing?" she demanded hoarsely.

"Enjoying myself," Leliana replied calmly, lifting her head from where she'd been nibbling at the warrior's collarbone (and when had that unlikely spot become so sensitive?). "You are, too, I hope?"

"Yes, but – why don't you -" she broke off, staring helplessly at the bard.

"Why don't I...what?" A hint of mischief in those blue eyes now.

"I don't know!" she burst out, nearly boiling over with frustration and raw need.

Again, the sultry laugh that turned her bones to water. "I think it's time I showed you then, no?" Without waiting for a reply, Leliana's lips descended onto hers, the kiss heated and hungry: demanding, commanding a response that Talia gave wholeheartedly. The fingers began to move again, no longer teasing, knowing just where and how to touch to push her quickly back to the edge. She hung there for an endless moment, then tumbled over with a startled cry that was muffled by her lover's kiss. Wave after wave crashed through her as she clung to Leliana, the bard continuing to stimulate her, keeping her balanced on the peak of ecstasy for what seemed like forever, then bringing her down slowly with the gentlest caresses, her lips feathering soft kisses over the Warden's face.

She opened her eyes, staring wonderingly at the Orlesian. "Maker, but you are beautiful," she said softly, her hand coming up to trace the curve of a cheek.

"As are you, my Warden," Leliana replied, her expression tender, but with a healthy dose of smugness beneath. Talia shivered as the bard withdrew her fingers, watched as she raised them to her lips, her half-lidded eyes never leaving Talia's face as she slowly licked the juices from them. "And you taste divine."

Curious, Talia caught her wrist and drew the hand to her mouth, her tongue flickering out for a cautious taste. Not bad, but the slightly parted lips were a much more alluring target, and her fingers slid into the auburn tresses, drawing Leliana down into her kiss, tasting herself on her lover's tongue.

"My turn?" she inquired a bit breathlessly when they parted again.

"If you like," Leliana agreed readily, lying back and drawing Talia toward her. The Warden complied eagerly, then hesitated, caught between desire and anxiety. Her hands, perfectly suited to wielding a sword, dealing death, suddenly felt far too clumsy to touch the beauty who watched her so expectantly.

"What's wrong?" Leliana asked softly.

"It's just -" Talia hesitated, her fingers not quite touching the alabaster skin. "I don't know how...I mean, I've never -" She stopped, tried again, managing to voice her greatest concern. "What if I hurt you?"

The bard shook her head vehemently, insistent hands pulling Talia to her as she whispered, "You won't. You can't, I promise you, love...just touch me, love me, please?"

The entreaty in her voice melted away any further hesitation, and the Warden closed the last of the distance between them, kissing the bard tenderly. Her hands moved over the silken skin in careful caresses that grew more confident as Leliana guided her, arching hungrily into her touch, shifting to bring other areas into reach, her hands leading Talia's, then leaving to roam over the warrior's body as they kissed.

The kiss...Maker, but she suspected she could lose herself in that for hours at a time: the softness of her lover's lips against hers, the velvet heat of her mouth, the unbelievable intimacy of their tongues twining, teeth nipping, moans caught between them. Even the need for breath was an unwelcome intrusion. When lack of air finally made her break away, Leliana tipped her head back in an unspoken invitation, and Talia let her mouth begin to follow the paths that her fingers had taken, her tongue tasting the salt of sweat and the sweetness of the skin beneath: the pale line of the bard's throat, the contours of her ear (she was still amazed that it could be so sensitive, but Leliana's soft moans confirmed it), the curve of her collarbone and the hollow of her throat, always coming back to those lips, that kiss.

She was dizzy, her mind and body afire with the heady knowledge that she could do this, make her bard writhe against her and cry out in pleasure, banish the sorrow from those beautiful eyes and replace it with a desire that burned as bright as any flame. Somewhere in the back of her mind was the memory of that beautiful skin torn and bloody, almost lost to her forever, and she sent a silent prayer of thanks to the Maker. Bolder now, she slipped lower, her hand moving to cup the soft weight of a breast as her lips brushed over it, testing its texture with a slow sweep of her tongue.

"Maker, yes!" Leliana's breathless affirmation was accompanied by the feel of her fingers curling into Talia's hair, drawing the Warden even closer as the arch of her back pressed the breast more fully to her lips. "Talia, please!"

She needed no more encouragement, taking the taut peak into her mouth and sucking gently, then harder as Leliana urged her on. She could feel her own desire rising anew, the molten heat pooling low in her belly, and when the bard's legs wrapped around her, hips rolling in an insistent rhythm, her attentions became even more fervent: licking, nipping, sucking at her lover's breasts, fingers kneading at their fullness, the mewling cries that escaped Leliana growing ever more needful.

Then the bard's hand on the back of her neck, drawing her upward again as another hand caught her wrist, guiding that touch lower, that sweet Orlesian voice purring in her ear.

"I need you, Talia. Now." Her lips were claimed in another searing kiss as her touch brushed over soft curls, eased gingerly into the need-slick folds, uncertainty returning to slow her, but then her fingers slipped into a silken heat; Leliana's hips rose to meet her, pressing her even deeper, and the bard's throaty moan made her breath catch in her chest.

"Oh, yes," the Orlesian breathed, blue eyes holding Talia's as she moved with growing purpose, rocking into the motions of Talia's hand. "Yes, my love...with me."

There was a moment of confusion at the words until Talia felt the bard's fingers entering her again, their sure touch sending her own arousal spiraling upward once more, and the world dissolved into passion, need and increasingly urgent motion, soft moans and breathless cries mingling in the still night around them. A sudden, sharp intake of breath and Leliana's body surged against her, fingers thrusting deep within and curling slightly to touch -

Holy -!

Pleasure exploded through Talia like lightning arcing through a storm cloud, and suddenly she was falling with the bard, her face pressed into Leliana's neck, hearing her name among the liquid syllables of Orlesian that fell from her lover's lips. She couldn't understand the other words, but the meaning was clear.

"I love you," she gasped out amidst the shuddering throes of her release. "I love you, I love you." She kept repeating it as they moved together until they collapsed against each other, weak limbed and sweat damp. It seemed forever until she felt strong enough to lift her head, staring in awe at Leliana, more than a bit shaken by the sheer intensity of their union.

A giggle, low and musical, rose from the woman beside her.

"You're laughing at me!" Talia tried to feign indignity, but even if the bard hadn't been smiling at her so tenderly, she would have known there was no malice in the sound.

"I'm not!" Leliana protested, then giggled again. "Not really. You just look so surprised. It's adorable."

Talia felt a blush heat her cheeks, but she couldn't argue with the assessment. "I can't help it," she murmured, pushing herself up on one elbow and brushing a sweaty lock of hair away from the bard's cheek. Even that simple contact sent a pleasant frisson surging through her fingertips. "I've never.." She hesitated, searching for words that wouldn't make her sound like a total bumpkin. "How can touches feel so different?"

For most of her life, one touch had felt much the same as another. Granted, a hug from her mother had always been more welcome than those from Aunt Gunnora, but she'd always chalked that up to the habit that her great-aunt had of pinching her cheeks. Handshakes, comradely claps on the shoulder, casual hugs from friends and acquaintances: she had taken and returned those all in stride, but she had never before known how it felt to want someone to touch need it, hunger for it with an almost physical ache.

Her fingers drifted over Leliana's cheek, then along her throat, finding the curve of her collarbone and following it, then slipping lower to trace around her breasts, watching the nipples harden at the contact. Touching her lover felt almost as good as being touched by her, and watching her reactions...the bard closed her eyes and tipped her head back, the arch of her body pressing her breast into the cup of the Warden's hand, her hair tumbling about her face like a halo and her expression one of such rapt pleasure that Talia felt her mouth go dry.

"How and where you touch play a large part in it," Leliana told her with a smile, her hands slipping over Talia's body, one finger lightly tracing patterns over her belly that had muscles that the warrior hadn't known about quivering in response.

Maker, but she was ready to pull the redhead back to her and start all over again! With an effort, she returned her attention back to the conversation. "That's part of it, but it's more than that." She captured the hand that was doing such a thorough job of distracting her and raised it to her lips.

"Even if you just touch my hand or my cheek, my skin feels like it's on fire." She let her teeth graze the tip of a finger, the sudden quickening of Leliana's breath assuring her that the sensation was a pleasurable one. She turned her attention to the rest of the hand, watching the arousal rippling across her lover's face with no small degree of satisfaction. "And when you kiss me..." She pressed her lips to the slender wrist, feeling the flutter of the pulse beneath the skin, letting the tip of her tongue touch it. Nothing in her life had prepared her for the incredible intimacy when their lips met, the unbelievable, addictive feel and taste of the other woman's mouth, the fevered give-and-take of their explorations.

Those lush lips were slightly parted now, breath quickening in rising excitement, and Talia wanted to kiss them again...and again. "Is it because I love you? Is that what makes it different?" It was the only thing that made sense, but at the same time, it seemed such a simple explanation for the changes that had turned her world upside down.

"That's the other part." Something changed in Leliana at her words, the half-playful, half-seductive look giving way to something softer, more vulnerable, and in a heartbeat, she found herself pressed onto her back with the bard straddling her, pinning her shoulders to the ground.

"I love you," she whispered, searching Talia's face with that same, wistful intensity that had been present just before the had confronted Marjolaine. "More than anything."

"More than shoes?" The tease was not entirely frivolous; Talia wanted to push back the shadows that seemed to be trying to return, wanted to keep her beloved from ever being hurt again, as irrational as she knew the impulse to be.

It worked, earning her another of those sensuous laughs that sent tendrils of delicious heat swirling through her. "She's getting saucy now, is she?" The blue eyes gleamed with breathtaking promise for a moment, and then those soft lips were at her throat so suddenly that Talia couldn't help a gasp of surprise, her arms circling the bard's waist and pulling her closer as teeth and tongue took turns along the line of her neck. "I think it's time to put that adorable look of surprise back on your face, my love," Leliana whispered, "so pay attention."

"Am I going to be tested later?" She was more than willing to let the bard have her way with her for now, but she fully intended to reciprocate at the earliest opportunity.

"Oh, yes," Leliana assured her. "I am far from done with you this night, my love."