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Author's Notes: This is my first FanFic and I'm not sure how great it will be.

This story is set a week after "Lady and Peebles"

"Makin' pancakes, makin' bacon pancakes." Finn could hear Jake singing in the kitchen.

"Jake's making his signature pancakes" the young hero thought as he was lying on his bed. The sun shined brightly through the crack glass window in his room.

"It's so bright" Finn thought as he sat up in bed and stared through the window.

"It's so...beautiful" Finn wasn't thinking about the sun when he thought about that word... "Beautiful."

"Flame Princess" he said softly to himself. His mind was filled with images of the fire elemental.

"I wonder if she ever thinks about me." Finn said as he continued looking through the window.

"Finn, Breakfast Time!" Jake yelled from the kitchen. Finn immediately got changed into his normal clothes. He could smell the bacon pancakes waiting for him. So he ran as fast as he could towards the kitchen and back-flipped into a chair.

"Here you go" Jake said as he plopped a giant stack of bacon pancakes on too Finn's plate. The young hero grabbed his fork and quickly started piling the confections into his mouth.

*Thump Thump Thump*

"Someones knocking on the front door" Finn thought as he finished his pancakes and made his way to the door.

*Thump Thump Thump* Finn unlocked the front door and opened it. Standing in front of him was an older-looking man with pale-skin and a large white beard, wearing a large blue robe,and a golden crown.

"Ice King." Finn said in a less than pleased tone.

"Good Morning Finn." Ice King said with a big smile on his face.

"What do you want?" Finn asked with a clenched jaw.

" Oh, I just wanted to see what my two turbros were up to today." Ice King said in an elated tone. Finn stared at the Ice King and said.

"We were eating breakfast." Ice King sniffed the air. He took in the rich aroma escaping the house and then said.

"Wow that smells really good. Mind if I join you?" The Ice King unexpectedly walked into the house. But, before the Ice King could make it to the kitchen Finn grabbed him and carried him back to the door.

"HEYAH!" Finn yelled as he threw the Ice King out the door and into some soft dirt far away.

*THUD* Ice King landed painfully on his butt.

"What's wrong with you Finn?" Ice King asked slightly confused.

"I just wanted to hang out with you and Jake." Ice King said as he stood up and wiped some dirt off his butt.

"Ice King you're not our friend so stay out of our house!" Finn yelled harshly at Ice King. The frozen monarch stared at Finn in disbelief and said.

"Oh...I'm not your friend." He gave Finn a rather sad expression. Then he started flying into the air and said.

"If you don't wanna be my friend..." Ice King's hands start glowing blue.

"Then I'll just freeze you into a block of ice and you'll have no choice, but to be my friend!" Ice King yelled as he began bombarding Finn with ice blasts.

"Hahahahahahahaha" Ice King laughed as he continued the bombardment. Finn ran at Ice King while dodging his magic. Ice King lifted both of his hands into the air to attempt to charge a large Ice Blast. But, before he could Finn leaped into the air.

"HEYAH!" Finn yelled as he punched Ice King in the face. Ice King's golden crown fell off his head and he immediately lost all of his magic powers. Ice King fell down face first into the ground while Finn landed on his back.

"Oww." Ice King grunted while laying on the ground in pain.

"Serves you right!" Finn said with a big smile. Jake suddenly walked out of the tree house and saw Finn on top of Ice King.

"When did Ice King get here?" Jake asked as he walked up too Finn.

"A couple of minutes ago." Finn said with a proud tone in his voice.

"Oh ok well I'll see you later." Jake said as he suddenly stretched to the size of a small mountain and began walking away.

"Wait...Where are you going?" Finn yelled confused.

"I'm going to go see Lady Rainicorn. I'll be back in time for dinner so I'll see you later." Jake said waving at Finn as he walked towards the forest.

"Ok... Bye Jake." Finn said as he waved to Jake. As soon as Jake left his sight Finn puts his head on his hands and let out a very loud sigh.

"Hunnhh." Ice King could hear the sadness in his voice so he asked the young hero.

"What's wrong Finn? The human boy got off Ice King and sat on the ground next too him. He let out another loud sigh and said.

"Ever since Lady Rainicorn told Jake she was pregnant he goes to see her everyday and we don't hang out anymore." Ice King noticed how sad Finn was, so he sat up next to him and said.

"Finn you have to understand Jake is going through a big change now."Ice King put his hand on the young boy's shoulder as he continued his explanation.

"Jake is going to be a dad and that is a huge responsibility he needs to be with Lady Rainicorn to make sure nothing bad happens to her." Finn looked at Ice King with tears in his eyes and said.

"But what about me? What am I supposed to do while Jake's gone. Adventuring isn't the same without him." Ice King looked at Finn and said.

"Well who says you have to go adventuring? Maybe you can just hang out with some of your other friends?" Finn thought about that for a couple of seconds, but the first person to pop into his mind was Flame Princess. Finn slightly blushed from the thought of her.

"So who is she?" Ice King asked obviously noticing something. Finn looked at the ice monarch. A stunned visage appeared on his face as he asked.

"Can you read minds?" Ice King laughed.

"No, but I know your thinking about a girl. So who is she?"Ice King asked as he nudged and winked at him. Finn stared at the ground embarrassed and said

"She's my girlfriend." Ice King was shocked that Finn had a girlfriend.

"So what's her name?"the frozen monarch asked. Finn stuttered and said.

"Fl-Flame Princess." Ice King had heard the name before, but he didn't know where from.

"So why aren't you with her now? You do like her right?" Ice King asked a little confused. Finn gave Ice King a stern look and said.

"Of course I like her, but..." Finn's face got a little less serious.

"But, every time were together we just hurt each other." Ice King was still slightly confused.

"How do you guys hurt each other?" Ice King asked obviously unfamiliar with Finn's girlfriend.

"Since she's a Fire Elemental every time we touch it burns me and every time I get burned she feels bad." Finn said feeling even more depressed. Ice King thought about how he could help. After a couple of seconds he had an idea.

"Finn I think I just solved all your problems." Ice King said as he walked over to his crown and put it on. Finn looked at him confused.

"What could you possibly do?" Finn asked him. Ice King gave Finn a wide grin.

"If I could give you only one wish, what would it be?" Ice King asked

"To be with Flame Princess... without hurting her." Ice King smiled and said.

"Oh yeah, I can do that." Ice King flapped his beard and suddenly started flying away.

"Where are you going?" Finn asked as he chased Ice King. The wish question confused Finn. Could Ice King really solve his problem?

"We're going to the Ice Kingdom so I can grant you your wish'" Ice King said as he flew towards the Ice Kingdom. Finn's eyes lite up with excitement. Could the Ice King really help him? Finn was skeptical, but there was a chance that him and Flame Princess could be together.

"That's all the reason I need." Finn said as he ran towards the Ice Kingdom.


A Candy Princess and her Butler were at the gates of the Fire Kingdom.

"Cast Flame Shield on me." Princess Bubblegum ordered Peppermint Butler.

"Yes Milady." he said. Peppermint Butler started speaking in a weird language and suddenly magic runes surrounded him. He finished the spell and both him and Princess Bubblegum were suddenly encased in a light blue shell of magic.

"Now time to talk to the Flame King about his destructive daughter." Princess Bubblegum said as she and Peppermint Butler entered the Fire Kingdom.

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