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JOURNEY 2: THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND DID HAPPEN… And yes Sean did meet Kailani , and yes they are now a couple, just like in the movie


"To the earth to the moon? Seriously grandpa?" I asked my grandfather. Kailani chuckled and looked at us in disbelief. I heard a knock on the door. I went and opened it,Trevor and Hannah. I raised a brow... Where's Alyssa? I mean, she lives with them. Guess she didn't want to come…

"Happy Birthday Sean!" Trevor said, hugging me; he had a worried face. Hannah had a worried face too.

"Hey Trevor" I said. "Hey Hannah!" She hugged me but still had a worried face. I raised a brow. My grandfather came and hugged Trevor. Kailani walked to me and wrapped her arms around my shoulders. Hannah scowled looking at her, and then she looked at meHank came and looked at Trevor.

"Hello, I'm Hank. Sean's step father" Hank said offering a hand to Trevor. It was a bit funny, since Hank was way taller than Trevor.

"I'm Trevor… Sean's uncle" He said and shook Hank's hand. My mum came and greeted Hannah and Trevor.

Trevor looked at Kailani raising a brow.

"Oh hm yeah. Trevor this is Kailani, my girlfriend, Kailani, this is Trevor my uncle." I said and gulped, I know Trevor was on Alyssa's side, and the fact of me having a new girlfriend just doesn't help. Now Hannah looked at her.

"And Hannah, this is Kailani. Kailani this is Hannah, Trevor's wife" I said.

"Hello!" Kailani said with a smile and laughed, I hated her laugh it was just annoying, wait… I can't think that about my girlfriend. Trevor faked a smile and looked at the other way as if he was scared. Hannah kept looking away biting her lip.

"Is everything okay Hannah?" I asked her. She hesitated.

"Er... It's just… Yeah" She said.

"Alright…" I said.

"Alyssa is lost!" She said almost crying. My eyes widened.

"She is what?" I asked. Trevor sighed.

"She is lost. We haven't known anything from her since two weeks ago. All we know is that she went to Alaska and then dissapeared" Trevor said. My heart sank. No. She couldnt be lost.

"Who's Alyssa?" Hank asked.

"Sean's ex-girlfriend" My mom said. I felt Kailani's arms letting me go.

"We need to go and look for her" I said.

"That's the reason of why we came here" Trevor said. So… You guys didn't come to celebrate my birthday? Nice … "We have her notebook… But we don't really understand it" Trevor continued.

"We thought you could help us" He said and gave me a little turquoise notebook. I smiled slightly… I gave her that notebook. I opened it and saw many annotations here and there… I started to read it. It said… "Island of the lost dreams… Destroyed in 1800. Island created on 1700…" I kept trying to decipher Alyssa's annotations and clues. "Only way to find it: Time travel" My heart sank again. It's impossible to time travel… I kept reading it. "1750… Go to the Alaska… End of the world" End of the world? 1750? I raised a brow.

"She wanted to time travel… It says to the end of the world… In 1750?" I said. They all looked at me confused.

"But the world didn't end in 1750." Hank said. My grandfather frowned.

"I think she means… Where did they think that the world ended in 1750?" My grandfather asked.

"In the north pole?"I asked.

"But still… Maybe she is… freezed" Kailani said. Gee thanks for your optimism. I kept reading. "Time travel: Electronic devices... End of the world, sunset, storm" I sighed.

"Let's go to Alaska" I said and went straight to my room, starting to pack. Kailani followed me.

"Sean, what are you doing?" She asked me.

"Packing" I answered in a monotone voice.

"For what?" She asked me.

"For going to Alaska and look for Alyssa" I said still packing not paying attention to her.

"You are looking for your ex-girlfriend?" She asked. I sighed, it sounded wrong. I looked at her.

"You can come with me if you want" I said, she frowned and crossed her arms.

"But… Sean we nearly died in the mysterious island. I don't want to go on a crazy trip again, and perhaps… Seriously? Looking for your ex-girlfriend?" She said, well she is dating and Anderson. What did she expect? Yes I'm looking for Alyssa, I still love her. She broke up with me 2 and a half years ago, and I still love her.

"Look, I know it sounds wrong. But trust me I'm just going because of Trevor. Trevor er.. Really likes her, and Hannah too. And don't you want to go on another adventure with your boyfriend?" I asked her. She sighed.

"Fine." She said rolling her eyes, I smiled walk over to her and kissed her. "Thanks" I said.

I walked downstairs with a suitcase and my backpack. Hank looked at me.

"Can I talk with you in the kitchen Sean?" He asked me, I nodded and walked to the kitchen, Hank following me.

"Please let me go to Alaska and look for her, is all I ask for" I told him, he shook his head.

"Sean, you won't go alone. I'll go with you. While you were packing I talked with your mom. She said that girl was really important to you" He said. I nodded.

"So… It will be You, Trevor, Hannah, Grandpa, Kailani and me" I said. He raised a brow and chuckled. "What?" I asked.

"You are taking your girlfriend to save your ex-girlfriend?" He asked me chuckling.

"Look, I don't want her to come… But if she does come… Alyssa will see her and Alyssa will be jealous" I said, Hank shook his head. "Now what?"

"You are playing with Kailani's heart?" He asked me. Pfft. Kailani doesn't love me, she just loves the 'making out' sessions. I sighed and chuckled.

"Well… I actually started to date her to forget Alyssa… I mean I like her… But she is nothing compared to Alyssa" I said. Yes, Kailani was sexy… With her curves, her plumped lips and… Well that's all Kailani has. In other hand… Alyssa, is beautiful, she is kind… Her pink lips, her gray eyes… Her read hair. She is just perfect, but I let her go.

"Well I think it didn't work… Because you are going to risk your life for her" He said. He was right.

"I guess not, but I am still looking for her. I know she doesn't feel the same for me. But I just can't afford to think that she is lost." I said. Hank nodded.

"Well… Then Let's go to Alaska" He said.

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