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I looked down at my clothes and I saw I was wearing exactly the same as when I went to the center of the eart. Now I understand why this is dangerous for us, for Alyssa at me at least; not because we will be fighting, or kissing or... Whatever. No. Because we went to the center of the Earth. History will reapeat. What I don't know if Alyssa is still the 18 years old Alyssa inside, or if she is 13.

" What the hell are you doing kiddo?" She asks me... She still calls me kiddo... But that doens't mean she is still 18. "We freaking came back! Just think about it Sean... It's going to happen all over again! I don't know how or what will happen... But" She started, yes she is still 18 inside. She looked at me and giggled.

"What?" I asked, she kept giggling.

"Nothing... Just... You were so cute when you were 13, what happened to you?" She said and took my beanie off and messed up my hair.

"Oh.. So you think I was cute huh?" I asked her and came closer to her, she blushed and shoved me playfully. She put on my my beanie.

"Well, I did. I wouldn't have dated you if I didn't... Or would I Anderson?" She said with a smirk on her lips.

"It all depended on you, Evans" I said, she smiled and started to walk.

"So as far as I..." She started but didn't finish. She was loking at the waterfall.

"What?" I asked her and looked at the waterfall... I chuckled at what I saw, Jack. He was looking at the waterfalll with a really confused face.

"Sparrow!" Alyssa yelled and started to walk over him, he turned around and looked at us still confused.

"Who in this world are you?" He yelled at us. "And what the hell are you wearing?"

"Oh that. Right. Er... Well you know the isalnd did something to us... But it is Just Sean and me... A younger version but it is us" Alyssa said, she bit her lip.

"Yeah. We are the same... Just smaller" I said. Jack chuckled while looking at me. Yes. I know I didn't grow that much but... Ugh.

"Well, I believe it's a smaller version of Alyssa... But this is just the same guy just with longer hair" Jack said laughing, I frowned. Alyssa mumbled something and then giggled.

"Oh, please. I'm not that...Well yes I'm little... I'm not that tall but who cares?" I said. Alyssa giggled and shook her head. She patted my shoulder and chuckled again, I chuckled with her. Suddenly the earth started to move... Like an earthquake. Alyssa's eyes widened and we all crashed to the ground. Everything went dark.

I woke up and looked around. An 18 years old Alyssa was still sleeping. Jack Sparrow was there with a confused face. I looked at myself; I'm 18 again. Good. I looked at my left and saw a 13 years old me... Wait what? I looked again at him, he was sleeping... Or fainted... Or whatever. He was wearing the clothes I wore in the Center of the earth. I was going to wake Alyssa up... But I looked at her left and there was a 13 years old Alyssa... So... There were two of us. One the actual and the younger version... Oh god, dealing with myself?

The younger Sean started to move and moan; he woke up and looked at me...This is kinda weird.

"Um... Who are you?" He asked me. Gosh. How do I answer that?

"Well... I'm... Er... I'm you" I said, he raised a brow and chuckled.

"No seriously who are you?" He asked again.

"Seriously, I'm you... But in an older version." I said, he bit his lip. And looked at me curiously.

"Well... Am I turning that handsome?" He said with a chuckle. Yep, that's definately me when I was younger... "I didn't grow that much..." He continued "Wait... Where's Ally?" He asked me. I pointed at the 18 years old Alyssa... I shook my head and then pointed at the younger one. He crawled to her, but then came back.

"So... You are me... In the future?" He asked again. Geez, I told him twice and he still doesnt get it. Was I that stupid and stubborn?

"Yes. For third time." I said, he smirked.

"So... Hmm Did something happpen between you know... Alyssa and me?" He asked me. Shit. What should I tell me? I mean him... I mean... That.

"Um... You'll discover that by yourself" I told him, he frowned, and crawled back to Alyssa, the younger one , I stood up and walked to Alyssa, the old one.

I stooped beside her and started to shake her. She streched and sat up, as she sat up her head hit mine.

"Oi!" She said opening her eyes and rubbing her head. "Good job kiddo"

"Sorry... Now... I have a little surprise for ya" I said also rubbing my head. Her eyes met mine. I felt something... I looked away, and saw that the young Alyssa was still sleeping. The young me was shaking her, but she was still sleeping.

"Alyssa!" He kept yelling. She finally woke up, and punched him in the arm. The old Alyssa was confused.

The young me looked at the old Alyssa, and the young Alyssa looked at me.

"Um... Sean... Why... am I looking at myself?" Alyssa asked me whispering in my ear.

"Oh. That. Something happened... And well... The younger version of us appeared."I said also whispering.

"Where are we?" She asked me.

"Um... In the Island... Of the Lost Dreams.. But" I started.

"Actually we are just in the center of the Earth" The young Alyssa said.

"No... Well... Um..." I started.

"Wait. Who in this world are you?" The young Alyssa asked me.

"I'm... Er..." I started but then I noticed her smile... That smile that tells me... Oh no. She likes me...

The young Alyssa likes me instead of the young me.

"We are the older you" The old Alyssa said.

"Yeah... You guys were kinda familiar." The young Alyssa said. The old one was bitting her lip... And rubbing her nose with her finger.

"Sean. Can I talk with you? " The old Alyssa said. I nodded and stood up, so the younger me did. I raised a brow and looked at him.

"I think she meant me" I said, and he nodded, he sat beside Alyssa and they started to whisper to each other.

Alyssa (the older one) and I walked a bit far from them.

"They are not real" She said.

"Yeah, I noticed that by myself , thanks" I said a bit sarcastically.

"But they aren't just a part of the island" Alyssa said, I had a confused face. She sighed.

"They aren't just a memory" She continued. I raised a brow.

"What do you mean?" I asked her.

"They... Represent... Us... Our... Mind" She said and looked away annoyed. I still didn't understand.

"Everything they say... It's what we are thinking... Like... Not exactly what we are thinking right now... Like our deep thoughts... The ones we don't really pay attention to" She said. I smirked, so that meant that she liked me... Or maybe not. I think she noticed my smirk, so she punched me in the arm.

"Sean, I'm serious. This could be... I don't... I just ... What if..." She started to mumble things and to rub her hand with the other. She is worried.

"Is there something you are hiding?" I asked her, her eyes widened as she shook her head.

"N-no-no!" She yelled at me.

"Al, tell me. Why did you want to come to the Island of the Lost Dreams?" I asked her.

"Um... I want to wish something" She said. I raised a brow. She seemed to be fighting in her head with herself, like if she was deciding rather to tell me or not.

"Wish what?" I asked her, she sighed.

"I want us together again"

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