Someone dressed darkly in a black overcoat and hat walked into a seemingly abandoned building. the person walked through the building to a hidden door. Inside was a bar for thieves, law-breakers, and pirates. The person walked to the counter and spoke in a practiced voice.

'the package if you please?' they held out their hand

'captain of the ole fury?' he asked holding the package

'yes now hand it over'

'here you go captain' he put the package in the captains outstretched hand.

The captain shoved the parcel in the pocket of the coat and turned on a heel walking out of the place without a sound.

morning came

the cloaked figure or as we now know as the captain was walking toward the docks to find the ship. Leaving the ship in the hands of the first mate was the most logical thing to do but maybe not the best thing after all she was very head strong.

The captains pace quickened at the thought. What the captain didn't notice however was that someone was following rather closely.

'If that's who I think it is then my search is over' the person thought

After an hour or so the captain took a sharp right just passing the docks.

'whats he doing?' the person thought to himself but followed anyway

the captain walked past the docks and kept walking. the person following was getting tired when the captain took another turn this time to the left. the captain walked to an abandoned part of the city and lo and behold there was another dock. There were only a handful of ships at this one however they were all clearly pirates and they were all loading or unloading things from the ships.
The captain walked to the ship on the farthest dock. Everyone crossing the captains path shrank away out of the captains path. A few did so with respect clearly captains themselves, but mostly did so with fear in their eyes. Once at the ship the captain climbed board. The captain looked over the ship the last few things were being loaded and nearly everyone was there.

'everyone finish loading then on the ship we cast of in twenty minutes!'
'yes captain!' the crew shouted together

The captains head nodded in approval and they went about their business. The captain turned and began to walk to the captains quarters when the first mate had fiery orange hair tied to the side in a pony tail and ocean blue eyes. She was sporting a blue belle shirt with quarter sleeves and gray short pants that clung to her knees and ended just above her knees.

Her sword was in a holder connected to her belt.

The captain spoke

'Hello misty everything went well while i was gone i gather?'

She nodded ' yes captain everything went just as planned'

'good I shall retire to my rooms for now ill be back to cast off'

'alright captain ill watch the ship'

The captain nodded once more and walked of to the captains quarters

misty turned her attention to the crew and started to help finish the loading when she found a boy asleep on a crate. She was pissed.

'Ash you idiot! wake up and help finish loading!'

he did wake up just not pleasantly she had scared him so he rolled off the crate and hit the deck face first. He sat up rubbing his nose.

'ow misty what was that for?'
'you were asleep and you're gonna get me in trouble you know the captain wants to leave in fifteen minutes and were almost done'
'fine fine I get it' he grumbles to himself as he pulls up his grey sleeves and put his blue bandana back in his black hair. Ash's black pants reached to just after his knees, his sword was on his hip also, and his black eyes looked tired but he continued to do his job.
Misty sighed in relief and continued about her business.

When everything was aboard and everyone was present misty sent paul to tell the captain.

Paul had a heavy amount of dark purple hair and black eyes. he wore black long pants and a dark blue and black long sleeved shirt, no one really understood how he could stand it.
As paul left to go get the captain for cast off a man strolled onto the ship as if he owned it.

'how dare he!' misty thought as she pulled out her sword with ash and about half the crew followed her reaction.

Soon the man was surrounded and he seemed to be arrogant because he smiled.

'How dare you climb aboard the hells fury without the captains permission! who do you think you are asshole!' misty held her sword up forcibly
The man looked at her and smirked 'how cute she has a fiery temper to match her hair'

Ash immediately grabbed Misty's arm when she went to charge and turned to the man.
'She may have a temper but she is right. you are unwelcome leave before we make you' he held up his sword as misty had done.

The man chuckled ' And a boyfriend to boot'

Misty growled beside ash as the man ignored the warning but before anything could be done paul walked up.

'the captain is on the way misty send everyone back to their posts unless you wanna test a temper. The captain will take care of the man.' Misty sighed and put away her sword

'Everyone we must finish and be ready to cast of the captain is coming and would be very unhappy if we are not ready. We don't have time for this man, let the captain show him his place' Everyone did as told and began to work.

Misty and ash left as well so that left paul beside the man who had insulted the ship. paul turned to him.

'Why have you come to the hells fury with such arrogance? do you wish to die?' paul asked

The man chuckled once again shoving his hands in his pockets.

'Strange' paul thought this guy has green hair and green eyes.
The man was also wearing grey sweatpants, a black t-shirt and a purple vest..thing? he had a sword attached to a thin belt.

'No reason' the man said 'but if this crew and ship are as good as ive heard then I plan to be a part of it.
Paul paused ' then you're not getting off to a good start insulting the first mate'
The man seemed surprised 'the first mate? the redhead?'
Paul nodded.

The man chuckled once more.'then your captain isn't nearly as smart as ive heard he seems rather stupid why would you'
The man was cut off as Paul's sword was held at his throat.
'Hold your tongue, no one insults the captain in my presence' paul growled

'Why thank you paul but i can take it from here'
Paul instantly put away his sword and stepped away. 'your welcome captain'
The man got his first view of the captain of the famous ship 'hells fury'. the most ruthless captain on the planet and the most feared and had never been more surprised in his entire life. The captain was-

Back to when the captain went to the captains quarters
captain pov-

I took the package out of the coat pocket and tossed it on my bed. Then off came the coat and the stupid hat. I smiled as i felt my hair tumble-down my shoulders. I walked over to the mirror.
'well I look like shit'

I changed out of my disguise and into normal clothes. I was putting away the disguise when there wa a knock at my door. I answered.
'yes come in'

It was paul. 'captain misty has sent me to tell you we are ready for cast off'
'Very good thank you paul ill be out in a moment'
'your welcome'

he left then and I went to the package, it was supposed to be important. I don't have time for it now so i shoved it under my bed and left the room.
I almost ran right into Soledad a woman of my crew.
She has pink hair and she likes bright colors so she wears an orange shirt much like Misty's and red tight shorts that go about to the middle of her thighs.
She apologised

'Oh im sorry captain I wasnt paying attention'

'I wasnt either' I waved her off. 'could you find me Harley?'
'yes captain but may I ask what for?'
'I just need to have a talk with him'
she nodded 'ill find him captain'

'good' i stated.

She walked away and as i came upon the main deck I heard a conversation.

'Then your captain isn't nearly as smart as ive heard he seems rather stupid why would you
The man was cut off as a sword was held at his throat.
'Hold your tongue, no one insults the captain in my presence' paul spoke in a growl.

I walked to were they were just behind paul.
'Why thank you paul but i can take it from here'
Paul instantly put away his sword and stepped away. 'your welcome captain'

I looked away from paul to the man with green hair he seemed stunned.
'I see you have insulted me on my ship pissed off my first mate and angered my second. give me one reason as to why I shouldnt kill you?'

he seemed to wake up and suddenly he looked skeptical. 'youve got to be kidding me'