Rose petted her again.'glaceon be nice. he's not going to hurt me and look over there.' Rose pointed to Annie and glaceon looked to be confused. She jumped off the bed and walked slowly over to Annie. She put her front pays on the bed for leverage and sniffed.

Annie rolled to face her still asleep and glaceon licked her face. Annie giggled in her sleep. 'That tickles'

Glaceon smiled to herself then got down and walked over to drew. He held out his hand for her and she paused before sniffing it. Then she cocked her head to the side at him and moved slightly closer. He softly petted her head and she purred. Rose giggled when glaceon then trotted over and rubbed against his legs and he chuckled.

'She likes you that's rare, she doesnt like anyone on the ship except me and Brock' rose giggled.
'im glad she likes me now I wont die in my sleep' he chuckled and she laughed.
'yep!' she said 'Now turn around so I can change.'
'alright' he turned his back to her and a few minutes later she told him she was done.

When he turned back around he almost fell over. All she was wearing a shirt slightly longer than a sports bra and booty shorts. he cleared his thought nervously and felt his face go slightly pink. 'Um do you have a big shirt, mines nasty, and I don't think you would appreciate me sleeping in just boxers.
Her face went slightly pink at the thought but she ignored it. 'hmm yea I think I do'

She turned around and bent to the bottom of the dresser, at this point drew was praying he wouldn't get a nosebleed.

She stood back up with a shirt in tow. 'here I don't really know why i have it you can keep it.' She began walking towards him.

Glaceon who had been watching came up behind rose and tackled her lightly so she fell into drew. He was surprised so he fell backwards...right onto her bed...of course he did.

Drew also realized in their attempt not to fall he had grabbed her waist and her arms were around his neck...great.

Rose took her head off his chest to groan. 'Dang it glaceon now my back hurts'
Drew finally managed to force the blush off his face. He removed one hand from her waist and rubbed her back. She sighed into him and layed her head back down. 'you know rose if it hurts that bad i could give you a massage'
Her head lifted and her eyes sparkled. 'really?'

He chuckled and nodded. She jumped up and helped him up.

' i havent had a massage in ages' she giggles to herself. drew chuckled and told her to lay down. She layed on her stomach and got comfortable. He climbed on the bed and sat on her but with his legs on either side of her. Then he started massaging her back.

She sighed content. 'that feels great drew'
'It should' he responded 'why are you so tense?'

'Cuz im captain of the most feared ship in the sea, Harley, and my life is complicated'
'how so?' he asked
'because i wasnt born rose'

his thoughts clicked. May was Rose! The little girl he fell in love with as a child was just under his fingertips, literally!
When she was no longer tense he was just soothingly rubbing her back and she sighed again.
He got off her and saw her smile as her eyes started to fall closed. 'Night drew' she whispered
He smiled and kissed her cheek, then whispered into her ear 'goodnight may i love you'
She fell asleep.

He picked up the shirt that fell to the floor then changed. He picked up glaceon when she started rubbing his leg and put her on may/roses bed and she curled up and fell asleep.

He smiled and walked over to the other bed were Annie was asleep and crawled under the covers. She cuddled into his warmth and he held her as he fell asleep.

Rose woke up the next morning and rolled to the right. With one long stretch she heard a thump and a muffled 'glace!'
She giggled, covered her head with her covers and snuggled into her pillows.
Suddenly there was a pressure on her stomach.
'GLACEON! im sorry -giggle- ok quit it!'
In attempt to get away from the tickling she fell off the bed. She rubbed her head and looked up to see glaceon curled up on her pillow.
'fine then' she grumbled 'im up'

The door to her room suddenly opened and sence she was laying on the ground she just tilted her head to look behind her. Drew walked in and when he saw her he raised an eyebrow.
'fall out of bed?'
She grumbled again. 'no actually I was pushed' She pointed to glaceon on her pillow.
he chuckled 'ah i see'
Rose crossed her arms still laying on the floor 'shes spoiled rotten'
Glaceon purred from her perch on the pillow.
Rose sighed and rolled on her right side using her arms as a pillow curling into a ball to get comfortable.

Drew walked over and nudged her with his shoe. 'its time to get up you know..'
She grumbled something and buried her head into her arms. He sighed 'come on sleepy, besides im almost part of the crew all i have left to fight are misty, ash, paul, and you of course.'
Her head lifted slowly 'you beat everyone else?'
'yea, and harley was fun'
'hmm good for you' She layed her head back down.
He sighed. 'Whats it going to take to get you up this morning? it's rather late already'
'how about some chocolate?'
her head popped up automatically. 'really!?' she grinned.
she frowned and put her head back down. 'meanie'
he chuckled. 'you know I think I heard Harley say something about being captain for the day if you didn't get up soon.'
She was on her feet in three seconds flat. 'im up!'

he chuckled again and sat on his and his sisters hed to watch her run around the room